John Howard … the Architect … This Time … ‘The Aged Care Act’ 1997

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John Howard another bloody dirty liberal , was the man who allowed nursing homes to hide what you the taxpayers give them, no public scrutiny, it’s a LNP law


My mother is in aged care . Now transferring to palliative care after neglect . Massive bedsores despite instructions from doctor on how to position her. $600k plus daily fees for neglect and malnutrition that will ultimately see her out . We are beyond furious #auspol

THERE is a big difference between the Two Major Parties … contrary to those who make an offhand comment that there isn’t …

LABOR has a FIVE POINT PLAN; it promises registered nurses on site 24/7, more carers, a pay rise for the sector’s workers, standards to ensure better food for residents, and greater accountability imposed on providers.


‘Anthony Albanese offers $2.5B Plan to fix Crisis in Aged Care’


COMPARE that to the frightening experiences of our loved ones dating back to 1997

Of being starved … fed gruel … neglected … unwashed … drugged … suffering from bed sores … and even bashed …

WE need to go back more than 20 years when the AGED CARE ACT 1997 was drafted.

It proved to be a terrible turning point for aged care policy in Australia.

Politicians, bureaucrats and providers frequently reassure us that the majority of aged care homes are “world-class”. However, there is no empirical evidence to support this claim. Their reassurances are simply marketing spin on steroids. …

‘Who decided that data on residents’ safety and wellbeing in aged care homes must be kept top secret?

To answer this question, we need to go back more than 20 years when the AGED CARE ACT 1997 was drafted. JOHN HOWARD’S COALITION GOVERNMENT proved a turning point for aged care policy in Australia.

Under the Coalition’s Aged Care Act 1997, there was an increase in private investment. Private equity firms, new foreign investors, and superannuation and property real estate investment trusts entered the residential aged care market.

The dean and head of the University of South Australia’s law school Wendy Lacey has slammed the Aged Care Act, arguing that there is “a complete absence of any positive and mandatory legal obligation on the part of facilities to take proactive measures to promote mental health and wellbeing of their residents”.


AND from The Saturday Paper … Parts 1 and 2


“Two peas in a pod” … explains why Aged Care, it appears, has deteriorated even further …

Photo 1: The Saturday Paper

Photo 2: The Saturday Paper

WHAT is more alarming about the China Solomons Pact …

Senator Katy Gallagher:

“In times past, we have been the power that countries in the Pacific rely upon, and that has changed under this government’s watch. It has made our position in this region less secure … The prime minister has been missing in action.”


‘The Solomons’ decision to sign a pact with China is a failure of Australian soft power that goes back years, starting with Tony Abbott’s cynical and disastrous decision to rip billions of dollars out of foreign aid in 2014.

As Australia stepped back, Beijing went on an infrastructure blitz throughout the Pacific.’

World leaders are already stressed by the global contest between DEMOCRACY and AUTOCRACY … now confronted by the ‘Solomons deal’ … which enables China to intercede when it believes its ‘foreign investments and DIASPORA’ (the spread of people from their original homeland) are allegedly under threat.

Who are really under threat?

Chinese investment is across the globe – 140 plus nations have joined on to Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative.

China has lent large sums of money to countries for roads, dams, railways, ports and sports facilities.

*Charles Edel, the Australia chair and a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, described the deal in these terms:

“The lesson for the rest of the world is that China is looking to rebalance the global order in its favor,” he said.

“And whether that means opening trade routes, establishing a military facility or signing a security agreement, Beijing will act to benefit its own interests, to the detriment of democracy and an open and free world.”

The Solomons aren’t the only place where the Chinese government has sought to couple security and economic arrangementsit has done so from Djibouti to Pakistan to Cambodia, where China has launched infrastructure projects that helped it gain access to strategic ports. *

Think DARWIN …

“But Mr. Edel said the agreement in the Solomons was “in some ways even more concerning.”

Think real estate: location, location, location.

Because the nation of roughly 900 islands sits across shipping lanes connecting the United States to Asia, the Solomons (and its neighbors) have long been a strategic priority — as Japan showed in World War II …   

“The security deal between China and the Solomon Islands did not materialize out of thin air,” Mr. Edel said.

“China has ramped up its presence and extended its influence across the Pacific over the past decade, and as it has done so, Beijing has been on the hunt for a military base in the region, which would allow it to project power outward and further influence the politics across the Indo-Pacific region.”


