What happened while we’ve been distracted by incessant Covid Media?

Despite the Delta variant wreaking havoc, the majority of our key workforce of 16 to 39 year olds, and our children have not been vaccinated …

Qantas has now revealed it has had a seat at the table with Sc.mmo, and is calibrating for reopening international borders not only to benefit Qantas, but because the property titans want the return of international migration, tourists, students and Visa workers … many seeking Permanent Residency …

… also at the Table, Housing Industry Association economist, Angela LilliCRAP (we didn’t make this up!)  said population growth was pivotal for housing and the construction consortia.  


-Qantarse has revealed its mapping for reopening our borders

-the property industry awaits full return of migration, tourists, students and workers

-in the next 18 months flights to and from Singapore, Japan, the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Fiji and possibly NZ from mid December and to Hong Kong in February

-in April Bali, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Phuket, Ho Chi Minh City and Johannesburg

-the HIA economist Angela Lillicrap said population growth was key to the home building industry

population growth was said to be stagnant at 0.5% with an increase of 136,300 in 2020 … not 70,000 but 136,300  (ABS)


Qantas Reveals Roadmap for Return of Migration

20 Year Rezoning Strategy for Frenchs Forest

Frenchs ForestAllambie Heights … forever changed by NSW INC Rezoning …

This project has been ongoing for some time now, and evidently revised further during COVID. Rezoning Frenchs Forest and releasing a draft place strategy. 

In the process sadly many lost their homes, and/or amenity and their community rights through the rezoning.

The government has released a draft place strategy that calls for a new town centre created around the relocated school, 1,000 new homes and 1.5 hectares of new public open space.

15 percent ‘affordable housing’ an improvement of 5 percent!


New homes in apartment blocks up to 12 storeys, townhouses and terraces.

Another 1000 homes for surrounding ‘transition areas’ …

Meanwhile through onshore proxies and Juwai, overseas buyers too can gain benefits and buy Australian real estate if they are an:

‘Australian permanent resident’, a ‘foreign citizen living in Australia or outside Australia’!

It would seem this is why where we have lived has forever changed!

Much higher density and smaller ‘homes’for heap$ more!

And back in October 2018 Scomo’s guvmnt exempted the real estate gatekeepers from the Anti-money Laundering Laws … so this folks – ‘hot money’ – is what we are up against … side deals too … and this perhaps explains why house prices continue to escalate!



What will a new ‘Vibrant’ Urban Community mean for Macarthur?

May be an image of text that says 'M MACARTHUR HEIGHTS Final land release coming soon'


BEYOND the glossy brochure for ‘Macarthur Heights’

THE FEDS high immigration population PONZI scheme … under the Cover of COVID … providing even more customers for developers.

For Overdevelopment, Traffic Congestion AND Environmental Destruction!

This new development is south-west of Campbelltown, estimated 32 minute drive via the Menangle Road and Old Hume Highway.

What would the locals say about more traffic for these roads?

Expensive with lots priced from $400,000 to $500,000 … how many Gens Y and Z can come up with a deposit … but do our governments care?

It would seem they have covered their bases … through online real estate shopping and the Onshore Proxy because the Feds maintain the loopholes, and black money is awash in our real estate

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What will the End Stage of the Sydney Metro mean?


A Few Words on Su-Lin Tan’s ‘Chinese Buyers Abandon Australia’s Housing’

Residential housing in Sydney. Home prices in Australia are booming again, despite a drop in the number of Chinese buyers. Photo: EPA

Photo: EPA

IS it a case of collective amnesia that we keep deleting from our understanding that somehow we ought apologise for being in any way critical of a Communist dictatorship?

And those that uphold it, and defend it ought to be immune from any criticism?

How is it we are having to defend our position
as one of the majority of countries that happen to be liberal democracies?

How is it our media and our political system are inherently wrong?
  And how dare they be cynical of so-called ‘investment’ in Australia’s domestic real estate when in such totalitarian countries it is prohibited?

Monika Tu, founder and director of Black Diamondz Property, whose clients are mainly Chinese citizens with ‘Australian residency’ working and living abroad, predicts that when the borders open they will flood back in … some are seeking $10M home. 

But will they be seeking our detached homes with large land lots in green suburbs too? Hm …. Will they be coming from China, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom too?

Once again the ‘exchange rate’ is in their favour!

And, they are seeking larger apartments to live in, to retire in Australia, or to send their children to study. 

