WHAT is the Premier’s ‘next Plan’ for NSW?

From Daily Telegraph 1 July 2022

WHAT does NSW INC and their deve-loper Partners in Crime have on the Agenda for us?

Found this article in the Daily Terror 1 July 2022, ‘Putting the Plan in place’!

Yep, the Property Council of Australia – the National developer lobby – mob hosted Dominic Perrottet for his first address following the NSW Budget at the PCA Breakfast the previous Friday.

It appears Perrottet now recognises that HOUSING AFFORDABILITY is a crunch issue, and has announced the need for lasting reform.

STOCKLAND’s speaker has called for partnership between government and industry with three major budget platforms:

-An infrastructure government

-That is faced with a ‘perfect storm’ of labour shortages, congested supply chains, and weather interferences

Yes, labour shortages – too few Tradies – some we know have made six attempts to engage a plumber! This has been brought about by the demise of Our TAFE! With employers bringing in Visa Workers to exploit …

-To press forward with Stage 2 of the Parramatta Light Rail and fast rail for Sydney to Hunter and the Central Coast

What would that be about …. ? No doubt about the current need!

Allegedly to create thousands of jobs with more cranes in the sky as NSW has more than double anywhere in the World …

To play catch up with another 160 schools and hospitals, and $77Bn for roads and transport projects


A Six City Strategy for a Mega Region spanning The Hunter, the Central Coast, and Illawarra alongside Greater Sydney!

Requiring investment and regulatory certainty to enable the private sector capital to flow quickly! And this continuing GROWTH required a productivity agenda with up to $5Bn over 10 years … for affordable Childcare across NSW

NSW now has more than 8 Million population with RENTAL VACANCIES dipping to less than 1%!

DESPITE this apparently there is a pressing need to catch up after the loss of population growth due to the Pandemic!

BUT with a mere $2.8Bn Housing Package!!

Note that the measures to deliver this reform of approvals, red tape, REZONING and further investment into social, regional and Aboriginal Housing must continue …


Perrottet put ‘Imagine if the proposal was to introduce a new UPFRONT TAX rather than phase out Stamp Duty for first owner buyers,’ he hypothesized.

It appears the Perrottet Government and the PCA are united in that Stamp Duty is a volatile tax, but it would seem that what they want to replace it with – LAND TAX – will only boost State Coffers even more with Land Tax being a ‘forever tax’!

Currently we have not been able to find a copy of ‘Putting the Plan in Place’ on line however this late June media release from the Property Council makes some references:


What Gens X Y & Z need to Know about Build-To-Rent ahead of 21 May 2022

Photo: Sydney Olympic Park; Herald Marketing

We read a report recently that spells out what we suspected about Build-To-Rent (BTR), and then some – it appears to us that it is a scheme to make our Families life-long tenants – this article said it was ‘a fake affordability cure’.

What it boils down to … it will add another ‘PRESSURE GROUP’ of investors/corporations to the housing market and increase their humongous lobbying power to GOUGE TENANTS even more!

NOTE … only BTR that would be run by a Labor Government or one which offers the prospect of ownership would assist those seeking home ownership!

And as revealed in the AFR ‘Build-to-Rent pulls a 20pc premium on traditional rental’ by Michael Bleby:

BTR attracts a 20pc premium in rental income over build-to-sell apartments of the same size, according to a report from a third party!  For a one bed apartment in Sydney Olympic Park the rent is 19% higher than an equivalent build-to-sell unit, and the difference is 27% for a 2 bed unit!

For almost a decade now we have had the LOWEST WAGES GROWTH for some 60 years … this was indelibly set in train back in the Howard Liberal Government of the late 1990s when it introduced Visa workers to compete for jobs to maintain low wages.

Currently we have some 60% home ownership, and declining rapidly with a whole Cohort locked out of the market and renting …

In the 70s we had 70% home ownership

BTR enables the wealthy investors and corporates to develop an apartment complex to lease all the dwellings.

It is said to be very successful in the United States and the UK, and now in Australia like the US we too have a whole Cohort of the ‘Working Poor.’

An EY report assesses there will be 175,000 new BTR homes in Australia … with $100B pipeline of development in a decade!

The BTR sector promote affordability, security and a stable lease reducing the necessity to move so often.

However questions have been raised like:

-How can corporatizing the rental market deliver lower rents?  

-How likely is it that a corporation would charge any less than a landlord?