A little Recent History about Board Stacking at Our ABC

Up to seven directors are appointed to the ABC board on the recommendation of the government.(AAP: Danny Casey)

AS recently as May 2021 the former NEWS CORP Chief, and a Channel 7 executive were appointed among new ABC Board members!

‘Former News Corp chief, Channel 7 executive among new ABC board members’

A TWITTER STORM ensued last week across social media about the very biased reporting that became apparent on Our ABC in the leadup to the Federal Election! With some research it was readily apparent that a number of ABC journalists previously worked for Murdoch!

Former News Corp and Foxtel Chief, Peter Tonagh, former Seven Executive, Mario D’Orazio, and former QANTAS and Telstra Chief Information Officer, Fiona Balfour were appointed for five-year terms, beginning immediately in May 2021.

Mr Tonagh was most recently involved in the effort to save newswire Australian Associated Press, which received $15 million in funding over two years in the latest federal budget.

He was also Co-Leader of the Government’s Efficiency Review into the ABC and SBS in 2018. *  About the funding and job cuts perhaps?

Mr D’Orazio spent 30 years with Channel Seven Perth, including eight as managing director. In 2019, he was also appointed to the Australia Council board, the Australian government’s principal arts funding body, for three years.

Ms Balfour, meanwhile, has extensive experience in the aviation, telecommunications, financial services and education sectors.

View:  ‘The ABC Board’ at 2021:

The ABC Board

IN October 2018 Mike Seccombe wrote in The Saturday Paper,  ‘ABC BOARD stacking rife’

WITH the majority of the current ABC Board Members appointed by Mitch Fifield Communications Minister in the Turnbull Government, it is perhaps no wonder, they have come from backgrounds in real estate and mining!  Only two board members had the relevant media experience!

6 of the 8 ABC Board Members have been involved in real estate and/or mining:

Mike Seccombe revealed that:

-the most blatant stack was when John Howard gave directorships to lunar-right luminaries Janet Albrechtsen, Keith Windschuttle and Ron Brunton

Maurice Newman served two stints on the ABC board; the first was truncated after evidence came to light of his partisan political interference

In 2009, Labor moved to apply the principles of a report on ABC board appointments.

They were pretty simple:

-positions should be openly advertised

-the applicants assessed by an independent panel and then further interviewed

-and then the successful candidate would be publicly announced

‘The Labor government also was intent on restoring a staff-appointed member to the ABC board.

Nick Minchin, godfather of the Liberal Party’s hard right, then shadow minister for communications, got to his feet in the Senate to express his concerns. The Liberal Party, he made clear, was dead against allowing the workers any say in the ABC’s governance.

It wasn’t Labor that did it.

It was Mitch Fifield, communications minister in the Turnbull government. Almost as soon as he was given the portfolio Fifield set about appointing people to the ABC board without regard to whether the nominations panel approved of them.

The long-running practice of stacking the ABC board with politically partisan appointees has come under renewed criticism after the rancorous departures of Justin Milne and Michelle Guthrie.’

‘ABC Board Stacking Rife’

And earlier in 2016

‘Enshrine ABC independence in the constitution: Australia Institute’

A report by the progressive ‘Australia Institute’ argued that the independence of the ABC should be preserved in the Australian Constitution to prevent politicians interfering with its charter.

And that Australian constituents ought have a role in selecting ABC Board Members, and for funding to be depoliticised.

WHAT is luring SINGAPOREANS to the Australian Property Market? As Rents Rise for Australians …

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says builders have been integral to Australia’s economic success. NCA NewsWire/Tertius Pickard Credit: News Corp Australia

HOUSING AFFORDABILITY has only deteriorated further since 2019 …

WITH more Australians now renting crushed by low wages, even more of Our People are increasingly struggling to pay rising rents!

In February 2022 Scott Morrison said:

house prices are rising”, bluntly adding “that’s how the market works”, during an address to the building and construction industry.

Isn’t it time we were equally blunt? On 21 May 2022?

Tonight there was a report on the ABC NEWS that neither major party is addressing rising rents!

THIS was not of Labor’s making!  If LABOR wins the election they will be inheriting this Liberal mess!

The Liberals have been in power for nearly a decade!

Remember ‘The NETWORKER’ wrote the policy for the developer lobby group, the PROPERTY COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA before it entered politics …  and obviously this very strong connection maintains …

BECAUSE Singapore, Malaysia and across Asia these foreign buyers are now picking up from where China left off …

SO why didn’t the Morrison Government in the interests of its Constituents then disallow the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) Ruling that allowed developers to sell 100 per cent of ‘new homes’ to foreign buyers?

