CoronaVirus Job Losses … How many Workers have No Leave Entitlements?

Welcome to the ‘Brave New World of Employment Darwinism’ … this government has striven to achieve this outcome …

-first it was ‘Work Choices’ we know what that was all about, US-style work environments

-the next step was to erode Medicare to get a US-style health system …even using a so-called PPP arrangement as an excuse to meet obligations for change here e.g. to the PBS

NOW with the casualisation of the workforce, and nearly 40% without entitlements the country had more than a hiccup

-the system they have fought to get has a fundamental flawwhen things go astray it doesn’t cope, there’s no capacity to absorb

.social loss
.human needs

WHAT a nice Society we have created, there’s little dignity in seeing things fall apart and being ill equipped to do much about it!


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COVID-19 has put jobs in danger. How many workers don’t have leave entitlements?

RMIT ABC Fact Check

‘As the world struggles to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, workers without paid leave entitlements are clearly among the most vulnerable in the sudden economic downturn.’

-many thousands have lost their jobs; others face unpaid time off work if they need to self-isolate

-with increasing bans on gatherings

EXTRACTS from ‘RMIT FACT CHECK … COVID-19 has put jobs in danger. How many workers don’t have leave entitlements? – ABC Newspaper’

Defining and measuring casual employment

As Fact Check has previously pointed out, there is no formal legal definition of casual employment.

Rather, casual employment “has generally been regarded as employment in which there is an absence of entitlement to paid annual leave or sick leave”, according to a guide published by the Australian Parliamentary Library.’

casual workers receive a higher hourly rate of pay including a casual loading, of an additional 25 per cent

-casuals are entitled to two days of carer’s or compassionate leave per occasion, and 5 days’ unpaid family and domestic violence leave within a 12-month period

How many casuals are there in Australia?

‘As a proportion of all workers in Australia — of which there are around 12.8 millioncasual workers make up 20 per cent, or one in five.’

Casual employment over time

Fact Check found that since 1997 around 24 to 25 per cent of all employees were employed on a casual basis, according to ABS data.

-the impact of recession and weakening of unions led the growth of casual employment

-from the 1980s to the mid-1990s workers lost ground over working conditions

-with increase in longer working hours, unpaid overtime and casualisation

-a consequence of two major recessions; weakened unions; decreased workers’ bargaining power

Other workers without leave entitlements

-self-employed Australians also lack the paid-leave entitlements available to employees on part-time or full-time contracts

-with 2.2 million self-employed Australians

-including either owner-manager of incorporated business, or owner-manager of unincorporated business, and include those working in the gig economy, such as Uber drivers

So how many workers don’t have paid leave entitlements?

The ACTU’s claim that 3.3 million Australian workers were without paid leave entitlements is likely an understatement

Characteristics of workers without paid leave

-casual employees likely to be younger; work in the hospitality and retail industries

-most workers without paid leave were in industries “especially vulnerable to shutdown” such as cafes, restaurants and takeaway food services

Principal researcher: Ellen


Cafe worker pours a coffee
PHOTO: 37 per cent of the workforce did not have access to paid leave entitlements in the lead up to the coronavirus pandemic. (ABC News: Sam Ikin)

EMBARGO to Avert Foreign Raiders of Australia’s National Estate during CoronaVirus Pandemic

In this report by Stephanie Dalzell and Andrew Green:

‘Clampdown on foreign investments to prevent international raids on Australian assets amid coronavirus pandemic’


The new rules about ‘FOREIGN OWNERSHIP’ seem to have one major flaw …

Those sitting around the table at the FIRB are still those that have

.rejected only FIVE (5) applications for the purchase of Australian assets by foreigners

.have allowed so many national assets to be bought by foreign entities that may, or have Proxy arrangements with their government

And so on …

AS we keep sayin’  the Foreign Investment Review Board (the FIRB) is the ‘Australian Sell Out Agency’ and ought be disbanded … extinguished!!

READ more about the Daley model of how to do things!

Did we hear SCOMO allude to some sort of egalitarianism?

Did he use the words ‘fairness, equal treatment, employees are businesses most valuable asset and so on…’?

JOSH, did he say ‘every Australian knows we (governments) have your back’?

We shouldn’t forget any of it!