-Would they be more or less responsible for maintenance?

IT appears to us at CAAN that ‘The Haves’ will only grow their wealth … and real estate rogues are set to make even more when managing whole blocks … even precincts … The housing supply would certainly grow but what of the ScOmO high influx of migrants increasing the demand?

AND … of course ‘they’ (investors and corporates) re after ‘tax breaks’ on GST and Land Tax for these BTR projects …

Currently there are two completed BTR developments. 

On Queensland’s Gold Coast Australia’s first and largest BTR located at the Commonwealth Games Athlete’s Village. It is a development of 1,251 dwellings on a staged release strategy over 3 years. With hundreds of ‘homes’ left vacant! A strategy to maintain high rentals!

The Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund owns this development!  Not the Australian Government …

Mirvac’s Liv BTR project at Olympic Park, has rents 10% to 30% above the local market rate. The rents last year ranged from $535 a week for a one-bed apartment, $615 for a two-bed, and more than $1,000 for a three-bed apartment.

To max their investment they provide packaged gyms, facilities, appliances and services 

The property media tells us there is a shortage of development sites. So what has happened now?  Have low rise areas been rezoned for a Pipeline of BTR development?

What of the social and environmental impacts of migration fuelled rapid population growth?

RELATED ARTICLE: https://themarketherald.com.au/a-boom-in-build-to-rent-developments-set-to-change-apartment-living-2021-05-25/?fbclid=IwAR1ITaMi_AjUByGm3VQ6C7uwjC8TFpMbzsZYVu2v_Aasvu0LkOnPBSaRdNA

Alicia Barry Interview with Louis Christopher SQM Housing Boom and Bust Report

THE FOLLOWING was discussed in this interview:

“NAB chief executive Ross McEwan has also called for more action from APRA, and when you have

someone in that position to call for further tightening, generally speaking, it’s already in the planning


“Put it this way, if the Australian housing market does not slow down by mid-2022, APRA will keep intervening until it does. We cannot afford another year of 20 per cent plus gains across the national housing market.”


Key Points …

-a lot of money spinning around the economy; a lot into housing pushing up prices

-Sydney and Melbourne significantly over-valued;  the most over-valued ever seen!

.with significant risks

-the financial regulators: the RBA and APRA acted in early November

-and will step in again to avoid a hard landing in our housing market

the risks are the massive gaps between prices and income  *

-in Sydney only 15 suburbs with a median house price under $1M; extraordinarily over-valued

if this market continues to rise anor 20% in 2022; likely we will have a hard landing

-likely regulators will step in again until the evidence is there the market is slowing down

inflation at 3%;  thought to rise another half a percent  to 3.5%

-regulators to focus on investors through multiple steps

-with house prices out of control it will force a hard landing that affects the rest of the economy

.expect regulators will target the rate of growth

.less owner buyers in the market

FHBs not seen since mid year

investors now taking up the larger proportion of the buying activity

a typical phenomenon we see towards the end of a housing cycle

2022 expect an increase in demand for units; because they are more affordable

-international borders opening to overseas students and migrants who traditionally invest in units

-with lockdowns assumed to be over many will return to the big cities from the regions seeking more amenity in the cities

-6 to 8 months after the downturn started a good call for FHBs

-SQM not in a position to tell people when they should buy their home

-belief that the market will soften next year; not going to crash

-that the regulators will stop the crash if they can

CAAN: Sadly with our borders opening up for migrants and international students this will increase competition once again for Australian home buyers! And in the jobs market maintaining low wages!



WHY are some Sydney Suburbs more liveable than others? 

WHY have some Sydney suburbs become less liveable and others more so?

PERHAPS why some in Western Sydney rate where they live with a liveability score of 64 … 4 points below the national average of 68 …

… because this stems back to the fact that much of Western Sydney was developed much later than the Eastern and North Shore suburbs?

WHY was the infrastructure not developed prior or simultaneously with the new subdivisions?  Did the deve-lopers get off Scot-free?

PERHAPS through political donations deve-lopers have gotten away with so much?

THE established burbs have public transport, ready access to health facilities, schools,

shopping centres, parks, gardens, kerb and guttering …

Lane Cove Council and not specifically Lane Cove scored 76 for sustainable urban design? Lane Cove itself has streets of high density with problems of waste collection; with cars parking out those streets. Cars are damaged with tight parking and falling branches! The housing market is expensive as are rents!  It has the amenity of a shopping centre, a library, schools, sewerage, a motorway, a bus service

A commentator wrote that he grew up in Balmoral Beach in the 60s and compared it with that of today with its ‘Super rich’ residents; choked with traffic and people; parking police collecting revenue, and the loss of its community!