Currently houses and apartments recorded an average 6.8% and 21.9% year-on-year capital growth, respectively.” Why wouldn’t Singaporeans be tempted for this capital growth, and even more benefits?

Obviously developers all the while called for increasing the SUPPLY because they were unable to keep up with the OVERSEAS DEMAND!

AND why did the ScOmO Government exempt (exclude) the Real Estate Gatekeepers (Real Estate Agents, Lawyers and Accountants) from the second tranche of the ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING LAWS? ….  In October 2018?? And to this day maintains this exemption?

With so much Black Money awash in our Real Estate Market – that too contributed to the escalation of house prices …  with these overseas buyers keen to gain a Permanent Resident Visa from home purchase … how many have been outbidding Australian buyers with black cash … ?

And with a flourishing short-term holiday rental market swallowing up homes for long term rental … we have a rental crisis apart from a housing affordability crisis!

WHY isn’t the NetWorker stopping this with more Australians sleeping in their cars … having to wait ten years for Public Housing, as others resort to sleeping rough in parks or railway station tunnels!


Why Singaporean investors have their sights on the Austrailian property market

AUSTRALIA … Where did the Generational Betrayal Emanate from?

LET’S take a look at where the betrayal comes from.  Sadly this report overlooks where it comes from, and why would that be?

A generational betrayal confronts the next government – and that’s why we need to raise the GST’

WHEN one reads this … ask are we being manipulated?

BECAUSE it would seem there is a push underway by the Liberals for raising the GST … will they increase it to 20% across the board? Cough … cough …

IF they are returned ….

Do you think it is likely that much of what we read now is about blaming the Boomer generation alone for record house prices … inferring that they all own investment properties?  Or that houses prices were low when they bought into the market … with no mention of the ‘other players’ in the Generational Betrayal …

True many Liberal Party supporters own investment properties!  Especially those in ‘small businesses’

Some have 3, 5, 10 or more … hundreds … thousands even …

Throughout the 1980s Boomers were likely to be paying a mortgage rate about 13% or 14%.  In the late 1980s the rates rose to 17.5%.  It hurt!

But for the majority ‘their castle’ in Sydney was paid off over a lifetime.  Until recently it had a median of $1.6M (now falling) and if sold they immediately lose thou$ands with costs of conveyancing, stamp duty, removalists, AND renting as they searched for another home. During that search prices escalated as much as $200,000 within three weeks. Then finding they had to relocate … a long way away or downsize!

RATHER than grandfathering Tax Benefits or even eliminating them … the Liberal Coalition are preparing us for a rise in the GST that taxes The Poor more than the Wealthy …

REMEMBER and compare this … from 1 July 2020 incorporated small and family businesses paid less tax due to legislated tax cuts passed by the ScOmO government …. And unincorporated businesses with an income tax offset increase from 8% to 13% … and many of these business owners enjoy the tax benefits from house investment portfolios too!

During the Pandemic this government extended its Instant Asset Write Off to $150,000 for another six months, and provided the Cash Flow Boost to small businesses up to $100,000 for employing people …

Apart from income support of JOBKEEPER, JobSeeker, and a wage subsidy for apprentices and trainees

AND big companies are able to avoid paying TAX for a range of reasons!  Including where they are at in the economic cycle, and when they are not yet generating revenue.  Equally when they begin to generate revenue they can carry forward their losses to avoid paying tax!

Some companies when they do pay Tax it’s as little as 10%

YET when LABOR attempted to restore some balance by proposing to grandfather negatively geared established properties which meant investors could keep them, and invest in ‘new homes’ in future, which would have opened the housing market to First Home Buyers and owner occupiers … which was a Win/Win for both sides … yet Voters bought this scare campaign

How would house prices tumble … as raised by investor alliances … when this would have increased demand from a whole Cohort of First Home Buyers and owner Occupiers?  With more buyers?

Why would rents rise then? 

RENTS are rising now, and there are fewer homes for sale for home buyers … because of the competition from the growth of Investors (increased demand), and their house portfolios …

AND the growth of ‘Short Term Stay’ Rentals that has decimated the stock for leasing longer term. Also negatively impacting the hotel/motel market!