Martin North, Digital Finance Analytics, also notes ‘there’s been a swing away from foreigners looking to invest to people wanting to move here.’ And that they are more interested in buying land and larger properties!

Why is every criticism labelled as a racist attack?  When what is happening in Australia is a Ponzi Scheme!

Besides how can the democracies be criticised when what is happening in Tibet and Western China somehow is okay?

Then there are these local academics having their say, well where’s the proof?  Where is the peer reviewed data?

Are we witnessing those locked in to a university business model currying favour with their patrons and overseas contacts in the hope the foreign student money making machine returns to their campus rather than elsewhere?

Further, these articles critical of foreigners buying Australia’s domestic housing are also being critical of OUR GOVERNMENT for allowing it to happen!

What country could justify the purchase of housing by foreigners over their own people?

Some of us remember an Australia before the high immigration through Visa Manipulation introduced by the Howard Government when we had 70 per cent home ownership for Australians!!!  Our housing was not sold overseas, and we had sustainable permanent migration of 70,000 per annum!

Does the reader get the impression this article from Su-Lin Tan is attempting to justify a view that there is a sense of entitlement prevailing? 

That those from the Middle Kingdom should not be faced by any impediment if they choose to buy housing in Australia?

Heaven forbid should an Australian wish to buy housing over there – it simply won’t happen!

This belief in being ‘special’ is there too, and that is mainly our fault, or at least a reflection of the stupidity of our policy makers.

It did not apply to them !!!!!

Of course, we are going to see more articles like this, pouring scorn on those who dare to challenge what is happening to our domestic housing market, but this is what we do here, they don’t over there!

Besides what ‘country’ would be defending those who are leaving, and spending their money elsewhere?  Could it be it is part of a bigger plan? *

WE suggest there is more to this than meets the eye!


Su-Lin Tan joined the Post in 2020 after the Australian Financial Review where she covered housing and commercial property, Asian business and street talk and investigations.





7600 ‘New Homes’ Reserved for Macquarie Park

Ryde’s Labor Mayor, Jerome Laxale, acknowledged the considerable work in the draft strategy but said he was wary of assurances about new infrastructure, accusing successive governments of failing to live up to promises for new schools and transport.

“If we are going to cram another 7600 homes in, they need to put the infrastructure spending into the budget,” he said. “It is time for the minister to put the money where the mouth is.”


‘It also proposes making Macquarie Park more suitable for people to walk by providing a large network of pedestrian routes and reducing private parking availability. At present, about 70 per cent of people who work in Macquarie Park travel there by car.

Planning and Public Spaces Minister Rob Stokes said discussions with the local community and businesses had shaped the proposal to make the area an “economic and employment powerhouse”.

CAAN:  How realistic is this reduction of private parking?  Where is the public transport now, it cannot meet the current needs so that the 70 per cent majority drive to Macquarie Park.

Who were selected from the ‘local community and businesses’?

READ MORE including the comments from locals who have experienced the loss of what was a fantastic business park to be converted into a high-rise precinct developed for foreign buyers.

This commentator sums it up:

‘Road traffic in the area is already horrendous, not to mention under funded and undelivered schooling, water, power, health, mental health and green spaces for existing populations.

Significant infrastructure work in these areas needs to be undertaken and it’s clear from this that’s not happening.

More money for the developers…’


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NSW INC falling into Line with 7600 New Homes in Macquarie Park

Planning Minister, Rob Stokes said ‘future development would help Macquarie Park transition from a successful suburban business park to a vibrant commercial and residential centre’.

Have we missed somethin’? Already there is extensive high density, high-rise residential development there that has replaced much of what was a well-planned Business Park …


‘……and of course the 7600 apartments marked for Macquarie Park Precinct in the midst of a PANDEMIC these fools are counting on the INTERNATIONAL borders opening up to a FLOOD of STUDENTS who then pave the way for their parents coming as RETIREES .. …of course … buying up everything from not only APARTMENTS at the behest of old mate HARRY’s instructions but all our Prime properties in established GREEN suburbs as well…..near the best HOSPITALS to boot. …oh it’s as crook as it gets.’

CAAN: The Macquarie Park apartment precincts were predominantly sold off to foreign buyers particularly to Chinese buyers.

Now Macquarie Park is congested; its roads clogged. With a huge demographic change having taken place within Macquarie Park, who will be in the running for job opportunities?

The CCP expansion is underway from state-owned Chatswood, and the Berejiklian Government, it appears, is enabling this!

VIEW: ‘A Geopolitical Strategist on the MK, Hong Kong, the U.S. and Australia’

David Lee talks of our finance industry siding with Beijing, China contrary to our interests!

