WHAT this Report leads one to question is why …

Young people appear to have little prospects for employment apart from jobs in hospitality and retail.  What brought this about?

We can think of some reasons. They include the Liberal Coalition policies inviting:

-Visa workers who accept low wages to gain ‘permanent residency

-the demise of TAFE

-employers having access to cheap labour from visa workers

-the loss of manufacturing for cheap imports

-an economy based on high density residential development esp. mixed-use development of shops, cafes and warehouses, childcare on lower floors

-thus expansion of the retail and hospitality sectors

WHAT this report does not reveal is why those aged 75 and older may own their own home is because of their age; 40, 50 years spent paying a mortgage; during that time they paid their full taxes to cover the cost of their parents aged pensions … they enjoyed job protections, good wages and conditions through Union membership. And there were more job opportunities with a bigger range of industry

-currently though more older women are finding themselves homeless due to insecure work; less employment continuity due to child rearing; marriage breakdown and/or domestic violence

KEY POINTS from Professor Gray’s research …

-1 in 7 Australians struggled to pay rent or mortgage payments during Pandemic

-housing stress has doubled to that of 3 months earlier

-44% of young people could not meet rent or mortgage repayments

-a relationship between age and not meeting housing payments on time

-young Australians largely employed in retail or hospitality * the hardest hit sectors by the Pandemic

-young people subject to lowest wages growth and consequently little savings

-less than 2% of those 75 and over struggle to pay rent or mortgages

QUESTION why won’t the Morrison Government come clean on what their plans are for JobKeeper from September with a review of payment now underway, and what of JobSeeker? 

Rather than giving the victims sufficient payment to sustain life, does this Government prefer to look after itself with a pay increase?



IF these JobMaker and JobSeeker payments are withdrawn … which is looking likely … how soon before Australia falls off an economic cliff?

From a public health crisis to an economic crisis likely to become a housing crisis


Proportion of people who can’t pay their rent or mortgage doubled during pandemic


Image may contain: plant, tree, night and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Queue outside Chatswood NSW Services; along the street and around the corner; May 2020

How long before NSW Home Owners unite to fight the Cladding Crisis?

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CAAN Photo: Cladding material that may look like this in Meadowbank? Or it may appear to be more subtle?

CITY OF SYDNEY Homeowners are being hit with $25,000 bills to remove and replace combustible cladding

WHY are home owners in this predicament?

Wasn’t there a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry held into the regulation of building standards, and building quality?

Yes!  The reforms were designed to give homeowners who buy defective apartments an easier path to pursue damages.  A registration system and developers to be forced to comply with ‘declared’ building designs.

YET … the homeowner victims are being hit with the rectification bills?

DESPITE the final report to the NSW Government making a range of recommendations for flammable cladding including:

  • The need to disclose to potential buyers or renters when a building contains flammable cladding.
  • That the NSW Government provide substantial funding for the rectification of buildings containing aluminium composite panels, and that these products be banned from the Australian market.
  • That the funding the NSW Government provide for flammable cladding be proportionate to that of the Victorian Government’s $600 million.
  • In circumstances where insurance has not provided a suitable solution to the flammable cladding issue, the NSW Government should take it upon itself to pay for the rectification of flammable cladding.

READ MORE from ‘NSW Parliament Report on Defects Crisis’

YET despite all of this … it is incredulous, isn’t it, that the perpetrators … those that own the housing development projects … continue, it seems, to get off ‘Scott free’?

… and NSW INC has now released a Second and Third Tranche of more Overdevelopment … and the Medium-Density Housing Code is to come into effect on 1 July 2020!!

Further this report, ‘It’s not fair: Sydney cladding crisis threatens to ‘crush families’ financially‘ reveals that NSW INC, it appears, due to decades of deregulation, have dodged a bullet because the new recommendations, it appears, are not retrospective!

View: https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/it-s-not-fair-sydney-cladding-crisis-threatens-to-crush-families-financially-20200622-p554z8.html#comments

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CAAN Photo: Or cladding material that may look like this?

‘DESTINATION’ Meriton Precinct in Talavera Road is Rising

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CAAN Photo: First Tower of ‘Destination’ Talavera Road Macquarie Park

THERE is more to this than meets the eye!

The first Meriton Tower for ‘Destination’ in Talavera Road Macquarie Park at 28 June 2020 is now some 22 storeys … and it is expected to be completed with 27 storeys early 2021!

IMAGINE how the 63 Storey Tower will dominate!

