Aussie House Prices (alleged Values) have shot up!

CAAN Photo, a Sydney highrise precinct

AUSTRALIA faces A SHORTFALL of 106,000 homes as prices, and demand climb

SYDNEY alone has swung from a forecast surplus of 16,900 dwellings to a shortfall of 9,600!

What a bloody mess …

Remember this for future elections … like don’t elect a Party led by a former member of a deve-loper lobby group … doh …

IT’S great for those with House Portfolios …

BUT when a home owner sells they may find themselves priced out within weeks of their sale as the HOUSE PRICES continue to rise! How good’s that?

Priced out of where they were intending to buy … THE SEARCH is then on … and on! It may take 12 months before they find another home to buy; having wasted $Thous. on renting and removalists …

TO find themselves far from where they intended to move … Though it may be far more pleasant now than!

SO what of the impact on the Sellers health? Like a Cancer? Their psychological health?

Meanwhile the rodentine continue on this journey, and now they have pulled off another ‘Tick up’ nationally!


WHEN more people have become aware of the stress and the traps with selling the ‘family home’ with having learnt of the market PITFALLS from family and friends who have fallen victim especially to the Sydney property market. They won’t be selling …

BUT what of those so stretched with the interest rate hikes … the cost of living, a consequence of the past Liable decade .. who will be forced to sell!

HOWEVER, our Families are now wanting to enter the Home Market … to find that they will have to postpone having a family to maintain mortgage repayments as the biological clock keeps ticking …

The winners, of course, are predominantly the agents.

PERHAPS it’s time that they were forced to give something back from their too frequent lucrative commissions?

WHAT of the negative health impact of this hooker market upon home buyers and renters?

With the media for years now circulating the disinformation that it is ‘The Boomers’ that caused these inflated house prices? When it is only a minority of wealthy Boomers who likely inherited from both sides, and were already well healed have benefited greatly from the TAX BENEFITS of negative gearing and CGT?

However, their numbers don’t compare with half of their generation who are divorced, and many of whom now rent and do not own a home!

WHO bought this media hype? Of course for the unobservant … oblivious of the impact of high immigration during the Liable Party recent decade – invited to migrate to Australia to inhabit the deve-loper high-rise precincts with a view to buying a home or more …

AND it was this contrived DEMAND that pushed up the house prices of the limited supply for the likes of deve-lopers HT, and JN, and the agents in receipt of lucrative commissions … locking out Australian First Home Buyers …

SO it would seem it is time that the Property Industry gave something back, isn’t it?

BECAUSE of the negative impact on the mental health and well being of our families … and in turn our Australian Society … it has become somewhat warped, hasn’t it? Misshapen by ‘House Values’ …

AUSTRALIA was known as the ‘land of the fair go’ where we had a majority of home owners … a happy and secure society

ISN’T it time the agents, and deve-lopers gave back some of their excesses? The landlords too are a minority compared to the growing numbers of aspiring Australian First Home Buyers and Renters now unable to afford a home let alone a rental!

WHY shouldn’t the Property Sector have to pay a TAX to cover the cost of Australia’s Health Budget that is stretched by the upswing in its citizens seeking medical treatment for depression, anxiety, and the impact on their children who are no longer as well nourished and clothed. Denied the opportunity to visit the fun park, attend birthday parties, or go to the movies because their parents are stretched with either house payments or rentals to be able to afford anything else!

It’s like we are back to the 1950s Liable Years …

Vaucluse Residents Realization that OVERDEVELOPMENT is about to come home to roost!

SO why is it that these Vaucluse candidates propose that Sydney’s eastern suburbs should be different from other burbs across Sydney – those ‘others’ punished with more and ever more higher density housing?

YET so many candidates including these for Vaucluse claim to support development when appropriate?

WOULD this have somethin’ to do with locals and their real estate portfolios? …

AND why they reside in Vaucluse & surrounds?

HOW come our ‘local environment plans’ that set the controls for building height etc are eroded by developers?

WHY is it our new LABOR Federal Government has put the States on notice to help build 1 MILLION HOMES by 2030?

IS it because over the past decade of the LIBERAL COALITION that Australia sold its HOMES to FOREIGN BUYERS?

AND to local INVESTORS with Real Estate Portfolios creating a huge demand; diminishing SUPPLY … and cough … cough … pushing up house prices?

AND what this means is that those sellers/home owners are at the mercy of the rising market … to be priced out?

