WHO and How of the FML …


CAAN Photo: WeChat through which Real Estate Agents access the World Market particularly China

AUSTRALIAN HOUSING has been marketed strongly to foreign buyers! It is only due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic that there has been any letup!

THIS SELL-OUT has come about due to lobbying from developer lobby groups including the Property Council of Australia and in NSW the UrbanTaskforce to enable this sector to sell 100% of new homes to foreign buyers through the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) ruling of 2008/09

-before entering politics Scott Morrison wrote the policy for the PCA!

Following some 12 years or so with the second Tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws being shelved, the Morrison Government in October 2018 exempted the Real Estate Gatekeepers from these laws!

That is Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, and Conveyancers …

so that ‘Black Money‘ is awash in Australia’s Real Estate Market!

Making way for fugly development like these that have robbed established communities of their rights, and amenity … the loss of Sydney’s urban bushlands, and what they paid for!

CAAN Photo: Castle Hill with residential towers looming over neighbouring cottages, family homes … more of these happening enabled by the expansion of the Hong Kong Metro!
CAAN Photo: Crane Road a precinct where there were family homes with reports from former home owners that the developers were underhand; that these people within 6 months were unable to buy back into Castle Hill and had to move away!
CAAN Photo: Ivanhoe Estate, Macquarie Park Public Housing at 25 years of age was doomed for demolition to make way for two thirds private redevelopment and one third social housing
CAAN Photo; Ivanhoe estate neighbouring development Neue by Coli and Parkview; high rise residential taking over what was a Business and IT Park. Walk-up apartments too are being redeveloped for high-rise which will mean the loss of the urban bushlands in Macquarie Park.

CAAN Photo: fugly development of duplex, terraces and townhouses like this with ‘Exempt and Complying Development’ the community has no say! Built forward of the setback; up close and personal with loss of privacy (amenity) oversized to tower over its neighbours.


CAAN Photo: Westconnex tunnelling its way across Sydney … this is Rozelle

The destruction of homes, businesses, parks, social infrastructure and people’s lives by the Westconnex Toll Road Network with its toxic tunnels, stacks and tolls now owned by Transurban

Read more:

‘Sydney’s growing toll road network world’s most extensive and expensive, experts say’


WINDSOR … the RMS … and the destruction of Heritage!

No photo description available.
Photo: Rally October 2018 To Save Thompson Square and Windsor Bridge

VIEW CAWB and HERITAGE ACT Facebook Pages for photos that reveal the destruction of Our Nation’s Colonial and Aboriginal Heritage! With much loss of amenity for the local community … the industrialisation of a beautiful Heritage Town, Windsor!

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