DOCTORS fighting CoronaVirus Demand Transparency concerning stock levels of PPE

IN AUSTRALIA we have one mask maker/supplier, Med-Con near Shepparton, Victoria, in the whole country … now that is what happens when you

-leave it to the market to determine what happens to local industry

-when you encourage everyone to dive to the bottom

-when you don’t support local industry

-when our pollies have our industry play on a level playing field while the rest of the World laughs at us because no-one else is doing what we do

-when we allow foreigners to buy our means of production and resources

NOW it all makes sense Gladys has been scrambling around avoiding questions about the shortage of PPE


-Could it be she became aware of the low stock levels here


Could it be she knew our stocks of PPE had been depleted by ‘private’ sales by Chinese companies acting on behalf of the CCP, and chose not to reveal this to the public?

Hence doctors today are reported by the ABC to be asking why the lack of transparency concerning stock levels of PPE

So, is it now a case of censorship designed to protect the …

.identity of those buying up vast amounts of our PPE stocks?
.approval process for this to happen, allowed it, or didn’t do so because:

-approval was avoided owing to the use of private jets and/or diplomatic immunity

-approval was knowingly given under some cosy understanding

-approval was given because Australia was told

. it had to be given or a ‘wave of anti Australian sentiment and retaliatory trade embargoes would follow’?

.together with a local campaign by the diaspora claiming Australia was maintaining racist views

READ MORE in the ABC Report:

DOCTORS fighting CoronaVirus want governments to reveal how low mask and gown supplies are

‘Australia’s top doctors have called on the federal and state governments to be transparent about how low the supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) — such as masks, gowns and gloves — actually are.’

Key points:

  • Paul Torzillo, executive clinical director at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, wants authorities to be upfront about PPE stock levels
  • Melbourne GP Mukesh Heiko says he is almost out of gowns and masks and is scared
  • The Federal Government has promised to source an extra 30 million medical masks within two weeks

Hospitals and GP clinics across the nation are trying to conserve PPE. Medical professionals are being told stocks are already low, but said they are not being told how low.

“Governments and ministries need to be transparent about what the situation is. What are their stocks, what are we doing to get more stocks?” Paul Torzillo, executive clinical director at Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, said.

“I don’t how much [stock there is] and I don’t think anyone else in the frontline really has that knowledge.

“I think there ought to be a lot clearer guidelines at the state and Commonwealth level.

-the majority of Australia’s PPE is imported from China

-major shortages world-wide

-in Italy, Spain and China the failure to protect health workers resulted in thousands of staff being infected

– 14 Australian Defence Force personnel have joined the production line to ramp up the supply of masks and other medical items


A hospital worker wearing blue scrubs and a face mask.
PHOTO: Australian doctors want to know the supply levels of masks, gloves and gowns, like those worn by this hospital worker in Canada. (AP: Darryl Dyck)