SOME COUNCILS like RYDE have a ‘Street Tree Planting Program’!  And invite residents to participate! 

PERHAPS other Councils are also involved … and your Burb can look leafy like Hunters Hill … Wahroonga … Pymble … Turramurra … too?

DESPITE the efforts of ‘progressive Mayors’ to tackle the heat sinks, and urban crush …

the learner Premier Major Dom proposes 400,000 more immigrants per annum for five years ffs!

WHERE is it proposed that they live? The Planning Department ‘Central City’ of Parramatta, The Hills, Cumberland and Blacktown Council Areas to deliver 40% extra housing over the next five years!  60 Kms from the coast and the CBD with more apartment blocks and urban heat islands!


WESTERN SYDNEYSIDERS need protect what they have … the Nurrangingy Reserve and the Wianamatta Regional Park (the last of the Cumberland Plain bushland) and the nearby Blue Mountains

PARRAMATTA has its theatres, parks, University, and nightlife.

PENRITH/Jamisontown with family activities incl kayaking, skating rink, bowling, sports, the river, nature and the Joan Theatre …

The Eastern Suburbs beaches have their issues of storm/sewage runoff, traffic, parking, parking fines, gridlock.  The Inner West with air traffic noise …

IT’s time to vote the donor recipients out!  Because Sydney was nice back in the 80s until the late 1990s before ‘the vandals and their crush took over’!

Opportunities now arising for change with imminent Local Government elections, and in 2022 for State and Federal Governments!



LOW WAGES since 2013 … Yet Bankers Predict House Price Hike for 2022!


It’s rigged, isn’t it?  A Sellers Market, and set to benefit Investors, Foreign Buyers, Money Launderers and especially apartment deve-lopers …

With house prices in Sydney, Canberra, Hobart and some regional areas shooting up by more than 30% in 2021 … let that sink in …

A recent study by the McKell Institute found:

The average Australian worker would be earning $254 more a week if wages growth had continued at the rate achieved under the last Labor government, according to a new analysis.’

Since the Liberal Coalition Government gained power in 2013 wages have grown 2.5% compared to 4.6%  in 2007 to 2013 with the Labor Government.

Average weekly earnings for men would be $310 higher if the average rate of wage growth from 2007 to 2013 had been sustained since 2014 to 2020!

And women would be earning $152.23 more a week!  Why were our wages suppressed?  This study blames a suite of Liberal Coalition policies including the public sector pay freezes, an increase in Visas for temporary migrant workers, inaction on wage theft, the GIG economy, and this government failed to press the Fair Work Commission for bigger minimum wage increases

Read more!


First Home Buyers who did not have the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ were locked out in 2021.

HOW can they save more than 80% of their annual wages for a deposit?

Where are the ‘cheaper rents’?  Say less than $420 per week?  That is $1640 per month … 

WHAT is left to get over the deposit hurdle and prices skyrocketing … ?

YET the ANZ predicts that house prices are to continue to rise by a little more than 6% in 2022 prior to falling some 4% in 2023 …

WT ##


AS the real estate go-between persists pushing up house prices … to the liking of vendors and the bankers …

IT is reported that more homes are coming to market, and a rise in fixed mortgage rates and a slight reduction in maximum borrowing may slow this down … ?

The RBA wages growth forecast of a mere 3% by end 2023 … half that of the additional 6% house price rise and …

IF house prices fall 4% as ANZ predicts by the end 2023 housing would be 27% more expensive than at the end of 2019! 

WESTPAC’s senior economist predicts an 8% house price rise for 2022 with wage growth of 3% …

IT appears that the Morrison Government First Home Buyer schemes were created to boost the demand, and fill the coffers of apartment deve-lopers as these schemes cut out at $800,000 in Sydney.  The Sydney median house price is now $1,499,126!

Read more!

The hope for more listings in 2022 to outstrip demand from buyers appears to be dashed with the Perrottet Government ‘Plan’ to bring back International Students

“This is a significant milestone in our roadmap to recovery and I can’t wait to welcome back such an important part of our community,” Mr Perrottet said.

AND the Morrison Government post-COVID economic recovery plan includes the return of skilled migrants.

