The Western Sydney Aerotropolis

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the new city, surrounding the under-construction Nancy-Bird Walton Airport, will include commercial, agricultural, industrial and residential development and is targeting tech-centric aerospace and defence companies as well as advanced manufacturers and agribusinesses.

The site has been divided into ten precincts, with three key precincts—the Aerotropolis Core, Northern Gateway and South Creek—identified by the government as offering the greatest growth potential.


• 11,200 hectares underpinned by a 20-year agreement
• Six initial precincts to be developed during the coming years
• Four additional precincts to be rezoned
• 12.2 million visitors expected annually
• 200,000 new jobs projected
• Predicted to become Australia’s third-largest economy by 2036


Is Australia set to offer Hongkongers Visas?

IS Australia set to offer HongKongers Visas? Will the Protesters get a look-in?

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How many, or would that be ‘how few Hong Kong Protesters’ would be offered these Tiananmen Visas … as they are bundled off to gaol ??


From MB

“Coalition hard right arch conservative backbencher, Kevin Andrews was on the ABC spruiking this thought bubble and I was gobsmacked at the logistical and economic consequences of his delusions.

He quoted a figure of 100,000 to 200,000 young Hong Kongers coming to Australia where they would be able to ‘go to university’ and enjoy the warmth of Australian compassion for refugees of all ethnicities and religions.

Fanciful stuff during a pandemic travel embargo, and where foreign students are expected to pay upfront and be able to support themselves and where there is an unemployment explosion amongst young people here in Australia.

The rich older folk with British passports could go to England, and if you read the Chinese Global Times, this move will be another nail in the coffin on any Australian economic recovery.


Why do they keep shooting themselves in the foot when they haven’t shown any compassion for refugees from other parts of the world in much greater need and when Andrews as Immigration Minister cut the intake of refugees from African countries because ‘some groups don’t seem to be settling in and adjusting to the Australian way of life.’

“AND … this is what CAAN wrote about this outrageous proposal!

VIEW today’s report in the SMH:

Why Should the Morrison Govt lure HNW from Hong Kong on the Say-So of a Wealth Manager?

Haven’t we had enough of this Hedley and Eslake ‘lot’ who never seem to give up on calling for ever more immigration?  Why?  What is in it for them?

What are the sources of these Hong Kong ‘Millions of dollars in investment’?  How much of which are in fact ‘Black Money’?  Where is the proof of their sources?  How restrictive are Australia’s Visa laws?  It would seem they are anything but! 

Prior to the Pandemic ‘Permanent Residency’ appeared to be a Growth Industry with a large range of Visas facilitating this not only for the Entrepreneurs but for Visa workers which has led to the lowest wages growth for 60 years, high unemployment and underemployment at 19.7% prior to the Pandemic! 

At the same time there were 2.4 Million Visa holders in Australia … many of whom were here on Real Estate tours … and looking to gain permanent residency … so it would appear the cut to permanent migration to 160,000 was of little consequence?

AND it appears this has led to another growth industry for those on the AFR Rich List becoming Richer!

There are more than 200 of them so why do we need to import more?  Why can’t they develop more start-ups? And create jobs for Australians with incomes that generate spending power to boost our economy?

Why not bring back the inter-active digital media development blocked by the Abbott Government?  It has proved to be very profitable overseas … why not here? Invest in R & D … manufacturing … renewables?

Is Hedley ignoring that in Melbourne there is a second wave of Covid?  That the Andrews government proposes to lock down more! 

World-wide the Pandemic has not been deterred!  So how can opening the migration and visa manipulation floodgates be warranted?

Hedley concedes there is a humanitarian aspect … that they should be provided with a safety net, and in the next breath talks about targeting entrepreneurs  … despite COVID-19 … and often the 14 day quarantine has proven inadequate …

Eslake is quoted saying ‘about three quarters of our growth in the last five years has come from population growth’

BUT what Eslake has overlooked is at the cost to State and local governments and the Australian people as revealed in this report from Macro Business!

Search for:

‘A Big Australia means more expensive everything’!

This report reveals that the Federal Government collects some 80% of the tax revenue’.

However, the ancillary costs of the growth in population are shifted to the state and local governments, and households!

With …

-the escalation of house prices

-the increased cost of infrastructure and services

-the balance of trade with the revenue from exports of minerals and agricultural products v. growth of importation of construction materials and consumer goods

-the cost to households of desal plants, toll road tunnels

-state governments sell off public assets to private monopolies to raise the $ for more infrastructure

-increased costs for the incumbents with tolls, user-pays charges etc

.It appears the mineral bonanza comes as a poor second!