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FINALLY … from this Sunday 5 April 2020 all applications are said to now be examined by the FIRB to stop Chinese (CCP) takeovers of distressed Australian assets … yet despite this the move is not an investment freeze!  WT *%#**

Photo: From Black Vulture: By Einar Fredriksen – Mongolia 2010 314, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Are they so rusted on … ?

‘At the moment, foreign investors need to apply for approval before purchasing land or assets in Australia if the value is over a certain threshold.

For private investors from free-trading agreement partner countries, that limit ranges from $50 million to $1.1 billion, for land and non-land proposals.’

HOW come Government members believe such a change will stop China taking advantage of our declining financial position to grab more critical assets?

When the Chair, David Irvine remains in this role …

… this FIRB Apparatchik believes it doesn’t matter who owns Australia – just about anything here in Australia – so long as it meets some simple rules and rather limited circumstances!

It is simply amazing to read he even is prepared to admit to such a World view!

-Irvine has been a member of the FIRB since 2015 and Chair since 2017

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SOURCE: Address by Mr David Irvine AO, FIRB Chair, to the Sino-Australian Investment and Financing Forum 2019, Sydney NSW

DESPITE Australia’s weakened position created by the WUHAN VIRUS the Scomo Guvmnt is not PREVENTING the CHINESE acquiring even more of Our National Estate!  WT ^&%  … that Australia ‘recognised investment during the coronavirus outbreak was still beneficial … ‘

HOW can temporary measures safeguard Australia’s national interest?

WT ^*&^%@***

HOW does Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security believe that these temporary measures will protect Australian companies from such rapacious moves?

“Aussie businesses have taken some big hits through the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

“We need to protect our most vulnerable from authoritarian states angling for bargains through their business fronts.

VIDEO: Scott Morrison announces moves to reduce public gatherings to no more than two people (ABC News)

Contact Stephanie Dalzell

A close-up of green $100 notes
PHOTO: The Government says the move is to protect Australian companies from predatory behaviour. (AAP: Dan Peled)




Pauline Hanson has Warned of an increased Chinese Buying Spree as our Economy crashes!

Tita Smith wrote in The Daily Mail Australia, ‘Pauline Hanson warns mass Chinese buy Australia amid CoronaVirus Recession’

Good … but seriously has Pauline Hanson gone far enough?

Despite the fact Pauline may have said what is right on this occasion … it’s not too deep!

Sadly once again it is nothing more than Rhetoric … because Pauline either votes, gives her preferences or does deals with the Liberal Coalition

SO what she says goes nowhere because of the Coalition’s pooor policies!

There have been 23,000 shares of this report.  Are Australians questioning why was Ms Hanson so respectful of the FIRB Chair, David Irvine? 

WHAT is more shocking it appears this FIRB Apparatchik believes it doesn’t matter who owns Australia – just about anything here in Australia – so long as it meets some simple rules and rather limited circumstances!

It is simply amazing to read he even is prepared to admit to such a World view!

-Irvine has been a member of the FIRB since 2015 and Chair since 2017

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As we read the article, ‘FIRB Watchdog Says Australia should Chill Out about Chinese Cash!’ it failed to challenge some of the statements being attributed to Irvine.

Whilst not wanting to appear ageist, it is a concern a person of his skill and background is chair of the FIRB at this point in his life.

-Is he in a position where the past represents more in his thinking than what is happening right now?

-Has the CIC been set up to ‘assist’ him overcoming some difficulties in understanding what a lot of Australians are concerned about?

How well equipped is the FIRB to deal with the complexities of foreign organisations?

-Is the devil in the detail? Bloomberg’s Michael Heath says we ‘(Australia) should be more relaxed about Chinese cash’ .

Well, perhaps that is the very reason why we should be concerned:

.how do we know where this cash came from?
.how was it gained
.is it supposedly privately sourced, or is it derived from State involvement?

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WHY wasn’t the FIRB called into question at least halfway between 2007 and 2017?  So that the sell out did not reach some 12,000 approved applications!

We believe the foreign sell-off is likely to be higher than that figure with access to an onshore Proxy, and through Visa manipulation allowing foreign buyers to gain a Permanent Resident Visa following purchase!

WAIT! There’s more …!!