AS our families are locked out of HOME OWNERSHIP … forced to be lifelong tenants to investors … including foreign buyers … thanks to the policies of the liberal coalition … Search for earlier related reports.


WHAT is the Premier’s ‘next Plan’ for NSW?

From Daily Telegraph 1 July 2022

WHAT does NSW INC and their deve-loper Partners in Crime have on the Agenda for us?

Found this article in the Daily Terror 1 July 2022, ‘Putting the Plan in place’!

Yep, the Property Council of Australia – the National developer lobby – mob hosted Dominic Perrottet for his first address following the NSW Budget at the PCA Breakfast the previous Friday.

It appears Perrottet now recognises that HOUSING AFFORDABILITY is a crunch issue, and has announced the need for lasting reform.

STOCKLAND’s speaker has called for partnership between government and industry with three major budget platforms:

-An infrastructure government

-That is faced with a ‘perfect storm’ of labour shortages, congested supply chains, and weather interferences

Yes, labour shortages – too few Tradies – some we know have made six attempts to engage a plumber! This has been brought about by the demise of Our TAFE! With employers bringing in Visa Workers to exploit …

-To press forward with Stage 2 of the Parramatta Light Rail and fast rail for Sydney to Hunter and the Central Coast

What would that be about …. ? No doubt about the current need!

Allegedly to create thousands of jobs with more cranes in the sky as NSW has more than double anywhere in the World …

To play catch up with another 160 schools and hospitals, and $77Bn for roads and transport projects


A Six City Strategy for a Mega Region spanning The Hunter, the Central Coast, and Illawarra alongside Greater Sydney!

Requiring investment and regulatory certainty to enable the private sector capital to flow quickly! And this continuing GROWTH required a productivity agenda with up to $5Bn over 10 years … for affordable Childcare across NSW

NSW now has more than 8 Million population with RENTAL VACANCIES dipping to less than 1%!

DESPITE this apparently there is a pressing need to catch up after the loss of population growth due to the Pandemic!

BUT with a mere $2.8Bn Housing Package!!

Note that the measures to deliver this reform of approvals, red tape, REZONING and further investment into social, regional and Aboriginal Housing must continue …


Perrottet put ‘Imagine if the proposal was to introduce a new UPFRONT TAX rather than phase out Stamp Duty for first owner buyers,’ he hypothesized.

It appears the Perrottet Government and the PCA are united in that Stamp Duty is a volatile tax, but it would seem that what they want to replace it with – LAND TAX – will only boost State Coffers even more with Land Tax being a ‘forever tax’!

Currently we have not been able to find a copy of ‘Putting the Plan in Place’ on line however this late June media release from the Property Council makes some references:

John Howard … the Architect … This Time … ‘The Aged Care Act’ 1997

TWITTER – where Families air their grievances!!~


John Howard another bloody dirty liberal , was the man who allowed nursing homes to hide what you the taxpayers give them, no public scrutiny, it’s a LNP law


My mother is in aged care . Now transferring to palliative care after neglect . Massive bedsores despite instructions from doctor on how to position her. $600k plus daily fees for neglect and malnutrition that will ultimately see her out . We are beyond furious #auspol

THERE is a big difference between the Two Major Parties … contrary to those who make an offhand comment that there isn’t …

LABOR has a FIVE POINT PLAN; it promises registered nurses on site 24/7, more carers, a pay rise for the sector’s workers, standards to ensure better food for residents, and greater accountability imposed on providers.


‘Anthony Albanese offers $2.5B Plan to fix Crisis in Aged Care’


COMPARE that to the frightening experiences of our loved ones dating back to 1997

Of being starved … fed gruel … neglected … unwashed … drugged … suffering from bed sores … and even bashed …

WE need to go back more than 20 years when the AGED CARE ACT 1997 was drafted.

It proved to be a terrible turning point for aged care policy in Australia.

Politicians, bureaucrats and providers frequently reassure us that the majority of aged care homes are “world-class”. However, there is no empirical evidence to support this claim. Their reassurances are simply marketing spin on steroids. …

‘Who decided that data on residents’ safety and wellbeing in aged care homes must be kept top secret?

To answer this question, we need to go back more than 20 years when the AGED CARE ACT 1997 was drafted. JOHN HOWARD’S COALITION GOVERNMENT proved a turning point for aged care policy in Australia.

Under the Coalition’s Aged Care Act 1997, there was an increase in private investment. Private equity firms, new foreign investors, and superannuation and property real estate investment trusts entered the residential aged care market.

