‘Trash Force’ tears up Stokes Planning Principles

When we read this article, ‘NSW Minister Tears Up Predecessor’s Planning Principles’, we see some holes in what is being conveyed …

The ousted NSW Planning Minister was eminently qualified for this role! 

Rob Stokes holds a double degree in arts and law from Macquarie University, a Masters of Science from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in planning law completed under a Commonwealth scholarship

IT would seem that he was best qualified for the role of Planning Minister … perhaps that was the problem?

WHY so soon after his reappointment to this role, Roberts tore up the 9 guiding principles raised by Stokes?

The Sydney trashforce boss described Stokes principles as ‘utopian’ …

We figure with the reappointment of Roberts to this role the opportunity has been lost to resurrect our Sydney from further high density development for migrants

One would have thought there was no ‘red tape’ remaining for Roberts to cut!

IT is with the Federal Liberal government policy of high immigration through visa manipulation feeding developers the fodder (migrants) they demand  …

And the nasty liberal nsw mob acceding to their supply demands …

That Australian First Home Buyers will remain priced out by this massive competition and ‘Black Money’

Of  course, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) and deve-loper lobby group the Urban Taskforce support Roberts reinstatement

However, the NSW chapters of the Australian Institute of Architects and Australian Institute of Landscape Architects deplore the somersault!

Affordable housing is not what deve-lopers are about … with each dwelling costing $200,000 or less to construct they make a motza …

By getting ‘their man’ back the UT boss now looks forward to faster approvals for higher density.

It was implied that Stokes approach was impractical when it was about liveability rather than overdevelopmentHis policy was only released 11 days before he was ‘moved on’!

JOIN the dots … the only way our families will find a home is if you start with booting the Federal Libs out in 2022 …

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Why ‘the Mob’ rules NSW Planning


CAAN takes a look at: ‘Semi-cooked’: Property sector asks new minister to rethink predecessor’s reforms

AND it would appear what the Property Council of Australia NSW Executive Director Achterstraat is really saying that with open green space, more liveable apartments, and sustainable design that there would be le$$ in it for them …

AFTERALL it was Roberts – when Planning Minister for the first time – in a forum in September 2018 who delivered this ‘snow job’:

“overdevelopment does not exist, infrastructure failure exists”, and Sydney’s “bumbling planning history” meant infrastructure and services needed to meet or exceed housing growth.

SO with this reappointment … it’s back to OVERDEVELOPMENT … and if the ScOmO grubment returns in 2022 the World will be flying in to exhaust ‘the supply’ …. creating more demand

We repeat:  It was ScOmO who wrote the policy for the Property Council of Australia prior to entering politics

Rather than Sydneysiders benefitting from Stokes ‘Design and Place state planning policy’ with apartments allowing for working from home, more access to green spaces and cycleways (liveability)


This is about developing more dwellings (slums) … storey upon storey

IT is pretty clear why Roberts was reappointed as Planning Minister and why Stokes was moved on with a Cabinet reshuffle 11 days after he released his ‘Design and Place State Planning Policy’.

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‘Semi-cooked’: Property sector asks new minister to rethink predecessor’s reforms


Daily Terror Front Page … ‘Don’t let the Dream Die’

That was the angle taken by Journalists, Matthew and Lachlan on Monday, 14 March 2022

And “Key Workers can’t afford Sydney Homes”.  The reality is this at least dates back to 2016 …

HOW come highly skilled Key Workers are not paid enough to afford a home within proximity of where they work?

Those among them – predominantly couples – who manage to scrimp and scrape up a deposit for a home are finding it 30 … 60 …. 80 … 90 Kms distant from where they work!

To then have to work long hours … and even a second job to maintain mortgage repayments

Key Workers including our nurses, teachers, police officers, fire fighters, paramedics – to name a few! Plumbers too can’t afford to buy a home in this market!

And does it also seem that housing is priced far too high for what one gets?

Obviously this is a failure of GOVERNANCE!

WHY do the deve-loper lobby groups like the Urban Taskforce, the Property Council of Australia and others hold so much sway over the Liberal Party in NSW? … Well we have been spelling that out for some time now … the financial backing that the Liberal Party enjoys comes in many forms including by issuing invitations to wealthy party members, and corporations to attend lavish Liberal Party lunches and dinners for thousands $$ …  grassroot donations from party members and individual supporters through membership fees, subscriptions and small donations … even multiples of small donations!

But it would appear donations from Big Business including developers, and deve-loper lobby groups, mining, hotel chains …. have inflated party coffers the most …

Recently Anthony Roberts has been reappointed as the Minister for Planning and Homes … why was Robert Stokes moved on from 5 October 2021?

We had not heard much from AR for some time …

IT would appear that Roberts has enjoyed a very good relationship with the property titans …

These articles, it would seem, reveal how mutually beneficial this relationship could be perhaps!

‘The Semi-cooked Property Sector asks new Minister to rethink Predecessors reforms’

And it appears this pro development government will enable developers to increase their profits by reducing their infrastructure contributions (levies) to the communities from which they make their money!


Pro-developer group launched

At a time when the NSW government is under fire on the issue of “over­development”, NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts launched a new pro-developers group headed by his friend and former campaign manager Bill Pickering, featuring developers set to benefit from the government’s new “priority precincts”.

Note Bill Pickering was a former Liberal Councillor and Mayor of Ryde


Greens want Donation Reform after a look at Minister’s Diary

– The Fifth Estate: 2018

Meriton (Apartments and Property Services) has donated $226,000 since 2010, and met with the minister four times this year. The Property Council of Australia has donated $65,290 since 2010 and met Mr Roberts once this year (though the PCA decided to ban all donations to governments at all levels from October 2016), while Toga Group donated $93,000 to the federal branch, and also met the …

Note “NSW planning minister Anthony Roberts met with 53 property developers or property interest groups between January and September this year, but not a single ordinary resident, new information released by the Greens shows.”

In Sydney and You’re pretty well set for life: Housing Minister Anthony Roberts

February 2017:

Today Roberts was spruiking alongside Mirvac.  Mr Roberts spoke of ‘benefit from higher prices; they can be beneficiaries of the increase in the value of their property.’


With changes to the NSW Strata Laws … 

The 21 new NSW Strata Laws you really need to know

Forced sales

The big ticket item in the strata law changes, the government prefers to call this “collective sales” but it basically means that 75 per cent of owners can compel the other 25 to do something radical with a building that may or may not be well past its use-by date.

1. Redevelopment: Just 75 per cent of owners can vote to sell the strata block to developers for demolition and replacement with something bigger, shinier, safer and more expensive. Currently only one dissenting vote can stop this.