DEMAND from wealthy Hong Kong business people for Australian property is at the highest level for five years … (August 2019)

obtain their visa before purchase to avoid the foreign buyer tax

IT appears they have the game sewn up as they continue to rely on greater China and South-East Asia as the sources of their income while enjoying the benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia … incl. Medicare …

Real Estate expert, Doug Driscoll said in ‘Fears one Million Aussie Homes could soon be owned by Foreign Buyers’:

Australia is selling off natural resources, farmland and property to China at a “crazy” rate — putting us at risk of becoming the “24th province” of the East Asian behemoth.

Doug warned of the urgent need to start a national conversation about foreign ownership of residential property in particular.

Interest from overseas buyers waned in recent years but the overall rate of foreign ownership was still high and then towards the latter half of 2019 until the past week or so the interest was again very high!

And he said a report released last month by Chinese international property portal showed there was now an “insatiable appetite” for Australian property among Chinese buyers, with our softening housing market boosting interest. *

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IS it not obvious that the role of the FIRB is contrary to Australia’s interests?

In allowing all but five sales to foreign buyers particularly CCP representatives and organisations

WHENEVER before has this Nation sold off so much of its Property, its Title Deeds … its National Estate?


The CCP, their members, the Diaspora will continue to take the opportunity esp. with house prices to plunge 20% … with higher unemployment … before the CoronaVirus it was 19.7% … not the fudged 5.1% … what is the real percentage now??

Pauline Hanson warns of mass Chinese buy up of Australia amid coronavirus recession sparked by soaring unemployment, plunging stocks and tumbling house prices

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has penned a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has penned a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has penned a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

She issued the warning in a letter to  Prime Minister Scott Morrison amid growing concerns about the coronavirus panedmic.

Pauline wrote to the PM …

‘Our unemployment numbers are surging, our stocks have been knee-capped, housing prices are set to fall, and our dollar is weakened which places Australia in the most vulnerable position we have seen for a very long time,’ she said.

‘I won’t tolerate China or any other country coming in here and buying Australia up for a song, leaving our people without a say.’

‘What’s happening right now in this country and right across the globe should be a wakeup call to all politicians, stop allowing the sell-off of our industries and manufacturing and start investing in ourselves. Water, manufacturing, industry, agriculture, and jobs for Australians.

ISN’T it time Pauline Hanson, and opposition parties pressed with more serious questions?

HOW come in 2018 the FIRB allowed critical infrastructure transactions totalling more than $40Bn approved in 3 years?

Pauline is correct approvals have been granted too freely, and how can that be in Australia and its constituents best interests?

We put it to Ms Hanson that this matter goes beyond the tenure of David Irvine and a handful of part-time members because how can 12,000 applications with a rejection of a mere five be justified?

WHY doesn’t Ms Hanson ask the questions of the Prime Minister and the Liberal Coalition:

How can the existence of the FIRB be justified?

Why have a “Foreign Sales Agency’ of our National Estate? What other nation does this?

‘’Between 2007/08 and 2017/18, the Foreign Investment Review Board reviewed almost 12,000 applications and rejected just five,’ she said.

‘How can the FIRB, which has one permanent employee and a handful of part-time members, give proper consideration to the sale of so many Australian assets?

WHY isn’t the FOREIGN INVESTMENT REVIEW BOARD disbanded?  It is acting  contrary to the interests of Australia with the sell-off of Our National Estate.

And our leading export industry appears to be the export of Our Title Deeds!  Especially to Communist China of:


‘The country is at risk of becoming the “24th province of China” as we fail to “stem the tide” of foreign investors, an expert has warned.’

November 2019 it was reported that more than a third of the most expensive homes in Australia were bought by super rich Chinese entrepreneurs:


.Ports, Airports, Power, Mines, Healthcare including chains of private hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages, pharmaceuticals, transport, commercial towers, warehouses  …. Etc, etc


.vast cattle stations, cotton growing e.g. Cubby, sheep stations, vineyards, water, grain crops, vegetables and fruit crops, dairy (most of Australia’s dairy industry!!~)

Ms Hanson said:

‘It can’t and therefore they aren’t looking out for the best interest of all Australians and need to be stopped.’

THE SOLUTION … would appear obvious to us … before there is nothing left … Disband the FIRB!

She added that Australia’s reliance on other countries for goods while selling its own, was responsible for crushing the economy amid the crisis

‘The faith the Liberal and Labor parties have placed in globalisation has been shown up as a failure off the back of this pandemic,‘ Ms Hanson said. 