SO rather than ensuring businesses small and large pay their fair share of Tax, and go closer to a balanced budget, the Liberals propose taxing the rest of us more by increasing the GST!

Making multinationals pay tax on turnover, and not profit would be a good start … blocking them from shifting their profits overseas! 

Getting the mining/fossil fuel companies to pay proportionate Resources Tax makes sense!

WHY not get the Big End of Town and those who aspire to be like them to pay their fair share rather than the rest of us paying more tax to subsidise them? 

IF the Constituency as a whole were to pay a fair share of Tax for free tertiary education, improved healthcare services (rather than the Liberals cuts), better aged care, dental care and more public housing (now known as social housing) … we could all enjoy these benefits like they do in Finland ...

5.5 MILLION People call Finland Home!

FINLAND among the best in the world … in 2017/18 awarded the safest country in the World; with the best governance, third least corruption with the best protection of property rights!

Australia’s Public Schools are run down, as Private Schools build more lavish gates, halls and swimming pools … our Key Workers – teachers and nurses et al are exhausted, and inflation is rising  ????

AS those with franking credits (free money), negative gearing and Family Trusts benefit … it is time for a rational discussion!

THE BETRAYAL has been from the Liberal Coalition that has occupied the seat of power for too long and ensured its donors and supporters avoid paying their fair share of Tax!

READ more about this nonsense:

A generational betrayal confronts the next government – and that’s why we need to raise the GST

About ScOmO’s Rise to the Liberal Leadership … And what happened to Michael Towke!

PHOTO: Scott Morrison standing up for God’s Country, May 2011. © AAP IMAGE / Alan Porritt

CAAN has previously shared these articles with you AMONG others that have circulated in the media … it’s no secret … and when so much has been recorded publicly … one has to have a very good memory …


By Paul Sheehan

October 26, 2009

News Limited was willing to pay dearly for this story not to be published. It first offered a $110,000 payment, plus a private apology, to avoid going to court.

But the price it demanded was that the matter be kept confidential.

The company was told to take a jump. See you in court.



June 29, 2019

Still dogged by questions about his rise to the Liberal leadership, Scott Morrison is keeping his allies close, and rewarding those who voted for him in the spill.

Including “Damaging stories about Towke began appearing in Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph, over which he later won a defamation settlement.”

By Karen Middleton,

The Saturday Paper’s chief political correspondent.



THIS WEEK, Scott Morrison announced his new cabinet. Given that Australia just re-elected the most corrupt and incompetent Government in Australia’s history, the fact that a few bagmen, shysters, miscreants and the inept got guernseys should come as no surprise.

It’s often been said that Coalition Ministers deliberately act against the interests of their respective portfolios, but seldom have the selections been so blatant. Let’s look at a few of them.

READ MORE!,12760#.XPB6HoQI62U.twitter


When Scott Morrison skipped out the doors of the Property Council of Australia (PCA) in 1995, where he had spent six years cutting his teeth as a spinner, lobbyist and propagandist, he landed in the tourism sector. Specifically, the Tourism Task Force (now the Tourism and Transport Forum) — a lobby group that in many ways mirrored the PCA.

For the next 12 years, he would switch between various roles in peak and government-run tourism bodies — and a brief unsuccessful stint in private practice — and the Liberal Party of Australia.

In among a string of election campaign failures, Morrison had a regular habit of leaving or being pushed out of jobs before his contracts were finished.

There were two stints that have, perhaps understandably, been scrubbed from his Wikipedia page.

The first was a period at big four consulting group KPMG in 2000, where he was attempting to start up a tourism practice. The second was an ill-fated turn as the strategic director for the campaign of New South Wales Liberal leader Peter Debnam during his failed 2007 election bid.

A self-styled “marketer” (he actually has a Bachelor of Science in applied economic geography from UNSW) Morrison instead hired others to do the marketing work, according to a number of people that worked with him in his various tourism jobs, while he focused largely on the NETWORKING.

This networking brought him into contact with Liberal grandees who promoted him ever higher, until he landed in — or rather was parachuted into — federal parliament in 2007.” …


SCOTT MORRISON: So Who the Bloody Hell Are You?


Morrison is now a Pentecostal and thus part of the most rapidly growing denomination in the land. He worships at an American-style mega-church called Shirelive in his constituency, where the gospel of * prosperity is preached in an auditorium that can accommodate over 1000 evangelicals.

