Which Party are the Best Money Managers?

The Liberal Party of Australia … does it talk up its economic record?

It would seem so!

Labor v Liberal: who best runs the Australian economy?


Who are the Best Managers of the Economy: Labor or the Coalition?






LIST of Former Liberal MPs and Staffers with Cushy Jobs

-Alana Matheson, former Liberal deputy mayor of Campbelltown given a $387,960 per annum post as a Fair Work Commissioner on April 1; 26-year-long, $10 million post; appointed until 2047

Sophie Mirabella, former Liberal MP also made a FWC commissioner on the same salary, on the same day; appointed until 2033

The end dates of their terms reflect when the two women will reach 65 and have to retire.

former deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss being re-appointed as chair of the Australian Rail Track Corporation; on a part-time salary of $166,290

-former Liberal minister Bruce Billson being appointed Small Business Ombudsman on a $360,250 salary

-former backbencher Eric Hutchinson being re-appointed as Administrator of Norfolk Island with a $304,830 salary

-former Liberal senator Kay Patterson being re-appointed as Age Discrimination Commissioner on $360,250

-former Liberal Party federal and state director Tony Nutt; re-appointed a director of the Australia Post; a minimum of $96,890 per year; and re-appointed as a Member of the National Museum of Australia Council on $22,180; re-appointed as a contractor to the Australian Public Service Commission on a $45,000, eight-month contract

. Nutt worked for John Howard, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison 

-former NSW Liberal Premier Nick Greiner appointed Consul-General in New York

Victorian state minister Mary Wooldridge appointed to a $360,250 per year job as Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency

former Liberal Finance Minister Nick Minchin appointed the Independent Food and Grocery Code Reviewer on $1,499 per day

-Scott Morrison’s former chief of staff Charles Wann; named chief operating officer in the Health Department; annual salary from $317,250

-former Liberal staffers Peter Conran and Jason Marocci appointed to $800 per day advisory roles with Sport Integrity Australia

-former Liberal MP Jane Prentice, former Liberal staffers Rachel Da Costa and Naomi Dougall; recently appointed to the AAT


‘Year of the mate’: At least 13 former Liberal MPs, staffers given plum jobs



‘Mates getting plum government jobs? There must be an election coming up’


SO … What’s the Agenda that led to Housing Price Hikes?

Kate Goldby and Zac Anthony are grateful for getting a foot on the property ladder thanks to a family member who guaranteed their home loan.(ABC News: Rhiana Whitson)

IN December 2020 house prices were recovering from the lows of

the mid year

Then over the Christmas break the housing market virtually closed …

BUT come 1 February 2021 instead of Agents dropping the price by some $200,000 when marketing a property allegedly to lure more buyers at Auction …

THAT at 1 February agents instead bumped up the median of December 2020 north by another $200,000 Guide Sale Price! In many instances at $2 Million!

… buyers find as they bid that their reserve for renos just goes to paying a higher price …

AND yet real estate agents said ‘We didn’t see this coming!’ …

WHAT happened over the Christmas vacation?  Was there a big meeting of the Real Estate Institute?

And who was invited to attend?

Could that have been the Big Boys The deve-lopers, the bankers and the Feds?

What was behind all this?  This Agenda?

 … Apart from the Feds using this as an opportunity to make it look like ‘Australia has a strong economy’?

Could it have been a ruse by the deve-lopers to sell off their excess of apartments since the Pandemic had cut off their foreign buyer demand?  

By engineering this price hike in ‘Houses’ to steer buyers especially First Home Buyers towards buying an apartment … really …

And the bankers, of course, enjoy the increased flow for their vaults

NSW INC Stamp Duty Coffers again overflow along with the newly introduced alternative of Annual Land Tax

Cough … cough …

The average amount parents (The Bank of Mum and Dad) are contributing is $89,000!