This Meriton development is for 1270 units in Macquarie Park.

Wondering how many of the 1270 apartments are sold? And to who? HT has previously said:

“The problem with Australians is they are very slow. They ask their lawyer, they ask their financial adviser, they ask their family, they ask everybody. The Chinese don’t ask anybody, they come off the plane, buy their unit and go.”


“China has more than 1 billion people,” he said. “And they love Australia. I think they love Australia as much as we love Australia. So there will always be enough of them that will buy.”

What will happen now? With further outbreaks of CV-19?

Will these CCP members have already gained ‘Permanent Residency’ when they purchased? What then?

Will AUSTRALIA be safe? How can a ‘PR VISA’ ensure they will be COVID-19 free?

Recent report (shared on CAAN) there are no changes to foreign investment in real estate …

-the changes leave existing gateways for investment largely untouched

-little has changed for key investment sectors such as mining, residential, industrial and commercial real estate and agribusiness land and enterprises

• There are no significant changes proposed to the rules regarding residential real estate


Another aspect to this is that in Macquarie Park there has been a complete demograhic change … it has visibly been underway since about 2015 …

Macquarie Park was originally a Business and Information Technology Park which created local employment …

But what now? With largely foreign buyers of these apartments particularly from China it would appear they are in the “box seat” for employment …

MERITON is everywhere … in every direction across Sydney … in the Sydney CBD … Chatswood … Epping … Sydney Olympic Park … Rhodes …
Meadowbank … Pagewood … Parramatta … Abbotsford … Hurstville … Burwood … here in Macquarie Park with a couple of precinct developments …

MERITON is up on the Gold Coast and down in Melbourne

MERITON has apartments for sale … for rent … serviced apartments for tourists and hotels!

Now the community of ‘Little Bay’ are opposing a monstrous precinct. It began with the Little Bay Masterplan

-it was approved in 2009 allowing for 450 dwellings to be built in buildings up to five-storeys (18m)

–Meriton then sought consent to build 1900 dwellings in multiple mid and high-rise with maximum height of 22 storeys (73m)

It has now been rejected by the Council … however … HT has its own legal counsel …

Remember the interview with Jane Hutcheon on ‘One Plus One’

JANE HUTCHEON: Do you feel you have had a hand in the way the Sydney landscape has changed?

HARRY TRIGUBOFF: Well, since I am not a modest person I say I had the biggest hand in it because I devoted myself to Sydney. I did a little bit in Queensland, but absolutely I am Sydney! …. .

IT would seem that the Planning Law changes were long in the making … remember HT said when he arrived in Sydney:

“I looked at Bondi Beach. Bronze bodies. Unbelievable. I looked at the red roofs. No flats, [just] cottages everywhere.’ So is this why Harry set about changing the built environment … ?

Image may contain: outdoor
CAAN Photo: Two gum trees and a few shrubs in this ‘zone’
Image may contain: sky and outdoor
CAAN Photo: The Meriton on site sales office ‘Awake in Tranquility’ of the whir of the M2, the protection of the two gum tree protected zone and Talavera Road a route to the M2 and high-rise neighbourhood.
Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud and outdoor
CAAN Photo: the ‘Destination’ site with preparation underway for more towers. The M2 is in the background.





THIS Time it’s a Singapore Developer Growing its Student Accommodation ‘Investment’ in Australia …

FOREIGN ‘Investment’ Companies like these are operating in a space that seeks to gain ownership dressed up as ‘investing’… the customers for these purpose built student accommodation are with little doubt from the same origins … so profits are designed to leave our shores along with the Title Deeds!

HOW do they do this? By setting up a business trust in Australia to acquire property …

These developers are long term planners … they are looking for ownership over a long period of time in Australia.

An opportunity to accommodate their students in a closed environment where they control it!

Our universities had a proposal to begin flying in small groups of international students from July … 300 were set to fly to Canberra to be quarantined in hotels.  The ACT along with South Australia planned to get this off the ground with other states to follow ….

HOWEVER with the current outbreaks of COVID-19, it would seem that those pushing this are those that have the most to lose in their business model based on fee paying foreign students 

It is a worry, just goes to show what depths these Edu-entrepreneurs will go to … to have tax payers subsidise foreign students even though they say the student pays, every other cent spent by the University is ultimately sourced from the public purse.

Read more!


And this from the Urban Developer in 2018!



Singapore-listed developer Wee Hur Holdings has moved one step closer to realising its Australian student accommodation ambitions, appointing Intergen Property Group to manage a $700 million Purpose Built Student Accommodation fund.


