LOOKS like Australia’s For Sale Agency … is it prepping for more Grabs?

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IT appears the only member of the Government who can see ‘the bloody obvious’, and remains without some vested interest is Andrew Hastie! It now appears his concerns have finally impacted the Treasurer

“More than ever, we need to protect ourselves from geo-strategic moves masquerading as legitimate business,” Mr Hastie said.

From the article Foreign Investment Board braces for Chinese takeovers of distressed Australian assets’

‘There is growing concern within the Morrison government about how to handle foreign takeovers of Australian businesses which have ended up in financial strife as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus.’

AFTER the horse has bolted … isn’t it past the time whereby the FIRB ought be extinguished so it is not there ‘to handle’ the CHINESE GRABS?

That would put an end to ‘attempts by foreign companies, particularly from China, to take over distressed Australian businesses and assets.’

THIS is CAAN’s assessment of this report

‘Foreign Investment Board braces for Chinese takeovers of distressed Australian assets’


-these foreign corporations have probably already done their research on which sectors, and what companies are vulnerable
-they are aware of the weaknesses of our systems; particularly the limitations of the FIRB
-they have well-placed ‘influencers’ within commerce, government and diaspora community


– it’s ok for foreign corporations, numerous entities actually state-controlled to own the means of production and assets in Australia?
-it’s ok for these corporations to export their profits and the title deeds of assets from our shores?
-it’s ok the control of these corporations is in reality not in Australia but off-shore?
-it’s ok to be so dismissive about foreign ownership by merely referring to shopfronts?
-the interests of these foreign corporations coincide with that of Australia?
– it’s ok for these foreign corporations to buy more than 160 tonnes of medical supplies including PPE stocks and export it to their country leaving us with shortages?
-does Daley or any of his ilk have any knowledge of ancient history? Have they heard about the ‘Trojan horse’?
-have any of those charged with protecting our national interest read Sun tzu’s the ‘art of war’?

DOES DALEY and his ilk choose to recognise it’s not about ‘investment’? Do they ignore the evidence that it’s about:

.vertical integration

.market dominance
.strategic positioning

Shouldn’t all Australians be appalled that 2 construction giants operating in AUSTRALIA set aside their purposes here to allow staff to buy up supplies here to be exported to their place of origin?

Where do their interests lie?
Where’s the evidence to show its Australia?

CHINA has totally decimated the world economies with its homegrown CORONAVIRUS, and is now planning to plunder the World’s assets

Photo: From Wikipedia.org: Black Vulture: By Einar Fredriksen – Mongolia 2010 314, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19362436

.IS it any wonder there are conspiracy theories as to whether CORONAVIRUS was planned by China?

From the ‘consensus of opinion’ expressed in the comments here, Australians OBJECT to the buy-up of all that is Australian by the Chinese!

We summarise the actions that the commentators want from the Morrison Government:

-the government should nationalise the company or assets

-use Australia’s Future Fund to buy up key distressed companies; then either retain ownership and/or sell the companies to AUSTRALIANS!

-turn our backs on CHINA; bring manufacturing back onshore

stop and wind back China’s investments and influence by introducing the legislation; make it national policy

-send CHINA a bill for every cent of stimulus money spent plus the cost of social upheaval

stop selling off Australian companies to the Chinese government

this shortage of medical supplies, baby food, and other panic buying recently has been instigated by the Chinese government

.the toilet paper panic started in China; as witnessed by us here

.masks being sold in carparks out of car boots

.some Asian grocery shops bursting with toilet paper, rice and flour at the expense of the local stores

-Stop it now! Stop selling our houses to foreign buyers; cutting a whole Cohort of Australians out of the market

SOURCE: https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/foreign-investment-board-braces-for-chinese-takeovers-of-distressed-australian-assets-20200326-p54e3z.html#comments



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