Killing Sydney’s Epping …

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CAAN Photo: The Langston


The EPPING now emerging … this is ‘The Langston’ … the Epping we knew … much of which has been destroyed … the Heritage homes, tree-lined avenues, and beautiful gardens for Precinct development like this!

When driving along Epping Road towards the centre of Epping these towers and other developments can be seen … deve-lopers have picked off homes … landbanked them for more like this!

READ MORE about the impact on Epping residents and little children of the overdevelopment that has been underway across Epping … Paradise Lost!

‘Epping at Crisis Point as rapid Development cripples Suburb’

DOM says – if he were to be elected on Saturday … in order to solve residents concerns about OVERDEVELOPMENT … this would be his approach to the MESS … to:

“fast-track the delivery of projects in the town centre” such as the widening of Epping Bridge, removing all demountables from Epping West Public and the delivery of a new primary school.”

AS IF that would make up for … the living nightmare of overdevelopment, clogged roads, tree massacre, loss of community with thousands of ‘new residents’

The ‘PLANNING MESS’ in Epping where medium-density flats are overtaking traditional quiet bungalow neighbourhoods …

Epping used to have 10,000 people working in the suburb now only 1,000 after Westpac and other big companies moved out to make way for thousands of extra units


‘Pupils are being injured in crammed playgrounds at Epping West Public as the “well over capacity” school squeezes in more demountables to cope with the influx of enrolments.’ 

Parents fear the wellbeing of their children will suffer as enrolments are set to hit nearly 1300 next year — 500 above what is considered a “reasonable” learning environment for a public school, Epping West P and C president Ben Yee says.

“When it is at this overcrowding level, a lot of things suffer including students becoming just a number,” said Mr Yee, who revealed there would be 27 demountables by term one next year.


‘Killing Sydney’ by Elizabeth Farrelly read more about Sydney’s new investor grade towers … crush their tenants and kill the city’s soul:


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WHY is NSW INC devoted to Growing Sydney?

CAAN Photo: Lindfield May 2020

WHY is NSW Planning INC persisting with its devotion for growing Sydney?

IS it due to UT exertion … its insatiable appetite whet for ever more?

OR is there more that lies behind this? Could it be that among the Constituents in North Sydney and Davidson who oppose overdevelopment but at the same time are property development investors? …

DESPITE the consequences of the Pandemic that emanated from Our Big Neighbour to the North …

and for whose populace the property boom largely catered for

.the FEDS used to be seen at every photo opportunity with reps from ‘our largest trading partner’ … but these ‘neighbours’ have now become invisible …

NOW in Australia we have very high UNEMPLOYMENT with some 12 people applying for each job in our major cities … and this number is much higher for the regions

HOW likely is it that the Morrison Government will bring back its high immigration and visa manipulation in view of this, our high unemployment, and underemployment?  

CURRENTLY there is a need for some 30,000 social and affordable housing dwellings …

-a whole Cohort of aspiring Australians continue to be locked out of home ownership

.having had to compete with foreign buyers

.in a real estate market awash with black money

SO why wouldn’t the communities of North Sydney and Davidson … and their neighbours in Ryde, Epping, Lane Cove, Hornsby object to even more OverDevelopment?

IT would appear that NSW INC may well be overruled by the FEDS on this …




2020 Rhodes …

THE PLAN for Rhodes was set back in December 2018

THEN Rhodes East had 274 homes … Rhodes West 5,000

50,000 People will be living within 1 Km radius in Rhodes East, Rhodes West and Wentworth Point with the development of Rhodes East to match that of Rhodes West

Towers were raised from 40 storeys to 46

AND only three bedroom apartments to have a guaranteed parking space

Read more:

2020 … The NSW government has more plans for Rhodes to become a high-rise region! 