Image may contain: sky, tree, house and outdoor
CAAN Photo: even fugly like this in one of Sydney’s exclusive Harbourside areas … however only 150 dwellings for this LGA. Too bad for the neighbours at the rear could this be too close for comfort?

DESPITE the strong objections from Councils and Constituents …

It’s happened across Sydney wherever higher density has been deemed … this is the second stage … their appetite whet for more …

TO demolish our streets for crap like this …

Image may contain: sky, tree, house, cloud, plant and outdoor
CAAN Photo 10 Townhouses 10 X water and sewer where there was one home
Image may contain: sky, plant, tree and outdoor

CAAN Photo oversized duplex showing signs of poor workmanship

IN the lead up what it will mean …

THE MOB moves will be underhand … our properties undervalued …

NEXT … wholesale demolitions … asbestos clouds … excavations … jackhammers … tradies trucks pack out our streets … chainsaws too … mud … cement dust … visa workers not trained through our TAFE … latrines on the streets …. footpaths turned into rubble … hazards for pedestrians … conga lines of trucks … cement mixer trucks … concrete pores even as late as 8 p.m. 

THIS is planned for across NSW … no escape …

As ‘Our Families‘ are priced out … note this Report …

‘Major proposed changes to Australia’s Foreign Investment regime announced by the federal government’



‘There are no significant changes proposed to the rules regarding residential real estate’ *

Read more!


As China is alleged to be easing off … enter Millions of buyers … Billions of ‘em from Hong Kong … Malaysia,  Singapore, India … and obviously more Black Money awash in our Real Estate … remember the Real Estate Gatekeepers are exempt from the Anti-Money Laundering Laws (Morrison Govt October 2018) …

BUT … what the Property Sector may find that due to the Pandemic … that international travel will not happen until there is a vaccine … so despite no laws to prevent foreign acquisition … the market may not just be there!

WHEN some believer says ‘Come on … Liberals are good economic managers’ … OR ‘lay off these guys’ … just remind them how good they are …

-and what it has been costing us …

Mr Pants-on-Fire from the Shire was anointed by the Federal developer lobby, Property Council of Australia for the top jobso that the PCA holds the reins of Australia …

He wrote the policy for the PCA before entering politics …

AND in NSW the Mob rule from Macquarie Street … read more:


VIEW CAAN’s earlier report … can’t say we didn’t warn you!


LOWY THINK TANK POLL … and how Australians View CHINA Now …

HOW much longer will we have to deal with the Wuhan Pandemic of 2020? 

It may well be years  …? 

With its awful ramifications for our Society … jobs market  … our economy … and the threat of an insidious disease remaining …

Frank Lowy … we note was the former Chairman of Westfield, a global shopping centre company … so perhaps this would have some bearing on the way the questions were put together for this survey?

Mr Lowy it would seem has really enjoyed the benefits of ‘Globalisation’ … and the Liberal Coalition policies which would no doubt have contributed to the expansion of Westfield … like his fellow AFR Rich Listers with the real estate tourism … the World-wide expansion of the Westfield chain of shopping centres …

AND … Lowy is the founder of the Lowy Institute described as the Nation’s leading foreign affairs think tank also described as ‘neoliberal’

View: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Lowy

So with all that … it is put that Aussies still believe in globalisation contrary to the rest of the planet who are falling back to nationalism, and protectionism. 

So where do these 2448 respondents to the survey come from?  And how were the questions framed concerning the bushfires, climate change in the midst of the Pandemic in March with businesses closing and jobs lost? 

In 2019 many had already been subject to underemployment let alone those made redundant before this Pandemic so it is not surprising that only 65% were optimistic.  Now only 52% feel optimistic about the economy  …

IT would seem it has taken the Worldwide devastation of the CoronaVirus for Australians to finally grasp the need to withdraw from China … to diversify our markets …

a mere 23% of Australians trust China; a 29 point drop in 2 years

-22% have confidence in Xi Jinping



nine in ten want the Australian government to diversify markets; reduce dependence on China

-despite Australians confidence in Trump in freefall 78% recognise our US alliance is important for our security

HOW come as the Lowy Institute alleges that until very recently Australians in the majority saw China as an economic opportunity? 

Was that a consequence of the media, government ministers, Think Tanks like the Lowy Institute talking up the value of ‘our largest trading partner’?  Constantly?

So that the intelligence reports somehow were overlooked?



