WHAT has it come to when a CCP Media Outlet can berate an Australian Student to subject him to an Expulsion Hearing?

University of Queensland student Drew Pavlou on the ABC's Q&A program.
SOURCE: SBS Screen Shot;

HOW come a CCP media outlet, ‘The Global Times’ can weigh in on what happens at an Australian University campus? This has to be of great concern to all Australians!

MEANWHILE over the past two decades there has been an escalation of Chinese temporary Visa holders flying in abundance to Australia. Until the CoronaVirus Pandemic as many as 50,000 a week to visit family, to take up places in our Universities as ‘full fee students’ … or to enjoy a Real Estate Tour … and not just buy an apartment …

-but an apartment level at a time …  

To gain a ‘Permanent Resident’ Visa with Medicare thrown in … then with a ‘Family Visa’, ‘Parent’ or ‘Grandparent’ Visa the whole family can unite in Australia … now occupying whole suburbs, and Chatswood in Sydney is being built by CCP money …

At our universities some have gained posts in R & D including at the CSIRO from which the alarm has been raised of spying.

TO counter this Beijing-based bullying, a petition of support for Drew Pavlou against UQ has attracted more than 22,000 signatures!

LET’s help save Drew from this foreign interference and injustice!


The claim that international students are an export industry worth $32 or $34Bn annually has been refuted;  these students only pay $8.3 billion in fees in total yearly!

View from Macro Business:

The annual remuneration for University Vice-Chancellors starts at $1M. 

-more than 11,000 Chinese students have enrolled at UQ in the past five years

-the university has research collaborations and commercialisation partnerships with China

WHY has Drew received death threats?

MEANWHILE University lecturers and staffers are now losing their jobs, their livelihoods due to the WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC!

IT would seem that Drew Pavlou, a 20 year-old human rights student-activist is aware of what is going on, and has spoken up to be selected by the CCP’s ‘Global Times’ to be silenced.  The irony is that they allege Drew’s actions will discourage freedom of speech in Australia!

Drew has been berated by this totalitarian regime.

ASK why have they gone after him?  If not to remove him and perhaps to discourage any further investigations here in Australia concerning R & D espionage … corruption of university administration,  and the maintenance of the ‘Silent Invasion’ through the modern-day flying Pegasus … Trojan Horse?

Read this Report from Jocelyn Garcia, ‘Student-activist warns of ‘chilling effect’ after China’s patriotic media singles him out’

AND from the ABC: ‘Drew Pavlou facing Expulsion from UQ over China activism

Photo: petition: Prevent the University of Queensland from silencing Drew Pavlou for fighting for justice



A Look at Manufacturing Pre WW2 and since in Australia

IN looking at this article I wonder how deep do we have to go to present a different point of view. I suppose the most obvious place to start is at the beginning.

Tim McLean in his ‘A New Deal for Manufacturing- Where we went wrong and the things that work’ he refers to it as ‘Avoiding the Mistakes of the Past’ commencing with what happened after WW2.


But let’s not forget Australia

-had suffered significantly for the best part of a decade before WW2 in the Great Depression; mass unemployment, low wages, a zero/low growth economy

-followed closely by WW2, funded national war economy on public debt where Australia did far more than most with a small population; Australia’s factories made everything

-while 27,000 service men and women died and 23,000 others were wounded from a population of only about 7.2 million

What then

-after the war Australia struggled, tens of thousands of servicemen and women returning to civilian jobs, high national debt, competing priorities and a nation wanting a better life

-the pressure was on for Australia to take as many displaced persons, refugees and migrants as we could process

-the Cold War started and put further pressure on Australia to be self-sufficient in a host of areas and dutifully agree to permit atmospheric A-bombs tests on our soil 

What happened

Ford and GMH expanded rapidly (followed by several other car makers); big ticket items like the massive Snowy Mountains Scheme started and dams and bridges for the growing capital cities commenced with the birth of the ‘baby boomer generation’

Australia was indeed a world leader in manufacturing among them making specialist plastics, many such innovations fueling massive and cheaper production elsewhere closer to bigger markets

.similar situations happened with the making of, for example, penicillin,

Penicillin was discovered 90 years ago – and despite resistance ...
Photo: Hills Hoist Heritage clothes line

the Hills hoist clothes line, solar hot water systems, farm machinery and many other items in every-day use

Indeed has any Australian manufacturing ever held its own even with a comparative advantage?

Not really. Why is this so?

-is it about where we are geographically, so far from the big markets?

-is it about large multi-national companies having the capacity to take the means of production on a massive scale to low wage, low cost, low tax locations?