The dean and head of the University of South Australia’s law school Wendy Lacey has slammed the Aged Care Act, arguing that there is “a complete absence of any positive and mandatory legal obligation on the part of facilities to take proactive measures to promote mental health and wellbeing of their residents”.


AND from The Saturday Paper … Parts 1 and 2


“Two peas in a pod” … explains why Aged Care, it appears, has deteriorated even further …

Photo 1: The Saturday Paper

Photo 2: The Saturday Paper

WHAT is more alarming about the China Solomons Pact …

Senator Katy Gallagher:

“In times past, we have been the power that countries in the Pacific rely upon, and that has changed under this government’s watch. It has made our position in this region less secure … The prime minister has been missing in action.”


‘The Solomons’ decision to sign a pact with China is a failure of Australian soft power that goes back years, starting with Tony Abbott’s cynical and disastrous decision to rip billions of dollars out of foreign aid in 2014.

As Australia stepped back, Beijing went on an infrastructure blitz throughout the Pacific.’

World leaders are already stressed by the global contest between DEMOCRACY and AUTOCRACY … now confronted by the ‘Solomons deal’ … which enables China to intercede when it believes its ‘foreign investments and DIASPORA’ (the spread of people from their original homeland) are allegedly under threat.

Who are really under threat?

Chinese investment is across the globe – 140 plus nations have joined on to Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative.

China has lent large sums of money to countries for roads, dams, railways, ports and sports facilities.

*Charles Edel, the Australia chair and a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, described the deal in these terms:

“The lesson for the rest of the world is that China is looking to rebalance the global order in its favor,” he said.

“And whether that means opening trade routes, establishing a military facility or signing a security agreement, Beijing will act to benefit its own interests, to the detriment of democracy and an open and free world.”

The Solomons aren’t the only place where the Chinese government has sought to couple security and economic arrangementsit has done so from Djibouti to Pakistan to Cambodia, where China has launched infrastructure projects that helped it gain access to strategic ports. *

Think DARWIN …

“But Mr. Edel said the agreement in the Solomons was “in some ways even more concerning.”

Think real estate: location, location, location.

Because the nation of roughly 900 islands sits across shipping lanes connecting the United States to Asia, the Solomons (and its neighbors) have long been a strategic priority — as Japan showed in World War II …   

“The security deal between China and the Solomon Islands did not materialize out of thin air,” Mr. Edel said.

“China has ramped up its presence and extended its influence across the Pacific over the past decade, and as it has done so, Beijing has been on the hunt for a military base in the region, which would allow it to project power outward and further influence the politics across the Indo-Pacific region.”


What Gens X Y & Z need to Know about Build-To-Rent ahead of 21 May 2022

Photo: Sydney Olympic Park; Herald Marketing

We read a report recently that spells out what we suspected about Build-To-Rent (BTR), and then some – it appears to us that it is a scheme to make our Families life-long tenants – this article said it was ‘a fake affordability cure’.

What it boils down to … it will add another ‘PRESSURE GROUP’ of investors/corporations to the housing market and increase their humongous lobbying power to GOUGE TENANTS even more!

NOTE … only BTR that would be run by a Labor Government or one which offers the prospect of ownership would assist those seeking home ownership!

And as revealed in the AFR ‘Build-to-Rent pulls a 20pc premium on traditional rental’ by Michael Bleby:

BTR attracts a 20pc premium in rental income over build-to-sell apartments of the same size, according to a report from a third party!  For a one bed apartment in Sydney Olympic Park the rent is 19% higher than an equivalent build-to-sell unit, and the difference is 27% for a 2 bed unit!

For almost a decade now we have had the LOWEST WAGES GROWTH for some 60 years … this was indelibly set in train back in the Howard Liberal Government of the late 1990s when it introduced Visa workers to compete for jobs to maintain low wages.

Currently we have some 60% home ownership, and declining rapidly with a whole Cohort locked out of the market and renting …

In the 70s we had 70% home ownership

BTR enables the wealthy investors and corporates to develop an apartment complex to lease all the dwellings.

It is said to be very successful in the United States and the UK, and now in Australia like the US we too have a whole Cohort of the ‘Working Poor.’

An EY report assesses there will be 175,000 new BTR homes in Australia … with $100B pipeline of development in a decade!

The BTR sector promote affordability, security and a stable lease reducing the necessity to move so often.

However questions have been raised like:

-How can corporatizing the rental market deliver lower rents?  