It’s now an Inner West suburb … across the river from Ryde …

With tower heights of 25 to 45 storeys

Including Billbergia’s Rhodes Central Towers

The revised plan of 2020 could allow for a renaissance on both the west and east of the station towers of 25 – 37 storeys said to taper down towards the river and the existing suburban area …

With its population of 50,000 the Department has identified the potential for a new primary school, and 200 ‘affordable’ homes …

The draft plan is on display until 9 October  

WITH China’s Country Garden and Greenland Precincts on the east side at North Ryde and now Rhodes mushrooming … it is somewhat confronting driving down Ryde Road …




St Hilliers Towers for Central Coast Quarter

THIS explains why the Gosford Public School was sold off in 2014  … located slightly to the south of the centre of Gosford.

DESPITE the alert from Martin North and others …

THAT as a consequence of the Pandemic … particularly with the masses of poorly constructed high-rise on the urban fringes, and further in as well with prices falling up to 30 to 40%, and with too much stock all looking the same, and on the market at the same time.

WHY is this happening now in Gosford despite a lot of concern that the development is too large for the area … but they obviously know more about the future than we do …

IT all points to big plans from those with power and influence for Gosford.  They will ensure they prevail, this sort of money won’t be deterred.

ALSO the site at the corner of Mann Street and Donnison Street … though  a smaller development, again it is mixed use – they all are these days

WHEN the demolition was taking place we spoke to a chap who suggested, like recent developments in Parramatta, it was ‘ME’ money and more than likely marketed to Chinese buyers

NO DOUBT its appeal is because it is …

.high rise that can be populated by cohort
.close to public and private schools
.close to selective school
.close to shops; a must
.close to train
.close to hospitals
.close to club


In the leadup …

2020 VISION FOR TWIN TOWERS’ about a development in GOSFORD CBD said to be ‘State Significant’ builds …

$400M Archibald development of 2 towers including 300 apartments, hotel of 167 suites, 25 floors plus retail, bars and restaurants.

It was originally in 2015 the work of Peter Zhu but new owners of the Archibald are keeping their identities secret, why?

The Central Coast Quarter development application has been lodged for a hotel/entertainment destination at the southern end of Mann St … was this what the sell-off of the Gosford Public School was all about?

Plus another developer down the road is proposing 3 buildings between 8 and 24 floors to include much the same …

AND the Lederer Group is planning a development near Kibble Park, Gosford of 5 buildings 20 to 30 storeys … OMG!

The beautiful harbourside setting of Gosford to disappear for ‘Vibrancy and the emerging population’ … from??


How was all this development fast-tracked?

The NSW Planning Minister .. back then … appointed a new Co-Ordinator General to enforce development of the Gosford CBD …

Note … contrary to the ‘Central Coast Enforce’ the Gosford Waterfront was included in the draft CBD DCP!

NSW Planning proposes no barrier to who lives in Exclusive Sydney Enclaves

NSW  Planning proposes no barrier to who lives in Exclusive Sydney Enclaves

COUGH … cough … choke ….

How credible is this coming from NSW INC Planning?

FOR almost a decade now we have been subjected to Developers controlling the Federal Liberal Coalition, and rewriting policies of the ‘divide’.  With the 100% overseas sell-off of ‘new homes’, and enhanced foreign competition for Australian housing esp from the UHNW and HNW from China …

Together with the shelving of the second tranche of the Anti-money laundering laws for the Real Estate Gatekeepers for more than a decade … followed by an exemption for them in October 2018 by the Morrison Government

Even though the Real Estate Tour Migration is now negligible that money laundering exemption remains …

Does NSW INC believe we will swallow this ‘new benevolence’?  With the spinmeisters turning and twisting to make it read like this state government cares for its poorer constituents having forced them out of public housing … made many public servants redundant … and bulldozed communities for high-rise, toll roads, tunnels and stacks … ?

IS this the ‘Developers’ SIXTH TRANCHE?

Has this piece been put together now that they have read the reports from ACOSS, and others … have the Mob yet another spin on ‘social/public housing’ and affordable housing to fast-track ‘Build-to-Rent, Co-housing, Boarding Houses’ cheap, higher density housing all across Sydney … esp. for young Australians locked out to become life-long tenants?