-Australia also had other agenda items; it has not always been about business. we had free education from the 1870’s; as early as 1927 we had ‘child endowment’ payments and a host of other social advances that have been the envy of others

Sure change happens, policy settings are not always right but Australia’s industries have not always got it wrong; we seem to have a propensity to blame ourselves.

It hasn’t always been about ‘small scale uncompetitive factories’ or ‘inflexible industrial relations‘ or ‘woeful productivity’.

It also happens to be about a lot of other influences.

-unlike Japan after WW2 Australia’s taxation system had become even more complex.  We taxed savings.  They didn’t, and so the pool of funds available for investment grew quickly

AFTER WW2 much of the productive machinery was destroyed in Europe and in parts of Asia so they had to invest in the latest plant and equipment whereas in Australia we continued using what had got us through the war;  money was so tight we didn’t have the capacity to replace what we had and meet demand at the same time.

Besides the US was keener to shore up other countries and the fortunes of industry from the threat of communism than to help Australia re-tool

The decline of manufacturing in Australia, there’s more to it, a lot more!

Here are some

Besides tariffs being lifted there were other agendas at work; some not to be ignored included:

-the rise and rise of the multi-national/trans-national corporations who had the capacity to tell governments what they wanted, including favourable tax concessions that if not available simply embarked upon elaborate schemes including transfer pricing to achieve their objectives

-many Australian companies saw the need to invest in new plant and equipment; some got on the queue in the US, Germany or Japan to purchase the latest machinery only to find those either side of them waiting to order were businesses from some of the poorest countries, keen to compete with a tenth of the costs we have plus their governments were often underwriting the deal

So much for a level playing field; another myth

What about profits, yes what about them

-when a well-known Australian clothing manufacturer went off shore the retail prices of their products did not fall whilst the cost of making it dropped by more than 50%  

-sometime before we ever spoke of ‘greed is good’ business had in many respects already adopted the view of the ever-growing market; it was no longer good enough to sustain profits, there had to be growth, all the time; and so began the race to the bottom

Common ground, so true

Australia happens to be such a small market for just about everything and so far away

-Companies in Australia are often dependent on overseas suppliers and so key competitors can simply move in and make it impossible for us to retain our market

-call it corporate incompetence; the deliberate demise of much of Australia’s manufacturing was far from being transparent, indeed it seems more akin to theft or fraud, or both

The ‘branch office’ mentality, this is so well put, but why didn’t the author mention Shanghai or Guangzhou?

Even truer

Australia’s competitors vertically integrate; they have the means to do so, often it’s not only a pension fund but a government supplying the money

Australia has largely failed to protect anything whether key resources, infrastructure, productive farmland or intellectual property

Indeed the author nails the issues from this point squarely especially about government procurement, R & D and going off shore

However, there’s always at least one … (here’s a few)

Australia has also failed to protect its domestic housing stock from being purchased by foreigners*

-Australia has failed to enact the second tranche of the AML, a grave mistake or is it deliberate?

What about the future?

-Australians, at least some of us, hopefully, a growing number will take a closer look at what we are buying and where we can we will buy the Australian made product, and if it doesn’t happen to be there we will increasingly ask why it isn’t.

-Trust earnt is trust indeed, trust lost must not be forgotten

NO Let-Up from the Big Boys at Urban Taskforce … Covid-19 or not!

DESPITE THE REPORTS from the Professionals about What needs to be done to restore Our Economy and Our Society … which we have shared with you again today …

We then went and had a look at the SMH, and …

JUST as we feared the Mob … the Urban Taskforce and other Big Boys have held even more sway with NSW INC …

Elizabeth Farrelly writes in ‘The lucky group enjoying fewer constraints under COVID: developers’

About how they are forging ahead during the crisis as everyone else is in lock-down!

HT is at it again … he builds Precincts now for his Middle Kingdom, Chinese clients …

WE were never asked about ‘Who comes to this Country’

including money launderers

IS it out of some longheld spite, or just pure opportunism that he has become the Mother of them all?

This time at LITTLE BAY a plan for 1900 apartments with towers up to 22 storeys.

This follows on from when in early April 2020 while we were all caught up with the CV Wuhan Pandemic … NSW INC approved Meriton’s ‘DESTINATION’ Macquarie Park Monster of 63 storeys (243M)

Image may contain: sky, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: the undeveloped site next to two towers under construction at Meriton’s ‘Destination’ Talavera Road, Macquarie Park; a big development site of 4 or 5 towers compare that to Little Bay of 1900 dwellings!

WHILE the Budget Surplus is rapidly being depleted by the WUHAN PANDEMIC, the Property Mafia have been taking control … they are running Australia …

BUT there are more of US!  Still …

WHILE in LOCKDOWN this is as good an opportunity as any to counter this …

UNITE … it can start in your street …

EMAIL your local MPs, all political candidates, councillors of your OBJECTIONS, and tell them what you want for this Country!

