‘Trash Force’ tears up Stokes Planning Principles

When we read this article, ‘NSW Minister Tears Up Predecessor’s Planning Principles’, we see some holes in what is being conveyed …

The ousted NSW Planning Minister was eminently qualified for this role! 

Rob Stokes holds a double degree in arts and law from Macquarie University, a Masters of Science from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in planning law completed under a Commonwealth scholarship

IT would seem that he was best qualified for the role of Planning Minister … perhaps that was the problem?

WHY so soon after his reappointment to this role, Roberts tore up the 9 guiding principles raised by Stokes?

The Sydney trashforce boss described Stokes principles as ‘utopian’ …

We figure with the reappointment of Roberts to this role the opportunity has been lost to resurrect our Sydney from further high density development for migrants

One would have thought there was no ‘red tape’ remaining for Roberts to cut!

IT is with the Federal Liberal government policy of high immigration through visa manipulation feeding developers the fodder (migrants) they demand  …

And the nasty liberal nsw mob acceding to their supply demands …

That Australian First Home Buyers will remain priced out by this massive competition and ‘Black Money’

Of  course, the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) and deve-loper lobby group the Urban Taskforce support Roberts reinstatement

However, the NSW chapters of the Australian Institute of Architects and Australian Institute of Landscape Architects deplore the somersault!

Affordable housing is not what deve-lopers are about … with each dwelling costing $200,000 or less to construct they make a motza …

By getting ‘their man’ back the UT boss now looks forward to faster approvals for higher density.

It was implied that Stokes approach was impractical when it was about liveability rather than overdevelopmentHis policy was only released 11 days before he was ‘moved on’!

JOIN the dots … the only way our families will find a home is if you start with booting the Federal Libs out in 2022 …

 READ MORE from the Trash Force in this article:

Why ‘the Mob’ rules NSW Planning


CAAN takes a look at: ‘Semi-cooked’: Property sector asks new minister to rethink predecessor’s reforms

AND it would appear what the Property Council of Australia NSW Executive Director Achterstraat is really saying that with open green space, more liveable apartments, and sustainable design that there would be le$$ in it for them …

AFTERALL it was Roberts – when Planning Minister for the first time – in a forum in September 2018 who delivered this ‘snow job’:

“overdevelopment does not exist, infrastructure failure exists”, and Sydney’s “bumbling planning history” meant infrastructure and services needed to meet or exceed housing growth.

SO with this reappointment … it’s back to OVERDEVELOPMENT … and if the ScOmO grubment returns in 2022 the World will be flying in to exhaust ‘the supply’ …. creating more demand

We repeat:  It was ScOmO who wrote the policy for the Property Council of Australia prior to entering politics

Rather than Sydneysiders benefitting from Stokes ‘Design and Place state planning policy’ with apartments allowing for working from home, more access to green spaces and cycleways (liveability)


This is about developing more dwellings (slums) … storey upon storey

IT is pretty clear why Roberts was reappointed as Planning Minister and why Stokes was moved on with a Cabinet reshuffle 11 days after he released his ‘Design and Place State Planning Policy’.

Read more!

‘Semi-cooked’: Property sector asks new minister to rethink predecessor’s reforms


The Greenfield Housing Code … Do you remember that? And now a ‘New Tax’!!

THIS CODE with lots as tiny as 200M2 x 6M wide was introduced by NSW INC when Anthony Roberts was Planning Minister …

A third of the size of traditional land lots in Australia … obviously better with more freedom than an apartment … but still very expensive for buyers …

NOW … are you aware that Greenfield landowners are to be hit with VALUE CAPTURE? This cost is being taken away from deve-lopers and dumped on landowners! As if deve-lopers don’t make enough …


Local contributions and land value contributions’


It’s a value capture they want to introduce now for landowners; not developers.

AND it is up to 20% of the Valuer General valuation NOW but the planning minister can change it at any time without consultation . Who knows how high it can go?

WHO in the government tried to slip it in? .. In the budget papers? …

NOW they have come back and are trying to push it through. Hardly anyone knows about it … this is what NSW INC do in the lead-up to CHRISTMAS!

AND submissions have to be written!

There needs to be a BACKLASH as the Real Estate Institute said this will push up the prices of land and houses.

THIS is what they are trying to push through:


New Regulations for Infrastructure Contributions Released for Public Consultation’ | Lindsay Taylor Lawyers

Public consultation is now open for new instruments relating to infrastructure contributions reforms. Find out more from the experts.


This is an explanation by a solicitor about the tax but it will AFFECT SUBURBIA not just rural areas. *

This section is disturbing as the NSW Government can also push up the price of up to 20% at any time, and they don’t even have to let people know!

Clause 32 will allow more types of amendments to be made to contributions plans without re-exhibition, including changes to the cost of public amenities and public services and local infrastructure contribution rates set out in the plan as a result of adjustments made in accordance with proposed Division 1B.