Photo: Wikipedia; Frank Lowy

WHY are MILLENNIALS Moving to Australia’s Regions … and Big Towns?

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ORANGE and the surrounding villages and towns. Canowindra hot air ballooning

WHY are MILLENNIALS Moving to Australia’s Regions … and Big Towns?

Of course, many Millennials are now moving to the regional cities … big towns that have the infrastructure …

SYDNEY for one has lost its appeal to many … the fuglification … the congestion …

IS it just real estate prices, or is it because Australians have had to compete with foreign ownership?

… over this period from 2011 to 2016, and up to the CoronaVirus Pandemic … during the terms of the Liberal Coalition in NSW …

KEY POINTS … from a Report determining population growth and movements …

-between 2011 and 2016 regional millennials are moving to other regions; not to capital cities

-Sydney lost more to the regions

-they were more aware of the benefits of living in the regions

-with a move to Orange there was no longer a two hour commute to work but an 8 minute drive

-able to buy a home

-they are seeking mid-sized towns with a hospital, airport, university, jobs and lifestyle!

-the regions attracted 65,000 more than they lost to capital cities

THIS no doubt reflects the very pooor policies of the NSW Liberal Coalition …

Turning our SYDNEY Town into what the Foreign Buyers have fled …

LET alone the nasty consequences for our Australian Society with a whole Cohort locked out of Sydney by not only competition from foreign acquisition … but the loss of livebility … the long commutes … that many have sought an attractive lifestyle in the Regions!



Photo: Spring Hill; orange.com.au
Byng looking towards Springfielf
Overlooking Orange

Photos: Orange.com.au CAAN was unable to locate our photos of Orange and district!

STOKES DENIES A CONFLICT OF INTEREST … despite an Executive from the PCA parachuted in for Fast Tracking of Projects!


-Planning Minister Stokes denies there is a conflict of interest after an executive from the Property Council was asked to help lead the State Government’s response to CoronaVirus

-that response involves fast-tracking the decision making around major projects some of which are proposed by members of the Property Council

-despite the West Pennant Hills Blue Gum High Forest site being rejected by the Hills Council last year developer Mirvac has a proposal for 600 homes

this site has been selected by the State Government to have its rezoning assessment fast tracked

-the Planning Minister said this fast tracking was to facilitate a ‘determination’

CAAN: For a MIRVAC development perhaps like this at Glebe?

Image may contain: outdoor
CAAN Photo 2016 Mirvac alongside the Crescent, Glebe

To replace this beautiful Blue Gum High Forest at West Pennant Hills?

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature
CAAN Photo the Blue Gum High Forest … formerly the IBM Site concealed by the forest now owned by Developer Mirvac!

-the planning minister moved to quell concern there is a conflict of interest within his department

Mirvac happens to be represented on the Board of the Property Council of Australia

-the Deputy Executive Director of the PCA in NSW is Mr William Power; he has taken leave without pay to become the Executive Director of the Planning Department’s Covid-19 response

-his role is described as Communications and Stakeholder Engagement; not involved in any determinative process either in terms of fast-tracking of individual projects or the determination of them

-the department’s lawyer is confident Mr Power has no role in relation to decision making

his responsibility involves fast-tracking the decision making of major projects; some of which were proposed by members of the PCA!!

  • P.S. … Is this Dracula running the Blood Bank?

SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE to find out more about:

-the Property Council of Australia (the PCA)

-Scott Morrison before entering politics wrote the Policy for the PCA



NOW … see for yourself from TenNews …



Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: high-rise development underway view from Castle Towers

WAIT!  THERE’S MORE …  $4.7BN ACCELERATION FOR TRANCHE 3 … the ‘New Normal’ from NSW INC … even faster approvals with 19 more Projects!

-$1.2 Bn Victoria Cross Metro Station in North Sydney with an over-station development overseen by Lendlease

Included among the 19 extra projects are:

-a 60MW solar farm

-$64.3 M school in Camden

rezoning for a North Castle Hill Precinct

IS this why David Elliott hastened to talk in defence of his Hills Constituents?

BECAUSE with further rezoning … this time for the North Castle Hill Precinct … that many constituents may be upset by this … just as they were with the rezoning for the Crane Road Precinct?


Mulpha’s $1Bn Norwest  with 9 high-rise towers

FROM the PDF it records:

Amendment to The Hills LEP – 40 Solent Circuit Baulkham Hills

The Hills Shire Proposal to facilitate a mixed use development. This includes contributions towards upgrading Norwest Boulevard which is a regional road $235m 471 jobs Mulpha Norwest Pty Ltd

WHO are Mulpha?