-this is what is missing! So they ignore us …

MESSAGE your contacts across Sydney, NSW … across Australia requesting they do the same!

That we want HOUSING FOR EVERY AUSTRALIAN!  Be it Public, Social, Affordable Housing

AND a stop to ‘high’ immigration and Visa Manipulation

-through the lure of real estate tours they can gain a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’ with Medicare!

-the Real Estate Gatekeepers exempt (excluded) from Anti-Money Laundering Laws (by the Morrison Government October 2018)

USE these links also in your message:

From Geoff Hanmer:  Why the Focus of Stimulus Plans has to be construction that puts Social Housing First

House Prices to Fall 30% but What’s in it for Aussie First Home Buyers?

The Fifth Estate: Housing is not working.  Time for a big Rethink

The Fifth Estate: Fast-tracking Development in NSW:  Is it genuine reform or rent-seeking give-away?

List of 79 Shovel-Ready Projects … as well as Harry’s 1900 dwellings … Holdmark, Bilbergia and Walker Corporation largely feature!!



Image may contain: sky, cloud, skyscraper, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Meriton ‘Destination’ Talavera Road Macquarie Park; April 2020






charged Taxpayers $38,000 for his own internet usage

accepted a $40,000 Rolex watch from a Chinese businessman

breached Ministerial Standards by having shares in a Trust linked to the mining company of a generous Liberal Party donor

created the impression that he was in China in an official capacity for a signing ceremony between a Chinese business and a mining company whose Executive Chairman was a generous Liberal Party donor

made his 80 year-old father a Company Director; named his parents’ home address as the company’s principal place of business which looked after tens of Millions of worth of Government contracts

-he was responsible for ROBODEBT

-and in charge of MY GOV Website which crashed a few weeks ago which he mistakenly blamed on a denial of service attack

SHE SAID ‘WHAT’S YOUR POINT?’ !!! !!!!!!!!!!

Here he is explaining how our information will be kept private!

It’s all on his phone, and he deletes it and presumably blows it away with one of Bridget McKenzie’s shotguns!


House Prices to fall 30% … but What’s in it for Aussie First Home Buyers?

Image may contain: table and indoor
CAAN Photo: See that little symbol on the right there? Right there … that’s the sign that this development is being marketed … very likely … to one overseas market … through WeChat …

Business Reporter, Stephanie Chalmers writes, ‘Predictions house prices could fall by 30 per cent in worst-case scenario as coronavirus restrictions bite’

This forecast comes from SQM Research and others following the decrease in migrants and vibrants to impact real estate sales and rentals

There is a possibility that following house prices falls in the mid-year … June … that they grow in the Spring, September to December if the CoronaVirus numbers continue to decrease. 

But if there were a second wave expectations are that will result in house prices declining.

-looking at a glut of 100,000 dwellings for rent

-auction rates were 65-75 per cent now fallen to 30.2 per cent

-so far house listings dropped 23.8 per cent

AND it ought to make it easier for Australia’s First Home Buyers to purchase a property, yes?

NOT at all … they are out of work or working less hours, or if they are fortunate to even have a job it is being held together through the JOB KEEPER scheme!

The BANKS are not exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of lending money in the current circumstances.

INDEED the whole question of housing is not about building it for shelter … having a roof over your head … it’s about …

foreign buyers ‘investing’ AKA owning (in) Australia’s domestic housing

-the property sector (The Mob aka The Mafia) making money … lots of it

importing buyers and ignoring the needs of Australians

ALL this is borne out in these reports:

THE FIFTH ESTATE: ‘Fast-Tracking Development in NSW: Genuine Reform or Rent-Seeker Give-Away?

CAAN asks is NSW INC seizing on the ‘CoronaVirus Lockdown’ as an opportunity to accelerate for more terraces, townhomes and ManorHouses … apart from more high-rise? Cough … cough … ?

How convenient when no protests can be had … ?

IS anyone seriously buying the talk that this ‘fast tracking of development’ is the silver bullet to revive the economy?

BECAUSE while we have been social distancing … worried about the elderly isolated in nursing homes … whether children should or should not go back to school … will we have a job?

NSW INC has been very busy with The Mob … and this is another part of the plan …

‘ … all Councils across Sydney have just completed local housing strategies, most with financial support from the state government. These strategies identify where best to locate significant new housing based on strategic planning and community benefit criteria.’