‘What’s happening right now in this country and right across the globe should be a wakeup call to all politicians, stop allowing the sell-off of our industries and manufacturing and start investing in ourselves. Water, manufacturing, industry, agriculture, and jobs for Australians.’ …

Senator Hanson has predicted foreign investors will snatch up Australian properties if house prices drop during an economy slump induced by the coronavirus pandemic. …

‘Earlier this week, Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Sally McManus warned Mr Morrison that two million jobs could be lost in two weeks under the current restrictions.’ 

‘The severe downturn already occurring in those sectors is sufficient to cause a major recession (destroying 1-2 million jobs in coming weeks),‘ she said in a letter to the Prime Minister on Wednesday. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the Prime Minister’s Office for comment. 





China Just Banned All Foreigners From Entering The Country – Episode #22

Some notes from this program live streamed:

The program opened with Serpentza discovering he, his organisation had been banned by Lijian Zhao who started the conspiracy rhetoric in China

The thing that reflects the wider attitude towards foreigners now in China -effective now – China is banning the entry of all foreigners; every foreigner.

It does not matter if you have residency, a valid visa, a Chinese wife or family … foreigners will not be allowed to enter unless ‘you are a true blooded yellow skin Chinese …. ‘

That is not racist; that is what they said!

The ban they say is temporary, but it is important for us to see this for what it is!

It is damage control by the Chinese.

People coming back to China are being portrayed as the new carriers of the disease.

90% of the people coming back are Chinese Nationalists including students

-only 10% of the people coming back into China are foreigners

(until the ban)

It does not make sense; they say it is still foreigners

31 January the United States banned Chinese Nationals from coming in; it did not pertain to people married to U.S. citizens.

Lijian Zhao called it the ‘Wuhan National Virus’!  It was a location thing not a race thing! BUT in China it’s a race thing … you are not Chinese you cannot come inside.

You want to see racism you have a look at what China is doing!

The entire World is not able to go into China.

Outbound travellers will still be able to exit the country now; they won’t let you back in.

When other countries were proposing stopping people coming from mainland China that were not citizens it was called racist yet when China does something far worse – this is literally no-one comes in – you could be the head of a Charity that helps Chinese – you are not coming in because you are a foreigner!

Every day the Chinese Stock Market opens if something is doing well it will come up in ‘red’.  When you see it in green means it is bad!

A couple of weeks ago when China opened its stock market it was green; now it is all red!

They are injecting massive amounts of cash into the stock market, and it is unsustainable.  I think the rest of the World is going to follow suit but the level that China is doing it is insane.

About 17 minutes into the livestream:


What we talk about and what the mainstream media are talking about are on a different page.

However, SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA released a clip last week which shocked Serpentza because of its accuracy!

The Sky News Journalist:

‘I want to talk about China’s culpability and conduct throughout the CoronaVirus crisis that began in a Wuhan wet market.  The Chinese Communist Regime not only destroyed evidence and allowed the virus to spread but it arrested doctors who back in December, who tried to warn the World about what was happening in Wuhan.’

Further she related some were arrested; accused of fabricating and disseminating rumours; they have since died; others have vanished.

The virus has caused a global recession!

  • The livestream then moves onto AUSTRALIA!

‘… because Australia belongs to China.  This incredibly risky business!’

We are going to talk about Australia in World News.


They will try to ignore it as much as possible, and sweep it under the rug!

It all comes back to chaos … China is a very chaotic country.

The SARS in 2002/04 it got out when a doctor went to Hong Kong and died there; they figured it ut it comes from Mainland China from a ‘wet market’.

China banned  the sale of wildlife animals;  the ban probably lasted a couple of months.

Unfortunately the news in America with extremes on each side.  Fox News is for the conservatives; others for the Liberals.

Taiwan is fantastic;  the way they responded to this outbreak;  everyone should be looking at Taiwan and Singapore;  looking at the way they dealt with this from the beginning.

It is all about wearing masks, social distancing and testing!

In Canada a restaurant had a sign saying ‘No Chinese allowed’; a restaurant run by mainland Chinese people because they were worried about the virus!

Serpentza then talked about his Friday Video ‘Is China the most Racist Country in the World?

It is incredibly important for you to watch that if you want more insight into what Is going on in China with regard to the anti-foreign sentiment; the barring of foreigners.

Some twiterati  are saying ‘the wet market is racist’!

