Australia … we used to have 70% Home Ownership!

AUSTRALIA … we used to have 70% Home Ownership …

WHAT happened to this?

WHAT is needed is HOUSING for AUSTRALIANS … with affordable BUILD-TO-RENT that allows Tenants to BUY!

… Not Foreign Billions and Housing to be marketed to even more foreign buyers with Benefits!

AND what we have learnt from our Commentators …

‘That rent to buy was what the Department of Housing used to do!

Now it’s all about profits, forcing community housing groups to do the same. It’s become a vicious nightmare of CEO’s (many in charities) receiving exorbitant wages, and Rents based on 40% of household income!

This will continue to stifle home ownership. And coupled with elderly home owners having to sell their homes to finance their aged care and then you see the whole mess for our future generations (no inheritance) for those just above the poverty line.’

CAAN: And when was the damage inflicted? It was the late 1990s when the Howard Government … John Howard scapegoated refugees (who were in relatively small numbers) as his government opened the floodgates of the backdoor to migration (with Temporary Visa Holders).

‘John Howard’s Bait-and-Switch:  Is it time for a debate on the mass immigration “Ponzi scheme”?’

Big Australia’

Australia went from a sustainable Permanent Migration system of 70,000 people p.a., to escalate, and prior to the Pandemic there were 2.3 MILLION Visa holders in Australia; of which 1.6 MILLION were Visa workers willing to be exploited (with inferior wages and conditions) lured by the prospect of Permanent Residency.

Who could blame them?

However, this led to high unemployment and underemployment of Australians. Those ‘unAustralian’ employers put about hateful comments like: “Australians won’t work; don’t work”.

Obviously many employers (and companies) have enjoyed the benefits of greater profits from paying such low (below Award) wages; and enjoy TAX BENEFITS contrary to those who pay full tax!

Another very poor Liberal HOWARD Government policy was the introduction of the TAX BENEFITS of NEGATIVE GEARING AND CAPITAL GAINS making HOUSING a financial asset … something you buy and sell and accumulate.

THUS the financialisation of housing that was Shelter!

Our Families locked out not only by Low Wages, and increasingly now Super Inflated Housing Prices due to the competition from those negatively gearing!

INVESTORS are buying up more housing because bank interest rates are too low to leave their money in bank accounts! And the Housing Property Market opened up for them once again with the Chinese withdrawing from their Real Estate Tours. The Chinese are still house shopping here, but have been eclipsed by the Singaporeans (70% Chinese) who have spent $20Bn in the two years to mid 2020!

What is happening with those bags full of Cash?’

Read more!

Businesses in Byron Bay and other coastal towns too have felt the impact of the loss of affordable rental accommodation because they are losing their workers! The fabric of the community is falling apart!

This is due to landlords letting their properties out to short term rentals on AirBnb, and Stayz rather than leasing homes to families and singles for 6 months or more at a lower monthly rate!

Read more!

Banning AirBnb and Shipping in Portable Homes considered as Housing Crisis bites in Coastal Towns’

AND what has been happening as we so eagerly wait for the 11.00 a.m. presser about the failure of our governments to act early to stop the spread of Covid?


The developer sector has been beavering away marketing ‘Build-to-Rent’! It has called on the Big Boys from New York!

So another investment avenue for our local Ingestors too!

‘More Foreign Billions pouring into Build-to-Rent (BTR) … ‘

And …

Countdown Begins for Build-to-Rent’s Breakthrough Year’

We hear often ‘We’re all in this together’… however it would seem this has another meaning … another Commentator reminded us that NSW INC raised more than $1 BILLION in Stamp Duty 2019!

See how this all ties in together!

What of the Housing Crisis Nightmare for Australians and First Home Buyers … next? As the floodgates open again to more Chinese, Singaporeans and Indian Middle Class Visa Holders ready to scoop up!

Is this too what is behind the Liberals saying: ‘Sell your Family Home … Downsize … Go Regional’… To open up more opportunities for redevelopment? For more development of high-rise … duplex … townhouses … terraces … villas and retirement villages? FFS!