ONE of the reasons it was also knocked back in the inquiry … BECAUSE of the powers the Planning Minister will have!

NOW they are trying to push it through again!

HOW good’s this a matter of a few weeks before Christmas … THIS is what they (NSW INC) do!


Even a few lines may well suffice!

AND ensure others know so you can each contribute!


NSW Government and Deve-loper Lobby Groups Confrontation over Green Space

Key Points

criteria for apartment towers nine storeys or higher to have a maximum floor space of 700 square metres, as “slender towers

to allow for greater surrounding public spaces, more solar access, better views and less bulk

-deep soil zones for tree planting to increase the canopy and reduce urban heat

greater air circulation between apartment blocks to remove stored heat; for a better microclimate

despite government extending max floorspace for towers to 750 m2 UDIA alleges higher costs

WHAT is not revealed is why deve-lopers like high rise development … it’s because storey upon storey they make a motza!

Each apartment can cost as little as $200,000 or less to construct using job lots of fittings and fixtures; cladding; and visa workers

NOR do deve-lopers live in these dwellings that in too many instances lack cross-ventilation, with inadequate light, some so small a space is allocated for a washing machine with improvised electrical connection in a tiny bathroom

With water leaks … many are mould holes …

AS deve-lopers reside in harbourside mansions at the expense of unfortunate Australians and visa holders



NSW Inc Sydney Rezoning Blitzkrieg

SYDNEY REZONING BLITZ for more than 16,000 homes, and a new industrial precinct including:

-2400 new homes for Leppington Precinct stages two and five

-7000 homes for Lowes Creek Maryland

-7000 homes in Glenfield around Hurlstone Agricultural High School

AND …  NSW government endorsed Camden’s Local Housing Strategy to enable the council to meet the future housing needs of the community

The NSW Government has accelerated the rezonings for the next BOOM for deve-lopers … the Greenfield Housing Sites released allegedly, a result of the Pandemic!

How convenient for deve-lopers feeling the heat from the Building Commissioner, and loss of insurance coverage perhaps?

Greenfield Sites’ sounds good, doesn’t it? But will it mean under the Greenfield Housing Code … lots as tiny as 200M2 X 6M wide, and with a maximum gross floor area 78% of the lot size … ?

Perhaps street trees may grow?  Will any surrounding bushlands remain? 

This Code commenced on 6 July 2018 … introduced by then Planning Minister, Anthony Roberts

HOW have we come to this land and housing supply shortage?

Was it due to the deve-loper led FIRB ruling allowing them to sell 100% of ‘new homes’ overseas particularly in China?

With our housing now awash with ‘Black Money’ … because the Real Estate Gatekeepers were made exempt from the second tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws in October 2018 by the Morrison Government.



Billbergia Rhodes Plan for Road to Split Community Village in half!

Operators of the not-for-profit Concord Community Village say they will lose out while BILLBERGIA plans to build roads and apartments as high as 25 storeys in Rhodes East

Read more to learn how this could have come about

-six hectares – or 75 per cent – of the developable land in the precinct is owned or under option by Billbergia

IT appears Billbergia is favoured with three new proposed streets to run through their land … one of which will split the community village in half!


‘Stupid idea’: A road that will split a property in half risks forcing residents out


VIEW Related Articles to find how this all ties together with a Minister alleged to be involved in land dealings!

‘SIDOTI and Sydney Developer referred to ICAC over Land Dealings’

Former minister John SIDOTI and developer, BILLBERGIA have been referred to ICAC following allegations that development plans were altered to benefit the developer of waterfront apartments in an urban renewal project at Rhodes.


‘2020 Rhodes′

‘Sydney’s Investor-Grade Towers crush their Tenants and Kill the City’s Soul’






About Gazcorp …

GAZCORP a Liberal Party Political Donor

About …

‘Australian-owned, Gazcorp is led by proud Sydney-siders, Nabil Jnr and Nicholas Gazal. Our switched-on city is on the verge of shining brighter than ever before. With experience and dedication, we share our vision for better urban living.

Gazcorp has evolved into one of the country’s major multi-sector real estate investment companies. Established under the leadership of the late Nabil Gazal, we have increased our commercial, retail and residential strengths, completing projects both domestically and across the globe.’

A little Background …

Liberal Party Donor $14,500  in the 2012-13 financial year, with the Liberal Party receiving four times more than the ALP.

Gazcorp Pty LimitedLiberal Party of Australia, NSW Division

ICAC: Chris Hartcher, Chris Spence and Darren Webber accused of hiding election funding

The slush fund had three principal donors — Australian Water Holdings, which was the subject of the previous ICAC inquiry that felled Premier Barry O’Farrell, major Newcastle developer Buildev, and Gazcorp — which was the subject of a previous ICAC inquiry about its shopping centre at Orange Grove.