“We are going to have a business led recovery here in Australia.”

Read more!


The solution would appear to be with the Constituency in 2022 … Meanwhile have a chat with others about the FACTS shared in this report!

How the Big 4 Consultants hold Sway over Voters through our Governments!

An excellent report from Crispin Hull! 

 We recommend you Share with others, and copy for your information!

Key Points …

-Josh Frydenberg was considering increasing immigration; the ACCI called for skilled migrant intake to 200,000

-business wants this for a pool of cheap labour; weakens workers bargaining power

-Australia does not have a skills shortage but a training shortage

-most jobs on the skilled shortage list are jobs like ‘chef’ not ‘rocket scientist’

The Furphy …

  1. it would take a crush load of migrants under 40 to impact the age profile
  2. those immigrants age too
  3. appalling insult that people aged over 65 are a drain

-a lot of alarmist drivel about lower population and therefore lower GDP

-with lower GDP shared among fewer people everyone will be better off

-better to be richer in a small economy than poorer in a larger one!

-why do pollies listen to business? Because the public service has been eroded; replaced with policy advice from big consultants

-the Greens promise to build a million ‘affordable’ homes despite the environmental cost

-a housing crisis in Australia due to a tax policy which favours investment in homes; squeezing out home buyers


‘Back to rotten politics as usual’


Can MultiCulturalism be a Tool to Manipulate Candidacy

CONTRARY to the 7.30 Report this evening, 27 September 2021 …

‘Senior Labor Party members in Fowler are furious about an outside candidate being “parachuted” into their electorate – but it’s not former premier KRISTINA KENEALLY …… because MS LE only moved into the electorate last year and still works outside it, the Herald can reveal.’

WHY didn’t 7.30 do more research on this matter? Perhaps it is beyond the management and 7.30 Journalists, and the question should be directed to those who pull the strings!


Because this SMH article was published on 26 September at 5.00 a.m. a day earlier than the 7.30 Report!

Is Multiculturalism all that it is cut out to be because it appears to cause more problems … with negative reports like tonight on 7.30 – it appears to be divisive and corrosive … and it seems it can be manipulated!


AS Australians we collectively have been manipulated particularly by the property sector for their gain

We AUSTRALIANS have lost much of our Colonial and Indigenous heritage, society, community, and environment – through OVERDEVELOPMENT of high density housing to accommodate their new and additional overseas buyers!

We had no say in this … no doubt due to political donations esp. to the LNP!

Migrants having come here in vast numbers in such a short time period, particularly since 2013 it appears, this too is being manipulated with demands for greater representation in our Parliaments … through reports like this on 7.30: 27 September 2021: ‘Parliament does not reflect culturally diverse Australia, says former Fowler hopeful Tu Le’ 7.30

Is Ms Le the ideal candidate, in any case, as it appears she is putting her personal ambition over and above her Party loyalty?



Perrottet Plan to bring back International Students by end 2021

TREASURER Perrottet under the cover of Covid has been working on a plan to bring back international students.  He alleges ‘tens of thousands of people in NSW rely on the international student market for work’

AND that this would ‘also address the rising issue of labour shortages in the state’.   

JUST as the high unemployment and underemployment for Australians was beginning to turn around ….

CONTRARY to Perrottet we read a report that Australian job postings had rebounded to 17 September 2021 at 48.6% above their level on 1 February 2020, and are 1.9% below their peak!

So what now!~  FFS!

This alleged ‘rising issue of labour shortages’ has had nothing to do with businesses wanting to maintain low wages and long hours of slavery these overseas students were willing to undertake to gain a Permanent Resident Visa …

The Indian market of 1.3 Billion people happens to be one of the NSW Government’s top priorities, and despite ScOmO’s war on China Perrottet has been working on a strategy to bring back students from China and Nepal.

Commentators question what is being done to manage the transition of local students from high school to university?

And why are our Universities not adequately funded?  That places should be allocated for Australian students

And question why our Universities too are being treated like a business corporation



Campsie under Lockdown faced with Density Push!

‘A COVID-19-struck community with severely limited open space has been asked to review a plan to increase the number of homes by more than 70 per cent while enduring the strictest lockdown the city has seen.’

Mayor Khal Asfour:

‘As Mayor, I am dedicated to building stronger ties between Council and the community; …   I intend to continue to lead the advocacy on important matters, such as sustainable development and infrastructure support, to make our City an even better place to live, work in and enjoy. ‘​


HOW are these fine words reflected in what is proposed for Campsie? 

