IT would appear that this committee was stacked with three LNP members and the Shooters’ & Fishers who usually vote with the LNP having gained some advantage … (Trevor Khan, the Nationals; Scot MacDonald, Liberal; Taylor Martin, Liberal) with S & F’s Robert Brown MLC having voted with the government.

Robert Brown then voted against the recommendation that demolition of the Sydney Stadium not proceed until after the March 2019 NSW State Election. Again a vote of 4 (LNP/S & F) to 2 ALP & 1 Green.

FURTHER,  the NSW LNP Government having demolished the Sydney Entertainment Centre and the Parramatta War Memorial Pool the way was now paved for the government to prioritise replacement infrastructure for donor developers perhaps?

QUERY that the Allianz Stadium had significant safety and security concerns to warrant demolition and not renovation.  B.S.

THE RUSH is on to pull whatever they can apart!  To make way “for jobs for the boys”!

Recontextualizing Sydney to suit the new order of money, politics, power and influence based on crude force of will of crash, or crash through no matter the cost to the Community.

As they remove standards, blur boundaries, diminish codes and traditions … they are a POX on the future of our Society.


ANZ Stadium revamp should be postponed, parliamentary committee finds

The state government should not proceed with its $810 million redevelopment of ANZ Stadium at Olympic Park until the construction of the new Allianz Stadium in Moore Park is finished in 2022, a NSW parliamentary committee has concluded.

The five-month-long inquiry also found that the Berejiklian government’s multibillion-dollar stadium strategy did not meet the government’s own infrastructure spending criteria, and recommended that an independent audit of the business case be conducted.

Final days: Allianz Stadium before it undergoes a $730 million rebuild.
Final days: Allianz Stadium before it undergoes a $730 million rebuild.Photo: Louie Douvis

The findings were contained in a report published on Thursday by the Public Works Committee, which scrutinised the government’s justifications for its $2 billion-plus stadium spree on a new stadium at Parramatta to open early next year, a replacement stadium at Moore Park, and a redevelopment of ANZ Stadium at Olympic Park.

The controversy around the policy was further heightened this year after it was found that the $730 million rebuild of Allianz Stadium and the $810 million refurbishment of ANZ stadium failed to satisfy the government’s own cost-benefit targets.

For this reason, the committee recommended the government’s approach to cost benefit analysis and its use and effectiveness in major government infrastructure decisions be scrutinised by a separate public inquiry.


However, it concluded that because “lessons may be learnt during the rollout” of the new 40,000 to 45,000-seat stadium at Moore Park, the refurbishment of ANZ Stadium should be postponed until the new stadium is built.

“Postponing these works will also allow provide opportunity for the government to undertake comprehensive community consultation on the project,” committee chairman Robert Brown MLC, from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party said.

The report made a total of 10 recommendations, including that the government prioritise plans for a new indoor facility, after hearing evidence that the demolition of the Sydney Entertainment Centre in 2015 had left Sydney without a major indoor sports facility.

It also found that the demolition of Parramatta’s War Memorial Pool to make way for the Western Sydney Stadium “had severely disadvantaged the people of Parramatta”, and called for the government to prioritise and fully fund the construction of a new facility.

In addition to Mr Brown, the committee comprised Liberal MLCs Scott MacDonald and Taylor Martin, National MLC Trevor Khan, Labor MLCs John Graham and Linda Voltz, and Greens MLC Justin Field.

In a dissenting statement to the final report, Mr Field criticised the stadium policy for prioritising the “major male-dominated sporting codes” at the expense of other indoor sports, such as netball, and grassroots facilities.

Labor also dissented with a key finding, arguing that the demolition of Allianz Stadium be postponed until after the outcome of the 2019 state election.

Demolition is due to start after the New Year’s Test series between Australia and India at the adjacent SCG.