With its water baptisms and designer-shirt pastors, Shirelive has close ties with the better-known Hillsong community. The founder of Hillsong, Harley Davidson–riding pastor Brian Houston, is one of Morrison’s mentors.

In Who’s Who Morrison lists the church as his number one hobby, and his maiden speech reads in part like a personal testimony delivered on the last night of a church retreat. It included passages from Jeremiah and also the Book of Joel: “Your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.” ‘


Take a Look at Who Sold Oz out …

May be an image of text that says 'SOLD UT SOLD OUT SOLD OUT We can lever trust the Liberals, Labor or Greens Again FLAT ΣΑRΤΗ MORONSRS DONT Vo te 1 United Australia Party Author Craig Kelly Australia Party, 240 Queen Street, Brisbane 4000 Printed GSP Print 9Ast Road. 2170. ADN'
CAAN Photo: In the leadup to the 2022 Federal Election CP is at it again with like unintelligible billboards and boasts he will exceed the $83M spend last election in 2019. What was in it for him last time?

FOR those including pensioners complaining about the rising cost of living

How did we get here?

What mob have predominantly ruled this Nation?

Looks like the state of the nation has deteriorated, hasn’t it?

Since 2013 especially …

-housing has become unaffordable for your grandkids

-low wages

-high unemployment, underemployment … those fortunate enough to be working at 3 jobs can’t even pay the bills

IT appears we have been conned ….

NOW Clive Palmer is back … he spent some $83M on unintelligible … incoherent billboards last election while he avoided paying his workers WHO will buy this crap this time?

Clive’s lineup of proposed Pollies include his business associates, ANTI-VAXXERS and conspiracy theorists etc etc …

That aside …. Clive has been an active member of the Liberal Coalition … so what really lies behind his political donations … billboards … etc etc?

EXTRACT from Wikipedia on Politics and more on “Subsequent Political Activities”

Palmer was active in the Liberal Movement headed by former Premier of South Australia Steele Hall in the 1970s.[87] He joined the Queensland division of the Nationals in 1974, having been influenced by the policies of Joh Bjelke-PetersenPremier of Queensland at the time.[88] 

From the early 1980s, he was involved in state politics, serving as the National Party’s campaign director during the 1983 state election and as media spokesman during its 1986 election campaign, both of which were successful.[89]

Palmer was a backer of the aborted “Joh for Canberra” campaign, which attempted to get Queensland Premier Bjelke-Petersen elected as Prime Minister of Australia at the 1987 federal election.[17] Palmer was elected to life membership of the party in 1992, which he retained after the state branches of the Nationals and Liberal Party merged to form the Liberal National Party of Queensland in 2008.[13]



From anti-vaxxers to business cronies: A look at Clive Palmer’s new Senate candidates

Sol Lew his CEO … and Fashion Empire Premier Investments Polity …

Catching up on reports in the AFR and The Oz on what Old Sol Lew, the billionaire retailer and his chief executive Richard Murray have been up to!

With a piece in the AFR, ‘PM and JobKeeper saved Australia: Lew’

They have announced the support of “Premier Investments” Sol’s Fast Fashion Empire behind the Sc.mmo  Guvmnt being re-elected alleging that this guvmnt saved Australia … and that Premier Investments despite the Covid Pandemic is on target for a great Christmas

We had a wander around a major shopping centre in Sydney, and discovered that all his outlets were scattered throughout! Pyjama shop, Peter Alexander, Smiggle with its fast plastic toys, Just Jeans, Jay Jays, Portmans, Dotti and Jacqui E! Clothing pushed out in sweat shops overseas and made to fall apart, and marketed to many on low wages …

In “The War on Waste” Craig Reucassel revealed that:

-waste is growing close to twice the rate of our population

FASHION is one of the fastest growing waste problems in Australia

-Australians are spending more than $5 Billion on fast fashion a year!!

-more than half a million tons of textile and leather ends up in landfill

6,000 kilos of fashion; discarded clothes are piled up;  it takes ten minutes to throw out this pile in Australia

IT may be a good idea to shop other than at Peter Alexander, Smiggle, Just Jeans, Jay Jays, Portmans, Dotti and Jacqui E … instead hang out for the sales of other Australian brands …

Sol and Richie spoke to media following an Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce lunch in Melbourne back in early December where Josh Frydenberg announced changes to digital wallets and the ‘Buy now Pay later’ sector which is growing with so many … no doubt … on low wages …

The chairman of  ‘Premier Investments’ threw his weight behind the Federal Coalition contrary to most business houses appearing to be publicly political neutral.

