Complaints about PRIVATE CERTIFIERS rise ahead of proposed changes to system


GOOD!  Communities are finally bombarding Councils over PRIVATE CERTIFIERS … not too soon!

HOWEVER, why not get to the “nitty-gritty”, the core, where all this festered from?

And BOMBARD the PLANNING MINISTER’s OFFICE with your all too numerous complaints??

Private certification was introduced in 1998 enabled by the EP&A 1979 followed by a number of amendments, and then with the NSW LNP Government White Paper April 2013 to boost “economic growth” for developers hence this is what Sydneysiders have to contend with now!

The Berejiklian Government has merely proposed a different process for appointing certifiers.  For the community to choose one of three options:

-certifiers selected at random

-a list with the appointment of the “next off the rank” certifier

-a time limit for the certifier to work for the same developer (client)

WHEN really much of this new wave of development ought be pulled apart before completion!

As more projects are built, questions about how certifiers work are raised. Photo: James Alcock

Complaints about private certifiers rise ahead of proposed changes to system

Certifiers are rushing to approve developments ahead of swingeing new rules that could smash the cosy relationships between developers and the people who approve their buildings, say Sydney residents.