About Money Laundering … DownUnder in 2020 … 2021

Crimes Legislation Amendment (Economic Disruption) Bill 2020

Second Reading

2020: Key Points from Senator Kitching:

Labor supports the reforms; has consistently argued that Australia’s AML and counterterrorism financing framework must evolve; money laundering and terrorism financing remain significant global problems

-threaten to undermine Australia’s national security and destroy the integrity of our financial system if left unchecked

-however Australia lags behind our international counterparts; our laws have lagged behind; a target for nefarious actors

-the Report on the Statutory Review of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-terrorism Financing Act 2006 called for these changes in March 2016; this legislation fails to implement many of the 2016 recommendations

-unlike other countries the Morrison Government has left the door open for illicit capital to flood into Australia

FATF has expressed concerns about the Morrison Government failure to implement reforms; its report found that Australia is ‘an attractive destination for foreign proceeds of crime, particularly corruption related proceeds flowing into real estate’ *

-with growing risks to Australia from the failure of this government to fully implement either the FATF or statutory review recommendations


IN MAY 2021 a report in the Daily Telegraph, and others since including from Georg Chmiel from Juwai it looks like hot money continues to be awash in our real estate with the gatekeepers exempt from the second tranche of the AML Laws (October 2018)!!

Offshore Chinese swarm Aussie real estate as prices boom’

28 May 2021 — Cashed-up Chinese homebuyers and investors have been swarming back into Australia’s booming real estate market with this year’s inquiries …

Suburbs China property buyers are targeting

Our booming real estate market has fallen back into the crosshairs of cashed-up property buyers in China, especially in some key suburbs not traditionally on their radar.



‘The Morrison government quietly began prioritising visas for ultra-wealthy foreign investors late last year’

‘India-Australia Free Trade talks set to reopen following Tony Abbott’s visit to New Delhi’

With more questions from CAAN:

About Berejiklian’s Direct Link to the Committee for Sydney

Most Sydney Morning Herald Readers are not buying this from ‘The Committee for Sydney Influencer’  former Berejiklian Staffer, Ehssan Veiszadeh.

Commentators have their say about why Lockdowns are necessary!

-And the fundamental misunderstanding of lockdowns continues.

Lockdowns are there so we aren’t leaving people to die after a car accident, or because they need heart surgery, or because your kid falls off their bike.

We only have so many ICU beds, and spaces in morgues. That’s without the crisis in medical staff.

I would have hoped the SMH would know this, at least, which begs the question – why is this article here?

About Berejiklian’s direct link to Right Wing Think Tank/Lobbyist: The Committee for Sydney

-Wow, you don’t have to be a clairvoyant to see the spin on display here. The LNP want to let the outbreak rip, and they want to open the international border. They want to blame other states and premiers.

-How silly of him to name the media’s rights as privileges.

-This guy cracks me up: journalists find it “hard … to check their privileges,” when they ask the NSW premier hard questions, and he urges the state to open up faster.  Of course, he has no expertise in epidemiology. Maximum privilege. Pot, kettle, black.

-Says it all that this guy, an ex journalist, is promoted to head of strategy and then CEO of a think tank with huge budget and powers. That’s NSW all over.

Can someone please tell me when and why the Committee for Sydney went from being an independent panel that advised government on matters of urban design and planning to being a taxpayer-funded right wing think tank stacked with partners of LNP politicians, cronies and ex-LNP government staffers? Taxpayers shouldn’t be funding biased lobbyists.

-How depressing that mistrust between the government and the public service is considered acceptable. It is reinforced by the implicit criticism by saying that it is only the politicians who are focussing on the ‘right things’.  The public service provides advice; it is the political class that makes the decisions. They are the ones that must be held to account.

-As Bill Bowtell writes in his little tome, ‘Unmasked: the Politics of Pandemics’, pandemics are actually medical crises requiring co-ordinated community action … and then politicians get involved with their agendas muddying the waters. This is what delays, amplifies and extends lockdown; and stops necessary quarantine facilities being built.

-“…Veiszadeh thinks the government just needs to trust the public…” Okay, that idea looks great on paper, but the issue is that it only takes one infected person who decides to game the system, one self-centred ‘freedom’ march, and any progress is totally and utterly undone.

-I totally agree that response-wise it’s all been a day late and a dollar short.
And the LNP… stuck in last year’s thinking… who’d a ever thunk that, eh?

Veiszadeh thinks the Government should just trust the public. That is not a bad approach in normal times, but Delta has shown that the public needs to be explicitly directed, until we get some control back. The risk otherwise , is an overwhelmed hospital system.

-In short, person with enough similar ideologies to the Premier to be in a senior government position, from a right wing think tank wants to open up the State.