It is reported that Lew employs 9000 people in 900 stores… are they Australian or largely Visa workers? 

Back in May 2021 Lew vowed to repay $15.6M of almost $87M … $ Eighty Seven Million … in payments following public pressure from Labor’s attacks over JobKeeper.

Premier’s new CEO Richard Murray who was previously the Chief Executive of JB Hi-Fi and publicly supported the Coalition.  Murray revealed that he had things in common with Lew … that family is important … they love retail, and Carlton … ‘ … and we support the Liberal Party. I think the federal government’s done an amazing job getting us through the Pandemic.’

And in ‘The Australian’ report ‘Premier Investments Chief Richard Murray’s political call’

He urged voters to return the Coalition in 2022!

DESPITE this Sc.mmo government having spent $2.8B of our money favouring Coalition seats – three (3) times more TAXPAYER money than on Labor-held seats.

And running a near $100 billion deficit and gross government debt on its way to $1 trillion.


HOW many Australians lost their businesses … lost their jobs … with so much Liberal largesse for BIG Business?

In 2019 the miracle for Sc.mmo was the $4.1M from a single donor, the Wakils (property tycoon), one of the largest amounts in political history, dwarfing that of Malcolm Turnbull’s $1.75M in 2016!

This was second only to the $83.3M donated by Mineralogy Pty Ltd to Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party

What now from Solomon Lew?  One would have thought a more worthy cause would be CANCER RESEARCH … Support for our public hospitals dealing with the Pandemic … public schools … public transport  … and doing the Public Good … rather than supporting the Liberal Coalition through ‘Fashion Waste’ sold to a whole Cohort of Australians getting by on a pittance …

EXPECT the print media and the television media to be saturated with slogans and b.s. media blitz for the Libs

Alan Austin: ‘House Prices Skyrocket and Social Housing collapses under the Coalition’

ALAN AUSTIN explains why house prices have skyrocketed and Social Housing has collapsed under the Liberal Coalition!

Key Points …

6 years ago before Scomo became Treasurer and PM houses were half the price of today!

-locking out FHBs probably forever; multiplying profits of rich speculators

The only issue Alan Austin missed was that of foreign buying and money laundering in Australian real estate aided by onshore Proxies (who have been coming here for more than two decades); and the Real Estate Gatekeepers AML Laws exemption of October 2018. It would appear that reports of the FIRB conceal this activity ….

Read more to learn:

-where Taxpayer money has been wasted by Scomo

-what the Hawke, and Rudd Govts achieved compared to the Howard era

-the factors that caused Housing Unaffordability

-how the Coalition got away with this!

.they serve their big corporate donors

.the pretence is maintained by large private media which generates revenue through real estate advertising

HENCE little negative coverage of the Coalition’s mismanagement of the housing market

-in Four Corners, ‘Going Going Gone’ only Liberal MP Jason Falinski was interviewed, no MP from any other Party …

.nor did Four Corners criticise the attack of Labor’s rebalancing policies of 2016 and 2019

IT’S TIME to question mainstream media coverage and change the Government …

READ MORE!,15721

Key Points noted from Ross Gittins ‘Beware of Pedlars of Supply Side Solutions to Home Affordability’


-homes are assets that last for decades; most value is in the land which goes on forever

-the number of homes has kept pace with population growth in recent decades;  a shortage of places to live can’t explain rising house prices

.2 reasons for buying a home: a place to live and as an investment

-Dr Cameron Murray debunks state and local government planning and zoning regulations limit the release of land for housing

.because zoning regulations have been eased in recent years to ensure home building keeps up with population growth

federal government decisions have made home ownership more attractive as an investment*

.first with Hawke Government intro of Capital Gains Tax in 1985; while exempting the Family Home

.the BIGGEST CHANGE with the HOWARD GOVERNMENT 1999 move to taxing full nominal gain at half the marginal tax rate; negatively geared properties took off from that time 

*ASK yourself what happens when some homeowners decide to own more than one home, maybe many more?

-they use superior borrowing power to outbid other home owners *

-every home is different because:  2 houses of the same design may be in different suburbs; some in prime positions

-the cheaper it is to borrow the more will bid prices higher to get the house they want

governments use high immigration to increase the size of cities; more competition to buy a detached house; the more people pay for a home close to the CBD

-Ever-rising house prices is a demand story more than a supply story