Is the high immigration and visa manipulation another verse in the ‘Trickle Down Economy Song Sheet’?

Are the statements from Hedley and Eslake perhaps rooted in a desire to embrace a wider agenda validating a pedagogy of growth … no matter what it costs?

DO they ever consider


-the finite nature of the earth’s resources?

That life for them is really only about trade … is this all we ought to look forward to, and that we will fall into poverty should it not prevail unhindered?

With Hedley it seems we get the same old Mantra that there is always another pot of gold to be had … though how true it is when the numbers are actually small. 

Interestingly, the age-old tactic of alerting us to the possibility we may miss out … be left behind … how could we let this happen? …

Are what they appear to be – crude calls from the sidelines.

What about asking how legitimate is this wealth? 

Are there measures in place to validate it has been sourced from real endeavours in no way associated with the ‘darker sides of life’ in foreign locations?

These bursts of wisdom need to be put to the test.  It is as if we all need to be convinced it is okay to have people knocking at our door because they have fat wallets and deep pockets … that somehow it is all legitimate … no harm … no costs are generated by boundless population growth while at the same time anyone who dares to critique these so-called truisms are quickly labelled as xenophobic or racist. 

Is this designed to shut down debate smartly?  Read more!

Gov should entice HK Investors to move to Australia says Wealth Manager

CAAN Photo: 188C Significant Investor Visa

Catch-Up on the Morrison Government from Michael Pascoe and Others at The New Daily!

Exit Mathias Cormann, the facilitator

How to fuel an economic disaster: A beginner’s guide in 3 easy steps

Beware the government punishing the poor for earning more

How to win an Australian election with one weapon: Memes

Sellergate of the Housing Commission ‘Sirius’ to an Overseas Enigma … the Billionaires and Mark Carnegie

Sellergate of the ‘Sirius’ …

Through research the Herald can expose that the ‘new owner’ of the Sirius is a Mr Huynh who has links to Vietnamese billionaires and …  Mark Carnegie …

… 12 months have elapsed and still no answers to questions about government probity checks on the sale of what was Our Public Housing ….

DUE DILIGENCE carried out by the NSW Government consisted of:

Google searches for media reports or ICAC inquiries … buying a credit risk report and asking Fair Trading if it had complaints about Mr Huynh

MEANWHILE Mr Huynh has come from a middle class upbringing to a mansion on the Vaucluse waterfront!

The Sirius was marketed as Sydney’s ‘most valuable land’!

Aoyuan International and Danny Avidan competed with Huynh who won out!

The Government referred questions to JDH Capital who declined to comment …

Little has been uncovered about either Huynh or JDH Capital, and it is not known who will finance redevelopment of the Sirius

WHY have government documents released under FOI been redacted?

However, the government has arranged a delayed settlement for money to change hands …

It would appear convenient that with no requirement from Vietnam to disclose private company interests that it is difficult to find out about the business dealings of Mr Huynh’s extended family …

WHY has the Government withheld key documents?  It alleges that release of information could ‘prejudice’ the finalisation of the sale.  Why?

WHY IS Huynh unable to reveal the ‘investors’ in the Sirius redevelopment?

Why are there strict confidentiality obligations with the ‘seller’ of what was a publicly owned building?


WHO and How of the FML …


CAAN Photo: WeChat through which Real Estate Agents access the World Market particularly China

AUSTRALIAN HOUSING has been marketed strongly to foreign buyers! It is only due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic that there has been any letup!

THIS SELL-OUT has come about due to lobbying from developer lobby groups including the Property Council of Australia and in NSW the UrbanTaskforce to enable this sector to sell 100% of new homes to foreign buyers through the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) ruling of 2008/09

-before entering politics Scott Morrison wrote the policy for the PCA!

Following some 12 years or so with the second Tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws being shelved, the Morrison Government in October 2018 exempted the Real Estate Gatekeepers from these laws!

That is Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, and Conveyancers …

so that ‘Black Money‘ is awash in Australia’s Real Estate Market!

Making way for fugly development like these that have robbed established communities of their rights, and amenity … the loss of Sydney’s urban bushlands, and what they paid for!