Knock me over with a feather.

-Veiszadeh is clearly an ‘open up without thinking of the consequences’ advocate. How can anyone say Gladys just follows NSW Health advice?

If she had she would have locked down earlier and harder, and we may not be at over 1000 cases a day with very little hope of a reduction on the horizon. *

Further, all Veiszadeh seems to focus on is giving ‘freedoms,’ and suggesting retail, gyms and hospitality open without any precautions to guard against super spreading.

-His comments reflect a media advisor with very little if any public policy knowledge. It is politics that has driven Gladys’ response to Delta, and look what a disaster that approach has led to with hospitals in emergency mode and ambulances at a crisis point too.

-Vieszadeh seems to only focus on businesses opening up, it won’t work with cases as high, with vaccination rates not high enough, and no restrictions.

-Frankly how can you have a schools plan that you may not be able to implement due to a high case number, and that you may end up sending teenage kids back to school without vaccination, and little ones with definitely no vaccination.

-I am a parent too and I feel angry and concerned. Online school has been safe and effective.

* I really think the mental health issue and kids is being used by the open-up quickly lobby to push opening up. No real analysis of mental health and kids has been done. Anecdotally most kids I know are very happy.

-I think Veiszadeh has just put things out in this article to give Gladys an opportunity to latch onto them,
and kick some more own goals.

-* I suggest the SMH focus on opinion pieces and input from people like Katherine Bennett, Brendan Crabb, Mary-Louise McClaws, Raina Macintyre and others like them who have a deep knowledge of epidemiology, virology, public health and public policy responses needed to manage a serious virus strain like Delta. We can have a much more informed and useful discussion.*

-The perennial problem where the politicians want to politic for their own advantage but are confronted with a public service that wants to give frank and fearless advice.

-This is one reason why the LNP is reluctant to release any discussion papers – much harder to blame the PS if the voters know the facts.

-“Committee for Sydney, a think tank focused on” … business!

Doherty modelling is very clear. At 70% we can still expect to spend 20% of our time in lockdowns.

Very interesting article in The Lancet, a peer-reviewed journal from the UK.

Comparison of 37 wealthy nations, 5 of which went for effectively an elimination strategy. The elimination strategy wins on 3 measures:

1) fewer deaths (as you would expect);
2) stronger economies; and
3) more personal freedoms – yes, *more* personal freedoms, because restrictions don’t drag on and on and on

Oh, another right wing think tank!

-These “think tanks” are half the problem. It’s just another name for a group of lobbyists.

As far as bureaucracy goes, it barely exists these days. Everything is expensively outsourced to others with vested interests make the decisions. *

The whole system is broken.

-Just the ‘old money’ before people business mantra. When enough people are vaccinated we can come out of lockdown. Whose fault is it that so few are vaccinated? Look no further than the PM. Stop blaming the public.

-Look at the directors and chairman of the think tank he works for.  PwC, the operators of Sydney metro and a NSW government official and other business interests. Of course he would promote their ideas!

-The Committee for Sydney is a right wing, big business backed, political lobby group. Take everything it publishes through the lens of their self-interest, pushing wealth over health.  Happy for others to suffer the”reality” of opening up, safely ensconsed in their mansions .

-“We are funded by a group of Sydney’s leading corporations, government departments and cultural institutions.” This includes the NSW state government and many publicly funded institutions along with corporate members whose interests they represent from Airbnb to Woolworths.



Brookfield Australia

Charter Hall

DEXUS Property Group

John Holland Group (Chinese state-owned)


Lendlease Development


PAYCE Consolidated



-Everyone is free to have their own opinion on what matters most during this terrible time, I believe death and illness should be avoided at all costs, but I can’t ring the Premier to try and influence her actions.

Think tank is a polite way of saying lobbyists.

Ehssan is a direct link to the Premier.

Check out who is on the board of the Committee for Sydney.

Gladys’ and Morrison’s decisions are being driven by the coming elections.
Imagine if they only wanted to get the country and people back to whatever normal might be, rather than checking every idea against its effect on a future vote. No hovering, no flip flopping, no Labor versus Liberal ideas, no blame games.

Just the best ideas and policies being utilised.

-Yes let’s open with no kiddies vaccinated, not all NIDS and aged care workers vaccinated, few indigenous communities protected, a disproportionate number of lower income and migrants not vaccinated … it will be all fun and games in the name of freedom.