Back to Australia – a group of employees for a real estate group in Australia (Greenland) were given a mandate from the head of the company.  This company is heavily tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

They were told to stop all normal operations to go and buy in bulk medical supplies, and they went to the most rural parts of Australia; going into pharmacies buying up every single thing.

They shipped 3 million face masks … all they could get their hands on.  This is where things got a bit blurry  …

But it’s illegal the way they do things. 

They put it on their private company plane; shipped it back to Wuhan.

‘I am all for people sending …. But the way they work is they strip the shelves  … they take everything and leave nothing behind … ‘

‘Is China the most RACIST country in the world?’



IS GREENLAND trying to Save Face following Australia’s Outrage about Chinese Developers Scooping Up Our Medical Supplies?

Greenland Australia's managing director Sherwood Luo outlined on WeChat the efforts the local company was doing to help Chinese citizens fight the coronavirus.
Greenland Australia’s managing director Sherwood Luo outlined on WeChat the efforts the local company was doing to help Chinese citizens fight the coronavirus.

AUSTRALIANS are all talking about the Sting carried out by both the Greenland Group and Country Garden (aka Risland), and no doubt other Chinese business groups … to scoop up Australia’s medical supplies to boost the Chinese stockpile at home … depleting Australian supplies to put our People at risk from the CoronaVirus!

Read more:

WHEN we look back we wonder how it was that Chinese developers like Greenland were able to make such inroads into Australia? Scooping up large land sites in the midst of our Sydney suburbs … stomping all over rights!

Following the Coalition gaining power in NSW in 2011 they proceeded to change the planning laws robbing the Constituents of their community rights … then inviting them to ‘have their say’!

SYDNEY was rezoned for higher density beginning with high-rise PRECINCTS! 

THE SCOOP of our Medical Supplies is not the first time that Greenland has raised the ire of Australians … it has done so across Sydney suburbs with their intrusive high density housing projects as they vertically integrate … and rob established Australian residents of all their rights!

‘GREENLAND to launch $1.6B Sydney Park Erskineville Sydney’

THE concept plan for Park Sydney in Erskineville … a $1.6B project was their largest Australian project in conjunction with GH Australia for some 1400 apartments.

-approved in March 2017; to comprise of 9 buildings; ranging between 2 and 8 storeys

GREENLAND GROUP in 2014 was listed as one of eight Chinese Property Developers emerging across Australia.

The state-owned Shanghai based group is positioned 87th among the top 500 China enterprises since 1992, and has construction projects in 65 cities in 24 provinces of China.

Their aim is reportedly to enter the Fortune 200 list by 2015.

GREENLAND Launches Stage Two NBH Lachlans Line

One wonders despite much Ryde community-wide objection to this Chinese state-backed Precinct that it won out! What or how much persuaded the politicians and bureaucrats?

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, cloud and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Lachlans Line looms large over the village of North Ryde

LANDCOM Releases ‘Super Lots’ in NORTH RYDE

GREENLAND – China’s largest Government State-backed Real Estate group in 2014 became the developer of “Lachlan’s Line” Master Planned Community on the corner of Epping Road, Delhi Road and the M2, NORTH RYDE.

Then LANDCOM announced the sale of another two large development sites at Lachlan’s Line to house 5000 residents in 2700 dwellings

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor
CAAN Photo: View of Lachlan’s Line from across
Epping Road, North Ryde. An ugly development

INTERESTING with proximity to the the North West Metro Line that currently connects Tallawong in Sydney’s north-west with Chatswood to connect to the City and South West Lines. 

And housing hubs at all eight new stations between Tallawong and Epping currently being developed over the next 10 years to deliver 11,000 new homes …

VIEW RELATED ARTICLE on CHATSWOOD a city being built by the Chinese Communist Party …

AND this is what Greenland and other Chinese developers have done to North Ryde/Macquarie Park  …despite much community objection to their ‘Lachlan’s Line’, the Ryde Electorate does not have a bus interchange but Greenland has an onsite bus interchange, and their own bridge connecting the Precinct/gated estate to the North Ryde Metro Station

DESPITE thousands of objections, representations to politicians, meetings, submissions the rights of Australian constituents were discarded …

Image may contain: sky, skyscraper, plant, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: from the bottom end of the site viewed from the pedestrian bridge
Image may contain: sky, skyscraper, cloud, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo Lachlan’s Line at the corner of Epping Road and Delhi Road

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, shoes and outdoor

CAAN Photo the Lachlan’s Line pedestrian bridge serves the precinct connecting it to the Metro station. February 2020.

