The Sheriff of Nothing Done … really?

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The Sheriff of Nothing Done … really?

IT would seem ‘nothing done’ of what shoulda have been done …

BUT lots of what should never have been done!

Scomo wrote the policy for the deve-loper lobby the Property Council of Australia before entering politics; the industry now has direct control of the country …

SEARCH for ‘A closer look at Scott Morrison’s CV’

how Scomo parachuted into Cook

a closer look at Scott Morrison’s CV

Morrison Government exempted Real Estate Gatekeepers from Anti-Money Laundering Laws: October 2018

why does Scomo back high immigration esp. through temporary migration like that introduced by Howard?

Scott Morrison backs big Australia at COAG’

WHY is the Housing Market Insane and Out of Reach for Young Australians?

The exclusive survey, conducted for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age by research company RESOLVE Strategic,* heard from voters who had attended housing auctions this year, and came away saying “people were in shock” from the surge in prices.

*RESOLVE is a company with strong links to the Liberal Party founded by Mr Reed, a director of CT Group formerly CROSBY TEXTOR

IS the Liberal Party now worried with …

-69% of those surveyed now realize the high house prices cannot be good for Australia

60% of voters saying young people in their area will never be able to buy their own homes

… are they now realizing that the government grants and low interest rates have in fact benefited the banks, developers, home sellers, real estate agents … not buyers hit with escalating house prices?

KEY POINTS WE GLEAN FROM THE COMMENTATORS … have a think about these BECAUSE they make more sense!

-AUSTRALIA is badly exposed to winds of international interest rate moves; interest rates are picking up in the U.S. now clouds on the horizon for mortgagees

your home rises in value; to buy back into the same market even if downsizing the gains are meaningless; in fact likely they disappear!

-it is just MONOPOLY MONEY

‘retirement villages’ don’t just cost a motza to buy into; they cost a fortune in ongoing fees so what you gained from the sale of your home will be eaten up

-this Government are positioning us to make sure that the average person exhausts their ‘wealth’ while still alive through reverse mortgages etc.

-serious action is needed to shift ownership back to owners; not investors

.how about allowing owner-occupiers to make 50% of their mortgage payments out of pre-tax income?

Torrens Title housing and apartments are unaffordable in the eastern suburbs, north and lower north shore suburbs, inner west suburbs due to close proximity to Sydney CBD

-Torrens Title housing in south-west Sydney also has become unaffordable; land releases here have led to loss of our peri urban farmlands (our Sydney Foodbowl), flora and fauna and koala habitat

.with inadequate infrastructure esp. sewerage

-north west Sydney land and house prices also surging despite much of this land being flood prone

-the Liberal Party played to the greed of negative gearing beneficiaries, capital gains discounts and the free from tax retirees (dividend imputation – aka franking credits – free money)

-PM Howard started this with the “first home owner’s grant” of $14,000 that saw house prices rise three times

-the system is rigged by the wealthy who avoid tax and acquire property after property paid for by their tenants; thus making the young and poor subsidise them

-one personal Super Fund (one individual) has more than $560M in Super; no tax!

-regional Australians are also experiencing high housing costs along with costly and scarce rental homes

-the RBA is wilfully pursuing monetary policy which destroys future growth, at little or no benefit to the economy now

we need a new paradigm for home “ownership”. Why should young people looking for shelter and security have to compete with the already rich wanting an investment?

-something is desperately wrong in our economy when non productive assets (housing) attract so much attention and productive assets (a business e.g. in hospitality) are allowed to fail

too many incentives for investors incl. foreign investors with too many decision makers benefiting

-our young people need ‘a Fair Go’; they are the future!

WILL Voters make the connection?

… Imagine if Labor had won the last Federal Election in 2019, and implemented the whole suite of its policies around Housing Affordability?

How different would it be now?

Sadly Labor is not likely to repeat this, and we now have what we have!

A return to the pre-War inequity of Home Ownership

VIEW THE GRAPH; we were not able to copy it!!

