The LNP … its Culture …

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IS it the philosophy that lies at the core of its insidious culture …?

“We are on your side. If you have a go in this country you’ll get a go. That’s what fairness in Australia means.”

And how the Liable Nasty Party achieves this ‘for some’ is through PORKBARRELLING to ensure they win ‘those Coalition or Marginal Seats’

And granting far more to Private Schools!

As revealed in this Report! ‘Privilege over policy’.

Over the decade, private school funding up by $2,164 per student, adjusted for inflation, compared to $334 per student for public schools. Both states and Feds responsible’

VIEW: ‘Tudge butchers Public School Funding’


And that is how ‘you get a go’ over others who too want a go!

IS it Sc.mmo’s belief that it is only the property and mining sectors that allegedly keep our economy strong?

Before entering politics SM wrote the policy for the developer lobby, The Property Council of Australia … did that lead to his annointment? You think?

‘The single biggest property donor last year (2020) was Sugolena, a private company set up by Isaac and Susan Wakil, who came to Sydney after World War II and assembled a portfolio of empty buildings across the city.

The couple sold their properties in 2014 to raise $200 million for a charitable foundation. While Sugolena had no history of substantial donations, the company, led by Mr Wakil after the death of his wife three years ago, gave $4.1 million to the Liberal Party in the weeks before and after the May 2019 federal election.

Read more!

‘Competitive advantage’: Call for curbs as property sector ramps up political donations

Has this sector played a role in ensuring that 100% of ‘new homes’ could be sold to foreign buyers … to create a World-wide market particularly in China for Australian homes? (FIRB Ruling)

And hence the high-rise tower precincts now on every horizon across Sydney … the congestion on our roads … our trains, buses and schools all full-up!

IS that how ‘you get a go’ over others who too want a go?

2021 … The Australian Housing Market is Exploding

2020 … there was a lull with Covid and the withdrawal of buyers from China now replaced by an accelerant …

‘ … The accelerant for this fire is being splashed by other arsonists – the government and the Reserve Bank, with miniature interest rates, grants, negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount.’

Alan Kohler: The housing market is exploding again

NOW … there’s more …

WITH First Home Buyers and investors taking on large mortgages at record low rates … but for how long?

AND a housing shortage has led to this price explosion!

IS it Sc.mmo’s belief that it is only the property and mining sectors that allegedly keep our economy strong?

THAT despite the advice of Economists that lifting wages, lifting JobSeeker above the poverty line would ensure more money would flow and boost our economy … the Liable Nasty Party persists with the lowest wages growth for some 60 years … has allowed temporary migration on these low wages (cash in hand) with the lure of ‘Permanent Residency’ ensuring high unemployment for Australians esp. our Youth

By selling off our Public Assets to the ‘Mates’ … and privatising Services

A mean and tricky grubment …


‘Dennis Atkins: When Scott Morrison says he’s listening, it’s only to himself’

The Liable Nasty Party promised to deliver 4 Million Covid Vaccines by the end of March 2021 … yet only some 700,000 have been vaccinated so far … how safe is that?

Half a McMansion on a Half Lot drew Hundreds to its Auction

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AUCTION DAY … with hundreds of Hopefuls over the duration of the Campaign … now almost all homes are sold by Auction … are Buyers being ‘set up’? When there can only be one successful buyer!

THE CAMPAIGN … the First Inspection led to hundreds lining up in the street … and the Open Home went on for an hour or more!

THE HALF MCMANSION … not new but some 30 years old … beautifully kept … cherished ….

THE GUIDE was initially very low … $1.1M … $1.2M, and attracted … no doubt … hundreds of Hopefuls!

OVER the weeks that followed … The Guide crept up by another $100,000 … then $300,000 … $400,000 …

BUT still more than 100 Hopefuls turned up for the auction of ‘Half a McMansion’ on a half lot!  A duplex!

The opening bid from a buyer was for $1.4M  … did he believe that this was the way to cut through? Or could this bid have been arranged … despite fair trading?

The bids then quickly rose between three … then down to two Bidders … as the Hopefuls with their little children stood by in stunned silence …

THE AUCTIONEER whipped the pair into a frenzy …

SOLD at almost $1.8M!

THE CONDUCT ... is cruel … it works against ‘the Hopefuls’ … for the most essential need of ‘A Home’ … with ‘no Set Price,’ but a mere Guide!

Unlike a fridge, a washing machine, a pair of shoes even a pie they all have a set price …

Looks like it is weighted against all ‘the Hopefuls’ …

AUSTRALIA needs not only some 173,000 affordable homes for those on low incomes … it needs AFFORDABLE HOMES for all Australians!