Not freedom but it is transparently in the self-interest of corporate profits and politics.

About the readiness of Our Health System in dealing with Covid-19 and the Delta variant

-Interesting to contrast this bloke’s attitude with observations of senior ICU nurse Michelle Rosentreter (

-Readiness of Australia’s health system?

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

-I expect Gladys to have more strategists, marketers, psychologists and such on staff than there would be doctors in regional hospitals. Maybe someone could look into that!?

READ From former Berejiklian Strategist:  Ehssan Veiszadeh

What happened while we’ve been distracted by incessant Covid Media?

Despite the Delta variant wreaking havoc, the majority of our key workforce of 16 to 39 year olds, and our children have not been vaccinated …

Qantas has now revealed it has had a seat at the table with Sc.mmo, and is calibrating for reopening international borders not only to benefit Qantas, but because the property titans want the return of international migration, tourists, students and Visa workers … many seeking Permanent Residency …

… also at the Table, Housing Industry Association economist, Angela LilliCRAP (we didn’t make this up!)  said population growth was pivotal for housing and the construction consortia.  


-Qantarse has revealed its mapping for reopening our borders

-the property industry awaits full return of migration, tourists, students and workers

-in the next 18 months flights to and from Singapore, Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Fiji and possibly NZ from mid December and to Hong Kong in February

-in April Bali, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Phuket, Ho Chi Minh City and Johannesburg

-the HIA economist Angela Lillicrap said population growth was key to the home building industry

population growth was said to be stagnant at 0.5% with an increase of 136,300 in 2020 … not 70,000 but 136,300  (ABS)


Qantas Reveals Roadmap for Return of Migration

How come during the Lockdowns Housing is even more expensive?

WITH recent price increases having pushed home ownership beyond the reach of EVEN more AUSTRALIANS, what will make agents desist from jacking up house prices?

Mr Lawless from CoreLogic ‘expects price growth to slow even further once lockdowns end and more people list their homes for sale.’

“You wouldn’t expect housing values to continue rising at this pace for such an extended period of time.”

And many reckon the price hikes are due to ‘cheap money and high household savings’.  But is that it entirely?

It’s got nothing to do with the role those whose job it is to sell at the highest price? And … in a time now where many other businesses are going to the wall and thousands of workers have been stood down!

IT’S about ‘Buyer Beware’ … Caveat Emptor

TIPS WHEN BUYING A HOUSE … and why if you see the following you should offer less!  Much less!

We recommend you have two private inspections (at least) if you are keen on a property.

This is a guide only to help you decide whether to proceed. And if so, immediately organise for a Building and Pest Report from an accredited Inspector, before handing over a ‘Holding Deposit’ which you will lose if you do not proceed!

Have a wander around the outside and look for:

mould growing on walls; moss on concrete slabs

.there will likely be a need for expensive drainage with surface and/or ag drains

.that will cost more if concrete paths or sandstone have to be cut to install drains

-concrete and paving, garden beds up close to the edge of the concrete slab that should be exposed (hides termite entry)

-have a look at the foundations; are they in good condition? Is there moisture? Are termite trails visible?

-some newly named ‘wealthy suburbs’ of Sydney have ground water penetrating the sandstone on which foundations are built! Oh, Mongrieff Dr!

.this may very well impact whole streets of homes built on hillsides

.and water may penetrate lower ground rooms!

-look for the meter box to see if there is a notice about a termite inspection and/or treatment; note the date

.some bushland fringe suburbs of Sydney north of Wahroongah, and the Northern Beaches are more prone to termites, and by the time of settlement 6 weeks later termites may have destroyed roof timbers! Costing $100s of thousands to restore at the buyer’s expense!

Is the house located below the level of the street?

-there could be water issues

Is there a creek at the rear and near to the property?

-if the agent says the owners have not had a flood, do your due diligence!

Inside the house

Is the house musty?

-look for mould growth it may be more than about the house being shut up!

.look into the wardrobes including the top shelves and walls to the ceiling, and other cupboards

Look for deep and or long cracks that may indicate movement, settlement

Uneven floor surfaces; movement in the floor

Or have tiles uplifted e.g. in the laundry that may indicate ‘concrete cancer’ due to the application of magnesite when

the concrete was levelled!

Is there a sewer blockage? 

Does the toilet fill up and very slowly empty?