ICAC: Gazals entertained Chris Hartcher on luxury yacht but deny paying $100,000 in bribes



Colonel Pickering’s (Ex Ryde LNP Mayor) pre-planned retirement scheme questioned

PLANNING MINISTER Roberts launched the Parramatta office of Bill Pickering’s lobbying firm Hugo Halliday after it vacated its Gazcorp-subsidised Gladesville office.

The Dark Lord and the Call of Cthulhu (or, The Crisis of Planning in NSW)

The NSW Planning Minister, a Whitsundays luxury yacht trip and a controversial planning agreement







Killing Sydney’s Epping …

May be an image of outdoors
CAAN Photo: The Langston


The EPPING now emerging … this is ‘The Langston’ … the Epping we knew … much of which has been destroyed … the Heritage homes, tree-lined avenues, and beautiful gardens for Precinct development like this!

When driving along Epping Road towards the centre of Epping these towers and other developments can be seen … deve-lopers have picked off homes … landbanked them for more like this!

READ MORE about the impact on Epping residents and little children of the overdevelopment that has been underway across Epping … Paradise Lost!

‘Epping at Crisis Point as rapid Development cripples Suburb’

DOM says – if he were to be elected on Saturday … in order to solve residents concerns about OVERDEVELOPMENT … this would be his approach to the MESS … to:

“fast-track the delivery of projects in the town centre” such as the widening of Epping Bridge, removing all demountables from Epping West Public and the delivery of a new primary school.”

AS IF that would make up for … the living nightmare of overdevelopment, clogged roads, tree massacre, loss of community with thousands of ‘new residents’

The ‘PLANNING MESS’ in Epping where medium-density flats are overtaking traditional quiet bungalow neighbourhoods …

Epping used to have 10,000 people working in the suburb now only 1,000 after Westpac and other big companies moved out to make way for thousands of extra units



‘Pupils are being injured in crammed playgrounds at Epping West Public as the “well over capacity” school squeezes in more demountables to cope with the influx of enrolments.’ 

Parents fear the wellbeing of their children will suffer as enrolments are set to hit nearly 1300 next year — 500 above what is considered a “reasonable” learning environment for a public school, Epping West P and C president Ben Yee says.

“When it is at this overcrowding level, a lot of things suffer including students becoming just a number,” said Mr Yee, who revealed there would be 27 demountables by term one next year.



‘Killing Sydney’ by Elizabeth Farrelly read more about Sydney’s new investor grade towers … crush their tenants and kill the city’s soul:



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WHY is NSW INC devoted to Growing Sydney?

CAAN Photo: Lindfield May 2020

WHY is NSW Planning INC persisting with its devotion for growing Sydney?

IS it due to UT exertion … its insatiable appetite whet for ever more?

OR is there more that lies behind this? Could it be that among the Constituents in North Sydney and Davidson who oppose overdevelopment but at the same time are property development investors? …

DESPITE the consequences of the Pandemic that emanated from Our Big Neighbour to the North …

and for whose populace the property boom largely catered for

.the FEDS used to be seen at every photo opportunity with reps from ‘our largest trading partner’ … but these ‘neighbours’ have now become invisible …

NOW in Australia we have very high UNEMPLOYMENT with some 12 people applying for each job in our major cities … and this number is much higher for the regions

HOW likely is it that the Morrison Government will bring back its high immigration and visa manipulation in view of this, our high unemployment, and underemployment?  

CURRENTLY there is a need for some 30,000 social and affordable housing dwellings …

-a whole Cohort of aspiring Australians continue to be locked out of home ownership

.having had to compete with foreign buyers

.in a real estate market awash with black money

SO why wouldn’t the communities of North Sydney and Davidson … and their neighbours in Ryde, Epping, Lane Cove, Hornsby object to even more OverDevelopment?

IT would appear that NSW INC may well be overruled by the FEDS on this …







2020 Rhodes …

THE PLAN for Rhodes was set back in December 2018

THEN Rhodes East had 274 homes … Rhodes West 5,000

50,000 People will be living within 1 Km radius in Rhodes East, Rhodes West and Wentworth Point with the development of Rhodes East to match that of Rhodes West

Towers were raised from 40 storeys to 46

AND only three bedroom apartments to have a guaranteed parking space

Read more:


2020 … The NSW government has more plans for Rhodes to become a high-rise region! 

It’s now an Inner West suburb … across the river from Ryde …

With tower heights of 25 to 45 storeys

Including Billbergia’s Rhodes Central Towers

The revised plan of 2020 could allow for a renaissance on both the west and east of the station towers of 25 – 37 storeys said to taper down towards the river and the existing suburban area …

With its population of 50,000 the Department has identified the potential for a new primary school, and 200 ‘affordable’ homes …

The draft plan is on display until 9 October  

WITH China’s Country Garden and Greenland Precincts on the east side at North Ryde and now Rhodes mushrooming … it is somewhat confronting driving down Ryde Road …