While Constituents are caught up with the CV … NSW INC approved MERITON’s MACQUARIE PARK MONSTER

243M that’s 63 Storeys


-in 2018 MERITON offered the City of Ryde $40M as an infrastructure contribution for 42 storeys

-question the ‘community benefit’ with the massive population growth happening in Macquarie Park

the City refused the $40M to refuse the development proposal

-but NSW INC accepted $12.5M for 63 Storeys

-what passed under the table?

-HT kept $27.5M?  Now even less for ‘Established Constituents’ …

-what will happen with the $12.5M? 


BEN PIKE wrote in the Daily, ‘Meriton’s Macquarie Park tower tallest in suburban Sydney at 243m’ … for the Meriton Talavera Road Precinct, ‘Destiny’

Looks like even more ‘Permanent Resident’ opportunities for entry of operatives and Daigou from the Middle Kingdom thanks to ol’ HT … as he has oft been quoted

The problem with Australians is they are very slow. They ask their lawyer, they ask their financial adviser, they ask their family, they ask everybody. The Chinese don’t ask anybody, they come off the plane, buy their unit and go.

“China has more than 1 billion people, and they love Australia. I think they love Australia as much as we love Australia. So there will always be enough of them that will buy.”


“Then I will bring in more migrants … ” … think about this!!

(AFR in response to a question about oversupply of apartments)

NOnot everyone is happy about the controversial decision … which in view of the CoronaVirus appears to be somewhat premature!

VIEW VIDEO: Concrete Kings

With almost $37 billion and 110,000 homes between them, these property moguls cashed in big on Sydney’s property boom. … … from Formworkers … to driving Lamborghinis ….

Meriton founder warns Premier to “control” minister

Triguboff says development ban costing $50k a day

DESPITE community-wide backlash, and how come when Meriton proposed to reduce the tower to 42 storeys NSW INC has approved another 21 storeys?

Meriton's planning proposal for 112 Talavera Rd at Macquarie Park.
Meriton’s planning proposal for 112 Talavera Rd at Macquarie Park.

This residential tower ideally located for HT’s Meriton is across the road from the Macquarie Park shocking centre, the Metro, the M2 and Macquarie University. Ben Pike reports that it …

‘would eclipse everything in Parramatta and all but four buildings in the CBD that are either complete or under construction.’

How did Harry get approval when at this height it is only 3 metres (or one floor) under Sydney Airport’s 246M height limit for buildings in this area?

Recall 2011 … ? Hm …

Smoke and flames erupting from the twin towers of New York City's World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001; both towers subsequently collapsed.

Smoke and flames erupting from the twin towers of New York City’s World Trade Center after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001; both towers subsequently collapsed.Chao Soi Cheong/AP

IT’s always at the expense of the community

“Despite the City of Ryde’s recommendation of refusal, the Berejiklian Government have quietly approved this 63 storey monstrosity during the COVID-19 crisis,” the Labor Mayor said.

“This is another dark day for planning in NSW. Why consult with local communities and councils if the Government are intent on ignoring us?”

Was there a game of pretence when Gladys B put a ‘planning moratorium on new and current planning proposals before the March 2019 election’? … Cough … cough …

The parody proceeded with Meriton taking legal action against the Premier alleging the ban was costing the company $50,000 a day … and thousands of jobs (say largely for Visa workers) …

‘Ryde Liberal MP Victor Dominello said he was “bitterly disappointed” by his own government’s decision.’

Perhaps he will have some explaining to do?


Could HT be laughing all the way to the C.ym.ns? With an additional 1270 apartments

THE farce continues with Meriton having to lodge a D.A., and enter a design competition for what NSW INC alleges ‘will be the best outcome.’

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WITH High-rise Harry the apparent instigator of high density, and Sydney Shanghai’d at 63 towers it looks like he can claim the ‘gateway site to Macquarie Park’

… for all that is worth …

NSW Department of Planning deputy secretary Brett Whitworth it appears has pulled rank in saying:

“I am of the view that there is a planning case for increasing the building height and density for the site to allow for redevelopment in accordance with the concept design exhibited with the planning proposal,” he said in a letter to Ryde Council March 12 amending their local environment plan.

