TIM LAWLESS asks the question: ‘Will Stalled Migration Stem Housing Demand?’

And then it seems from this article that all is not revealed about what went on pre Covid-19!

Through visa manipulation a vast range of temporary visas allowed the holder to buy Australian Real Estate to gain a Permanent Resident Visa!

And with a mere 160,000 permanent migrants outnumbered by Temporary Visa holders, for example, in May 2019 their numbers surged past 2.3 Million

And many were lured here esp. those from our Big Neighbour to the North when they bought our real estate to gain a PR Visa and Medicare benefits!

Further, the property sector esp. over the past decade were unable to build the supply to keep up with the ‘foreign demand’ for our housing which may also explain why much of our housing was poorly constructed …

AGAIN it would seem the property media is spinning … somewhat … in saying that ‘the large majority of temporary migrants will not be purchasing a home in Australia; they rent’

BECAUSE those seeking to buy a ‘new home’ can do so on line through e.g. Juwai and gain a ‘PR Visa’ … they are no longer on a Temp. Visa …

This PR Visa has long been the lure.

They can also purchase through a Proxy Buyer, they can buy several homes, and they can launder ‘black money’ in our real estate because the Real Estate Gatekeepers are exempt from the second tranche of the AML legislation!

Martin North has said there will be a 30 to 40% fall in apartment prices due to the collapse of this Ponzi …

Who were all these high-rise apartment precincts scattered all over Sydney built for? … cough … cough … this high-rise demand was not there prior to the Visa manipulation that has taken place …

WILL there be an opening for a return to building homes for aspiring Australian First Home Buyers? That would boost our economy …

Read more from the Property Spin then search CAAN WEBSITE to learn more!




Despite the Pandemic a Sensational Number of Migrants gained Australian Citizenship in 2019-20!

The Morrison Government has recommenced with online citizenship ceremonies to replace face to face ceremonies …

-in 2019-20 more than 204,800 became citizens

-60% more than the previous year

-more than 60,000 applicants gained citizenship virtually since March

-largely from India at 38,209; the UK at 25,011; China at 14,764; Philippines at 12,838; Pakistan at 8,821.

-Victoria with the most at 60,081; NSW at 58,833; Qld at 31,714; WA at 30,394; SA at 14,135

-the 2019-20 figure more than doubles that of 2018 at 80,649

a further 140,000 who have an application pending

WHY has the government  made reducing the citizenship backlog and cutting waiting times a priority?

IS there some benefit in this for the Morrison  government?

TODAY, SATURDAY 25 JULY news report that immigration numbers are the lowest since 1917; and that this has the biggest influence on the rise of house prices!

That must be a first! 

This backs the rusted-on view that such increases are inherently good and necessary but like the ‘trickle down’ economy … it is a myth!

*In the Feds economic forecast according to ABC news this morning their assumptions include an opening of our Border in January 2021!!

despite predictions of a third and fourth wave of the CoronaVirus!

-and HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT at 19.7% prior to the Pandemic; with 1 MILLION AUSTRALIANS for which there is no job!

Looks like further proof that the Liberals are so rusted-on to the GROWTH MANTRA of migration and trickle down economics!

So much for sustainability and a greener economy, and any progressive policies. 

WHY is it that no media outlet or MP has mentioned this opening of our Border in January 2021 until now? We first heard of it this morning!

View: https://www.sbs.com.au/language/english/australia-s-budget-forecast-assumes-international-borders-will-open-for-temporary-visa-holders-from-january-2021#:~:text=Australia’s%20budget%20forecasts%20rely%20on,be%20allowed%20into%20the%20country

Are they so devious along with the support of a compliant media … and with their obsession about returning to normal … it ain’t happening for a long time … if ever!

They don’t like what we are seeing … their business model is haemorrhaging; they have a conga line of developers, University V-Cs, tourism and airline lobbyists, car sale dealers, even high fashion magazine publishers and retailers into them 24/7 ..