Image may contain: sky, tree, house, cloud, plant and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Where there was a cottage and garden now 10 dwellings marketed overseas … 10 X sewer, waste, road congestion, schools, buses, trains all full-up

WHAT it is about is bulldozing where you live for redevelopment …

WE have witnessed the Property Mafia of Australia seize the reins …

-through their lobbyists who appear to work hand in glove with NSW Treasury

‘Labor and Unions label NSW INC Building Boom Plan for what it is … a StopGap!’

WHAT a dismal state of affairs our political leaders have created for the rest of us … forgoing the futures of our young people because greater profits can be made for ‘their mates’ by selling off housing to foreigners … it’s disgusting … a National disgrace!

Image may contain: possible text that says '中文建筑顾问 Tommy 李 0433 002 288'
CAAN Photo: Have a closer look at signage on homes for sale and/or developers sites underway … this and WeChat are what appear …


SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE for the Facts on:

-Black Money

-Hot Money

-Permanent Resident Visa

Real Estate Gatekeepers exempt from Anti-Money Laundering Laws (Morrison Govt October 2018)

-Foreign Investment Review Board (the FIRB)

THEN DO SOMETHING! EMAIL YOUR OBJECTIONS TO YOUR LOCAL MPs AND POLITICAL CANDIDATES … SHARE the website link to this article with them! AND this can happen in your street …



No photo description available.
CAAN Photo: That WeChat symbol again! Appearing on another Real Estate organisation For Sale sign …

The CoronaVirus Pandemic Chronology from November 2019

WHAT evidence could be working contrary to the CCP claims of transparency and openness? When China has tried to cover up that the Pandemic began as early as November 2019 … and not 31 December 2019!



Pandemic chronology

Late November 2019

According to phylogenetic analysis of SARS-CoV-2, the predicted latest common ancestor of all sequenced genomes would go back to late November, with an error of margin of one month. It is expected that either the virus got introduced in the human population at this date, eg. from an animal, or before November it had a mutation making it less contagious.[4][5]

1 December

A retrospective study published in The Lancet on 24 January 2020 revealed that the earliest laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19 was in a man whose symptoms began on 1 December 2019, and that he had not been to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market of Wuhan. No epidemiological link could be found between him and the others of the first confirmed cluster of 41 cases, which had mostly been discovered using the national pneumonia surveillance system.[6][7][8][9] None of his family became ill.[10] The BBC Chinese Service later confirmed that they had received information from Wenjuan Wu, one of The Lancet authors and who was one of Wuhan’s Jinyintan Hospital’s senior doctors, that this first man was elderly, had Alzheimer’s disease, lived several bus rides away from the market and did not venture out from his home.[11]

A report by the South China Morning Post on 13 March 2020 suggested that one man, aged 55 years, could have been infected on 17 November 2019.[12]

10 December

The Wall Street Journal reported on 6 March 2020, that one of the earliest affected cases was a 57-year-old seafood merchant working at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, whose symptoms began on 10 December.[13][14]

12 December

The earliest onset of symptoms of pneumonia of unknown etiology was at one time recorded as 12 December, when Chinese authorities reported on suspected cases up to 5 January 2020.[15]

16 December

Of the first 41 cases of laboratory confirmed SARS-CoV-2, later revealed in The Lancet, the first admission to hospital was on 16 December 2019.[6][10]

18–29 December

Between 20 and 29 December, members of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and others reported and published a report on people with severe pneumonia who were admitted to the intensive care unit of the Wuhan Jin Yin-Tan Hospital at the beginning of the outbreak. Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL) that was eventually used for viral genome sequencing was collected from hospital patients between 24 and 29 December. Their samples were sent to the laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and other medical labs for the diagnosis of the causative pathogen. Patient ICU-01 was not proven to be linked to the Wuhan Seafood Market, but the other six were either sellers or deliverymen at the market.[16][17]

21 December

Chinese epidemiologists published on CCDC Weekly (Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) 21 January 2020 an article stating that the first cluster of patients with “pneumonia of an unknown cause” occurred beginning 21 December 2019 and that the virus was more prevalent in older adults.[18]

24 December

Doctors from Central Hospital of Wuhan took fluid samples from the lungs of a 65-year-old deliveryman who worked at the Wuhan seafood market and sent them to Vision Medicals, Guangzhou, for testing.[17]

25 December

According to the China Youth Daily, Wuhan Fifth Hospital gastroenterology director Lu Xiaohong said that she heard some hospital staff might be infected on 25 December.[19]

26–27 December

Zhang Jixian, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care at Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese & Western Medicine, examined an elderly couple who presented themselves at the hospital with fever and cough on 26 December 2019.[20] Having observed that CT scans of their chests showed a different pattern from other viral pneumonias, she asked the couple’s son to undergo a scan and found the same pattern, although he had no symptoms. Another patient, a merchant from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, also arrived at the hospital with fever and cough that day. Zhang, having conducted tests to rule out known respiratory ailments and believing this to be an infectious disease, reported the four cases to her superiors at the hospital on 27 December 2019.[12][21]