Looks like the next chapter in overdevelopment will be supported by the disgruntled ‘Investor Class’ having lost out to Covid-19 are seeking to make a motza with investment in Build to Rent, Co-housing and boarding houses.  It appears it matters not to them that money launderers own so much of this Nation’s real estate;  that a whole Cohort of Australians have been locked out of home ownership … are these Australians there for the uptake to ensure their investor lifestyle?

It matters not to them that the money launderers may have property back home in high-rise precincts … that they can come to Australia to buy homes here increasing CO2 emissions

Will this mean the mob can come in and bulldoze our low-rise suburban streets for developments housing 28 people or more where there were 4 or 5? 

P.S. … NSW INC subsidises developers to sell ‘boarding houses’ after a mere 18 months as flat developments …

P.P.S.  Scattered across Sydney we still have workers cottages alongside mansions from Watson’s Bay to Riverstone … it’s not new … we had it all!


Little Manly Residents oppose Stuart Street Boarding House

… there are more people wanting this style of accommodation.’  Said that with the vested interest …

WHAT this really means is that AUSTRALIANS, as we know, have been priced out of HOME OWNERSHIP …

… by both the investment and property sectors … and money launderers …. and in order to live close enough to where they work it is proposed that AUSTRALIANS have to board, or become life-long tenants in Build-to-Rent schemes … that are not so affordable …


Residents in low rise residential areas on the Northern Beaches have formed a GROUP to fight back.

Say NO to Boarding Houses in Low Residential Areas on the Northern Beaches

WHY not do the same in your area to stop this before it starts? To forever change where you live ….

IMPORTANT! This is what the Group writes has happened:

‘ … due to current SEPP loopholes. Northern Beaches Council overwhelmingly voted for change on 27/2/18. They want affordable housing but they want to have a plan and the infrastructure in place to support any changes.  ….

We are against Council’s Planning processes being by-passed.

We ARE against State Government Laws and Policy being exploited by opportunistic developers under the guise of affordable housing as “boarding house” applications.

OUR MISSION Our goal is to prevent Developers building what they term “boarding houses” under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 (AHSEPP).

These developments are not affordable and they are not traditional “boarding houses”. They are micro-apartments rented out at $450-500 a week for a term of 3 months. ‘

They are sold in 10 years for $500k each. They are built in quiet residential streets on R2 residential low density zoned blocks (that’s your next-door). They are 29 square feet. They can be built anywhere within 400 meters of a bus-stop on the Northern Beaches.

Parking is insufficient at 1 spot to 5 apartments. They don’t have enough green space. They don’t meet community needs and destroy quiet family streets.

Again they are NOT affordable.

OUR URGENT FOCUS To work with our Community, Council and the State Government to have the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 (AHSEPP) revised.

This is to ensure Developers don’t circumvent Council designated planning and process through appeal in the Land and Environment Court.  … ‘

AND … view this article: ‘No more Monster Boarding Houses in R2 low density zones’


‘Revealed $2.6M Boarding House with 12 Rooms proposed for Prestigious Spot in Manly’

NSW INC expedites Developers DAs Silences Communities Via Covid-19

HOW convenient has the Pandemic been, it seems, for NSW INC and some councils with restrictions on gatherings to eliminate the right of people to protest so many poor planning decisions with overdevelopment … that are clearly contrary to their interests.

Could some Councils be stacked with rels of MPs … real estate agents, developers, conveyancers, lawyers and accountants?

We have already learnt of Four Tranches of Shovel-ready development projects fast-tracked during this Pandemic …

The system appears to have been streamlined … online for Development Applications

We had a chat recently with someone who has undergone this experience, and this is what they told us!

Councillors conduct video meetings with local residents objecting to DAs. However the community is restricted to the number who can participate, and only for a few minutes each! Squashed!