Epping Road is one of Sydney's most congested arterial routes at peak hour. Photo: Michele Mossop

Epping Road is one of Sydney’s most congested arterial routes at peak hour. Photo: Michele Mossop

CAAN: Also has photos in our library of traffic congestion in and around Macquarie Park

SO much worse since the Precinct redevelopment of the Business and IT Park for high-rise residential!

Architectural drawings for 112 Talavera Rd at Macquarie Park.
Architectural drawings for 112 Talavera Rd at Macquarie Park.

‘All but 30 of the 400 submissions received during the council’s 2018 exhibition period were opposed to the development.‘ AND this is a big response of opposition in view of a community that has been bullied by overdevelopment since 2012 by the NSW Libs.

WILL the CCP intrusion led by the Concretors (formworker mob) for ‘another tidal wave of apartment building development in Sydney’ be determined by the CORONAVIRUS … ?

Rob’s on board announcing the guvmnt will accelerate their assessments of ‘state significant’ developments … alleging this will resuscitate a suffocating economy … an economy awash with CCP ‘black money’ … with nearby Chatswood being built by that money … Search our Website for the audio link of Geopolitical Strategist David Lee

Elizabeth Farrelly sums it up:

SSD pretends to stop cowboy councils playing silly buggers with development but actually delivers the unfettered ministerial discretion necessary for rampant cronyism. With no requirement for ministers to justify the “state significant” designation, SSD enables an asset-stripping government to slide all crown and public lands under its own jurisdiction, then frantically up-zone for maximum profit.

WHILE the media constantly pumps out reports on Wuhan’s Virus … NSW Treasury met with the boys at Urban Taskforce on 19 March enquiring about ‘shovel ready’ projects within the next 6 – 12 months.

-UT boss Tom Forrest provided a list of 76 major slum development


-a guvmnt wedded to overdevelopment and boosting state coffers through CCP stamp duty fees; focusing only on the construction sector; all eggs in the one basket

Image may contain: sky, cloud, skyscraper, tree, car and outdoor
CAAN Photo; January 2020 Waterloo Road Macquarie Park; Chinese JQZ and Icon towers

Read more if it’s not too much to bear!






Billionaire `High-Rise Harry' Keeps Cool During Real Estate Rout : News Photo
. Photographer: Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg via Getty Images

TOPLACE Ventures into MASCOT

APPARENTLY TOPLACE Developer, Jean Nassif has not been touched by the ‘High-rise construction collapses across Australia’?

Read more: https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2020/04/high-rise-construction-collapses-across-australia/?fbclid=IwAR0KF6WPi0qhNgzZauhW8dHZQjbbEtbaS1wBaJfFZss145C6l4Lr1A39tVA

… because Jean Nassif is all set to develop a $111M Mascot Project

Renee McKeown writes in The Urban Developer ‘Toplace to Develop $111m Mascot Project‘ following others like Harry Triguboff’s  Meriton … with a number of developments in Mascot, the trouble plagued ‘Mascot Towers’, and Aland the developer of neighbouring ‘Peak Towers’ .

Looks like this project is focussed on ‘real estate tours’ with 96 hotel rooms, 444 serviced apartments, a restaurant, with commercial tenancies and basement parking at 146-154A O’Riordan Street.

The Toplace project has received a ‘deferred commencement’ from the Sydney East City Planning Panel for ‘six months to gain a neighbour’s approval to carry out stormwater work at the property on 63-273 King Street occupied by catering company Avia Flight Services.’

Bearing in mind that the Owners of ‘Mascot Towers’ in October 2019 raised the issue that ‘tests have revealed a loss of soil from the areas next to the neighbouring Peak Towers building owned by development company Aland.’

-that is where the Mascot cracking and structural problems first appeared




SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE for more reports on Jean Nassif, Cherrybrook, Ralan Group and more!



Photo: The Urban Developer

ABC Report on the Face Masks Debate

Woman wearing face mask
Woman wearing face maskFace masks are only effective if combined with frequent handwashing and used and disposed of properly. (Pixabay: coyot)

AS we wrote earlier today … we have now located this ABC report for your information … ‘Face masks debate: WHO consider evidence for widespread face mask use, as US set to change its advice’

HERE it is from the Professionals who might know somethin’ …

Australian Medical Association vice president Chris Zappala said evidence around coronavirus was emerging quickly.

