Pauline Hanson has Warned of an increased Chinese Buying Spree as our Economy crashes!

Tita Smith wrote in The Daily Mail Australia, ‘Pauline Hanson warns mass Chinese buy Australia amid CoronaVirus Recession’

Good … but seriously has Pauline Hanson gone far enough?

Despite the fact Pauline may have said what is right on this occasion … it’s not too deep!

Sadly once again it is nothing more than Rhetoric … because Pauline either votes, gives her preferences or does deals with the Liberal Coalition

SO what she says goes nowhere because of the Coalition’s pooor policies!

There have been 23,000 shares of this report.  Are Australians questioning why was Ms Hanson so respectful of the FIRB Chair, David Irvine? 

WHAT is more shocking it appears this FIRB Apparatchik believes it doesn’t matter who owns Australia – just about anything here in Australia – so long as it meets some simple rules and rather limited circumstances!

It is simply amazing to read he even is prepared to admit to such a World view!

-Irvine has been a member of the FIRB since 2015 and Chair since 2017

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As we read the article, ‘FIRB Watchdog Says Australia should Chill Out about Chinese Cash!’ it failed to challenge some of the statements being attributed to Irvine.

Whilst not wanting to appear ageist, it is a concern a person of his skill and background is chair of the FIRB at this point in his life.

-Is he in a position where the past represents more in his thinking than what is happening right now?

-Has the CIC been set up to ‘assist’ him overcoming some difficulties in understanding what a lot of Australians are concerned about?

How well equipped is the FIRB to deal with the complexities of foreign organisations?

-Is the devil in the detail? Bloomberg’s Michael Heath says we ‘(Australia) should be more relaxed about Chinese cash’ .

Well, perhaps that is the very reason why we should be concerned:

.how do we know where this cash came from?
.how was it gained
.is it supposedly privately sourced, or is it derived from State involvement?

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WHY wasn’t the FIRB called into question at least halfway between 2007 and 2017?  So that the sell out did not reach some 12,000 approved applications!

We believe the foreign sell-off is likely to be higher than that figure with access to an onshore Proxy, and through Visa manipulation allowing foreign buyers to gain a Permanent Resident Visa following purchase!

WAIT! There’s more …!!

DEMAND from wealthy Hong Kong business people for Australian property is at the highest level for five years … (August 2019)

obtain their visa before purchase to avoid the foreign buyer tax

IT appears they have the game sewn up as they continue to rely on greater China and South-East Asia as the sources of their income while enjoying the benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia … incl. Medicare …

Real Estate expert, Doug Driscoll said in ‘Fears one Million Aussie Homes could soon be owned by Foreign Buyers’:

Australia is selling off natural resources, farmland and property to China at a “crazy” rate — putting us at risk of becoming the “24th province” of the East Asian behemoth.

Doug warned of the urgent need to start a national conversation about foreign ownership of residential property in particular.

Interest from overseas buyers waned in recent years but the overall rate of foreign ownership was still high and then towards the latter half of 2019 until the past week or so the interest was again very high!

And he said a report released last month by Chinese international property portal showed there was now an “insatiable appetite” for Australian property among Chinese buyers, with our softening housing market boosting interest. *

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IS it not obvious that the role of the FIRB is contrary to Australia’s interests?

In allowing all but five sales to foreign buyers particularly CCP representatives and organisations

WHENEVER before has this Nation sold off so much of its Property, its Title Deeds … its National Estate?


The CCP, their members, the Diaspora will continue to take the opportunity esp. with house prices to plunge 20% … with higher unemployment … before the CoronaVirus it was 19.7% … not the fudged 5.1% … what is the real percentage now??

Pauline Hanson warns of mass Chinese buy up of Australia amid coronavirus recession sparked by soaring unemployment, plunging stocks and tumbling house prices

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has penned a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has penned a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has penned a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

She issued the warning in a letter to  Prime Minister Scott Morrison amid growing concerns about the coronavirus panedmic.

Pauline wrote to the PM …

‘Our unemployment numbers are surging, our stocks have been knee-capped, housing prices are set to fall, and our dollar is weakened which places Australia in the most vulnerable position we have seen for a very long time,’ she said.

‘I won’t tolerate China or any other country coming in here and buying Australia up for a song, leaving our people without a say.’

‘What’s happening right now in this country and right across the globe should be a wakeup call to all politicians, stop allowing the sell-off of our industries and manufacturing and start investing in ourselves. Water, manufacturing, industry, agriculture, and jobs for Australians.

ISN’T it time Pauline Hanson, and opposition parties pressed with more serious questions?

HOW come in 2018 the FIRB allowed critical infrastructure transactions totalling more than $40Bn approved in 3 years?

Pauline is correct approvals have been granted too freely, and how can that be in Australia and its constituents best interests?

We put it to Ms Hanson that this matter goes beyond the tenure of David Irvine and a handful of part-time members because how can 12,000 applications with a rejection of a mere five be justified?

WHY doesn’t Ms Hanson ask the questions of the Prime Minister and the Liberal Coalition:

How can the existence of the FIRB be justified?

Why have a “Foreign Sales Agency’ of our National Estate? What other nation does this?

‘’Between 2007/08 and 2017/18, the Foreign Investment Review Board reviewed almost 12,000 applications and rejected just five,’ she said.

‘How can the FIRB, which has one permanent employee and a handful of part-time members, give proper consideration to the sale of so many Australian assets?

WHY isn’t the FOREIGN INVESTMENT REVIEW BOARD disbanded?  It is acting  contrary to the interests of Australia with the sell-off of Our National Estate.

And our leading export industry appears to be the export of Our Title Deeds!  Especially to Communist China of:


‘The country is at risk of becoming the “24th province of China” as we fail to “stem the tide” of foreign investors, an expert has warned.’

November 2019 it was reported that more than a third of the most expensive homes in Australia were bought by super rich Chinese entrepreneurs:


.Ports, Airports, Power, Mines, Healthcare including chains of private hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages, pharmaceuticals, transport, commercial towers, warehouses  …. Etc, etc


.vast cattle stations, cotton growing e.g. Cubby, sheep stations, vineyards, water, grain crops, vegetables and fruit crops, dairy (most of Australia’s dairy industry!!~)

Ms Hanson said:

‘It can’t and therefore they aren’t looking out for the best interest of all Australians and need to be stopped.’

THE SOLUTION … would appear obvious to us … before there is nothing left … Disband the FIRB!

She added that Australia’s reliance on other countries for goods while selling its own, was responsible for crushing the economy amid the crisis

‘The faith the Liberal and Labor parties have placed in globalisation has been shown up as a failure off the back of this pandemic,‘ Ms Hanson said. 

‘What’s happening right now in this country and right across the globe should be a wakeup call to all politicians, stop allowing the sell-off of our industries and manufacturing and start investing in ourselves. Water, manufacturing, industry, agriculture, and jobs for Australians.’ …

Senator Hanson has predicted foreign investors will snatch up Australian properties if house prices drop during an economy slump induced by the coronavirus pandemic. …

‘Earlier this week, Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Sally McManus warned Mr Morrison that two million jobs could be lost in two weeks under the current restrictions.’ 

‘The severe downturn already occurring in those sectors is sufficient to cause a major recession (destroying 1-2 million jobs in coming weeks),‘ she said in a letter to the Prime Minister on Wednesday. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the Prime Minister’s Office for comment.