This development resembles developments in China, and the Ryde Community was sidelined by this giant Chinese developer. This precinct is an affront to this neighbourhood, and it is not yet completed.

A young Australian apprentice, Christopher Cassaniti was killed on site a year ago

This youtube bears out community concerns about the quality of these housing projects!

VIEW the Media Release from the Greenland Group which appears to be an attempt to appease … following Australian community fury


‘Greenland Australia supported Greenland Group’s initiative by arranging for medical supplies to be dispatched to China. Again, it should be noted that this proactive response occurred in late January and early February, at a time when the worldwide spread of the virus, and all response efforts, were focussed on China.

However, Greenland Australia also recognises that Australian people are currently at risk with the more recent and ongoing domestic spread of COVID-19, so the company is focussed on helping people in this country through a similar effort to that undertaken for China.

Greenland Australia continues to take this pandemic very seriously, and in conjunction with Greenland Group, we will continue to do everything we can to assist.’

READ MORE! Media Statement Re: Chinese-backed Company’s Mission to source Australian Medical Supplies



LINKS concerning the consequences of the closing of Australian car manufacturing industry

A nurse speaks with patients at a coronavirus clinic in Adelaide

 A nurse at a coronavirus clinic in Adelaide. The federal government is talking with the carmaker Ford about whether it can help in boosting the number of ventilators available for treating patients with Covid-19. Photograph: Reuters


Decimation of Australia’s car industry could literally cost lives

The federal government’s short-sighted decision to allow Australia’s automotive manufacturing industry to close has left the nation desperately short of ventilators, placing lives at risk:

THE GUARDIAN: Coronavirus ventilators australian government asks carmaker Ford for help in boosting production


During times of war – be it with other nations or a virus – a nation needs to have its own manufacturing capability.

However, by letting the car industry fold, the government has left Australia highly reliant on imports at a time of global shortage.

AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITIES and Schools Subject to Pandemic Travel Ban with MK Students stranded

TOWARDS the end of February 2020 …

‘Australian universities are bracing for a significant financial hit if the coronavirus travel ban continues, with more than 80 per cent of Chinese students enrolled at some institutions still stuck overseas as lectures are set to resume.’


IS this an admission that tertiary education in Australia is not about learning but about revenue streams?

WHO got it wrong? … No, they didn’t

WHO got it right? It’s a huge issue but it is clear the universities don’t have a Plan B …

WHY didn’t they have a Plan B when they are supposed to be ‘the best and brightest’ amongst us?

WHY did they put all their eggs in one basket?

WHY were they so disconnected from accounting for risk in their business model?

IF they were so sold on selling…

WHY didn’t they look to other markets and diversify their sources of revenues?

COULD it be the Middle Kingdom made it clear they wouldn’t compete for places, they had a ‘right’ as the major player and would respond in an adverse way if the desired outcome wasn’t achieved in their favour?

WHAT is not liked in one part of the exchange between our economies can easily be addressed in a totalitarian setting, not in our world, it’s not controlled that way!

AND we ought not forget the influence peddling, it matters because it works!

Welcome to your pain Australian Universities, are you going to learn from this experience, or is it a case of business as usual when this current emergency ends, and await the next crisis unchanged?

Key points:

  • An estimated 100,000 university students have been held up by the ban
  • China’s restricted internet is making sending course material challenging
  • The financial hit to the sector could be high if universities have to refund fees

‘The universities, as well as some secondary schools, are using special online learning platforms, third-party companies with contracts into China, live streaming of classes and even the tech savvy of their students to upload course material, despite the Chinese digital firewall making this challenging. …

Facing a major cost burden

At the University of Sydney, international students from China make up 24 per cent, or about 17,000, of the 71,000-strong student population.

The university said it understood about 14,000 of those remained overseas, based on information from the Federal Government

If the university has to start reimbursing fees or cancelling enrolments, the cost could be very high.

According to a Centre for Independent Studies report published in August, the University of Sydney received more in fees from Chinese students in 2017 than any other university with total of $500 million, equivalent to one fifth of its total annual revenue. …

At the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, 5,000 students from China are enrolled, but some 80 per cent of those have been affected by the travel ban. …

Frustrated students fear ‘huge’ impact

At Curtin University, the travel ban has stopped 62 per cent of its Chinese students — a total of about 850 — from returning to Perth.