“The AMA remains quite comfortable with the current advice around use of masks and limiting surgical mask use largely to healthcare facilities and people who are unwell,” Dr Zappala told the ABC.

“But clearly this is a rapidly changing space, and we need to — with our epidemiologists and our healthcare workers — keep up to date with the evidence, and be prepared to shift our guidance if that evidence suggests so.”

Dr Zappala said widespread face mask use could inadvertently give people a false sense of security.

“A huge number of people wear those masks improperly — they take them on and off, they touch them, they don’t change them after a few hours … or when they get wet,” he said.

“There is a whole mix of evidence that needs to be taken into account and it is being considered.

“Let’s wait until we know for sure what the evidence is telling us … and then we can make the appropriate recommendations.”

The Hill


Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO Exec. Dir. of Health Emergencies Program: “There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any particular benefit. In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite…”

Embedded video

READ MORE!   https://www.abc.net.au/news/health/2020-04-03/who-assess-face-mask-use-general-public-coronavirus/12118042?utm_medium=spredfast&utm_content=sf232302442&utm_campaign=abc_news&utm_source=m.facebook.com&sf232302442=1&fbclid=IwAR2phtgUr39foBEMbY2ig_vU11Ci2fWyeaeF9tiwIzmWsdEhT8lK8mQdUd0

IS NSW INC deaf to Rozelle Residents Plea for a little respite from WestCONnex?

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, plant, car, outdoor and nature

CAAN Photo: Callan Street Rozelle on a Saturday afternoon.

Matt Bungard a Journalist at the Sydney Morning Herald reports in ‘Respond to the new reality: Rozelle residents plead for WestCONnex reprieve’ from the noise pollution created by the construction of the Rozelle interchange for WestCONnex

WITH so many now working from home due to the CoronaVirus how come there is no letup for this?

IT’s clearly not of any benefit for Rozelle … but for shareholders … and is it to serve the wants of future foreigners acquiring more Australian housing and permanent residency … ?

‘Residents held a meeting on Wednesday afternoon on video conferencing service Zoom, chaired by state MP Jamie Parker.

Balmain MP Jamie Parker and residents discuss WestConnex issues in Rozelle via a meeting on Zoom.
Balmain MP Jamie Parker and residents discuss WestConnex issues in Rozelle via a meeting on Zoom.

The member for Balmain said that residents weren’t under the illusion that roadworks could stop completely, but were hopeful that, with most people working from home at the moment, there would be more periods of respite.

“Residents recognise that there will always be some noise, but the impact day and night with people in their homes is just driving people to breaking point,” he said.

Mr Parker said that, in the short-term, there needed to be an end to night works, as well as proper noise and air quality monitoring, and advance notice of particularly loud and disruptive processes such as jackhammering.

WestConnex workers busy on Callan Street in Rozelle. 
WestConnex workers busy on Callan Street in Rozelle. CREDIT:ROSLYN DUNLOP

“It’s intolerable for people to endure this – it only takes some flexibility from WestConnex,” he said.

“They need to respond to the new reality. People are at home, with their kids, 24/7. You can’t have them exposed to dust and noise all day and night.”


Generic images showing Westconnex demolition and development conjoined between Lilyfield Road and the City-West Link near Annandale.

NSW government presses ahead with WestConnex privatisation plans

COMMUNITY RIGHTS appear now to be a thing of the past … with the people having to get out of the way of property and infrastructure developers … there is no letup from trucks, concrete pours … early in the morning …

And in Rozelle there is no break due to the nearby works on Victoria Road.


The bike path from the inner west to the city is the state's busiest cycling route.

Cyclists face ‘dangerous’ detours during WestConnex construction

The locals are unable to leave their windows open because the dust permeates. Despite it being a COVID-19 lockdown recommendation to leave the windows open at night when sleeping … this Rozelle community cannot!

The people are locked in as the Transurban project advances around them.

The NSW Government through its Spin Doctors dresses up this Transurban project as ‘an essential service because it employs lots of people’. Who are these 3500 people? How many are citizens, or are the majority of them Visa workers working across the Rozelle Interchange, the M4-M5 Link and the new M5 sites?