Vision Medicals had sequenced most of the virus from fluid samples of the 65-year-old deliveryman sent by Central Hospital of Wuhan on 27 December. The results showed an alarming similarity to the deadly SARS coronavirus between 2002 and 2003.[17][22]

28–29 December

During the following two days, Hubei Provincial received three similar cases, all associated with the seafood market. On 29 December, hospital administration convened a multi-departmental panel of doctors who concluded the cases were unusual and required special attention, whereupon they reported their findings to the provincial CDC.[21] Wuhan CDC staff initiated a field investigation and found additional patients with similar symptoms who were linked to the market. (According to a CCDC publication, the initial admissions to Hubei Provincial Hospital occurred on 29 December.)[23]

30 December

A genetic sequencing report from CapitalBio Medlab of Beijing on the pathogen of a 41-year-old patient the sample of which was collected by Wuhan Central Hospital mistakenly diagnosed as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS coronavirus). This mistaken result alerted the authority and some of the Wuhan doctors.[17]

Wuhan Municipal Health Committee issued an “urgent notice on the appropriate treatment to patients with pneumonia of unknown cause” to medical institutions under its jurisdiction.[24][25][26][27]

Multiple doctors in Wuhan shared the test report via internet, including Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital, who posted a warning to alumni from his medical school class via a WeChat group in the late afternoon that a cluster of seven patients treating within the ophthalmology department had been unsuccessfully treated for symptoms of viral pneumonia and diagnosed with SARS.[28][29][17] Because these patients did not respond to traditional treatments, they were quarantined in an ER department of the Wuhan Central Hospital.[30] In the WeChat post, Li posted the erroneous diagnostics that “there had been 7 confirmed cases of SARS”.[31] Li posted a snippet of an RNA analysis finding “SARS coronavirus” and extensive bacteria colonies in a patient’s airways.[32]

News of an outbreak of “pneumonia of unknown origin” started circulating on social media on the evening of 30 December 2019.[33][34][35]

31 December

The Wuhan Municipal Health Committee informed WHO of 27 “cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology (unknown cause) detected in Wuhan.”[36][37] Most were stallholders from the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, seven of whom were in critical condition.

The Wuhan Municipal Health Commission released a briefing on its website about the pneumonia outbreak in the city, confirming 27 cases and telling the public not to go to enclosed public places or gather. It suggested wearing face masks when going out.[38] There had been “a successive series of patients with unexplained pneumonia recently”—27 suspected cases in total, seven of which were in critical condition and 18 were stable, two of which were on the verge of being discharged soon.[25][38][27]

Chinese state television CCTV channel 13 in their daily news broadcasts issued an epidemiological alert telling the entire country of a strange and unknown virus. It also reported that a team of experts from the National Health Commission had arrived in Wuhan on the day to lead the investigation.[39] The People’s Daily said the “exact cause remained unclear and it would be premature to speculate.”[34][35][40][25]

Qu Shiqian, a vendor at the Huanan Seafood Market, said government officials had disinfected the premises on 31 December 2019 and told stallholders to wear masks. Qu said he had only learned of the pneumonia outbreak from media reports. “Previously I thought they had flu,” he said. “It should be not serious. We are fish traders. How can we get infected?”[35]

Tao Lina, a public health expert and former official with the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said, “I think we are [now] quite capable of killing it in the beginning phase, given China’s disease control system, emergency handling capacity and clinical medicine support.” No human-to-human infection had been reported so far and more pathological tests and investigations were underway, an official said.[35]

As a result of the official announcement of the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan immediately tightened their inbound screening processes.[41][42] Hong Kong Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan Siu-chee announced after an urgent night-time meeting with officials and experts, “[any suspected cases] including the presentation of fever and acute respiratory illness or pneumonia, and travel history to Wuhan within 14 days before onset of symptoms, we will put the patients in isolation.”[35] The social media reports stated that 27 patients in Wuhan—most of them stall holders at the Huanan Seafood Market—had been treated for the mystery illness.[35]