But as Martin North banking sector analyst said those that received $$ help from parents to get into the property market:

-are three times as likely to default on their loan in the first five years


-they have not been disciplined about their savings

-these parents either gift the money towards a deposit or become ‘guarantor’

-and put forward equity in their own property

-if the children fail to make payments the parents may lose their home!

AND … Mr North … it would seem despite being an Analyst is …  ‘a Man of Humanity’  warns that if in future these buyers end up in negative equity that Regulators should be looking at this very seriously!







Billbergia Rhodes Plan for Road to Split Community Village in half!

Operators of the not-for-profit Concord Community Village say they will lose out while BILLBERGIA plans to build roads and apartments as high as 25 storeys in Rhodes East

Read more to learn how this could have come about

-six hectares – or 75 per cent – of the developable land in the precinct is owned or under option by Billbergia

IT appears Billbergia is favoured with three new proposed streets to run through their land … one of which will split the community village in half!


‘Stupid idea’: A road that will split a property in half risks forcing residents out


VIEW Related Articles to find how this all ties together with a Minister alleged to be involved in land dealings!

‘SIDOTI and Sydney Developer referred to ICAC over Land Dealings’

Former minister John SIDOTI and developer, BILLBERGIA have been referred to ICAC following allegations that development plans were altered to benefit the developer of waterfront apartments in an urban renewal project at Rhodes.


‘2020 Rhodes′

‘Sydney’s Investor-Grade Towers crush their Tenants and Kill the City’s Soul’






WHY has the Construction Sector got the Highest Rate of Suicide?


WHY has the Construction Sector got the highest rate of Suicide?

WITH 80 to 90% the spiral can start from a relationship break down, or any kind of loss, from a loved one to gambling.  Followed by unexpected financial problems … a lack of Job security*

They work excruciatingly long hours to work themselves out of a job—every six months

Pressed to complete large projects on-budget with unrealistic timelines … prioritised over employee wellbeing … for whose benefit?

Together the leadership and their staff are going through this drive for cost savings … for whose benefit?

These workers are 53% more likely to die by suicide than other employed males in this country. 

Death by suicide in the sector is six times higher than death due to site accidents.

Nor have they been encouraged to seek help …

AS it is said it starts ‘at the Top’ …

WHO benefits from the workers’ long hours, insecurity, on-budget, unrealistic timelines, cost savings … certainly not the workers or the clients (buyers) of developments …

AS it is said it starts ‘at the Top’ destroying our $ociety ...


The Urban Developer: Why Is Suicide So Widespread In The Construction Sector?






Sydney House Prices over March soared to $1,309,195

6 Julie Street, Marsfield fetched an extra million dollars when it sold for the second time within five months.
6 Julie Street, Marsfield fetched an extra million dollars when it sold for the second time within five months. Photo: Belle Property Ryde

Sydney house prices soared to a new record of $1,309,195 after jumping $103,000

over the MARCH quarter, or 8.5 per cent.


This is the fastest quarterly acceleration of house prices since Domain records began in 1993.

This has pushed annual house price gains into double digit percentage growth, making it the steepest increase since the lead up to the previous price peak in mid-2017, at 12.6 per cent.  …

All Sydney regions have hit record high house prices.          

READ MORE IF YOU CAN BEAR IT … what it means many cannot own shelter!

HOWEVER, for those who sold during 2020 and were looking for another home … found that at 1 February 2021 house prices mysteriously jumped $200,000 or more from December 2020 …

-now priced out of their communities across Sydney

HOW was this FECK-UP cooked up?

-ultra-low home loan rates

-government incentives … a boon to the property mates

-high household savings (and the Bank of Mum and Dad … some even going guarantor … whereby they could lose the lot down the track)

-money laundering in real estate continues

IS the Morrison government doing its bit to promote Australia as a safe haven for laundered money and the proceeds of corruption?  With Australian real estate a prime market for hiding dirty money

AND now that it appears that … housing has reached the point where rising prices and falling affordability have met?