Coronavirus travel ban hits Australian universities, schools as Chinese students stranded overseas

Woman wearing mask wheeling suitcase on tarmac at night.
PHOTO: The travel ban prevents people coming from mainland China to Australia unless they are Australian citizens or permanent residents. (ABC News: Bill Birtles)

LOOKS like Australia’s For Sale Agency … is it prepping for more Grabs?

Image may contain: shoes, sky and outdoor
Trojan Horse; royalty-free stock photo ID: 1037667796

IT appears the only member of the Government who can see ‘the bloody obvious’, and remains without some vested interest is Andrew Hastie! It now appears his concerns have finally impacted the Treasurer

“More than ever, we need to protect ourselves from geo-strategic moves masquerading as legitimate business,” Mr Hastie said.

From the article Foreign Investment Board braces for Chinese takeovers of distressed Australian assets’

‘There is growing concern within the Morrison government about how to handle foreign takeovers of Australian businesses which have ended up in financial strife as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus.’

AFTER the horse has bolted … isn’t it past the time whereby the FIRB ought be extinguished so it is not there ‘to handle’ the CHINESE GRABS?

That would put an end to ‘attempts by foreign companies, particularly from China, to take over distressed Australian businesses and assets.’

THIS is CAAN’s assessment of this report

‘Foreign Investment Board braces for Chinese takeovers of distressed Australian assets’

-these foreign corporations have probably already done their research on which sectors, and what companies are vulnerable
-they are aware of the weaknesses of our systems; particularly the limitations of the FIRB
-they have well-placed ‘influencers’ within commerce, government and diaspora community


– it’s ok for foreign corporations, numerous entities actually state-controlled to own the means of production and assets in Australia?
-it’s ok for these corporations to export their profits and the title deeds of assets from our shores?
-it’s ok the control of these corporations is in reality not in Australia but off-shore?
-it’s ok to be so dismissive about foreign ownership by merely referring to shopfronts?
-the interests of these foreign corporations coincide with that of Australia?
– it’s ok for these foreign corporations to buy more than 160 tonnes of medical supplies including PPE stocks and export it to their country leaving us with shortages?
-does Daley or any of his ilk have any knowledge of ancient history? Have they heard about the ‘Trojan horse’?
-have any of those charged with protecting our national interest read Sun tzu’s the ‘art of war’?

DOES DALEY and his ilk choose to recognise it’s not about ‘investment’? Do they ignore the evidence that it’s about:

.vertical integration

.market dominance
.strategic positioning

Shouldn’t all Australians be appalled that 2 construction giants operating in AUSTRALIA set aside their purposes here to allow staff to buy up supplies here to be exported to their place of origin?

Where do their interests lie?
Where’s the evidence to show its Australia?

CHINA has totally decimated the world economies with its homegrown CORONAVIRUS, and is now planning to plunder the World’s assets

Photo: From Black Vulture: By Einar Fredriksen – Mongolia 2010 314, CC BY-SA 2.0,

.IS it any wonder there are conspiracy theories as to whether CORONAVIRUS was planned by China?

From the ‘consensus of opinion’ expressed in the comments here, Australians OBJECT to the buy-up of all that is Australian by the Chinese!

We summarise the actions that the commentators want from the Morrison Government:

-the government should nationalise the company or assets

-use Australia’s Future Fund to buy up key distressed companies; then either retain ownership and/or sell the companies to AUSTRALIANS!

-turn our backs on CHINA; bring manufacturing back onshore

stop and wind back China’s investments and influence by introducing the legislation; make it national policy

-send CHINA a bill for every cent of stimulus money spent plus the cost of social upheaval

stop selling off Australian companies to the Chinese government

this shortage of medical supplies, baby food, and other panic buying recently has been instigated by the Chinese government

.the toilet paper panic started in China; as witnessed by us here

.masks being sold in carparks out of car boots

.some Asian grocery shops bursting with toilet paper, rice and flour at the expense of the local stores

-Stop it now! Stop selling our houses to foreign buyers; cutting a whole Cohort of Australians out of the market



CAAN WEBSITE: For more information about the sell-out to Communist China!