-How likely is it that a corporation would charge any less than a landlord?

-Would they be more or less responsible for maintenance?

IT appears to us at CAAN that ‘The Haves’ will only grow their wealth … and real estate rogues are set to make even more when managing whole blocks … even precincts … The housing supply would certainly grow but what of the ScOmO high influx of migrants increasing the demand?

AND … of course ‘they’ (investors and corporates) re after ‘tax breaks’ on GST and Land Tax for these BTR projects …

Currently there are two completed BTR developments. 

On Queensland’s Gold Coast Australia’s first and largest BTR located at the Commonwealth Games Athlete’s Village. It is a development of 1,251 dwellings on a staged release strategy over 3 years. With hundreds of ‘homes’ left vacant! A strategy to maintain high rentals!

The Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund owns this development!  Not the Australian Government …

Mirvac’s Liv BTR project at Olympic Park, has rents 10% to 30% above the local market rate. The rents last year ranged from $535 a week for a one-bed apartment, $615 for a two-bed, and more than $1,000 for a three-bed apartment.

To max their investment they provide packaged gyms, facilities, appliances and services 

The property media tells us there is a shortage of development sites. So what has happened now?  Have low rise areas been rezoned for a Pipeline of BTR development?

What of the social and environmental impacts of migration fuelled rapid population growth?


A little Recent History about Board Stacking at Our ABC

Up to seven directors are appointed to the ABC board on the recommendation of the government.(AAP: Danny Casey)

AS recently as May 2021 the former NEWS CORP Chief, and a Channel 7 executive were appointed among new ABC Board members!

‘Former News Corp chief, Channel 7 executive among new ABC board members’

A TWITTER STORM ensued last week across social media about the very biased reporting that became apparent on Our ABC in the leadup to the Federal Election! With some research it was readily apparent that a number of ABC journalists previously worked for Murdoch!

Former News Corp and Foxtel Chief, Peter Tonagh, former Seven Executive, Mario D’Orazio, and former QANTAS and Telstra Chief Information Officer, Fiona Balfour were appointed for five-year terms, beginning immediately in May 2021.

Mr Tonagh was most recently involved in the effort to save newswire Australian Associated Press, which received $15 million in funding over two years in the latest federal budget.

He was also Co-Leader of the Government’s Efficiency Review into the ABC and SBS in 2018. *  About the funding and job cuts perhaps?

Mr D’Orazio spent 30 years with Channel Seven Perth, including eight as managing director. In 2019, he was also appointed to the Australia Council board, the Australian government’s principal arts funding body, for three years.

Ms Balfour, meanwhile, has extensive experience in the aviation, telecommunications, financial services and education sectors.

View:  ‘The ABC Board’ at 2021:

The ABC Board

IN October 2018 Mike Seccombe wrote in The Saturday Paper,  ‘ABC BOARD stacking rife’

WITH the majority of the current ABC Board Members appointed by Mitch Fifield Communications Minister in the Turnbull Government, it is perhaps no wonder, they have come from backgrounds in real estate and mining!  Only two board members had the relevant media experience!

6 of the 8 ABC Board Members have been involved in real estate and/or mining:

Mike Seccombe revealed that:

-the most blatant stack was when John Howard gave directorships to lunar-right luminaries Janet Albrechtsen, Keith Windschuttle and Ron Brunton

Maurice Newman served two stints on the ABC board; the first was truncated after evidence came to light of his partisan political interference

In 2009, Labor moved to apply the principles of a report on ABC board appointments.

They were pretty simple:

-positions should be openly advertised

-the applicants assessed by an independent panel and then further interviewed

-and then the successful candidate would be publicly announced

‘The Labor government also was intent on restoring a staff-appointed member to the ABC board.

Nick Minchin, godfather of the Liberal Party’s hard right, then shadow minister for communications, got to his feet in the Senate to express his concerns. The Liberal Party, he made clear, was dead against allowing the workers any say in the ABC’s governance.

It wasn’t Labor that did it.

It was Mitch Fifield, communications minister in the Turnbull government. Almost as soon as he was given the portfolio Fifield set about appointing people to the ABC board without regard to whether the nominations panel approved of them.

The long-running practice of stacking the ABC board with politically partisan appointees has come under renewed criticism after the rancorous departures of Justin Milne and Michelle Guthrie.’

‘ABC Board Stacking Rife’

And earlier in 2016

‘Enshrine ABC independence in the constitution: Australia Institute’

A report by the progressive ‘Australia Institute’ argued that the independence of the ABC should be preserved in the Australian Constitution to prevent politicians interfering with its charter.

