Australian Property Market talked up Overseas by Online Pundits

WHAT we at CAAN gathered from this article is that:

-it tried to be a bit upbeat, refraining from being negative
-is it trying to have an each-way bet?
-includes some contrasting stats; that indeed there is some downturn in activity

IT states the bleeding obvious, that little stands in the way of foreigners buying up our real estate

-that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with foreigners buying up Australia
-it also makes sure there is some optimistic spin included … to give their readers something to look forward to, to keep the dream alive

BUT what we got from it was the recognition that:

-prices are indeed influenced by the purchasing demand of foreigners hence the reason why we all pay more to live in our own country

-asian buyers are, and ought to be the focus for locals wanting to sell

AND the other part that is of concern is:

-how short sighted is it?
-the article failed to recognise or acknowledge the housing issues AUSTRALIANS are struggling with right now
-that social housing is greatly under-supplied
-that we are indeed in a different space and time since COVID came along; many in the business world seem to be stuck in chanting the tune of getting back to where we were

HOWEVER if things haven’t changed for the foreseeable future then those running airlines like Cathay Pacific must be wrong … they having announced the axing of thousands of jobs, like dozens of US and European carriers

Reality is things have changed, and these pundits just want things to go back to the way they were

WELL, it may suit them, but it may not suit a lot of others.

IS the growth economy here forever? Maybe they need to think again.

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