Second Chinese Developer, Country Garden AKA Risland flew 82 Tonnes of PPE to China

Kate McClymont reports that a second Chinese developer, COUNTRY GARDEN now known as RISLAND here in Australia have been scooping up some 82 tonnes of medical supplies to serve their hospitals in ‘Second developer flew 82 tonnes of medical supplies to China’. This follows her report on developer Greenland!

“The chartered plane with 90 tons (82 tonnes) of medical supplies, including 100,000 most needed protective coveralls and 900,000 pairs of medical gloves, has successfully departed from Sydney and arrived in Wuhan on 24 Feb,” Risland Australia posted on its LinkedIn page.

Risland Australia's CEO Dr Guotao Hu (left) farewelling 90 tons of medical supplies about to be flown to Wuhan, China.
Risland Australia’s CEO Dr Guotao Hu (left) farewelling 90 tons of medical supplies about to be flown to Wuhan, China.

Dr Harry Nespolon, president of the Royal Australian College of GPs in late January raised concerns that masks were in short supply.

"China-Australia work as one together to fight epidemic" reads the banner being held by Risland’s CEO Dr Guotao Hu (second from left), Ray Zi, general manager, human resources & administration and former communications manager Isaac Huo.
“China-Australia work as one together to fight epidemic” reads the banner being held by Risland’s CEO Dr Guotao Hu (second from left), Ray Zi, general manager, human resources & administration and former communications manager Isaac Huo.

HOW long before Home Affairs cracks down on the Daigou, and Australian authorities have the power to seize items on our borders including these medical supplies?

And increased penalties to discourage those mocking our laws and mailing out Australian goods for profit?


DOCTORS fighting CoronaVirus Demand Transparency concerning stock levels of PPE

IN AUSTRALIA we have one mask maker/supplier, Med-Con near Shepparton, Victoria, in the whole country … now that is what happens when you

-leave it to the market to determine what happens to local industry

-when you encourage everyone to dive to the bottom

-when you don’t support local industry

-when our pollies have our industry play on a level playing field while the rest of the World laughs at us because no-one else is doing what we do

-when we allow foreigners to buy our means of production and resources

NOW it all makes sense Gladys has been scrambling around avoiding questions about the shortage of PPE


-Could it be she became aware of the low stock levels here


Could it be she knew our stocks of PPE had been depleted by ‘private’ sales by Chinese companies acting on behalf of the CCP, and chose not to reveal this to the public?

Hence doctors today are reported by the ABC to be asking why the lack of transparency concerning stock levels of PPE

So, is it now a case of censorship designed to protect the …

.identity of those buying up vast amounts of our PPE stocks?
.approval process for this to happen, allowed it, or didn’t do so because:

-approval was avoided owing to the use of private jets and/or diplomatic immunity

-approval was knowingly given under some cosy understanding

-approval was given because Australia was told

. it had to be given or a ‘wave of anti Australian sentiment and retaliatory trade embargoes would follow’?

.together with a local campaign by the diaspora claiming Australia was maintaining racist views

READ MORE in the ABC Report:

DOCTORS fighting CoronaVirus want governments to reveal how low mask and gown supplies are

‘Australia’s top doctors have called on the federal and state governments to be transparent about how low the supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) — such as masks, gowns and gloves — actually are.’

Key points:

  • Paul Torzillo, executive clinical director at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, wants authorities to be upfront about PPE stock levels
  • Melbourne GP Mukesh Heiko says he is almost out of gowns and masks and is scared
  • The Federal Government has promised to source an extra 30 million medical masks within two weeks

Hospitals and GP clinics across the nation are trying to conserve PPE. Medical professionals are being told stocks are already low, but said they are not being told how low.

“Governments and ministries need to be transparent about what the situation is. What are their stocks, what are we doing to get more stocks?” Paul Torzillo, executive clinical director at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, said.

“I don’t how much [stock there is] and I don’t think anyone else in the frontline really has that knowledge.

“I think there ought to be a lot clearer guidelines at the state and Commonwealth level.

-the majority of Australia’s PPE is imported from China

-major shortages world-wide

-in Italy, Spain and China the failure to protect health workers resulted in thousands of staff being infected

– 14 Australian Defence Force personnel have joined the production line to ramp up the supply of masks and other medical items


A hospital worker wearing blue scrubs and a face mask.
PHOTO: Australian doctors want to know the supply levels of masks, gloves and gowns, like those worn by this hospital worker in Canada. (AP: Darryl Dyck)