CAAN Photo: Castle Hill with residential towers looming over neighbouring cottages, family homes … more of these happening enabled by the expansion of the Hong Kong Metro!
CAAN Photo: Crane Road a precinct where there were family homes with reports from former home owners that the developers were underhand; that these people within 6 months were unable to buy back into Castle Hill and had to move away!
CAAN Photo: Ivanhoe Estate, Macquarie Park Public Housing at 25 years of age was doomed for demolition to make way for two thirds private redevelopment and one third social housing
CAAN Photo; Ivanhoe estate neighbouring development Neue by Coli and Parkview; high rise residential taking over what was a Business and IT Park. Walk-up apartments too are being redeveloped for high-rise which will mean the loss of the urban bushlands in Macquarie Park.

CAAN Photo: fugly development of duplex, terraces and townhouses like this with ‘Exempt and Complying Development’ the community has no say! Built forward of the setback; up close and personal with loss of privacy (amenity) oversized to tower over its neighbours.


CAAN Photo: Westconnex tunnelling its way across Sydney … this is Rozelle

The destruction of homes, businesses, parks, social infrastructure and people’s lives by the Westconnex Toll Road Network with its toxic tunnels, stacks and tolls now owned by Transurban

Read more:

‘Sydney’s growing toll road network world’s most extensive and expensive, experts say’

WINDSOR … the RMS … and the destruction of Heritage!

No photo description available.
Photo: Rally October 2018 To Save Thompson Square and Windsor Bridge

VIEW CAWB and HERITAGE ACT Facebook Pages for photos that reveal the destruction of Our Nation’s Colonial and Aboriginal Heritage! With much loss of amenity for the local community … the industrialisation of a beautiful Heritage Town, Windsor!

AND MUCH MORE! like CAAN Facebook … Search our Website to find out more … and then tell others!



What now for Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum and Parramatta’s Heritage?

The elation was short and sweet …


THE NSW UPPER HOUSE will continue with its Inquiry into the Berejiklian Government proposed move for the POWERHOUSE MUSEUM from Ultimo despite the alleged ‘Backflip’ …

BECAUSE there are unanswered questions … for starters …

WAS this announcement a ‘craven political fix’ due to Berejiklian’s support for Don Harwin?

WHY was $46M spent on consultants yet not one job was created?

WILL this government ensure that the Powerhouse’s collection of very large exhibits including Locomotive No. 1 and others from the steam age will remain within the Ultimo Powerhouse?

WILL this government grant the ample funding necessary for renewal of this Powerhouse?

Read more:


This LNP Government have taught us that we should pay attention to the details in their crafted statements!

Remember they said that Parramatta deserved a ‘museum’ because it is the geographical centre of Sydney.

-with the largest growing population

Recently this government changed tack … that Parramatta deserved a ‘cultural’ venue.

Regardless of the heinous proposal for the loss of Our Parramatta Heritage through the demolition of ‘Willow Grove’ and the ‘St George Terraces’ for a ‘Yet to be proven cultural venue’

WHY isn’t the Berejiklian Government operating to ensure Public-focused priorities?

  • Back to the “win” for Ultimo, just carefully consider the following:

“…the Australian newspaper says:

‘Despite years of defending the project as worthy of public spending, Ms Berejiklian will announce on Saturday that the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences will remain at its current site in inner-city Ultimo while a new “state of the art facility will be planned for western Sydney.”

“… WHILE …”

Folks, Ultimo is NOT SAVED. It’s a stay of execution.

Sorry, but this CABAL won’t give up!

This has been a game of chess.

Watch out for their moves in Lands and Planning.

WILL they be breaking up the Ultimo site so that they can sell it off BIT BY BIT?

This will happen AS the “cultural” venue is being built!

We CANNOT STOP fighting until we see the ink dry on the page!!!

From the “Consultation” held last Thursday night by The Project Team

PHONE: 1800 679 121

The question WAS asked about the possibility of changes to the design in order to save Willow Grove and St George’s Terraces.

Infrastructure NSW responded and stated that there was some flexibility in the design in the lower floors of open space but NOT in the design in order to save our Heritage buildings.


Listen to his EVASIVE responses 🤨

He used the word “right now”!

Community Activists DID NOT FACTOR IN the LNP Government backdown!

The Discovery Centre will be open to the Public but NOT as a museum.

Powerhouse Museum CEO Lisa Havilah has said that the main role will be for staging and coordinating exhibitions.

Politicians are elected to make decisions 🤨 – irrespective of ADVICE from the PUBLIC SERVICE

Or …

After watching their press conference, perhaps this announcement is being made to distract the Public from wondering why Don Harwin is back😒 ?

How can the $1000.00 fine be withdrawn? ... What would you call that?  🤨


Who are the members of the Cabal?