In the Financial Times of March 20, 2020, “Taiwan said its doctors had heard from mainland colleagues that medical staff were getting ill—a sign of human-to-human transmission. Taipei officials said they reported this to both International Health Regulations (IHR), a WHO framework for the exchange of epidemic prevention and response data between 196 countries, and Chinese health authorities on December 31.”[43]. According to Reuters, Taiwan’s Centres for Disease Control chief Chou Jih-haw said that it has written to the WHO and China on 31 December, asking for information about the virus outbreak in Wuhan, including whether there were human-to-human transmissions. Chou claimed WHO confirmed the UN body had received the letter but did not respond to it.[44] WHO denied the organization ignored Taiwan’s warning, stating “There was no mention in this mail of human-to-human transmission” in the communication from Taiwan.[45] Taiwan admitted the email did “not state directly and conclusively that there had been human-to-human transmission” and argued it had “strongly hinted” at the possibility[46] so that WHO staff “could discern from this wording that there was a real possibility”. According to Taiwanese authorities, since “in China, the term ‘atypical pneumonia’ is commonly used to refer to SARS”, the WHO should have inferred that human-to-human transmission was probable, especially since patients were being isolated for treatment, as was noted in their message.[47]

1 January 2020

Animated map of confirmed COVID-19 cases from 12 January to 29 February 2020.Date when first case in each first-level administration was reported.

According to information reported by the South China Morning Post on 13 March 2020, Chinese authorities had, identified 266 people who had been infected before the beginning of 2020.[12][48][49][50]

According to the Chinese state-sponsored Xinhua News, the Huanan Seafood Market was closed on 1 January 2020 for “regulation”.[30] However, in the Consortium’s report of 24 January 2020, it was stated that the Huanan Seafood Market had been closed on 1 January 2020 for “cleaning and disinfection. However, the virus could only stay on surfaces for so long so this was useless”[41]

US CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield was briefed about the severity of the virus from his Chinese counterparts Dr. George F. Gao when he was on vacation with his family – according to reports, what he heard “rattled him.”[51]

WHO in its Newsroom: Emergencies preparedness, the response said “the causal agent has not yet been identified or confirmed” and has requested further information from the Chinese authorities to assess the risk. [36]

2 January

On 2 January, 41 admitted hospital patients in Wuhan, China, were confirmed to have contracted (laboratory-confirmed) the 2019-nCoV (novel coronavirus); 27 (66%) patients had direct exposure to Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market.[6] All 41 patients were subsequently relocated from the hospital they had originally been diagnosed in to the Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, China.[6] WHO declared that its three concerned levels (China country office, Regional Office for the Western Pacific and headquarters) have been working together to respond to the outbreak.

3 January

Chinese scientists at the National Institute of Viral Disease Control and Prevention (IVDC) ruled out the possibilities for 26 common respiratory pathogens, including influenza A and B virus, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus metapneumovirus rhinovirus, enterovirus, and other common respiratory viruses. They determined the genetic sequence of the novel β-genus coronaviruses (naming it ‘2019-nCoV’) from specimens collected from patients in Wuhan, China, and three distinct strains were established.[23]

Health authorities in Wuhan reported 44 cases, a big jump from the 27 reported on Tuesday. Eleven of the 44 were seriously ill, the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission said, although there had been no reported deaths to date. The health of the 121 close contacts of the cases was being monitored.[52]

Dr. Li Wenliang, a Wuhan ophthalmologist, was summoned to the Wuhan Public Security Bureau where he was told to sign an official confession and admonition letter promising to cease spreading false “rumors” regarding the coronavirus. In the letter, he was reprimanded for “making false comments by announcing the confirmation of 7 cases of SARS at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market” that had “severely disturbed the social order”. The letter stated, “We solemnly warn you: If you keep being stubborn, with such impertinence, and continue this illegal activity, you will be brought to justice—is that understood?” Li signed the confession writing: “Yes, I understand.”[29][53]

China formally notified US on the outbreak. At a White House briefing in March 20, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said officials had been alerted to the initial reports of the virus by discussions between CDC director Robert Redfield and Chinese CDC Director Dr. Gao on Jan. 3. Mr. Azar also told his chief of staff to make sure that the National Security Council was aware that “this (the outbreak) is a very big deal” [54][55][56]

4 January

The head of the University of Hong Kong’s Centre for Infection, Ho Pak-Leung, warned that the city should implement the strictest possible monitoring system for a mystery new viral pneumonia that infected dozens of people on the mainland, as it was highly possible that the illness was spreading from human to human. The microbiologist also warned that there could be a surge in cases during the upcoming Chinese New Year. Ho said he hoped the mainland would release more details as soon as possible about the patients infected with the disease, such as their medical history, to help experts analyze the illness and to allow for more effective preventive measures to be put in place.[57]

The Singapore Ministry of Health said on Saturday, 4 January, that it had been notified of the first suspected case of the “mystery Wuhan virus” in Singapore, involving a three-year-old girl from China who had pneumonia and a travel history to the Chinese city of Wuhan.[58] On 5 January, the Singapore Ministry of Health released a press statement stating that the earlier suspected case was not linked to the pneumonia cluster in Wuhan and was also tested negative for the SARS and MERS-CoV.[59]