WHEN Campsie residents are faced with a density increase from 24,500 to almost 40,000 dwellings by 2036

With little increase in public space under a Masterplan that will be put to a planning panel in a week’s time in a blueprint:

-allegedly to make Campsie more environmentally sustainable, affordable and connected to the Cooks River

-Beirut’s 2021 population is now estimated at 2,434,609


Sydney’s 2021 population is now estimated at 4,991,654. In 1950, the population of Sydney was 1,689,935.

Greater Sydney population

In 2019 the Estimated Resident Population for Greater Sydney was 5,312,163.

As with the established pattern of NSW INC residents were only given days’ notice to provide feedback on the draft at the same time as outdoor recreation is heavily policed, and children limited to playing at the front of apartment blocks, and in driveways!

Campsie is already overcrowded with the Council having to resort to the Belmore Sports Ground to account for a third of the open space in the plan!

It is proposed to upgrade existing parks, create small pockets of open space and improve street amenity.

Will the river foreshore escape redevelopment?

Campsie will remain stuck with the overhead high-tension power lines as their removal is not a given.

ICAC previously investigated attempts by Daryl Maguire to increase the height of buildings for a developer friend, and NSW government’s 2017 plan for Campsie was shelved following community backlash.

So under the Cover of Covid, it appears, that NSW INC and the Council are proposing this huge redevelopment knowing full well that the community is too stretched to cope with this!

Canterbury MP Sophie Cotsis said:

“I’ve made representations to the council and the NSW Planning Minister to withdraw this proposal, which will have a significant, adverse impact on residents and their properties.”

Contrary to the council spokeswoman a pattern has been established under the Cover of Covid with the push for high immigration, and increased development already underway!  And to fill the carriages of the Metro

-from Singapore … China … India …

There is a disconnect with Australian home buyers currently faced with a housing shortage, and priced out of their communities!

Since 2012 thousands of alleged sets of engagement and community consultations have proved meaningless for many Sydney communities.  Especially when one hears the buzzwords :  ‘ …. To become a strategic centre, a cultural and lifestyle centre’

Read more!


Chinese Buyers enjoy Bonza Buy of Australia’s Farmlands!

CHINESE Buyers enjoy Bonza Buy of Australia’s Farmlands … we read this report, ‘’China-Australia relations: Chinese buyers defy Beijing-Canberra blues to say ‘Bonza’ to farmland Down Under“, and it raised many questions for us! We hope you will think about what we question, and share with others!

WITH the diminishing availability of Australia’s farmland, and with it increasingly becoming a popular asset class for Chinese, are we missing something here? Why the disconnect?

WHY aren’t Australian investors ensuring the wealth of Our Nation by investing in this very valuable resource with a very large demand for our produce coming from a hungry 1.4 Billion Chinese?

IT appears we are losing this resource on two fronts from the PRC!  …

With the property sector encouraged, and allowed to devour this precious resource through urban sprawl?

WHEN it is contrary to the interests of not only Our Farmers, but Our Nation and future generations!

WITH the diminishing availability of Our Farmlands, why does the FIRB allow the sell-off to foreign buyers particularly China?

HOW credible are the ‘frosty relations between Canberra and Beijing?” 

WHERE are the so-called restrictions on these foreign investments in our most valuable resources?

.yet China’s investment only fell by more than a third to $827.6M in 2020

HOW is it alleged that Chinese investment in Australian farmlands benefits our Nation? 

When Australia has lost ownership?  Agricultural lands account for 11% of our exports.  How much of that 11% is now owned by the Chinese?

WITHOUT the need for government approval for buying Australia’s property valued less than A$15M, is it any wonder that Chinese investors have the largest holding of 9.2 million hectares?

. also cover investment in vehicles or funds that buy stakes in agricultural lands

WHY not hold onto Australia’s farmlands for our farmers to sell produce to China’s fast-growing Mainland market?

BECAUSE China’s demand for these imported commodities and refined agricultural products will only grow! Currently China accounts for some 18% of Australia’s farming exports!

WHY isn’t the Morrison Government ensuring the viability of our Farming Sector? So that our Farmers are not forced to sell out!

HOW dumb are we?


‘’China-Australia relations: Chinese buyers defy Beijing-Canberra blues to say ‘Bonza’ to farmland Down Under