.the sewer and stormwater may need complete replacement!

How good is the water pressure at the kitchen sink?

IF you like the property despite some of these issues organise for a Building and Pest Report that will cost $550 – $650 for both the inspection and report.

But a lot less than having to do these restorations after paying too much!

RELATED ARTICLE concerning the House Price Hikes!

READ MORE! Lockdowns push house prices even higher as new listings fall

Afghan Interpreter denied a Protection Visa but wealthy Foreign Investors are Prioritised!

An Afghan Interpreter for the ADF was rejected for a Protection Visa, and evacuated to the Netherlands!

Evidently this is where we are at in 2021 … much like it was in the late 1990s and 2001 … with the Tampa Affair

‘Asad worked as a translator with the Dutch Army in the Uruzgan Province from 2007 to 2010, then with the United States Army in Kandahar, before joining the ADF as an aviation security advisor at the Kandahar airfield in 2011.

Two years later, he applied to Defence for protection under the Locally Engaged Employee visa program (LEEs) after receiving a death threat from the Taliban.’ 

Following this …

‘A serving member of the Australian Defence Force who worked with Asad and wrote a letter of recommendation which was submitted as part of his LEEs application.

“Whilst in the performance of his duties, Asad has placed his life and that of his family at risk in order to facilitate coalition and Australian success within Afghanistan,” he wrote. 

“I value this man’s integrity and friendship most highly.” ‘

Are you aware that if he were to have the means to invest in Australia’s Real Estate or business it would be a different matter?  Especially ‘Hot Money’ with the Real Estate Gatekeepers exempt from the Anti-Money Laundering Laws in October 2018 by the Morrison Government!

But CHARACTER and service to Australia and our troops evidently means ZIP!

This is what we are referring to!  It has been happening for years now through Visa manipulation.  And again recently under the Cover of Covid …


READ MORE ABOUT ASAD: ‘Afghan interpreter rejected for protection visa evacuated to the Netherlands’

FACT SHEET … Under the Cover of Covid … Singapore has bought almost $20Bn Australian Real Estate


-Singapore, 2nd largest buyer of our Real Estate; only trails the United States

-overshadowed China with investments from large developers, and sovereign wealth fund, GIC

-2 years to July 2020 Singaporeans bought $19.3Bn: Latest FIRB data  –

Foreign Investment Review Board Annual Report 2019-20 (

-Singaporeans spent $6.1Bn more than China over the 2 years

.with an economy 44 times smaller

George Chmiel, Chair of Juwai IQI on Singaporean Investment:

-doubled in last 3 years; led by institutional investors funding large-scale projects

-and individual *home buyers also active in Australian home markets*

-Singaporean developers are selling to Singaporean buyers

.e.g. Elements at Carousel, by Jean Yip Holdings, Perth with 60% Singapore buyers

-Singapore short flying distance from Australian capital cities

-property investment likely to rise further as travel reopens

-the Morrison Govt late 2020 quietly prioritised visas for UHNW for further home buying

-over the last 10 years China is the largest investor; spent some $126Bn since 2010

.Singapore spent around 44 cents on the dollar over the same period

SOURCE: Business Insider: ‘ Singapore has bought almost $20 billion worth of Australian real estate in the last two years, eclipsing China’

If Pay Ratios were Published it is said CEOs might be more generous to their Staff!

When this Adelaide resident heard that bosses of Australian firms earn many hundreds of times what workers do, it did not sit right with him! He has to work a number of casual, part-time jobs, and volunteer!

He said that it left him feeling disappointed and disillusioned with the system that has evolved!

He questioned how it was possible that such could be earned by any individual!

As a consequence of COVID-19 he said  …

“I’m in a very insecure world,” he said. “I think a lot of people are in my position.”

HOWEVER, will publishing CEO pay ratios be enough? A good start perhaps!

PRIOR to the late 1990s when Workers’ Pay and Conditions were undermined by the policy changes of the Howard Government, we enjoyed good wages and conditions that enabled us to live in our own homes, afford a motor vehicle or two, enjoy holidays and home comforts!

Our families, however now, may not even own a car, and they rent!   Into their 30s!

How did this Divide come about? 

The Howard Government introduced Temporary Migration of Visa holders including Visa workers to replace permanent migration of 70,000 per annum.

Prior to the Pandemic there were 2.3 MILLION Visa holders in Australia of which 1.6 MILLION were Visa workers … this led to high unemployment and underemployment of Australians! 