Chinese officials were criticized for failing to disclose any information about the “mysterious virus” that machine translations of official reports suggested may be caused by a new coronavirus.[52]

The WHO waited for China to release information about the “mysterious new pneumonia virus”.[60] The United Nations agency activated its incident-management system at the country, regional and global level and was standing ready to launch a broader response if it was needed. The WHO’s regional office in Manila said in Twitter posts Saturday: “#China has reported to WHO regarding a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The Govt has also met with our country office, and updated @WHO on the situation. Govt actions to control the incident have been instituted and investigations into the cause are ongoing.”[60]

The Wuhan Institute of Virology did not respond to an emailed request for comment on the infectious source.[61]

5 January

The number of suspected cases reached 59 with seven in a critical condition. All were quarantined and local medical officials commenced the monitoring of 163 of their contacts. At this time, there had been no reported cases of human-to-human transmission or presentations in healthcare workers.[62][63]

Department of Zoonoses (National Institute of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention) submitted complete genome of Wuhan seafood market pneumonia virus isolate Wuhan-Hu-1 (published 12-JAN-2020).[64]

Early investigations into the cause of the pneumonia ruled out seasonal flu, SARS, MERS and bird flu.[65][66]

6 January

On Monday, 6 January, the Wuhan health authorities announced they continued seeking the cause but had so far ruled out influenza, avian influenza, adenovirus, and coronaviruses SARS and MERS as the respiratory pathogen that had infected 59 people as of 5 January.[67]

7 January

Scientists of the National Institute of Viral Disease Control and Prevention (IVDC) confirmed the novel coronavirus isolated on 3 January was the pathogenic cause of the viral pneumonia of unknown etiology (VPUE) cluster, and the disease has been designated novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (NCIP).[23]

Scientists in China announced the discovery of a new coronavirus.[68][69]

Since the outburst of social media discussion of the mysterious pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China, Chinese authorities censored the hashtag #WuhanSARS and were now investigating anyone who was allegedly spreading misleading information about the outbreak on social media.[70]

The world continued to wait for China to disclose more information about what had triggered an unexplained pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China’s tenth-largest city.[71]

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created an “incident management system”and issued a travel notice Monday for travelers to Wuhan, Hubei province, China due to the cluster of cases of pneumonia of an unknown etiology…”[72][73]

According to prof. Mikhail Shchelkanov (FEFU Scientists’ Council on 17-MAR-2020) he knew sequence of the novel coronavirus genome by 7 January (“we – world scientists’ circles”).[74]



LOOK NO FURTHER! Who’s to Blame for CoronaVirus in Australia?


CAAN has found a letter which reveals that the Morrison Government had been notified by the CSIRO about the CoronaVirus as early as November 2019

THE CSIRO learnt of the emergence of the CoronaVirus in late November 2019 … they were alert to its likely consequences … but were hindered by China’s obsession with secrecy … was this ‘to save face’?

Following which the offices of the Health Minister and the Prime Minister were provided with the issues and specifics to safeguard Australia


‘Hunt and Morrison were Warned about CoronaVirus in Late November and did Nothing’


WHY was there a delay?

SARS-CoV-2 without background.png
Photo: WikipediA

WHY is it that there are other reports including the following that provide a TimeLine that does not commence until 31 December 2019?

COULD this be due to a cover-up by China? To save face?



December 31, 2019

Chinese Health officials inform the WHO about a cluster of 41 patients with a mysterious pneumonia. Most are connected to Huanan Seafood WholesaleMarket. January 1, 2020

January 1, 2020

Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market closes.



December 31 – January 5 

On December 31 last year, China alerted the WHO to several cases of unusual pneumonia in Wuhan, a city of 11 million people. The virus was unknown.

Several of those infected worked at the city’s Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, which was shut down on January 1. As health experts worked to identify the virus amid growing alarm, the number of infections exceeded 40.

On January 5, Chinese officials ruled out the possibility that this was a recurrence of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus – an illness that originated in China and killed more than 770 people worldwide in 2002-2003.



DEC. 31

On Dec. 31, the government in Wuhan, China, confirmed that health authorities were treating dozens of cases. Days later, researchers in China identified a new virus that had infected dozens of people in Asia. At the time, there was no evidence that the virus was readily spread by humans. Health officials in China said they were monitoring it to prevent the outbreak from developing into something more severe.

BUT it was not until 31 December 2019 that the WHO notified of a

‘mysterious pneumonia sickening dozens in China‘.

‘Health authorities in China confirm that dozens of people in Wuhan, China, are being treated for pneumonia from an unknown source.’