MEANWHILE many Australians in a vast range of occupations have lost everything! And question what is special about Westconnex?


North Strahfield homeowner Umberto Galasso is still waiting for a review of his damages claim.

‘Agonising wait’: Homeowners in limbo over WestConnex cracking

Further ‘newspeak’ from Transport for NSW …

Transport for NSW and our teams are following strict hygiene and appropriate social distancing measures as we deliver the major infrastructure to keep motorists, including freight, moving across our state now and into the future,” the spokesperson said.

“Unfortunately our work will be disruptive for some local residents now working from home.

“We understand these impacts and will continue working on potential solutions to help mitigate the effects.”

One solution already in the works is the ordering of noise-cancelling headphones for residents who are directly impacted by noise for a long period of time.

The Rozelle interchange is the most technically complex part of the 33-kilometre project because it will comprise three levels of tunnels and scores of entrances and exits.‘ NIICE!



LOOKS like more Aussie Commercial Property to be Sought by Foreign Buyers when CV Pandemic Settles!

AS revealed in this article the recent changes to the Foreign Investment Review Board rules will only mean that deals will take longer


The new rules about ‘FOREIGN OWNERSHIP’ seem to have one major flaw …

Those sitting around the table at the FIRB are still those that have

.rejected only FIVE (5) applications for the purchase of Australian assets by foreigners

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EG sells retail asset on Gold Coast for $61.8m

Circle on Cavill, Surfers Paradise was sold in an off-market deal.

Ingrid Fuary-Wagner writes in the ‘Australian Financial Review’ 1 April 2020 … ‘EG Sells Retail Asset on Gold Coast for $61.8M’


Real estate fund manager EG offloaded a retail centre on the Gold Coast for $61.8 million.

The sale of the Circle on Cavill shopping centre, foreshadowed by The Australian Financial Review, settled this week after it was bought late last year in an off-market deal by Macau businessman and casino owner Loi Keong Kuong.

It is not Mr Loi’s first purchase on the Gold Coast.

In 2018 he snapped up Soul Boardwalk, a troubled shopping centre nearby, at the base of the $850 million Soul tower at Surfers Paradise, for around $90 million.

The property went into receivership after 100 apartments at its residential tower, above the shopping centre, failed to settle in 2012.

Mr Loi also owns commercial office buildings in Sydney and Melbourne.

EG first put Circle on Cavill on the market in 2018 after buying it in 2010 in separate receivership deal valued at close to $40 million.’

-mixed-use development now has 12,364sq m of gross lettable area across entertainment, dining, health and convenience-based retail as well as office space

-the offshore investor was seeing through the current global economic challenges

.taking a long term view on the Gold Coast and Australian economies

-with a huge level of pent-up offshore capital to be deployed when CoronaVirus settles

-recent changes to FIRB rules mean deals take longer

SOURCE: https://www.commercialrealestate.com.au/news/eg-sells-retail-asset-on-gold-coast-for-61-8m-945855/

WHY is the Morrison Government having an Extended Shutdown?

In the Sydney Morning Herald today, 2 April 2020 Peter Hartcher writes, ‘Calls for greater scrutiny of government during shutdown‘:


‘A group of former judges is urging Australia’s parliament to set up a bipartisan committee to scrutinise the government’s epidemic responses as it faces one of the longest shutdowns on record.’

For 125 days!!


In comments provided for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, Ms Gaudron said:

“We have a national cabinet with no statutory or constitutional foundation, making decisions affecting us all now, and it seems, for many months and perhaps years into the future.

In the present circumstances that body is fulfilling a vital national role.

But the circumstances are not such as to require that its decisions are free of oversight, particularly as new and wide discretionary powers have been conferred on ministers of the Commonwealth.”

The group of judges includes two former judges of the Victorian Court of Appeal, David Harper and Stephen Charles, a former judge of the NSW Court of Appeal, Anthony Whealy, and a former judge of the Queensland Court of Appeal, Margaret White.

The executive director of the Australia Institute, Ben Oquist, who convened the judges’ group, said that Australia was already in a health crisis and an economic crisis “and we’d like to see if we can avoid a crisis of democracy as well”.