Whoda thaut that the devils would seek planning approval … to sit on them for a more lucrative project, or sell the land with the Development Application attached to make more?

AND with the online system eliminating the rights of residents to object to plans … it has also meant that councillors are less likely to view the sites … they don’t have to get out of their chair …

-online local residents can speak but may be muffled!

However, the City of Sydney ensures that all objections and planning submissions are made available to the members of the local planning panel ahead of the meetings. Following which both applicants and objectors can then speak to the panel through an online video meeting.

How likely, is it, that this happens across all Councils?

And, of course, Councils having discarded the paperwork DA approvals have been accelerated! Again another benefit for developers …

To top it off the developers domain, the Land and Environment Court also operates online. This can mean that the planning panel members may each be in their homes … three or four of them along with an architect, and the council officer perhaps a planner also working online from their homes.

Could such a meeting be manipulated if a member started talking over the top of the others?

FOURTH TRANCHE for 13 NSW Accelerated Projects for Assessment …

SAID to boost the NSW ECONOMY with more than $4B …

To include the Sydney Tech Precinct at Central Station where Atlassian has plans to build the World’s tallest hybrid timber tower

The rezoning proposal for the southern end of the Sydney CBD has been renamed the Western Gateway to allow buildings of more than 200M high

-a proposal to rezone land in the Blacktown CBD for a $1.1B Western Sydney redevelopment

-plans to improve freight rail access between southern Sydney and Port Botany

-inland freight rail between Sydney and Melbourne

SOME in the community question why the government is not building new Public primary and high schools to meet the growth from the Medium Density Housing

AND question why plans for a $50M Cricket Centre are on the drawing board when there are now more Homeless People

WHY are office towers and hubs proposed when in the midst of the Pandemic people are working from home … and this may continue for years?

MEANWHILE the transport disaster of Green Square, Waterloo and Zetland continues …



APRIL 2020 it was revealed that $70 million would be spent on housing infrastructure in Sydney’s north-west and NSW Planning proposed to fast-track significant developments, rezonings and development applications to boost the economy.


More than 76 projects were proposed for fast-tracking … MANY of which had been met with prior community objection.

Bilbergia, Holdmark and Walker Corporation feature in the listing.  Along with Meriton at Little Bay


JULY 2020 within the NSW Planning Department a new unit has formed, the Planning Delivery Unit (PDU) to escalate projects by simplifying planning

This is following the recent announcements of Tranche 2, Tranche 3 and the parachuting of the Deputy Executive Director of the developer lobby, the Property Council of Australia (PCA) in NSW, Mr William Power whose responsibility involves fast-tracking the decision making of major projects; some of which were proposed by members of the PCA!!


AND acceleration for Tranche 3!


The Ivanhoe public housing estate is one project which will be fast-tracked.

WHO else apart from Housing Developers want more?

WHO do you believe, apart from developers and NSW INC could be behind the recent Shovel-ready projects, and the introduction of the Medium-Density Housing Code?  …

The Sydney Business Chamber … no less!

The Chamber has been buoyed by the NSW Planning reforms stemming from the Pandemic however, it seems, they propose to accelerate the process to change Sydney’s planning and land use to their liking!

We understood that Red Tape had already been cut .. but the Chamber proposes further cuts to Red Tape and:

-to reduce assessment and development timelines

-to enable better use of public space

-to allow businesses to operate outside ‘normal’ hours

The Chamber proposes … what we believe we have heard before … for ‘a more flexible, performance based, planning system focused on the key outcomes like urban design, amenity and public benefit.’

Despite the high population growth through not only immigration but visa manipulation resulting in a huge demographic change, and loss of Australian heritage, and culture the Chamber alleges that the planning system and land use remains rooted in the past. 

How can this be so when our suburbs have been rezoned for higher density of high-rise precincts, and now the Medium-Density Housing Code has been introduced as of 1 July 2020?

