Under the Cover of COVID … Developments to accelerate through the new PDU!

WITHIN the NSW Planning Department a new unit has formed, the Planning Delivery Unit (PDU) to escalate projects by simplifying planning

This is following the recent announcements of Tranche 2, Tranche 3 and the parachuting of the Deputy Executive Director of the developer lobby, the Property Council of Australia (PCA) in NSW, Mr William Power whose responsibility involves fast-tracking the decision making of major projects; some of which were proposed by members of the PCA!!



48 major projects assessed, finalised and fast-tracked

Despite this acceleration it is alleged that normal checks, balances or community consultation would not be bypassed!  Can you believe it?

It would seem that the Planning Department through its PDU can target projects shovel-ready within six months

-for 50,000 homes across Greater Sydney including:

.Parramatta Road Corridor

.St Leonards Crows Nest 2036 Plan


.Marsden Park North

The PDU to fast-track regional NSW projects


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CAAN Photo: an apartment development underway in Lindfield …. repeated across Sydney