The president of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, former NSW director of public prosecutions Nicholas Cowdery, made a similar call on Wednesday: “Even the darkest days of the World Wars did not force parliament to close for extended periods.”

He called on the federal and NSW parliaments to make use of their committee processes for “more democracy and accountability in these difficult months, not less”.

An Australian Senate committee on Wednesday came to a bipartisan agreement to continue to meet by video link to exercise its powers to oversee the government.

The Senate Standing Committee for the Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation said that it would monitor laws delegated to it to screen them for any infringements of personal liberty. This committee has a relatively narrow remit that excludes spending matters, for instance.



Parliament is heading for an unusually long recess of about 125 days.
Parliament is heading for an unusually long recess of about 125 days.CREDIT:ALEX ELLINGHAUSEN

WHO was behind the Scoop of Australia’s Medical Supplies for Wuhan China?


Nick McKenzie and Anthony Galloway write in the SMH, 1 APRIL 2020, “Profiting from a pandemic: former Chinese officer accused of huge COVID-19 mark-ups’


‘A former Chinese military officer who sent tonnes of protective equipment from Australia to China during the height of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak has been accused of profiteering from the disaster, with medical supplies allegedly inflated in price by up to 300 per cent.

Warnings circulated by several insiders allege that the company run by former People’s Liberation Army officer Kuang Yuanping sold tens of thousands of medical protective coveralls in late February to Australian property developer Risland for $2.2 million.

Risland then flew the goods to China.

Former People's Liberation Army officer and businessman Kuang Yuanping.
Former People’s Liberation Army officer and businessman Kuang Yuanping.

Leaked documents allege that Mr Kuang’s sale price to Risland of $25 for each item was far higher than market value, with identical items on sale in Australia at the time for $10 or less. If the mark-up quoted in the warnings to Risland is correct, Mr Kuang could have made more than $1 million in clear profit.

The documents show that several insiders issued warnings to senior executives at Risland in late February and early March of the alleged profiteering in connection with the COVID-19 humanitarian work. There is no suggestion that Mr Kuang committed any criminal offences.

The documents include comparisons of the true price of the goods.

Mr Kuang, who has deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party, has not responded to multiple efforts to contact him while Risland’s chief executive, Dr Guotao Hu, said he didn’t know if his company had been overcharged because he was “running real estate” and had no knowledge of what medical goods should cost.

On Wednesday, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald revealed that in February, Mr Kuang had helped co-ordinate several airlifts of medical supplies from Australia to Wuhan, the city at the epicentre of the crisis, and had called on “overseas Chinese in Australia to take action to contribute money, supplies and your kindness to your home country”.’

-Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton announced a major crackdown on profiteering from essential goods

-ABF to be given the power to require goods to be surrendered for provision to the national medical stockpile or be destroyed

-a further ban on price gouging to prevent daigou on-selling at extortionate prices





Border Force has increased its scrutiny of medical equipment leaving the country.
Border Force has increased its scrutiny of medical equipment leaving the country.


NOW it comes out!

THIS explains further why Australia’s medical supplies were run low!

ARE they now being sent back here?

Nick McKenzie has written in the SMH, ‘Former Chinese military man behind export of tonnes of medical supplies’


A former Chinese military officer worked with Chinese Communist Party agencies and a group with links to organised crime to export tonnes of Australian medical supplies to Wuhan at the height of the coronavirus epidemic there.

The former officer, Kuang Yuanping, is now planning to bring medical equipment to Australia given the peak of the COVID-19 crisis in China appears to have passed.

People familiar with his plans said he wanted to help Australia’s efforts to contain the virus and assist China’s soft power and political influence goals in this country through charitable activity.

Sydney-based Kuang Yuanpin, a former Chinese military officer with a shipment of critical medical equipment going to China.
Sydney-based Kuang Yuanpin, a former Chinese military officer with a shipment of critical medical equipment going to China.

Sydney-based Mr Kuang is a former officer in the People’s Liberation Army who runs a number of Chinese Communist Party-backed organisations in Sydney and Melbourne. These organisations include some that are loosely backed by China’s soft-power agency, the United Front Work Department, which is charged with building influence for the CCP overseas and countering its critics.