READ MORE FROM THE URBAN DEVELOPER: ‘NSW Plots 7600 New Homes in Macquarie Park’


HOW come Aussie House Prices have risen 120% in 20 Years?

A new OECD Report, reveals Australian households have more mortgage debt, and our house prices rose 120% in the 20 years to 2020!

We suggest, however, it is not only the hike of the last two decades … but why did house prices escalate in a matter of weeks over Christmas to January 2021?

We are told ‘it’s the market’ that’s what Agents say … BUT who set the prices?

In 2020 Agents before launching house sale campaigns … we have been told … argued that they market by advertising a low price guide to entice more buyers.

But in January 2021 we saw that some like houses went on the market at the reserve or above!  At $200,000 more than the sale prices of those in November/December 2020!

Was it through these agents ‘laying the track’ that set the course for the further escalation of prices across Australia in 2021?

Real Estate Agents, or rather the game now being played is to ask Buyers how much would they pay? And as the campaign rolls on with dozens if not 100 aspirant buyers competing for the same house … in a 30 minute ‘Open Home’ … the price rises …

There may only be one or two ‘Open Homes’ available in a week … maintaining FOMO with this high competition …  it would seem that the ‘marketing’ needs to be addressed by a consumer commission like that of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission?

And what led to this BOOM in house prices, and a whole Cohort of Australians being locked out of the market?

In the late 1990s the Howard Government introduced Temporary Visas for foreign workers which undercut wages for our people!  

Prior to the Pandemic there were 2.3 MILLION Temporary Visa Holders in Australia! They were lured by an opportunity to invest in property and education to gain ‘Permanent Residency’

Compare this to the prior annual 70,000 permanent migrants intake!

In addition to this high immigration, Mr de Mello from the Economics Department of the OECD, also said that restrictive regulations of land use and zoning in our major cities contributed to the supply of new housing failing to meet this demand from high population growth.

Mr de Mello, who is not from here, can be forgiven for being unaware of how in Sydney we have already lost most of our ‘Green Belt’ mid 20th Century due to landbanking and redevelopment by developers!

 But why do the RBA, Commonwealth and NSW Productivity Commissions call out planning restrictions when they are in full knowledge of the loss of our Green Belt, and how it came about?

‘Gradually the Cumberland County Council was forced to release more and more land in the Green Belt during the 1950s until it was abolished in 1963 and replaced by a state planning authority.’  

“What happened to Sydney’s Green Belt? The bush to the west of Sydney in the Cumberland district was to be protected from suburbia,” was the question!

Read more!


And indeed ‘Migration matters’ to the developer lobby, the Urban Taskforce!

Extract from the first edition of ‘Urban Ideas’

‘What is now needed is a planning policy that drives the development of up to 10,000 well designed apartment buildings, in appropriate locations in metropolitan Sydney, over the next 25 to 30 years.

The Urban Taskforce supports the growth of Sydney as outlined in the Metropolitan Strategy. In fact, we believe that the growth could be higher than the governments predictions, if immigration levels are maintained.

We also understand that the community has concerns about the change of character that will flow from a move to a more urban environment. But somehow the extra 770,000 new housing units will need to go somewhere so we are demonstrating one approach towards this.’


DESPITE the fact that we are still part way through the COVID-19 PANDEMIC with its spread across the globe particularly in high density cities, this mob persist with plans for ever more high density high-rise!

AND here in Sydney and Melbourne due to lock-downs thousands of Australians in 2020 and 2021 moved out of apartments seeking the freedoms of living in detached housing, and moved to the regions to seek more affordable housing!

WHY should we in Australia ‘have to get outa the way for a more urban environment to benefit developers and foreign buyers’? 

Australians largely live on the narrow coastal strip of the east coast for good reason … because Australia at its heart is desert country with mountain ranges.  Australia experiences severe thunderstorms, droughts, heat waves, occasional floods and frequent bushfires!

There is a shortage of affordable housing for Australians, and even more locked out now with prices escalating in 2021!

Australians, it would seem obvious, need to lobby their politicians for a STOP to Political Donations of which the Liberal Coalition gets the lion’s share from developer groups!

And to lobby for a return to sustainable permanent migration of 70,000 per annum or less!

THE WAY out of this problem is to build affordable housing for Australiansto stop with the high immigration and return to the permanent sustainable migration system of 70,000 per annum … or less!