Further, the Chamber alleges that the difficulties with the NSW Planning system arise from:

‘inputs’ – zoning, height limits, floor space ratios etc

-less on the outputs.

Further, that it does not assure well designed new development.

It appears to have overlooked the intervention of the Property Council of Australia, the Urban Taskforce, the Real Estate Institute … to name but a few! The Chamber proposes realignment of land use and development controls from a Red Tape focus on inputs to an outcomes-based system to drive good development with better land use … storey upon storey … there’s a motza to be made …

They refer to the Sydney CBD as an example of having more flexible zoning controls, allowing for taller developments and higher density

Does this mean the Chamber having had a ta$te of the immense growth from the development boom when government and local council revenues flourished that they want more Precincts and CBD-style development?

To revive this they propose a broad-based land tax, and increased council rates having been capped for more than 50 years.

It appears that once again Sydneysiders are to be hit for the cost of more local infrastructure it is alleged due to the CoronaVirus with more working locally …

We thought that those still employed were in fact working from home …

And with the call for the extension of JobKeeper and JobSeeker where does the Chamber figure Sydney households will have the means to meet council rate increases?

Read more!


The full report:

Related article:

Local Councils should follow State’s lead on fast-tracking projectsL

CAAN Photo February 2020 Sydney CBD

WHO and How of the FML …


CAAN Photo: WeChat through which Real Estate Agents access the World Market particularly China

AUSTRALIAN HOUSING has been marketed strongly to foreign buyers! It is only due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic that there has been any letup!

THIS SELL-OUT has come about due to lobbying from developer lobby groups including the Property Council of Australia and in NSW the UrbanTaskforce to enable this sector to sell 100% of new homes to foreign buyers through the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) ruling of 2008/09

-before entering politics Scott Morrison wrote the policy for the PCA!

Following some 12 years or so with the second Tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws being shelved, the Morrison Government in October 2018 exempted the Real Estate Gatekeepers from these laws!

That is Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Accountants, and Conveyancers …

so that ‘Black Money‘ is awash in Australia’s Real Estate Market!

Making way for fugly development like these that have robbed established communities of their rights, and amenity … the loss of Sydney’s urban bushlands, and what they paid for!

CAAN Photo: Castle Hill with residential towers looming over neighbouring cottages, family homes … more of these happening enabled by the expansion of the Hong Kong Metro!
CAAN Photo: Crane Road a precinct where there were family homes with reports from former home owners that the developers were underhand; that these people within 6 months were unable to buy back into Castle Hill and had to move away!
CAAN Photo: Ivanhoe Estate, Macquarie Park Public Housing at 25 years of age was doomed for demolition to make way for two thirds private redevelopment and one third social housing
CAAN Photo; Ivanhoe estate neighbouring development Neue by Coli and Parkview; high rise residential taking over what was a Business and IT Park. Walk-up apartments too are being redeveloped for high-rise which will mean the loss of the urban bushlands in Macquarie Park.

CAAN Photo: fugly development of duplex, terraces and townhouses like this with ‘Exempt and Complying Development’ the community has no say! Built forward of the setback; up close and personal with loss of privacy (amenity) oversized to tower over its neighbours.


CAAN Photo: Westconnex tunnelling its way across Sydney … this is Rozelle

The destruction of homes, businesses, parks, social infrastructure and people’s lives by the Westconnex Toll Road Network with its toxic tunnels, stacks and tolls now owned by Transurban

Read more:

‘Sydney’s growing toll road network world’s most extensive and expensive, experts say’

WINDSOR … the RMS … and the destruction of Heritage!

No photo description available.
Photo: Rally October 2018 To Save Thompson Square and Windsor Bridge

VIEW CAWB and HERITAGE ACT Facebook Pages for photos that reveal the destruction of Our Nation’s Colonial and Aboriginal Heritage! With much loss of amenity for the local community … the industrialisation of a beautiful Heritage Town, Windsor!

AND MUCH MORE! like CAAN Facebook … Search our Website to find out more … and then tell others!