One of the groups, the Hubei Association, was until recently run by former Chinese-Australia organised crime suspect, Tom “Mr Chinatown” Zhou.

As new coronavirus cases in China slow according to official statistics, Beijing is increasingly offering assistance to other countries battling the pandemic. China has offered aid to more than 80 countries and the World Health Organisation.

“What’s galling is China’s state propaganda arm repeating nonsense … claiming the Australian government is playing politics.”

Swinburne University China specialist Professor John Fitzgerald ;

-in February Mr Kuang helped coordinate two air lifts of medical supplies to Wuhan

-party officials in Hubei authorised his company, Huaren Group, to supply China urgently with medical supplies

-key backers of Kuang include two Melbourne men who worked with Mr Zhou from Crown Casino

Kuang has organised sending Australian milk powder, meat and produce to China and import medical equipment into Australia on return flights



Celebrating a shipment of goods from Australia to China.
Celebrating a shipment of goods from Australia to China.

Aussie Supercar Engineers create a CV Protype Ventilator

On the other side of this crisis we need to look at ‘Australia Incorporated’ and go back to making things, as we can’t rely on importing things from around the world

THIS is what needs to happen!

It’s not business as usual.
Shouldn’t Australia become self sufficient in vital –

.medical equipment

And, of course, shouldn’t we maintain sovereignty in

.food production
.water resources

What country in the world has

-only 3 weeks bulk oil based fuel supplies in storage
-only a few ports not owned/operated by foreign interests
-only a few energy retailers not foreign owned
-only a few dairy processors not foreign owned
-a majority of private hospitals are foreign owned
-no controls on who can buy
irrigation water entitlements

The list goes on, the answer is…
… Of course it’s Australia!

Jessica Hinchliffe writes in ‘Triple Eight Race Engineers create ventilator to help ICUs during COVID-19 Crisis’


‘Supercar engineers are taking their skills from the racetrack to the ICU ward by creating a ventilator prototype to help during the coronavirus crisis.

Key points:

  • The team that helps engineer Jamie Whincup’s Supercar was set the challenge by Queensland’s Manufacturing Minister to create a ventilator prototype
  • Triple Eight Race Engineering will partner with a manufacturing company to take the prototype further
  • The engineers hope industries would see the necessity of manufacturing in Australia

‘Triple Eight Race Engineering, based in Banyo on Brisbane’s northside, quickly assembled the ventilator using their skills from Supercars Championship racing.

Team principal Roland Dane said the prototype was the result of his engineering team working with medical professionals and local intensive care unit experts.

Mr Dane said the group was approached by Queensland’s Minister for Manufacturing, Cameron Dick, to work around the clock to come up with a prototype.

“He challenged me to come up with an ‘Apollo 13 fix’, if you like, of what you could do in an emergency,” he said.

“We followed that up with a call to a leading ICU specialist in USA, Professor John Fraser, and put our heads down to put something together that could help if our backs are against the wall.

“Engineering is engineering, so when you’re involving a control system, an electrical motor, and circuit board it’s not dissimilar to the parts we use on a sophisticated Supercar.”

Mr Dane took the * opportunity and said:

“On the other side of this crisis we need to look at ‘Australia Incorporated’ and go back to making things, as we can’t rely on importing things from around the world.” *


A ventilator on a table.
PHOTO: The ventilator was created in the team’s headquarters in Queensland. (Supplied: Triple Eight Race Engineering)

AUSTRALIA grabs dodgy CoronaVirus PPE Supplies imported from China

Why all the secrecy?
Why do we seem to be reluctant to call it for what it is, criminal fraud?
Why are we so timid to call it out as risking lives?

Why did it take a whistleblower to reveal the truth about the rubbish that was being imported to fill a shortage caused in part by the purchase of valid stock here and sent to China by Chinese construction companies Greenland and Risland?
It’s enough to make us sick!

AND not before time!

New rules are also stopping people buying up supplies of protective equipment to then resell locally at an inflated price.

It has also sought to boost supply by opening up the nation’s emergency medical stockpile and increasing domestic production.’