These overseas people were lured by the prospect not only of work, but gaining permanent residency as they accepted low rates of pay and poor working conditions.




More Foreign Billions pouring into Build-to-Rent (BTR) …

WHAT is needed is HOUSING for AUSTRALIANS … with affordable BUILD-TO-RENT that allows Tenants to BUY … Not Foreign Billions and Housing to be marketed to even more foreign buyers with Benefits! However …

UNDER THE COVER OF COVID … we have seen more reports recently about the push for BTR … 

HAS it all been part of a “Plan” with house prices having escalated 20% already into 2021 … pricing out many Australians? 

ARE they to become life-long tenants?

Our Youth are ‘a sitting shot’ because dating back to the LIBERAL Howard Government in the late 90s the policies were set in train for low wages; competition for jobs from Visa workers; foreign real estate buying sprees … with ‘Hot Money’ which led to the Housing Boom of 2001 – 2004 locking out our Youth from the housing market.

The real estate gatekeepers were exempted from the Anti-Money Laundering Laws in October 2018 by the Morrison Liberal Coalition Government; and still current!

Leading up to the Pandemic there were 2.3 Million Visa Holders in Australia of which 1.6 Million were Visa workers …

Australia has become like the United States with its ‘Working Poor’ … and the growth of homelessness …

On the other side are those with ‘Tax Benefits’ of negative gearing and capital gains; policies also dating back to the Howard years …

Investors are again swooping in on home sales

Now ‘Billions of investment dollars from around the World’ are pouring into this ‘burgeoning Build-to-Rent sector’.

The New Yorkers, no doubt, have watched how our former egalitarian society has been pulled apart.  We used to have 70% home ownership in the mid 1960s.

Home ownership for 30 – 34 year olds decreased to 50% in 2016.

What will the 2021 Census reveal about the decline in home ownership and the rise in renting? 

At the end of August a summit on BTR is being held with New York based, Michael Streicker, the president of Sentinel Real Estate taking part. 

Streicker is, no doubt, confident in the expansion of this asset class with our families locked out of the housing market. In the United States BTR is the top investment asset class ahead of office and industrial.  

Streicker, a New Yorker, is behind the push for high immigration in Australia!!  He said: 

“The underlying drivers of demand for housing will re-emerge in the coming years as immigration resumes and renters’ expectations for premium product, amenity and service come to the fore.”

To make our families ‘life-long tenants’ to allegedly have longer tenure, and more amenity but at premium pricing!  And if they suffer some misfortune as tenants they will have no security whatsoever!

Seriously how soon can immigration resume, and at such high numbers of 2.3 Million Visa holders with the Delta variant widespread across the Globe?

The New Yorkers are looking to three to four years hence developing a pipeline to support BTR in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth with $1Bn investment over the next four years.

It would appear their timing is very convenient with the Building Commissioner appointed to restore community confidence in apartment developments following the Opal Tower, Mascot Towers and other defect disasters

It would seem not only investors but the apartment development and construction consortia are set to benefit yet again?  To the detriment of our families and communities …

Under the cover of COVID more than 50 BTR projects are in the pipeline, and by 2024 there will be 18,500 BTR apartments in our property market!

More Co2 emissions and the heat-island effect …

Despite a current supply shortage of materials, fittings and fixtures for the Project Home sector, how will this sector deal with more competition from BTR?  How much longer will those who have paid a deposit for a House and Land Package have to wait to build?

‘Construction Boom: Costs of House and Land Packages Blown Out!/


‘Build-To-Rent Flood is Coming as Billions Pour In’


P.S. Who is Michael Streicker?

-a former board member of the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate  … and ?

Where we should be Directing our COVID Rage!

‘Speaking of politics, thank god we have politicians at whom to direct our rage.

It helps that they deserve it.’

major Scummo government failure in vaccine procurement and rollout

We should call for an inquiry, a Royal Commission into this failure!

SAINT GLADYS shamelessly said she had given POLICE more powers than they asked for!

Then HILLSONG Police Commissioner told his officers they won’t be held accountable for wrongly issuing COVID-related FINES!

Community Policing has been put aside for high-level enforcement … the jackboot!

WE are no longer ‘a weird mob’ but some among us are a very nasty and weird mob …


‘At least we can direct our COVID rage at politicians: god knows, they deserve it’