MAINLAND Buyers evaporate … Will the Pandemic Consequence of HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT Stem the Tide of Hong Kongers?

Image may contain: sky, cloud, ocean, boat, outdoor, water and nature
CAAN Photo 1: From Ballast Point to Waverton, Sydney

PERHAPS the Pandemic could be seen as a ‘blessing in disguise’ for Australian First Home Buyers … if it were not for the dire consequences here in Australia ALREADY of:

-even higher unemployment and underemployment which was at 19.7% prior to the Pandemic!

-Australians are dining at home; retail is struggling

-migration has almost been eliminated (but we can heave a sigh of relief!)

-as a consequence new housing supply is becoming more abundant

-many have had to break their housing lease or be evicted and rents have fallen

-lenders however are tightening their belt

WHAT could prevent Hong Kongers taking over from where Mainland Chinese left off … is that China will take control of their money! Thus preventing them fleeing to Australia to park their wealth

WHAT will be the saving grace out of all of this will be that the GUVMNT would not dare open the migration floodgates with such HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT ….




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CAAN Photo 2: Lindfield; sought after by Mega Rich Foreign Buyers

WILL the Outcome from the CV Pandemic be a Return to a Sustainable Multi-Cultural Migrant Intake from across the Globe?

WILL the Outcome from the CV Pandemic be a Return to a Sustainable Multi-Cultural Migrant Intake from across the Globe?

Because these ABC journalists, Bang Xiao, Christina Zhou and Iris Zhao wrote this report, ‘How the coronavirus pandemic could shift the multicultural make-up of our society’.

WITH Australia having the highest concentration of international students  … did anyone … including foreign students ponder how long this could continue with a majority of overseas students occupying places in Australian Universities?

DUE to the Pandemic it has come to a head perhaps sooner … whereby the PM has had no alternative but to suggest they ‘go home’!

Was there not a similar unpleasant response across the globe? With a World-wide Recession underway? Resembling that of the Great Depression of the 1930s ….

Were these students unaware that in their large numbers they have replaced Australians by paying full enrolment fees? 

That these students have been ‘cash cows‘ to fund our Universities due to Government withdrawal of funding?

Numerous reports have been issued concerning the impact of a large cohort of International Students with:

-disruption to lectures due to some students having poor English language skills

-cheating; lowering of standards

-less places for Australian students

-high Australian youth unemployment and underemployment with increased competition from student/visa workers

Prior to the pandemic unemployment and underemployment was at 19.7%, and for years, the Labor opposition, unions, economists and others have been urging the government to increase ‘Newstart’ which was below the poverty line. With it being rebadged as ‘JobSeeker’ the payment was increased but it is due to return to below the poverty line rate in September!

Many Australians have lost their jobs, and many more may lose the security of their homes due to the Pandemic … so the Government does need to look after its citizens first!

Due to trade, tourism and the Australian property market largely targeting China, Australia no longer appears to be so ‘multicultural’ … this concentration has intensified since 2013 …

Perhaps it would be good to diversify esp. with the threats coming from China, and those with vested interests?

It would seem that Australian Universities need to demand government funding to ensure security of intelligence and R & D esp. since the cyber attacks on data at the ANU!  And the interference from Confuscious Institutes … an example being the UQ and its suspension of Philosophy Student, Drew Pavlou. 

View this report: ‘ UQ management “tip of the iceberg of a totally corrupted system” ‘

and Search CAAN Website for more about Drew Pavlou and the University of Queensland.

ONCE again it is put that in Australia not rendering financial support to international students that this may discourage future enrolments, and a loss of the alleged fourth largest export sector.

HOWEVER, Macro Business questioned the veracity of a $37.6B contribution to our economy supporting 240,000 jobs following a media release by Education Minister Dan Tehan in November 2019 that education exports had grown by $5B in 2018-19. Further, that the ABS found the sector had grown by 15%.