A NSW TAX Shake-Up to benefit Guess Who?? Ha ha … THE PROPERTY MARKET

CAAN Photo: Are these the sort of ‘homes’ and terraces, townhouses … etc that are proposed?

IT appears the next step following many by the Reps in Macquarie Street is to replace STAMP DUTY with a broad-based LAND TAX

AND what lies behind yet another manoeuvre is to entice people to sell their homes open up opportunities for developers to build more ‘homes’ (boxes/cells) and allegedly to make the NSW Guvmnt budget more manageable as spun in a draft on this government’s inquiry of federal financial relations

Included among 15 recommendations are a swap for LAND TAX, SCRAPPING STAMP DUTIES and GST changes

In 2018-19 the Berejiklian Government gained some $7 BILLION from ‘transfer duty’ but according to this inquiry it was an unstable derivation of income from raising 28% of tax revenue from transfer duty to fall by 14% a year later …

For those esp. ‘investors’ who buy and sell homes more frequently it is put that ‘they’ are paying for essential services and infrastructure … cough … cough …


In 2018 in NSW some 2.8 million properties yet less than 200,000 home owners contributed through ‘transfer duty’

Because most stayed in their homes for decades … is this a move to encourage (or force) people to sell out and somehow improve housing affordability …



IS this Inquiry put together by the same guy that … when he was at Telstra he thought it was okay to insist all clients agree to pay their accounts by automatic deductions to retain their Telstra phone connection?

SHOULD we be wary of these ‘appointed’ persons telling us they have better ideas about collecting taxes?

CAN anyone ever remember not paying more tax?

DO these reviews ever result in us paying less tax?

WHY didn’t they put the same amount of energy into anomalies like:

-the cash economy  (aka ‘hot money’ or ‘black money’)

-tax havens like so-called  ‘Trusts’ (e.g. Family Trusts)

tax loopholes like so-called ‘deductions’

sham contracting

THE LIST goes on …

WHAT about doing something about:

money laundering in real estate (by implementing and enforcing the second tranche of the Anti-money laundering laws by removing the Real Estate gatekeepers exemption of Oct 2018)

proxy buying in real estate?  (ditto)

AND all the other tax evasion and tax avoidance happening across the economy?

DOES anyone believe these measures are no more than another BIG FAT TAX?


TO enlighten others … by Facebook … share in an email to contacts … and raise this with others to enlighten them … unless you do …. and unless we kick up a Stink … nothing can change for the better!

Read more about this Inquiry

Under the Cover of COVID … Developments to accelerate through the new PDU!

WITHIN the NSW Planning Department a new unit has formed, the Planning Delivery Unit (PDU) to escalate projects by simplifying planning

This is following the recent announcements of Tranche 2, Tranche 3 and the parachuting of the Deputy Executive Director of the developer lobby, the Property Council of Australia (PCA) in NSW, Mr William Power whose responsibility involves fast-tracking the decision making of major projects; some of which were proposed by members of the PCA!!


48 major projects assessed, finalised and fast-tracked

Despite this acceleration it is alleged that normal checks, balances or community consultation would not be bypassed!  Can you believe it?

It would seem that the Planning Department through its PDU can target projects shovel-ready within six months

-for 50,000 homes across Greater Sydney including:

.Parramatta Road Corridor

.St Leonards Crows Nest 2036 Plan


.Marsden Park North

The PDU to fast-track regional NSW projects


READ MORE! “New Planning Unit to Remove Bottlenecks”

CAAN Photo: an apartment development underway in Lindfield …. repeated across Sydney

Second REDFERN Bite by Singaporean Group WEE HUR … Acquisition for Student Accommodation

On 28 June CAAN shared this story about Wee Hur

WEE HUR’s first acquisition was made by the Trust Company (Australia) in Regent Street Redfern for $A36 M., and entered into a contract for the sale and purchase with the City of Sydney for a property at 90 Regent Street Redfern for $10M

NOW this student accommodation developer has scooped up a row of shops and residential units between 90 and 102 Regent Street … close to both the University of Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney

Taking advantage of the growth of infrastructure of both Redfern Railway Station and the Metro station at Waterloo

THIS is apart from Wee Hur’s acquisitions in Melbourne in 2018 in Gibbons Street with plans for 515 bed accommodation, and the Melbourne CBD.

LONG TERM PLANNERS … this Singaporean group acquired two sites in the Buranda transport precinct in Brisbane;  with plans for 5,000 beds across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide!