About Poverty in Australia …

‘I was listening to an ABC Radio National broadcast on AM 576 on Thursday 22 October about poverty in Australia …

Unfortunately not been able to locate an audio or article

However, there are numerous reports concerning POVERTY IN AUSTRALIA … more than 3 MILLION Australians are living below the Poverty Line!

Anglicare has found there are 106 job seekers for every entry level job!

Foodbank Australia Report 2020 found we have not yet reached peak hunger in the Covid-19 Crisis



THIS is what is happening in contrast to the continuing reports of excess and rorts … corruption …

ACCORDING to the latest figures from the charitable sector e.g. FOODBANK more than 800,000 people in Australia are going hungry and have sought assistance in recent weeks.

Charities are at crisis levels, they are struggling as never before.

Meanwhile there are a host of ideologs and others calling for more migrants; that things are stagnating without them.

If we ever had doubts about the accuracy of this argument surely it is now!

Let’s test the idea migration is driver of all good and growth and more growth

Are we accounting for all the cost of:

-overseas staff and local staff
-interviews and assessment by Australian officials?

-transportation, initial accommodation
-liaison, orientation, language classes
-assistance provided at various levels

Ok they pay fees, thousands of dollars but it costs thousands for the process to take place

Ok it employs a lot of people and it’s become an industry with clout, maybe this is a reason why the pollies see it as synonymous with eternal growth!

-the Migration Alliance has more than 4000 members (of migration agents) to muscle

SO what to do about this?

We could be smart, or we could stick with ideological driven practices of the past.

But unlike the past Australia is faced with circumstances never experienced before!

At this time in the short modern history of this land we have:

drought or at best post drought conditions
-post bush fire conditions
-more frequent effects of climate change

a Pandemic

a Recession

-trade tensions instigated by a totalitarian nation that is the biggest player in our region
-higher unemployment
-over stretched charities

The list goes on …

And our politicians vote to give subsidies to businesses to employ younger workers

.to promote a false reality of equality when their ‘recovery’ package is largely directed to assisting those industries overwhelmingly dominated by male workers

(their defensive response is women can drive on the roads and so on, it’s so pathetic and patronising)

So given we have some understanding of how things are really happening out there, in the streets, in the suburbs, in the towns and in the countryside opportunities could exist to do things differently!

What is needed … a bit of creativity would help.

IT is about future proofing

Why can’t we. as a nation have (not in any order). and there’s plenty more good ideas out there, by no means an extensive list here but worth considering…

-a post office bank to offer real competition to the big 4 banks

-community (public) housing, from land acquisition to construction to management and use

-communities with small to medium scale solar and wind farm power generation all over the country (as elsewhere)

-community based general recycling plants and waste water recycling

-space allocated for community gardens

electric vehicle recharging networks integrated to solar and wind power generation

-national policies and funding to eliminate all sorts of road intersections to save on emissions and improve efficiencies

-tackle risk and ameliorate coastal erosion and shoreline inundation with ongoing programs that relocate infrastructure, build more resilient landscapes and bolster the built environment defences needed with the effects of climate change,. e.g. taking as much as possible of the electricity network underground

nation-wide reforestation/salt reduction programs

-repurpose all sorts of materials and resources so that waste is a mere shadow of what it is now

And a lot more…

Why is it so hard, so readily ridiculed, that the only way to see progress is persisting with the concept of the growth economy when it is known it is a falsehood!

WHEN We looked at News Videos of the Maguire ICAC Hearing …

The reports we had seen on the news only featured Scott Robertson ICAC Assisting Counsel, examining.

However the camera then crossed to Arthur Moses SC seated there, and we were wondering what role he had in this inquiry?

We now see that Arthur Moses SC was there representing Gladys Berejiklian!

This is interesting … what a tangled web of property developers, real estate gatekeepers, the Law Council of Australia, and MPs … because back in February 2019 a report appeared in the Australian Financial Review that REAL ESTATE AGENTS with the backing of the LAW COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA were able to weasel their way out of the Anti-Money Laundering legislation allegedly on the basis that imposing the full AML/CTF (the second tranche of the AML Laws) may create conflicts with the lawyer’s duty of confidentiality and the principle of client professional privilege!

‘President of the Law Council of Australia Arthur Moses, SC, said their profession was already extensively regulated by the states and territories under a comprehensive and robust regulatory system.

“The Law Council is concerned that imposing the full AML/CTF regulatory regime may create conflicts with the lawyer’s duty of confidentiality and the principle of client professional privilege, as well as increasing the cost of legal services to the community,” he said.’

At the time CAAN asked these questions …

WHY is it with the purchase of real estate there should be some difference compared to buying or selling a vehicle, why is it different?

Why is it difficult to apply laws to the purchase of real estate?

Why is that compromising a lawyer? Why should real estate be any different to any other matter?

If there are laws governing real estate so be it. It should not make any difference to a lawyer. If lawyers have a matter before them that involves a crime they have two choices:

-do it for their client knowing their risk

-not do it

View: ‘Labor to Target Lawyers, Accountants, Real Estate Agents’


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Australian Property Market talked up Overseas by Online Pundits

WHAT we at CAAN gathered from this article is that:

-it tried to be a bit upbeat, refraining from being negative
-is it trying to have an each-way bet?
-includes some contrasting stats; that indeed there is some downturn in activity

IT states the bleeding obvious, that little stands in the way of foreigners buying up our real estate

-that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with foreigners buying up Australia
-it also makes sure there is some optimistic spin included … to give their readers something to look forward to, to keep the dream alive

BUT what we got from it was the recognition that:

-prices are indeed influenced by the purchasing demand of foreigners hence the reason why we all pay more to live in our own country

-asian buyers are, and ought to be the focus for locals wanting to sell

AND the other part that is of concern is:

-how short sighted is it?
-the article failed to recognise or acknowledge the housing issues AUSTRALIANS are struggling with right now
-that social housing is greatly under-supplied
-that we are indeed in a different space and time since COVID came along; many in the business world seem to be stuck in chanting the tune of getting back to where we were

HOWEVER if things haven’t changed for the foreseeable future then those running airlines like Cathay Pacific must be wrong … they having announced the axing of thousands of jobs, like dozens of US and European carriers

Reality is things have changed, and these pundits just want things to go back to the way they were

WELL, it may suit them, but it may not suit a lot of others.

IS the growth economy here forever? Maybe they need to think again.

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AUSTRAC BOSS says Real Estate Gatekeepers should report Money Laundering in Property

‘Lawyers, accountants and real estate agents should report suspicious activity’ … that’s what the AUSTRAC boss said. 

SO what is the problem? Why is this not in force?

Commentator Thucydides wrote:

‘The “government’s” own department estimates the amount of “hot” money being laundered through the Australian property market at $36 BILLION a year…..

(think about that for a while, FIRST HOME BUYERS)

Mostly through Lawyers, Accountants and Real Estate Agents….. who have miraculously managed to avoid being included in the AML legislation for the last eight years, despite Australia being legally obliged to include them by International Treaty.

Must be a simple coincidence that they would also be overwhelmingly donors to the Liberal Party… ‘

Could that be why the Morrison Government … cough … cough … is still considering whether to introduce the Second Tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws having exempted these gatekeepers back in October 2018?

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The PCA … the Property Council … encouraged by Qld LIBs Build-To-Rent enticements!

Read and reflect on what this will mean …

IF the Liberals were to win the imminent Queensland election having given the undertaking that they will administer a 75% CUT TO LAND TAX, and grant FOREIGN BUYER TAX EXCLUSIONS FOR BUILD-TO-RENT developments, what will that cost? What will it mean for:

-aspiring Australian First Home Buyers?

.cast aside by preferential treatment for those with ‘hot money’ to launder

-Australian developers and hence their Australian clients?

AND these benefits even outstrip those of the Liberal NSW Government 50% Build-to-Rent land tax discount  …


WHERE can you see this going?

Could it be that also in NSW aspiring Australian FHBs will be drowning in a housing market flooded with investors buying up homes for rental redevelopment?

Knocking the ‘Australian Dream’ on its head … with the aspirants stymied by the emergence of a feudal life-long tenancy regime …

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CHINA’S RISLAND scores $30.8 M in Wollondilly Land Sales

RISLAND formerly known as ‘COUNTRY GARDEN’ gained renown and set the precedent with its first High-Rise Residential Apartment Precinct in North Ryde whereby the locals were robbed of having their say as it was all fait accompli …..

‘Ryde Garden’ towers over the district … forever spoiling the bushland vistas …

Currently RISLAND’S dealings with disgraced Liberal MP Daryl Maguire are being further investigated by ICAC … and now together with Walker Corporation having sold these lots in 3 weeks it is ready to launch its $1.5 B master planned community ‘Wilton Greens’ in Wilton in the Wollondilly Shire.

How come this Chinese developer remains in Australia?

Why did Walker Corporation … Lang Walker … partner with Risland … Country Garden?

The lots have cost between $239,000 and $372,500 ranging from 275 to 540 sqm.

Company management alleges that buyers come from the local area and the Greater Sydney region. How likely is it that there are Proxy Buyers among them?  Or online perhaps through Juwai enabling these foreign buyers to gain Permanent Residency … ?

Risland … Country Garden … 2 years ago launched its Windemere Estate in Mambourin, Victoria and this in Wilton is the company’s first major master planned community for NSW.

Risland is counting on the NSW and Morrison Governments for the infrastructure with the redevelopment of Campbelltown Hospital, transport, NBN fibre to the home, a new town centre and new schools

But what will this mean for other communities?

AND, of course, the impact of such development on the rural landscape, the destruction of Koala habitat, with the local community to be confronted by another 12,000 inhabitants …



Another 10 Thousand Places added to Morrison Govt First Home Loan Scheme …


BUT how can that be enough? 

THE AUSTRALIAN:  Budget 2020: New homes key to our lost population

WELL … WELL … there you have it in the Headline!

BECAUSE … High Immigration and Permanent Resident Visa Manipulation have locked out Australian First Home Buyers …

SUCH Permanent Residency Visa lure has drawn hundreds of thousands of overseas home buyers since the late 1990s when the Howard Government made changes to our Immigration Policy for the Chinese Middle Class to invest in our education and real estate to gain “flexible citizenship”

AND since then the vast range of Visas offering Permanent Residency when Temporary Visa Holders bought our ‘new homes’ …

SUCH INFLUX rendered aspiring Australian FHBs locked out … by the overseas competition and ‘hot money’ to boot ….

TONIGHT on the ABC NEWS Jason Clare, Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness, was interviewed … but sadly no transcript or video can be found! 

THE GIST of what he had to say was that this was nowhere near enough … a mere extra 10,000 FHBs eligible for a home loan with a 5% deposit  … he said compare that to the support given by Labor following the GFC …

FURTHER that all aspiring First Home Buyers should be given the benefit … not a mere extra 10 thousand!

SO why only an additional 10,000 places for a scheme allegedly designed to make it easier for first home buyers to purchase a home with a 5 per cent deposit?

WHAT other Plan does the Federal Government along with the MBA, the PCA, the UT, the UDIA, and the Property Investor Lobby Groups have waiting in the wings?

WITH their appetite whet for more?

WHEN concrete form workers are atop the BRW Rich List … is this about ‘wealth envy’?

IS this about this Cohort boosting their coffers through Build-to-Rent? Will it be a modern day feudal system … rendering a whole Cohort of young Australians to become life-long tenants, is that what this is about?

OR will the Morrison Government ensure that the avenue will be there for

tenants to purchase a home?

READ a little more from the ABC:


Had you heard that HT sacked his Group General Counsel?

‘A former lawyer for Meriton Property Services is suing one of the country’s richest men, billionaire Harry Triguboff, and the company, alleging he was sacked because he refused to lie in an affidavit.

The company’s former group general counsel Joseph Callaghan is suing for $556,500 in compensation plus penalties, claiming he was fired from his $350,000-a-year job by the 87-year-old property developer earlier this year because he refused to exaggerate the time it took for the City of Sydney council to approve one of Meriton’s buildings.’

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THEN it appears to have gotten nastier … in an AFR Report on 3 July 2020 when HT hit back at his former lawyer to then claim that Callaghan was sacked because of ‘ineptitude’ for the job … despite having gotten HT out of bother a number of times previously over four years … even with the NSW Premier …

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Now it is alleged it was all a misunderstanding …

BUT had the General Counsel had enough?  Was it a bridge too far this time?

View the link to find out more … what did this former legal adviser collect?