HAVE buyers in fact been set up? … cough … cough …

Michael Pascoe: The federal government doesn’t care at all about the Housing Crisis

HOW likely this is the case when the Property Sector has such a cosy connection with those at the top? Even down to policy writing?

IS there a possibility of another Agenda here?

MORE on this to follow …

SYDNEY Property Owners test market with ‘unrealistic’ prices 


-much of the current housing market stock less than $2M is of pooor quality with ridiculous price tags

.with plastic cladding, termite damage, rat infestations, leaky roof, drainage issues, damp, mould, shaky foundations, ancient kitchens and bathrooms, and not even a coat of paint!

-many going to auction in 2 or 3 week campaigns





About Gazcorp …

GAZCORP a Liberal Party Political Donor

About …

‘Australian-owned, Gazcorp is led by proud Sydney-siders, Nabil Jnr and Nicholas Gazal. Our switched-on city is on the verge of shining brighter than ever before. With experience and dedication, we share our vision for better urban living.

Gazcorp has evolved into one of the country’s major multi-sector real estate investment companies. Established under the leadership of the late Nabil Gazal, we have increased our commercial, retail and residential strengths, completing projects both domestically and across the globe.’

A little Background …

Liberal Party Donor $14,500  in the 2012-13 financial year, with the Liberal Party receiving four times more than the ALP.

Gazcorp Pty LimitedLiberal Party of Australia, NSW Division

ICAC: Chris Hartcher, Chris Spence and Darren Webber accused of hiding election funding

The slush fund had three principal donors — Australian Water Holdings, which was the subject of the previous ICAC inquiry that felled Premier Barry O’Farrell, major Newcastle developer Buildev, and Gazcorp — which was the subject of a previous ICAC inquiry about its shopping centre at Orange Grove.


ICAC: Gazals entertained Chris Hartcher on luxury yacht but deny paying $100,000 in bribes



Colonel Pickering’s (Ex Ryde LNP Mayor) pre-planned retirement scheme questioned

PLANNING MINISTER Roberts launched the Parramatta office of Bill Pickering’s lobbying firm Hugo Halliday after it vacated its Gazcorp-subsidised Gladesville office.

The Dark Lord and the Call of Cthulhu (or, The Crisis of Planning in NSW)

The NSW Planning Minister, a Whitsundays luxury yacht trip and a controversial planning agreement







How will ReOpening Our Borders impact the Property Industry?


Ah – Ha …

Meanwhile News Reports as recently as this evening (18 April 2021) on the transmission of Covid-19 at the ‘ADINA’ between two families who have returned from overseas …

Why is it Health Minister Hunt appears anxious to allay fears?

Property Council Chief Executive, Ken Morrison speaks of safely reopening our borders … and then …Ken continues,

“population growth is a critical ingredient to Australia’s economic success.”

SUBSTITUTE with ‘the Property Council’s economic success’.

Ken Morrison then proposes the National Cabinet should take steps to increase Australia’s quarantine capacity … now if resumption of our borders cannot occur until 2022

… AND further proposes ramping up our quarantine arrangements to enable TEN TIMES the current capacity!

WHO is the Morrison Govt working for?

Back before Sc.mmo entered politics he wrote the policy for the deve-loper lobby, The Property Council of Australia

READ MORE: ‘How will Reopening our Borders impact the Property Industry’

In response to the global pandemic, Australia closed its borders to international visitors and migrants in 2020. As a result, the property industry witnessed weaker rental demand caused by the slower population growth.

Recently, the Property Council of Australia has welcomed the National Cabinet’s decision to task the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) with providing guidance on the future of international border quarantine agreements.

The decision – while still in relatively early stages – is expected to positively impact the property industry. The AHPPC has been requested to provide specific health advice regarding the implications for quarantine arrangements and the reopening of Australia’s borders – following the successful vaccine rollout of Phase 1A and 1B. This marks an important first step towards safely reopening our borders to international visitors and migrants* and in turn, seeing an increase in rental* demand across the nation

Property Council Chief Executive, Ken Morrison speaks of safely reopening; “the safe reopening of international borders is one of the biggest decisions facing Australia and this review is an important step in enabling this to happen. Australia needs greater clarity and consistency not just around our domestic restrictions but also around the implications of the vaccine rollout on our international quarantine arrangement.”