Mulpha Group (“Mulpha”) is one of Australia’s most experienced real estate and hospitality investors with highly specialised operational management and development capability. The group also has an extensive portfolio of real estate, property development, hospitality, education, retirement, private equity and debt assets and invests in some of the fastest-growing and most vibrant economies in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the UK.

Search for: mulpha.com.au

From the Daily Telegraph: 19 Projects to be fast-tracked by NSW Government

The project was approved by the Hills Shire Council in December 2019.
Photo DT: Approved by the Hills Council in December 2019; to spoil Baulkham Hills!



Amendment to The Hills LEP – Cecil Avenue & Roger Avenue Castle Hill

The Hills Shire Proposal to increase housing supply close to transport, jobs and services.  Will also facilitate new regional road infrastructure and a new through site link from Cecil Avenue to Roger Avenue for the public. $140m 280 jobs Merc Capital

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is v1

Google Map: Roger Avenue Castle Hill

View:  Fast-tracked Assessments: Tranche Three

‘Major new rezoning for the North Castle Hill Precinct to create opportunities for new housing directly connected to Castle Hill commercial area.  The precinct will include enhanced ‘urban’ park spaces and parks with improved play equipment, picnic facilities, landscaping and seating.’


-5000 ‘new homes’ in Parkwood

-$10M for Social Housing consisting of 41 affordable units for Gosford

THAT brings the total to 48 major projects assessed.

Planning Minister Stokes let it slip that NSW INC has simplified and fast-tracked its assessment process … developer lobby groups must be chuffed … for 8000 new homes, infrastructure and public spaces



Baulkham Hills MP defends The Hills Amenity objects to Overdevelopment in his Patch

Image may contain: sky, cloud, skyscraper and outdoor
CAAN Photo; Three Towers under construction on the other side of ‘Castle Towers’; the site for a fourth tower has just been cleared. The middle tower accessed by a YongMao Crane; YongMao a Chinese machinery manufacturer specializing in large sized and supersized tower cranes
Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor
CAAN Photo: A fourth tower soon to rise nearby; in the background Castle Hill with homes set among bushlands

In Pollie Speak the Member said:

‘I remain completely opposed to the fast-tracking of all medium and high-density development in my electorate of Baulkham Hills,”

In ‘developer speak’ he said he acknowledged the need to expand Sydney.

DESPITE the acceleration of development since 2011 during the terms of the Liberal Coalition in NSW, how is it that they hold the Labor administration responsible for denying The Hills the infrastructure it will need to match even more medium and high-density housing?

AS revealed in this Macro Business Report it is both an issue of infrastructure and population policy …

‘Australia’s recent migrants don’t want more immigration’

The infastructure appears to always be an afterthought … whether it be for:




The consequences include the electorate being packed in like sardines in trains;  inadequate health care to meet the doubling of the population;

Children schooled in demountable classrooms

Image may contain: skyscraper, sky, plant, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo; close up of the towers under construction. In the background nearby homes having lost their amenity to high-rise overdevelopment on the Metro route! The Metro connecting to Chatswood, North Sydney and Sydney.

Why do the Hills people believe that ‘Infrastructure’ is the Solution?

Because the ‘overdevelopment’ has occurred since the reign of the NSW Libs since 2011 … so how can the Labor administration be held responsible for denying the Hills the infrastructure that it will need to accommodate even more medium and high-density housing?

YET despite being sold out in Crane Road some from The Hills stop short of saying anything about the government.  Why is this so?

An example of this … CAAN spoke to a family formerly residents of Crane Road, Castle Hill … now known as the ‘CRANE ROAD PRECINCT’.

The mother we spoke to said it still upsets her to shop at the nearby Castle Towers because ‘the developers were underhand’ …

That within 6 months of being forced to sell their home the property prices shot up and they were unable to buy back in Castle Hill.  They had to move away!

Background … The Hills Development Control Plan  (DCP) 2012 Crane Road Precinct located within the Castle Hill Major Centre .  It is bordered by the Old Northern Road, Terminus Street and Crane Road, and a portion of the Old Northern Road Reserve.  Referred to as the Crane Road Precinct.

Image may contain: sky, skyscraper, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Crane Road Precinct looms large; viewed from the road leading to Castle Towers

HOW soon before Castle Hill looks like Top Ryde … Macquarie Park … Epping … ?

Read more!

‘Protecting the Hills lifestyle’: Minister slams fast-track planning in his electorate