Academics reveal how Public Universities have been Ransacked under Covid


Scomo Govt denied Public Universities the JobKeeper subsidy; a key role in undermining them

-by February 2021 more than 17,000 university staff lost their employment

-Scomo Govt passed the JOB-READY BILL to CUT FUNDING FOR DEGREES; and increased fees for Humanities and The Arts


private and Catholic schools propped up; another Howard-era practice cont’d by Abbot, Turnbull and Morrison

-ANU vice chancellor Brian P Schmidt pointed out that this lack of investment has implications for the entire nation going into the future

-with universities forced to prop up the research they undertake via student fees

**- the sector’s reliance on students from overseas is itself a symptom of the government’s failure to support universities


Morrison Has Gutted Public Universities Under Cover of COVID


Analysis on How the Unemployed are being Used to Control Inflation!

HERE it is in black and white … it’s spelt out clearly what has been done to our own by our pollies, they:

-have NO regard for their own people 

-will do whatever it takes to achieve their ideology-based objectives

Gareth Hutchens covers in this report …

-Who controls the levers

-Net overseas migration vs natural increase in population (‘000s)

-About the natural level of ‘unemployment’

-It’s the same thing with the economy

-Introducing the ‘output gap’ … and what they mean


‘We should thank the unemployed for their service. They’ve been used to control inflation’

What was the Guvmnt’s Plan all along for us?

BECAUSE prior to the 2020 Pandemic for 8 years they told us incessantly that ‘Budget Repair’ was their centre piece …

-much talk of ‘surpluses’ rather than ‘deficits’

-which meant taking more money out of the economy than it puts into it …

-despite lower taxes to grow the economy

-the only way to record a budget surplus is when taxes are higher than government spending

-the tax take dropped from 2007-08 until 2013 when with the Liables return taxation was higher

-prior to the Pandemic lockdowns there were almost 1.9 Million unemployed or underemployed

-despite the Abbott government ‘jobs creation’ most of which went to imported labour

-wages growth at a 20 year low at 2.1 per cent


Stagnant wages, a higher tax burden, and labour market ‘slack’. Was this the federal government’s plan all along?

What will High House Prices and Stagnant Wages mean?


Key Points

-January 2021 Sydney house price was $872,000; start of June it is $970,000.

-a jump of almost $100,000 in a matter of months

YET in Ryde it jumped $300,000 from December to January 2021! In a matter of weeks … was this where it started?

however banks are beginning to withdraw the cheapest of their very-cheap mortgage rates; the fixed four-year rates of below 2 per cent

-three-year rates have barely moved; the RBA has promised to hold the three-year bond rate constant at 0.1 per cent


-homes were cheaper until the end of the 1990s; typically cost between two and three times household after-tax income

.over time the loan was easier to pay off

.because during the 90s wages and house prices were climbing

-homes now cost closer to five times after-tax income

-the number of homeowners at retirement who are still paying off mortgages has doubled

IS this why some banks ask for details of your Super before granting a loan?

HOW will borrowers overcome this?  How can we get WAGES Growth?

… Join a Union!


Paying off a mortgage used to be easier than it looked. High house prices and stagnant wages have changed that reality

TODAY in the Big House Joshy talks up Liables Budget 2021

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TODAY in The Big House JOSHY is talking up the Liables economic management with A TAX Offset known as the ‘Lamington’ payable when low to middle income workers lodge their tax return.

Worth up to $1080 for singles earning under $126,000 and $2160 for couples on low and middle incomes

BUT isn’t this really about their LOW WAGES?


Say Tax of $15,000 on a $65,000 annual income is a lot!

Despite tertiary qualifications …

Many have to work weekends for this $65,000

Some $49,000 somethin’ left after TAX does not buy a lot!

Deduct RENTAL costs many have to share!