BUT what is not mentioned are tuition fees and expenses while studying in Australia and their goods and services of $20B that they pay for from working in Australia as they study outweigh enrolment fees of $15B in 2018.


International students work here to pay for their living expenses just as Australian students do!

IT has been the lure of ‘Permanent Residency’ that has enticed the majority of these international students. 

Now the Pandemic has been a cruel blow! But not only for International Students but Australians with many unable to gain a place at University …

Prof. Salvatore Babones’ research (August 2018) reveals that Australia has the highest concentration of international students; with the UK and Canada following

Total overseas student enrolments increased to 918,000 including 435,000 enrolled in Universities.

Overseas students accounted for more than 80% of some of Queensland’s most popular university courses

-foreign students filled some 75% of places in key university courses

-occupy 82.4% of places in IT courses at University of the Sunshine Coast; 2 thirds of places at James Cook and University of Southern Queensland

-at UQ in exchange for selling places to Chinese students it gains $250M a year

-overseas students outnumber Australian students in IT, management and commerce courses

CIS Emeritus Professor Steven Schwartz, a former vice-chancellor of Macquarie University in Sydney and Murdoch University in Perth, said foreign students flock to courses likely to lead to jobs and permanent residency, such as IT and management.

“Permanent residency is one of the main motivations to study in Australia,’’ he said.

“If suddenly permanent residency was given to people who study poetry, it’s likely they’d all be doing poetry.”

SO next time you hear of an Australian politician extolling the benefits of an alleged $37.6 B International Student Export Industry update them on what is really happening!

Read more:  ‘The uni courses being taken over by foreign students’

Cash-hungry universities are offering more places to fee-paying foreigners than to local students in 64 courses nationally, data obtained exclusively by The Courier-Mail reveals.



FOR years … decades … Australians have been subject to callous treatment by politicians and Liberal Coalition Governments with WorkChoices by Stealth;  the casualisation of the workforce; competition from Visa workers for jobs (introduced by Howard Govt)

Come September those Australians in receipt of JobSeeker (previously known as Newstart) will have this payment cut to return to below the Poverty Line!

PRIOR to the Pandemic Unemployment had reached 19.7 %

Read more!


HOW long before banks foreclose on homes? 

No doubt there is even more hardship to be experienced across Our Society … unbeknowns no doubt to many … with the Morrison Government only announcing in 2019 of its cut to migration to 160,000 as it overlooked the 2.3 Million Temp. Visa holders in the country …

Yet the 2019 Budget estimates reveal high levels of net overseas migration (NOM) to rise to 263,000 in 2022. 

Will the Morrison Government put Australian workers and jobs first and desist with the high temporary migrant visas of some 2.2 , or 2.3 Million p.a.??

Hence even more competition for jobs, housing, and lowering of living standards … for the incumbents …

ASK why demographers like Liz Allen deliver this message that Australia would be:

“economically and culturally poorer” as a result of near-zero international migration due to border lockdowns.

WHEN our Unemployment is at 20% (or more), and with largely people from China  targeted for migrant intake where is the cultural diversity?  Australians are now enjoying a reprieve from traffic gridlock, the crush in schools, buses and trains, and would prefer the lockdown to remain!

LIZ Allen perhaps ought contemplate … Liz ought to get around … and see for herself the demographic change across Sydney in Chatswood, Macquarie Park, Epping, Ryde to name a few and contemplate how this may impact Australians when they are now in a minority?  What of job opportunities for Australians within this demographic change?

To find that all shopping malls, shopping strips, restaurants, cafes, the businesses, and shopping centre seating are taken over by new ‘Permanent Residents’, and some even speak to Australians in an authoritarian manner!  As where we live is rezoned for higher density, ‘new homes’ sold by developers to these overseas buyers … and so on!