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Take care everyone (and wash your hands),

Ebony Bennett
Deputy Director
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LABOR and Unions label NSW INC Building Boom Plan for what it is … a StopGap!

TOM RABE writes in ‘NSW Building Boom Plan slammed as ‘quick fix’ that will cost future Generations‘ about the response from the NSW Labor Opposition and Unions to the NSW INC push for another Sting of Asset Recycling for Infrastructure to match Higher Density in the guise of renewing NSW Economy …

THE OPPOSITION AND UNIONS seized on the government’s  proposed second wave of Public (privatised) Transport Projects would form a SILVER BULLET to revive the NSW ECONOMY … financed in part through ‘ASSET RECYCLING’ (SELL-OFF/PRIVATISATION) and debt management.

Described the government’s proposal as a “quick fix” that would be paid for by future generations

Labor’s Chris Minns said:

“The government’s adherence to privatisation has left NSW dangerously ill-equipped to fight off the COVID-19 economic disaster.”

RTBU, David Babineau said the pandemic and ensuing economic crisis was evidence more assets needed to remain in the hands of governments

“Trying to use our state’s suffering as cover for his unpopular agendas is disgraceful,” Mr Babineau said. “This system seems to be about taxpayers funding projects which get sold to private companies who charge taxpayers a premium to use them for the rest of their lifetime.”


AND ask the question why are NSW INC so keen? Apart from the sector WHO is to benefit from all this privatisation that has happened during the recent terms of the Coalition?

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Rozelle Interchange for WestCONnex and Chinese-owned John Holland …

NSW INC Push Sting of Asset Recycling allegedly to renew NSW Economy … but isn’t it for Infrastructure to match Higher Density?

NSW INC Push Sting of Asset Recycling for Infrastructure to match Higher Density in the guise of renewing NSW Economy …

Image may contain: 1 person

IT looks like Gladys B and Andrew Constance are at it again … there is no let-up! Pushing for more mega transport projects. To pull this off they want to sell more of Our Public Assets to reinvest in this infrastructure including expansion of the Hong Kong Consortium MTR Metro … allegedly to revive the NSW ECONOMY …

The CoronaVirus Pandemic has meant a delay of 18 months for the third cruise ship terminal in Sydney yet NSW INC propose their infrastructure projects will drive economic growth following the pandemic.

Constance submits ‘asset recycling’ will be the solution … maintaining the fire sale of Our Public Assets

The government is looking at whether it will sell or retain its 49% share in the WestConnex motorway or sell NSW’s electricity assets to fund more infrastructure.

This is based on the concern that stamp duty and payroll taxes will fall.  Before the Pandemic construction was due to start within the next two years for the Sydney Gateway motorway; the first stage of the M6, Western Harbour Tunnel and Warringah Freeway upgrade, Sydney Metro West rail line, and the Greater West metro rail to the WSA.

Of course Transurban is the shoo-in

AND the investment sharks are circling …

Ryan Park MP has raised the alarm on a number of occasions  in 2017, 2018 and in February 2019 with this Media Release:  ‘Berejiklian must Rule Out Service NSW Privatisations and Sell Offs’

AND in these reports in the Illawarra Mercury:

Read more from Tom Rabe and Matt O’Sullivan in ‘Second wave of mega projects ‘silver bullet’ to reviving NSW economy’

Image may contain: tree, plant, house, sky, bridge, outdoor and nature
CAAN Photo the anti WestCONnex Campaign maintains; here at Rozelle

P.S. These Commentators make a lot of sense!


The NSW Government can borrow the $40 billion at around 1 per cent interest. It should get back into the tollway business itself rather creating monopolies for private operators to fleece NSW residents.

Many assets sales have contained restrictive trade covenants which lumber us with high cost ports, electricity, tollways etc.

The final reckoning will show that this Government has reaped some short-term gain at great long-term expense to the people of NSW for which it should be called to account.


How many times do these nuppty liberals need to be told … no more toll roads like WHT and no more cash/benefits going to transurban!

The remaining share in Westconnex is pretty much worthless. No control for the incoming buyer and a public that won’t have the means to ride on toll roads.… good luck trying to squeeze enough cash out of this..


This is a strategy to continue the Ponzi scheme of endless population growth. We’re still dealing with the backlog of infrastructure from the past decade plus.

How about a plan to build a more robust sustainable economy that caters to a stable population? And not sell off assets “even if you don’t get top dollar.

We could try to catch up on transforming our energy sector and make a significant start on transport, industry and agriculture.

A stable population reduces the pressure to keep expanding all the key fundamental services i.e. schools, hospitals, housing, water, sewage, energy, transport etc as well as putting a stop to the increasing destruction of the natural environment.