And that Australian constituents ought have a role in selecting ABC Board Members, and for funding to be depoliticised.

WHAT is luring SINGAPOREANS to the Australian Property Market? As Rents Rise for Australians …

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says builders have been integral to Australia’s economic success. NCA NewsWire/Tertius Pickard Credit: News Corp Australia

HOUSING AFFORDABILITY has only deteriorated further since 2019 …

WITH more Australians now renting crushed by low wages, even more of Our People are increasingly struggling to pay rising rents!

In February 2022 Scott Morrison said:

house prices are rising”, bluntly adding “that’s how the market works”, during an address to the building and construction industry.

Isn’t it time we were equally blunt? On 21 May 2022?

Tonight there was a report on the ABC NEWS that neither major party is addressing rising rents!

THIS was not of Labor’s making!  If LABOR wins the election they will be inheriting this Liberal mess!

The Liberals have been in power for nearly a decade!

Remember ‘The NETWORKER’ wrote the policy for the developer lobby group, the PROPERTY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA before it entered politics …  and obviously this very strong connection maintains …

BECAUSE Singapore, Malaysia and across Asia these foreign buyers are now picking up from where China left off …

SO why didn’t the Morrison Government in the interests of its Constituents then disallow the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) Ruling that allowed developers to sell 100 per cent of ‘new homes’ to foreign buyers?

Currently houses and apartments recorded an average 6.8% and 21.9% year-on-year capital growth, respectively.” Why wouldn’t Singaporeans be tempted for this capital growth, and even more benefits?

Obviously developers all the while called for increasing the SUPPLY because they were unable to keep up with the OVERSEAS DEMAND!

AND why did the ScOmO Government exempt (exclude) the Real Estate Gatekeepers (Real Estate Agents, Lawyers and Accountants) from the second tranche of the ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING LAWS? ….  In October 2018?? And to this day maintains this exemption?

With so much Black Money awash in our Real Estate Market – that too contributed to the escalation of house prices …  with these overseas buyers keen to gain a Permanent Resident Visa from home purchase … how many have been outbidding Australian buyers with black cash … ?

And with a flourishing short-term holiday rental market swallowing up homes for long term rental … we have a rental crisis apart from a housing affordability crisis!

WHY isn’t the NetWorker stopping this with more Australians sleeping in their cars … having to wait ten years for Public Housing, as others resort to sleeping rough in parks or railway station tunnels!


Why Singaporean investors have their sights on the Austrailian property market

AUSTRALIA … Where did the Generational Betrayal Emanate from?

LET’S take a look at where the betrayal comes from.  Sadly this report overlooks where it comes from, and why would that be?

A generational betrayal confronts the next government – and that’s why we need to raise the GST’

WHEN one reads this … ask are we being manipulated?

BECAUSE it would seem there is a push underway by the Liberals for raising the GST … will they increase it to 20% across the board? Cough … cough …

IF they are returned ….

Do you think it is likely that much of what we read now is about blaming the Boomer generation alone for record house prices … inferring that they all own investment properties?  Or that houses prices were low when they bought into the market … with no mention of the ‘other players’ in the Generational Betrayal …

True many Liberal Party supporters own investment properties!  Especially those in ‘small businesses’

Some have 3, 5, 10 or more … hundreds … thousands even …

Throughout the 1980s Boomers were likely to be paying a mortgage rate about 13% or 14%.  In the late 1980s the rates rose to 17.5%.  It hurt!

But for the majority ‘their castle’ in Sydney was paid off over a lifetime.  Until recently it had a median of $1.6M (now falling) and if sold they immediately lose thou$ands with costs of conveyancing, stamp duty, removalists, AND renting as they searched for another home. During that search prices escalated as much as $200,000 within three weeks. Then finding they had to relocate … a long way away or downsize!

RATHER than grandfathering Tax Benefits or even eliminating them … the Liberal Coalition are preparing us for a rise in the GST that taxes The Poor more than the Wealthy …

REMEMBER and compare this … from 1 July 2020 incorporated small and family businesses paid less tax due to legislated tax cuts passed by the ScOmO government …. And unincorporated businesses with an income tax offset increase from 8% to 13% … and many of these business owners enjoy the tax benefits from house investment portfolios too!