During this Pandemic despite the ‘Social Distancing’ signage many of these people disregard the guidelines and walk up behind in groups too close to Australians in their midst!

HOW discriminatory is that?  Some Australians may be annoyed by this …

LET alone the facts of very poor even KRUPT Government policy allowing such overseas Visa holders to buy our Real Estate with ‘hot money’ … as many as six ‘new homes’ on a Guardian Visa … etc, etc … 

The Real Estate Gatekeepers having been made exempt from Anti-money Laundering Laws in October 2018 by the Morrison Government.

WHY does Liz Allen say that ‘Australia desperately needed migrants to stay and contribute to maintaining the economy, and, in time, rebuilding after the pandemic passes’ ?  WHEN Australia already has 20% plus Unemployment? 

WHOSE interests does Liz Allen represent?

FOLLOWING the devastation of the Pandemic what country if any, is likely to offer better options?

Liz Allen continued to beat up Australians with her emphasis on ‘White Australia policy sentiments’ which bears no resemblance to the multi-cultural society that we have had until the past seven years

IN regard to the matters we have referred to it would appear that in fact contrary to Ms Allen that Australians have borne the brunt of very poooor government policies.

That since the advent (some would say the onset) of the Liberal Coalition, living standards, quality of life, lowest wages growth for 60 years, and insecure work, unaffordable housing etc, etc … that let’s hope the Australian Government does focus on keeping Australians in work and business now and beyond the CoronaVirus!

Read more from this article: ‘How the coronavirus pandemic could shift the multicultural make-up of our society’.


A brightly coloured dragon puppet on sticks weaves above the heads of a crwod.
Photo: (ABC News: Tegan Osborne)

Despite a Big Need to House Australians Why is the Property Sector calling for more Migrants?

IN the background the developer lobby, the Property Council of Australia (PCA), have been plotting to bring back high immigration following the cessation of the Pandemic lockdown … read more …

For more about their Push for boosting immigration ‘A seven point plan to kickstart the economy’

View: https://eliteagent.com/property-industry-can-help-kickstart-economic-recovery/

or …


or …


And …

REMEMBER … ScoMo before entering politics was the National ManagerPolicy and Research, Property Council of Australia 1989-1995 .. where he wrote the Policy for this Developer Lobby!

AND so the PCA has anointed their manto seize the reins of Australia

‘Property Industry Donations favour the Coalition about eight to one AEC figures show’


MEANWHILE there is …

a need for 200,000 Social Housing dwellings to be built (ACOSS Report)

Read more!


most of the Public Housing estates in NSW have been sold off for high-rise redevelopment targeting overseas buyers

-a whole Cohort of aspiring Australian First Home Buyers remain locked out … prior to the Pandemic by a ‘hot money’ real estate market and the lowest wages growth for 60 years

NOW many of them may be unemployed!

-the victims of the 2019-20 firestorms 6 months on are living in tents and/or shipping containers, and are begging for money!

Read more!  ‘Homeless still fighting for Funds after Bushfire disaster’


SO why is this Property Sector not addressing the needs of Australians? HOW come this Sector is exempt from the second tranche of the Anti-money laundering laws?  WHY did the Morrison Government exempt this sector in October 2018?

These are questions for your local MPs …

The Coalition raked in the most donations from the property sector, by far. Photo: Sitthixay Ditthavong

IS the Real Problem Our Belief System? Meanwhile …

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling
CAAN Photo: Chinese Sydney Property Weekly; December 2019; a number of like publications issued weekly

THE real problem is our belief system … because …

LAST NIGHT ON 7.30 PwC Chief Economist, Jeremy Thorpe  … at about 4.30 minutes into the report … talked about:

-creating a growth economy not fortress Australia
-that the growth economy largely based on immigration will put us back on track quicker, and will generate billions more

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Macquarie Park now consists of many RESIDENTIAL High-Rise PRECINCTS that have replaced the Business and IT Park! Developed a mere 30 years ago; gone jobs for local Australians

