China Just Banned All Foreigners From Entering The Country – Episode #22

Some notes from this program live streamed:

The program opened with Serpentza discovering he, his organisation had been banned by Lijian Zhao who started the conspiracy rhetoric in China

The thing that reflects the wider attitude towards foreigners now in China -effective now – China is banning the entry of all foreigners; every foreigner.

It does not matter if you have residency, a valid visa, a Chinese wife or family … foreigners will not be allowed to enter unless ‘you are a true blooded yellow skin Chinese …. ‘

That is not racist; that is what they said!

The ban they say is temporary, but it is important for us to see this for what it is!

It is damage control by the Chinese.

People coming back to China are being portrayed as the new carriers of the disease.

90% of the people coming back are Chinese Nationalists including students

-only 10% of the people coming back into China are foreigners

(until the ban)

It does not make sense; they say it is still foreigners

31 January the United States banned Chinese Nationals from coming in; it did not pertain to people married to U.S. citizens.

Lijian Zhao called it the ‘Wuhan National Virus’!  It was a location thing not a race thing! BUT in China it’s a race thing … you are not Chinese you cannot come inside.

You want to see racism you have a look at what China is doing!

The entire World is not able to go into China.

Outbound travellers will still be able to exit the country now; they won’t let you back in.

When other countries were proposing stopping people coming from mainland China that were not citizens it was called racist yet when China does something far worse – this is literally no-one comes in – you could be the head of a Charity that helps Chinese – you are not coming in because you are a foreigner!

Every day the Chinese Stock Market opens if something is doing well it will come up in ‘red’.  When you see it in green means it is bad!

A couple of weeks ago when China opened its stock market it was green; now it is all red!

They are injecting massive amounts of cash into the stock market, and it is unsustainable.  I think the rest of the World is going to follow suit but the level that China is doing it is insane.

About 17 minutes into the livestream:


What we talk about and what the mainstream media are talking about are on a different page.

However, SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA released a clip last week which shocked Serpentza because of its accuracy!

The Sky News Journalist:

‘I want to talk about China’s culpability and conduct throughout the CoronaVirus crisis that began in a Wuhan wet market.  The Chinese Communist Regime not only destroyed evidence and allowed the virus to spread but it arrested doctors who back in December, who tried to warn the World about what was happening in Wuhan.’

Further she related some were arrested; accused of fabricating and disseminating rumours; they have since died; others have vanished.

The virus has caused a global recession!

  • The livestream then moves onto AUSTRALIA!

‘… because Australia belongs to China.  This incredibly risky business!’

We are going to talk about Australia in World News.


They will try to ignore it as much as possible, and sweep it under the rug!

It all comes back to chaos … China is a very chaotic country.

The SARS in 2002/04 it got out when a doctor went to Hong Kong and died there; they figured it ut it comes from Mainland China from a ‘wet market’.

China banned  the sale of wildlife animals;  the ban probably lasted a couple of months.

Unfortunately the news in America with extremes on each side.  Fox News is for the conservatives; others for the Liberals.

Taiwan is fantastic;  the way they responded to this outbreak;  everyone should be looking at Taiwan and Singapore;  looking at the way they dealt with this from the beginning.

It is all about wearing masks, social distancing and testing!

In Canada a restaurant had a sign saying ‘No Chinese allowed’; a restaurant run by mainland Chinese people because they were worried about the virus!

Serpentza then talked about his Friday Video ‘Is China the most Racist Country in the World?

It is incredibly important for you to watch that if you want more insight into what Is going on in China with regard to the anti-foreign sentiment; the barring of foreigners.

Some twiterati  are saying ‘the wet market is racist’!

Back to Australia – a group of employees for a real estate group in Australia (Greenland) were given a mandate from the head of the company.  This company is heavily tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

They were told to stop all normal operations to go and buy in bulk medical supplies, and they went to the most rural parts of Australia; going into pharmacies buying up every single thing.

They shipped 3 million face masks … all they could get their hands on.  This is where things got a bit blurry  …

But it’s illegal the way they do things. 

They put it on their private company plane; shipped it back to Wuhan.

‘I am all for people sending …. But the way they work is they strip the shelves  … they take everything and leave nothing behind … ‘

‘Is China the most RACIST country in the world?’