Transport fares

Modest spend on home entertainment

Having a night out with your girlfriend



JOSHY then reckoned they were a low taxing government

IT would seem he is talking about Party Donors … their business mates who dodge Tax … legally of course … a law for them who can ‘legally’ write off expenses for business including ‘company limousines’, and a law for ‘the rest’ … to pay more than their share …

JOSHY then said the Scummo Grubment had reduced UNEMPLOYMENT … cough … cough … of course he did not refer to the FACT that with our INTERNATIONAL BORDERS CLOSED and the huge supply of VISA WORKERS CUT that now the Jobs Market actually opened for Australians … !!

The AUSTRALIA INSTITUTE explains how despite almost 2 MILLION AUSTRALIANS unemployed and/or underemployed the Business Sector allege there are ‘SKILLS SHORTAGES’.

How could this be?

Richard Denniss and Matt Grudnoff unpack and explore the obvious solutions that are often resisted by Government and employers.

View the full episode here >

MEANWHILE the push is on by the Business Council of Australia and many others because of these ‘alleged’ Skills Shortages for A RETURN of VISA WORKERS

… lured by a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’ in exchange for slave rates




Ute Beauty Budget Tax Breaks for Tradies

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Recent survey revealed that Scummo the ‘Big Boy’ was more popular with the blokes … recall that Howard had his Tradies … and Scummo again follows suit …

Morrison Government has given tax breaks worth $18Bn for utes and machinery. That’s 10 times the childcare relief announcement which doesn’t start until 2022

$17.7 billion over 5 years for aged care. $3.5billion a year: 1/3 of what the RC found had been CUT over the last 25 years and less than half of its recommended funding boost.

Also: half of the annual cost of #FrankingCredits being paid to non-taxpayers.

#Budget2021 #auspol

Money for toys for the boys, with some crumbs for women and children #Budget2021

So tradie welfare more important than our elderly. How good are tradies?

AND what’s more important?

There has been an emphasis over many years now on developing Australia’s capabilities’ in innovation and technology … to turn us into a ‘Smart Nation’ …off loading manufacturing, giving up on skilled hands on based working jobs and looking to CHINA.

Importing Skilled workers instead … ‘As required’.. Well, it has backfired big time. Now we are desperate. The Morrison Government cut $325.8 million from vocational funding in its agenda to deprioritise TAFE.

Since being in government the Federal Coalition has overseen 140,000 fewer apprentices now than when it was elected, and cut $3 billion from vocational education funding.

Now In times of PANDEMIC imposed upon us by the very nation we relied on even with the plethora of visas and purpose 457’s in the past usually from CHINA we are left to hang dry. We hopelessly turned to the tertiary sector rivers of gold Universities to drive so called ‘Smart’ Jobs …

Well that certainly wasn’t smart was it….

AND this from Samantha Maiden!

Samantha Maiden


ScoMo’s ‘family friendly’ budget smashed – new analysis claims 92 per cent better off under Labor’s policy… via




RBA Governor Philip Lowe has said that low wages threaten economic growth and that workers’ incomes need to rise. Why haven’t they? because the #LibsLoveLowWages

SO tradies, is your welfare more important than your granny and grandpa?  Than ensuring your Trades with more Aussie Apprenticeships? How good are you?

Gathered together A Little Background to Unemployment Minister Stuart Robert

A little background to Unemployment Minister Stuart Robert

VIEW: ‘Jobs Minister defends Dobseeker Hotline’

The following reports from ‘MICHAEL WEST’

Stuart Robert, Dan Tehan and Simon Birmingham charged taxpayers more than $4,500 for an overnight trip to Sydney where they mingled with mining and banking donors at a $10,000-a-head Liberal party fundraiser dinner hosted by Channel Nine, according to Guardian Australia.

Stuart Robert investigated by ASIC despite ASIC oversight

Stuart Robert listed parents as company directors without their knowledge

And the case for a Federal ICAC …

Which Party are the Best Money Managers?

The Liberal Party of Australia … does it talk up its economic record?

It would seem so!

Labor v Liberal: who best runs the Australian economy?

Who are the Best Managers of the Economy: Labor or the Coalition?