TIME to rectify this … more than 100 People were turned away from this one auction … having spent $thousands on Building Reports, Conveyance Contract checks, time and energy lost for yet more months … years ahead searching for a nest!

HOW Good’s this, Sc.mmo?

AUSTRALIANS have rejected the high-rise Towers that can fall down! 

With the inflammable cladding … that cost from $180,000 to $200,000 a unit to build, and sold from $600,000 … $1M or more … for …

BUILT by the Spivs …  who describe themselves as the ‘Concrete Kings’  … who have a lavish lifestyle … Lamborghinis … Rollers et al …

AUSTRALIA currently cannot and does not HOUSE its own … therefore how can it justify any more migration … through VISA Manipulation? … AUSTRALIA must HOUSE its own … and STOP this pernicious Ponzi Scheme!

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors
THE DEJECTION … Within minutes the ‘Hopefuls’ quickly dispersed many with little Children … How can this be described as a ‘Fair Go’?

P.S. In late November 2020 a neighbouring like Half McMansion sold for $1.39M … an indicator of an inflated marketwith a $400,000 price hike!



What could Closed Borders mean for us in Oz?

A woman walks away from newspaper jobs in a rubbish bin
With international borders closed, will the bargaining power of Australian workers increase?(ABC Western Qld: Damien Lakrins, File Photo)

They were game doing this piece, note the wriggle room they gave themselves.

It’s on the money, but will many take it on board?

IT could very well mean that you may finally get a bigger pay rise … that’s what!

Actually CAAN has shared with you a number of like reports from Leith Van Onselen and others at

Macro Business …


‘Why closed borders mean you may finally get a bigger pay rise’



‘Militant’ unions are a thing of the past — just like strong wages growth

Why Australia isn’t aiming for ‘full employment’ anymore

Economics professor Ross Garnaut says Australia voluntarily keeps hundreds of thousands unemployed

If you’ve been feeling poorer over the last decade, this graph explains why

RB Governor invites ScoMo to pick up the Tools to stop soaring House Prices

Philip Lowe looks at the camera, with a blurred podium in background.
RBA governor Philip Lowe says the board is keeping a close eye on the booming housing market.(ABC News: John Gunn)

The time is nigh, we suggest Mr Lowe, regulators need to step in to deflate it!

It’s apparent there can only be one buyer, and with hundreds of buyers now attending each Open Home inspection … and not one or two buyers bidding at auctions, but 8 or 10 from the large crowd … that there can only be one to succeed … we have a shortage of the homes Australians want, and can afford to buy!

Vendors soon become priced out too!  

Migration and visa manipulation will only exacerbate this crisis! 

Whose interests are Sc.Mo and the NSW Princess serving?

Mr Lowe has laid it at the feet of Sc.Mo … that it was up to governments and financial regulators to address soaring housing costs. 

THE TOOLS, he said, to address this include GOVERNMENT POLICY CHANGES by reducing the favourable tax treatment of housing (for some) or so-called macroprudential policies.


In Sydney … low interest rates have driven up House Prices …

Record-low interest rates have enabled buyers to borrow more, driving up competition and prices, and leaving them with less. Photo: Peter Rae

Are the Banks laughing?  Awash with cash …

Are the Banks happy to lend to those that overextend? 

Would they be happy to foreclose on a property?  To resell?  Cough … cough

…  The Reserve Bank will keep rates low for the next 3 years … even if house prices continue to soar (more)!

So buyers borrow more … with large crowds at open homes and auctions … as more bid the price hikes!

AND there can be but one buyer! 

What is the future for those turned away? Life-long tenancy?

The Reserve Bank focus is the economy; the Governor repeatedly has raised the issue of low wages growth with the PM …

Why not a clamp down on property investors? Or is the PM’s attention elsewhere?   Meanwhile … queues for Open Homes line the street … extending from 30 minutes to an hour.

Auctions are now between 8 to 10 bidders  …

Who else is behind this?  Scomo wrote the policy for the developer lobby, the Property Council of Australia before entering politics …  How good’s that?

READ MORE! ‘Sydney property: Low interest rates and increased borrowing power drive up prices, send buyers back to the bank’

Foreign activities … raising some Eyebrows in Federal Opposition … ASIO and Government Ranks!

Melbourne-based Chinese businessman Huifeng "Haha" Liu.