READ MORE! ‘Australian households have more mortgage debt than almost any advanced economy, a new OECD report finds. It blames one key factor’ https://www.businessinsider.com.au/australian-households-mortgage-debt-oecd-2021-6 SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE: https://caanhousinginequalitywithaussieslockedout.wordpress.com/


WHEN surveyed many Australians respond our population is now too Big!

WHEN surveyed 35 per cent of Australians respond our population is getting too big for the country to handle! Can this be solved by building dense cities better?

THIS Australia Talks National Survey report, 2021 opens ‘Australia is one of the least densely populated nations in the world’.

HOWEVER what is overlooked is the fact that most people in Australia live on the coastal fringes because this continent is the driest continent on Earth!  It is largely desert country.

AND there have been numerous media reports of Australians having now fled from SYDNEY and MELBOURNE because they no longer found these cities to be so ‘liveable’ …

Our population growth has not been natural but contrived through high immigration of temporary Visa Holders seeking work, or the opportunity to buy homes to gain ‘Permanent Residency.’

(visa workers have been sought after by many employers as they accept low wages. lesser working conditions and payment ‘cash in hand’ to retain their Visas!)

This competition for our housing has locked out a Whole Cohort of Australians as these wealthy overseas buyers outbid them at auctions, and prices escalated!

Our schools, hospitals, roads, trains and buses are ‘all full-up’!

THIS Ponzi Scheme has filled the coffers of developers, toll road makers, retailers …

WHY should we now have to pay more for less?

In every direction we now have higher density, and our urban bushlands, fauna and flora, our Heritage, and our amenity are disappearing …

WHY do we need double our population by 2066? 

Apart from making the Property Titans wealthier?  And enabling wealthy HNW to launder black money in our real estate and gain ‘Permanent Residency’

Perhaps if we returned to a sustainable permanent migration of 70,000 p.a. that may ease the situation and allow for Prof Giles-corti’s recommendation that rather than apartments, a mix of concentrated well-designed housing to create ‘delightful, liveable density’?


Australians think our population is getting too big but can we build better dense cities


Property Experts Push for a Post-Pandemic Population Boom

‘Ever wondered what those who wish to influence our society are up to?’

Have a read …


Then …

-‘how different is this from Macro Business, ‘Nordic Countries show the way on Immigration’

In which the Unconventional Economist explains that since 1960 the Nordic countries have only grown their populations by a mere 25% compared to the 150% growth in Australia!

And NORWAY has a commodity economy like AUSTRALIA …

WHY can’t Australia focus on improving productivity and living standards?

Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway are among the wealthiest, happiest and with the highest living standards

Without mass immigration for population growth … to benefit the titans …


No photo description available.
An image from this developer lobby group to promote the idea that ‘Immigration matters’ … which it does very much to this lot. It is about their GROWTH through this PONZI Scheme at the expense of the amenity of communities across Sydney and beyond

WHY wouldn’t the Urban Taskforce support the growth of Sydney as outlined in the Metropolitan Strategy? Whoda thought who would have instigated this growth?

THE UT reports that they believe the growth could be higher than the governments predictions, if immigration levels are maintained.


They acknowledge that they understand that the community (us) have concerns about the change of character that will flow from a move to a more urban environment. Substitute with the description of ‘high-rise and higher density’!

Apart from the ‘change of character’ what the turbo-charged GROWTH has meant when once it took 20 minutes to drive across a few suburbs it now takes 50 minutes! Commuters constantly sit at traffic lights. Our infants are being schooled in demountable classrooms and have nowhere to play … our buses, trains and hospitals are all full-up!

House prices escalated with the Howard Government in the late 1990s allowing Middle Class Chinese to invest in education and our real estate to gain ‘Flexible Citizenship’ … hence a property boom in the early 2000s.

And again with onshore proxy and foreign online buying (Juwai) between 2015 and 2017… continuing until the border closures …

Currently following these closures with interest rates low, First Home Buyer grants, many selling their apartments for the freedom of a house and garden … thus inflating demand … and house prices have again escalated like never before! Jumping $300,000 plus from December 2020 to January 2021!

Was the UT behind this too? To make houses unaffordable so they can offload more apartments which buyers had been resisting due to so many defective development reports. Cough … cough …

THE UT suggests that somehow the extra 770,000 new housing units will need to go somewhere ‘so we are demonstrating one approach towards this’!!

VIEW: https://www.urbantaskforce.com.au/urban-ideas-2/

With a return to high immigration the shortage and high prices for Australians will maintain!