Two Australian Border Force Officers, one in New South Wales and the other in Queensland, have tested positive to coronavirus.
Photo: AAP

Defence Correspondent Andrew Greene writes: ‘Australia seizes faulty coronavirus protective equipment imported from China’


Key points:

  • An official has dubbed some of the intercepted Chinese personal protective equipment “dodgy”
  • Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands have rejected Chinese-made protective equipment
  • Australia has banned face masks, gloves, gowns, goggles, alcohol wipes and hand sanitiser exports

The ABC has learnt that in recent weeks, Australian Border Force (ABF) officers have intercepted several deliveries of personal protective equipment (PPE) that have been found to be counterfeit or otherwise faulty.

One law enforcement official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, estimated the ABF had already seized 800,000 masks with a combined value of more than $1.2 million on the Australian market.

“We started seeing this stuff arriving roughly three weeks ago when news of the pandemic was really taking off,” the official told the ABC.

“The dodgy material is coming via air cargo because there is a backlog of sea freight at Australian ports.”

The official stressed that not all Chinese products were considered faulty, and other imports of PPE from China were still passing Australian regulations.

Coronavirus update: Follow all the latest news in our daily wrap

The ABC has approached the Department of Home Affairs and the Minister for Home Affairs for comment.

The Department refused to comment and the ABC is yet to receive a response from the Minister’s office.

The Federal Government today officially banned the exporting of protective equipment such as masks, gloves and gowns from Australia during the coronavirus outbreak.

It foreshadowed the plan last week, and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton and Health Minister Greg Hunt have now signed off on the new regulations.

New rules are also stopping people buying up supplies of protective equipment to then resell locally at an inflated price.

It has also sought to boost supply by opening up the nation’s emergency medical stockpile and increasing domestic production.’




Shoppers strip supermarket shelves as part of the scheme. Picture: A Current Affair

Shoppers strip supermarket shelves as part of the scheme. Picture: A Current Affair

Read more!



IS it reasonable to think information about COVID 19 deaths from’ the MK’ is accurate … given it is

.a totalitarian regime
.all information is issued by official Communist Government sources
.a closed society where independent verification is not possible or permitted?

Beijing Censors Photo of Wuhan Locals Lining Up at Funeral Home | NTD

Chinese netizens are angry after internet censors deleted a picture circulating on social media of people lining up to pick up their family members’ ashes from a funeral home in #Wuhan, ground zero of China’s #virus epidemic.


How China Destroyed Evidence of the Outbreak: Wuhan CoronaVirus


Why Patients Are Not Counted as New Virus Cases in Wuhan | NTD


Why do we seem to maintain a state of collective amnesia, blindness and stupidity about

.being self-reliant

.the MK supporting the production of vital supplies

Healthcare workers are worried about a scarcity of protective gear as they battle the coronavirus.
Healthcare workers are worried about a scarcity of protective gear as they battle the coronavirus.CREDIT:JASON SOUTH

‘The Health Workers Union had been inundated by calls and emails from “fearful” health workers without access to personal protective equipment (PPE) and many were considering resigning.’ 

Equinox Orthopaedics chief executive Philip Crealy said most medical equipment is made in China!

Read more!


INDEED why have many of our media outlets failed to even mention what GREENLAND and RISLAND (formerly known as COUNTRY GARDEN) did?  That is buying up tonnes of our medical supplies and shipping it to the MK?

.that we sail into the future with an ideological addiction to so-called ‘free trade’

-where we are diving to the bottom
-operating where a level playing field disadvantages ourselves
-where reciprocity is ignored

AND all conspiring to demonstrate to the World we are prepared to sacrifice weaker sectors of our economy to uphold a market driven dogma …

IS it the case we are at the mercy of FOREIGN SOURCES for much of what our Public Health system needs to function?

IS it the case we have driven our Public Health system so hard that it has adopted a ‘JIT’ (just in time) position concerning inventories?

That there is little in store to cover emergencies?

We seem to ensure we have a well-equipped bush fire response capability,(thank goodness) is this because it’s largely about Property, Private Property?


Isn’t it a bit odd that a country sends urgently needed PPE to Western Countries knowing it will fail …

(Don’t get me started, we all ought to be angry!)

Beijing eased export curbs on medical equipment in March, prompting factories to look overseas where there has been an acute shortage of medical equipment © Bloomberg