ISN’t it a shame these so-called policy influencers seem to still …

-believe in the ‘trickle down’ economy
-believe in the forever growth economy

These rusted on capitalists seem to have failed to understand it is:

-not always about them and their precious never-ending desires for more

the Earth’s resources are finite despite their best efforts to deny this reality

IT was quite clear the battle-lines are already being drawn to counter some of the prevailing views following the failures of our current structures to deal with a major health, social and economic problem caused by an imported virus

These opportunists see it as their duty to warn against Australia turningto pivot in a direction:

away from being completely open to the whims of foreign markets, companies and foreign governments

-that differentiates us, that we can chart a course that is about doing things for ourselves

-and not being so reliant on overseas supply chains for just about everything!

They infer dangers lie ahead if we do, even using the label ‘fortress Australia’ links any such thoughts -with a negative sentiment

suggestive of xenophobia

-less valuable…and so on

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes, plant and outdoor
CAAN Photo: the foreign buy-up of Australia’s domestic housing has led to massive demographic changes across many Sydney and Melbourne suburbs. The overseas buyers not only can gain a Permanent Resident Visa, Medicare benefits, BUT access to numerous other Visas including Student, Family, Parent, Grandparent, Guardian …

BUT what about those who think otherwise?

THE 7.30 report didn’t cover a point of view that explained what would happen if Australia did more for itself, that there may be merits derived from having a more modest immigration intake, where was the balance?

WHAT about…

-earlier reports about a wealthier smaller Australia

a clever Australia investing in itself, that it’s not just about

.digging holes in the ground
.educating foreign students
.selling our domestic housing to foreigners
.selling anything and everything we once owned to foreigners; the money that flows in
.not being clean and our government not showing any interest in knowing about it
.that our real estate continues to be an international hotspot for money launderers and still it seems THAT is being tolerated … (Real Estate Gatekeepers exemption from Anti-Money Laundering Laws October 2018)


View 7.30: ‘How life might look after lockdown’ … where the discussion begins with Jeremy Thorpe, PWC Chief Economist at about 4.30 minutes in






Jeremy Thorpe on Twitter:
Jeremy Thorpe@jeremythorpe
·Appearing on @abc730 tonight discussing new @PwC_AU research – Australia Rebooted – and discussing what #recovery from #COVID19 might look like for the Australian economy


South Australia has not had all its Eggs in the one Basket

South Australia has not had all its eggs in the one basket (case) …

SOUTH AUSTRALIA has not relied so much on Housing and Tourism which are now the hardest hit by the Pandemic.

AUSTRALIA’s GDP increase for 2018-19 of 2.89% but South Australia’s annual growth was only 1.34% however this could be why this State’s recovery may well be more immediate.

The Nation’s economic growth  … at the expense of a Whole Cohort of Australians esp. Our Youth  … was due to:

-high population growth through immigration and visa manipulation

-our industry going ‘offshore’ for China’s ‘cheap’ manufacturing

-the sell-off of our domestic housing to those from overseas with ‘hot money’ to burn

Unlike Victoria and NSW South Australia derived less ‘so-called’ advantage from these factors

Nor will South Australia have to climb out of this hole to the same extent



The Skyline of Adelaide looking south

South Australia could turn what some regard as weaknesses into strengths, experts say.(ABC News: Chris Moon)

HT has taken NSW Premier to Court … Next … bypasses Randwick Council to build 1900 apartments

IT’s breathtaking … the chutzpah … the hubris …

WHAT could be more socially responsible than development of Social Housing?  Currently there is a shortfall of 200,000 social and affordable homes with more than 60,000 households on the social housing waitlist!