NOTE in the UT’s “Urban Ideas: Migration Matters”, the Sponsors including major sponsor Meriton and sponsor Ceerose which have been major beneficiaries of high immigration … ‘Ol Harry’ (Mr Meriton) even went so far as to say this in a report in 2019 in the SMH!…

-China has more than 1 billion people, and they love Australia. I think they love Australia as much as we love Australia. So there will always be enough of them that will buy.

-My grandsons, they understand everything. The real thing is how do you make things happen. I teach them how to make things happen.

VIEW: https://www.smh.com.au/business/the-economy/i-ll-buy-cheaper-australia-s-property-king-is-exploiting-the-slump-20190215-p50xyl.html

SCROLL down to find which companies have representatives on both the Executive and Steering Committees of the Urban Taskforce! Developers who, it appears, have had much influence on NSW INC … and constructed many Precincts across Sydney and housing developments across Sydney and its urban fringes …

Urban Taskforce Executive Committee at 2021

The Urban Taskforce Executive Committee is elected by the members and oversees corporate policy, governance and financial management of the Urban Taskforce Australia. It includes some of Australia’s leading property developers.

The Executive Committee DEVELOPER members are:

  • KWC Capital Partners
  • Rebel Property Group
  • Multiplex
  • Walker Corporation

Update on Walker Corporation:

May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'Ohating - walker Appin South Concept Lot Mix Plan T .20) × Figure roposed development'

In April 2021 from Save Sydney’s Koalas

‘This Walker Corp. concept plan in their Bushfire Report shows their proposed plan for the whole Appin area which will comprise 259 residential lots. With the removal of 25 hollow-bearing trees, the impact on the wildlife will be terrible. Not to mention the increased heat from the removal of trees and more heat-trapping asphalt and concrete’

Walker’s Parramatta Square project $3.5Bn is currently under development … but where there has been much controversy is in Sydney’s South West esp. around the rural village of Appin!

There Walker Corporation has very large landholdings in the midst of Australia’s chlamydia free Colony of Koalas!

And through developers like Walker Corporation, Country Garden, LendLease … much of Sydney’s former foodbowl has been lost to housing developments.

How has this come about?

View: Property Developers are among the biggest Political Donors in Australia, but should they be allowed to be?


These lobby groups have so much clout that no doubt because the Liberal Party has enjoyed so much $upport from the Property Council of Australia, the Urban Taskforce and others, what choice remained for the Labor Party?

View: Federal Parliament just weakened Political Donations Laws while you weren’t watching


The NSW Government has determined the landholding in the South West District Plan as being suitable for urban release after 2036.

But this was not good enough for Lang Walker and submitted that earlier development was warranted!

Included is a letter to Sheridan Dudley South West District Commissioner Greater Sydney Commission


walkercorporation-southwest_open_submission.pdf (gsc-public-1.s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com)

Despite the local councils’ refusal in September 2020, Planning Minister, Rob Stokes granted approval to rezone the rural landholdings for the Macquariedale Road Project now for 260 homes!

IF our governments had looked to the future health of our environment immigration levels would have been maintained at some 70,000 per annum not 300,000 or more annually!

Again property developer influence with the FIRB Ruling (2008/09) allowing developers to sell 100 per cent of new homes to foreign buyers …

Urban Taskforce Executive Committee at 2021 continued:

  • Winten Property Group
  • McDonald Industries
  • Aqualand
  • Meriton
  • Holdmark Property Group

SOURCE:  https://www.urbantaskforce.com.au/about-us/urban-taskforce-executive-committee/

Urban Taskforce Steering Committee at 2021

The Urban Taskforce Steering Committee focuses on public policy issues. The Steering Committee includes a mix of property developers and key experts in the areas of urban planning, law, construction and finance.

KWC Capital Partners

Peter Spira AM
Chairman, Urban Taskforce Australia

Tom Forrest
CEO, Urban Taskforce

Norton Rose Fulbright


Ironbrook Property Group

Rawson Communities


  • Woolworths Limited
  • Multiplex
  • Mills Oakley
  • EG
  • Cameron Brae
  • Urbis
  • Legacy Property
  • HWL Ebsworth
  • Crown Group
  • Meriton
  • Greenland Group
  • Stockland
  • Toga
  • Allens
  • Goodman
  • Lendlease
  • Payce
  • Danias Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Winten Property Group
  • Combined Development Group
  • Walker Corporation
  • Mirvac
  • CBRE

SOURCE: https://www.urbantaskforce.com.au/about-us/urban-taskforce-steering-committee/