Ken continues, “population growth* is a critical ingredient to Australia’s economic success.* If the resumption of normal border arrangements cannot occur until some time in 2022, the National Cabinet should take concrete steps to increase our quarantine capacity now. Australia can stay safe and accelerate economic recovery by ramping up our quarantine arrangements to enable ten times the current capacity.”

SOURCE: https://www.a-d.com.au/buying-living/market-insights/how-will-reopening-our-borders-impact-the-property-industry?utm_source=ApartmentDevelopments.com.au&utm_campaign=10344cdb23-APD_Newsletter_VIC_Sun_18.04.21&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_89b860427f-10344cdb23-263112251&fbclid=IwAR0nksQ5PEOEar1WwLWESFO9Q2kYVMrO4t4cgjApJ2mrzIQKYK6Gh70Zdqc

CAAN responds to Commentator Lex on Elizabeth Farrelly’s ‘Sydney’s Hamlet Tragedy: Urban Sprawl conquers all’

Lex wrote …

People have to live somewhere & it is far preferable to go up, allowing for the preservation of open spaces & transport consolidation than out, resulting in urban sprawl & the entire Sydney basin eventually being covered in squat buildings. It is the peculiarly Australian malady of High Rise Phobia that continues to fuel the urban sprawl that is threatening Mt Gilead & similar places.

CAAN: Yes, people do have to live somewhere, and in case it has escaped your notice, Lex, both Sydney and Melbourne have been subjected to high immigration … not just 70,000 per annum of permanent migrants, but during the term of the Howard Government it rose to some 200,000, 300,000 or more with temporary migration of Visa holders!

This population explosion began in the late 1990s of the Howard Government when Middle Class Chinese were invited to invest or buy our real estate to gain ‘Flexible Citizenship’!

And the Ponzi Scheme… the origins of which date back to the 457 Visa being introduced after John Howard took office …

Many on Student Visas were able to bring out family members through a Family Visa, Parent, Grandparent, and Guardian Visa. 

The PhD Student Visa, Investor Stream, Significant Investor … and more!

This huge influx particularly from China led to increased competition for our housing … house prices escalated … locking out many young Australians … Black Money was awash in our real estate as the second tranche of the AML Legislation was shelved … then in October 2018 the Morrison Government exempted the Real Estate Gatekeepers from the Anti-Money Laundering Laws!

In January 2019 Scott Morrison announced a cut to migration of some 30,000, but at the same time overlooked that there were some 2.2 Million VISA Holders in Australia!

This Visa manipulation has benefited not only foreign buyers but both the high-rise and urban sprawl developers … in fact a ruling of the FIRB has allowed them to sell ‘new homes’ to foreign buyers! Whole Precincts of high-rise and urban sprawl!

IT would seem that the Australian People have been overruled by developers, doesn’t it?

  • We have had no say about this whatsoever despite many spending years to try and save our Heritage, Fauna, Flora, Farmlands, villages and suburbs from their greed and destruction!

SO what do you say now, Lex, about ‘High Rise Phobia’ fuelling the urban sprawl? 

Search CAAN Website to learn more about  …

-Lang Walker, Walker Corporation

-Harry Triguboff, Meriton

-Country Garden (now Risland)


-Wilton, Appin, Mount Gilead

-Visa Manipulation

-Foreign Investment Review Board (the FIRB) and much more!

Read this from Elizabeth Farrelly:


Michael Pascoe reveals how the Housing Affordability Crisis has come about

‘Michael Pascoe: The federal government doesn’t care at all about the housing crisis’

WHY would it? Having created it …

A MUST READ! Please do consider sharing!

Keeping the link here for access … to quote from as often as possible!