During the Pandemic this government extended its Instant Asset Write Off to $150,000 for another six months, and provided the Cash Flow Boost to small businesses up to $100,000 for employing people …

Apart from income support of JOBKEEPER, JobSeeker, and a wage subsidy for apprentices and trainees

AND big companies are able to avoid paying TAX for a range of reasons!  Including where they are at in the economic cycle, and when they are not yet generating revenue.  Equally when they begin to generate revenue they can carry forward their losses to avoid paying tax!

Some companies when they do pay Tax it’s as little as 10%

YET when LABOR attempted to restore some balance by proposing to grandfather negatively geared established properties which meant investors could keep them, and invest in ‘new homes’ in future, which would have opened the housing market to First Home Buyers and owner occupiers … which was a Win/Win for both sides … yet Voters bought this scare campaign

How would house prices tumble … as raised by investor alliances … when this would have increased demand from a whole Cohort of First Home Buyers and owner Occupiers?  With more buyers?

Why would rents rise then? 

RENTS are rising now, and there are fewer homes for sale for home buyers … because of the competition from the growth of Investors (increased demand), and their house portfolios …

AND the growth of ‘Short Term Stay’ Rentals that has decimated the stock for leasing longer term. Also negatively impacting the hotel/motel market!

SO rather than ensuring businesses small and large pay their fair share of Tax, and go closer to a balanced budget, the Liberals propose taxing the rest of us more by increasing the GST!

Making multinationals pay tax on turnover, and not profit would be a good start … blocking them from shifting their profits overseas! 

Getting the mining/fossil fuel companies to pay proportionate Resources Tax makes sense!

WHY not get the Big End of Town and those who aspire to be like them to pay their fair share rather than the rest of us paying more tax to subsidise them? 

IF the Constituency as a whole were to pay a fair share of Tax for free tertiary education, improved healthcare services (rather than the Liberals cuts), better aged care, dental care and more public housing (now known as social housing) … we could all enjoy these benefits like they do in Finland ...

5.5 MILLION People call Finland Home!

FINLAND among the best in the world … in 2017/18 awarded the safest country in the World; with the best governance, third least corruption with the best protection of property rights!

Australia’s Public Schools are run down, as Private Schools build more lavish gates, halls and swimming pools … our Key Workers – teachers and nurses et al are exhausted, and inflation is rising  ????

AS those with franking credits (free money), negative gearing and Family Trusts benefit … it is time for a rational discussion!

THE BETRAYAL has been from the Liberal Coalition that has occupied the seat of power for too long and ensured its donors and supporters avoid paying their fair share of Tax!

READ more about this nonsense:

A generational betrayal confronts the next government – and that’s why we need to raise the GST

LANDCOM Plans 1200 Apartments in Campbelltown

Photo shared from “Help Save Appin and Its Surrounds”

AT January 2022 a mere 9% of the CUMBERLAND PLAIN WOODLAND still exists! Consisting of remnants scattered widely across the plain! Devoured by overdevelopment?

State of the Cumberland Plain Report 2017-2018only 12% remained…/GSLN-CCN-State-of…

With the loss of Koala habitat, bushlands, peri urban farmlands, scenic rolling hills …

MINE SUBSIDENCE is also an issue particularly in the Wollondilly including Appin, Tahmoor and Glen Alpine near Campbelltown!

Some development sites are also in FLOOD PRONE areas …

LANDCOM is pushing ahead lodging plans for 16 apartment blocks across 18.3 ha site at Goldsmith Avenue Campbelltown … located next to the new Macarthur METRO station

Consisting of 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments and terraces … how much AFFORDABLE RENTAL HOUSING for Australian KEY WORKERS will be included?

WHICH raises the question how much of this development will be flogged off to overseas buyers perhaps from India, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia?

IT is alleged that a token of more than 13ha of open space, preserving Cumberland Plain Woodland, River Flat Eucalypt Forest and Bow Bowing Reserve

DID you envisage that with a succession of Liberal Coalition Governments that our families would be faced with the meagre prospect of rental FLATS 60 – 80 Kms from Sydney?

With migration for developers, and ‘black money’ laundered in our property market because in October 2018 the Morrison Government made the Gatekeepers exempt from anti-money laundering laws!

Increasing demand, and pushing up prices …

WHEN one searches for information on the Macarthur Region and Wollondilly Shire there is little if any description about Koalas, rolling hills, farmlands and bushlands … it is all about housing development!


Landcom files plans for 1200 apartments in South-West Sydney…/landcom-files-plans…

Photo: Shared from ‘Help Save Appin and its Surrounds’