Liberal Party donor Huifeng ‘Haha’ Liu ‘engaged in acts of foreign interference’: ASIO

ABC Investigations

By Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop and Echo Hui

‘A Liberal Party donor who developed relationships with federal Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar and MP Gladys Liu engaged in “acts of foreign interference” and activities for Beijing, according to Australia’s domestic spy agency.

The bombshell findings by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) are contained in Melbourne-based Chinese businessman Huifeng “Haha” Liu‘s court application to fight the Federal Government to avoid deportation.’    …

Federal Opposition legal affairs spokesman Mark Dreyfus, a member of Parliament’s intelligence and security committee, called on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to come clean on the Liberal Party’s ties to Mr Liu, in response to ASIO’s “deeply disturbing” findings.

“The real question is how long has Mr Morrison known that a donor to his party and a man connected to Gladys Liu and to Michael Sukkar has been identified by ASIO as an agent of foreign interference?” he asked.

“Gladys Liu and Michael Sukkar need to explain what their links are to Haha Liu.

“Mr Morrison has failed to hold his MPs to account but it’s now obvious he can’t just brush this one under the carpet.”


Chinese takeover of island near Australian military training area causes unease inside defence and government

Exclusive by defence correspondent Andrew Greene

A decision to grant a Chinese linked company a mining licence on a remote West Australian island, close to a military training area, is raising concerns inside Defence and federal government ranks.

Key points:

  • A Hong Kong-based company was last year granted a 12-year lease of abandoned mining operations on Cockatoo Island
  • The Foreign Investment Review Board examined the deal, but security officials have privately expressed concerns
  • Liberal Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells says the leasing to a Chinese linked company shows current laws are “defective”

In October, the private Hong Kong-based entity was announced as the new owner of abandoned iron ore operations on Cockatoo Island in WA’s Kimberley region, next to the Yampi Sound Defence Training Area.

A map of the Kimberley region, highlighting Cockatoo Island.




Update on four amendments to ‘The Code’ …

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance logo.png

Photo: Wikipedia

Private Media owner Eric Beecher, spells out what this all means!

“The grim reality is that this legislation supports and enshrines the concentration of public interest journalism ownership in the hands of five billion dollar-plus organisations, dwarfing the news publishers who, between them, constitute diversity of Australian media,” Mr Beecher said.

“It arms five enormous organisations with additional funding to dominate and, in some cases, wipe out smaller players.”

The legislation provides a framework for publishers to hash out commercial deals with Facebook and Google for using and linking to their content.

But the government amended the laws this week to placate Facebook after it blocked the sharing and publishing of Australian news on its platform.

The most important of the four amendments means the code may have already teased out all of the concessions it is going to get from Facebook and Google – even though it has yet to become law.

This is because it requires that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg take into account whether a digital platform has “made a significant contribution to the sustainability of the Australian news industry through reaching commercial agreements with news media businesses” before he can specify that the code must apply to it.

In other words: Facebook and Google are only bound by the rules of the code if and when the Treasurer says so.

And given Google has already struck multiple deals with individual news publishers, it’s a big stick that the Treasurer may never choose to use.


Mr Strom, president of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance union that represents Australian journalists, told The New Daily the federal government should have focused instead on squeezing more tax out of the tech behemoths.

It could have then funnelled the extra revenue into expanding its Public Interest News Gathering Fund, while introducing more generous tax incentives for new media startups and for Australians who subscribe to local news, he said.

NOTE …. CAAN is still subject to a Facebook block to share any news reports or links! Latest report is that ‘NEWS’ will be allowed on Facebook tomorrow! Friday 26 February 2021!!


Want to find out more about Craig?

CAAN provides you with a little information about CK …

WHAT’s good if things continue the way they are?

DID you know CK wants the FAMILY HOME included in the Pension Asset Test?  

FIND out more here:

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The Head of Multi-Million Dollar Money Laundering Ring Arrested!

Yi Zhong, seen in a file picture, has been arrested in Sydney.
Cybercrime squad detectives made the arrest on Monday.

WHAT a corrupt little Nation we have become whereby SO much ‘Black Money’ is awash here!

AND that it appears to have been encouraged with laundering facilitated by the growth of Casinos until recently …

and Our HOUSING MARKET is AWASH with it!

WHY was it that the Real Estate Gatekeepers were made exempt from Anti-Money Laundering Laws back in

October 2018 by the Morrison Government?

Whose interests does the Morrison Government represent? … Cough … cough …

‘$1m in cash seized as man arrested over alleged money laundering via cryptocurrency’

Police have arrested in Sydney’s Inner West … the Head of a MultiMillion dollar money laundering ring and seized $1M cash from his vehicle