BUT this is not what Harry would consider … he wants more and more … he has two large sites in Sydney Olympic Park, two in Macquarie Park including a 63 storey tower that he builds for Chinese buyers … as these well-known quotes reveal:

The problem with Australians is they are very slow. They ask their lawyer, they ask their financial adviser, they ask their family, they ask everybody. The Chinese don’t ask anybody, they come off the plane, buy their unit and go.

‘I’ll Buy Cheaper Australia’s Property King is Exploiting the Slump’

“China has more than 1 billion people,” he said. “And they love Australia. I think they love Australia as much as we love Australia. So there will always be enough of them that will buy.”


“Then I will bring in more migrants,” said Mr Triguboff, who believes that many of the current approvals will not quickly be developed.


Therefore why should HT receive special treatment when Australia has thousands of homeless people?  Shouldn’t our governments be addressing this issue over and above the profit margins of this very wealthy man?

MERITON had approval in 2017 to build 450 dwellings … now this figure has swollen to 1900 apartments …

AND this developer expects the community to believe that it has sought to mitigate the impact of this development on the surrounding community?

WHY should NSW Planning approve this ahead of 30,000 dwellings for Australia’s Homeless? This would help to address ‘years’ of NSW underspending on public/social housing.

Currently there is a shortfall of 200,000 social and affordable homes with more than 60,000 households on the social housing waitlist!

-30,000 dwellings would create far more jobs than Meriton’s 3000 at Little Bay


‘Socially irresponsible’: Meriton bypasses council to build 1900 apartments


Meriton would "build tomorrow" if it won planning approval to build 1900 apartments at Little Bay.
Meriton would “build tomorrow” if it won planning approval to build 1900 apartments at Little Bay.CREDIT:MERITON





WHAT Has the PANDEMIC meant for GENS X Y AND Z and Their Prospects?

THE NEW REALITY … Have our Youth been conditioned over the years?

PRIOR in talking to Our Youth … they seemed to have accepted they had no prospects of ‘home ownership’ … it seems they learnt this as early as high school!

SO they adapted to make the World their oyster … to travel, live and work anywhere until the CoronaVirus!

The SPIN was circulated by Lobby groups representing Developers and The Top End of Town that they were extravagant … wasting money on Smashed Avo and overseas holidays … this by the way has been during the lowest wages growth for more than 60 years …

NOW with the World-wide lockdown of CV they are facing while overseas … the prospect of a 27% surge in flights and house prices dropping 30% … unless the Property Sector intervene … ?

WHAT happened while Young Australians sought the joy of overseas travel to compensate for the restrictions imposed on them by lobbyist groups and changes in government policy? 

At the same time those here saw a rapid change that further escalated from 2014/15 of a massive influx particularly of Chinese people who became the new ‘Permanent Residents’ following real estate tours, and having bought not only an apartment but often a level of an apartment tower!  How convenient for them to start new careers here too!  While our families were overseas seeking something …

AND with 200,000 as many as 300,000 migrants annually … and prior to the Pandemic there were 2.4 Million Visa holders in Australia … of course this has had a huge impact on Our Communities, Our Society and where we live … bulldozed to accommodate more … and rezoned for higher density … we found that we had no rights! SO it continues with an infrastructure catch-up as villages like Haberfield and Rozelle are destroyed for Toll Roads, Tunnels and Stacks!

JUST now on ”THE DRUM’ a commentator said words to the effect that permanent and temporary migrants were needed to do the jobs that Australians won’t do

HOW OFTEN has that been rehashed?

TELL that to those made redundant … or the One Million Australians prior to this Pandemic who were unable to find a job or were underemployed!

PERHAPS this has a lot to do with Migration Agents and others lobbying for high immigration … and employers keen to exploit Visa Workers?

‘Home affairs spokeswoman Kristina Keneally, who is part of Labor’s core leadership group, said the country had an unprecedented chance to shift the immigration program away from the “lazy” approach used by governments of all persuasions to boost the economy at the expense of local workers and community concerns.



TO counter any community objection to the high immigration of both permanent and temporary migrants and a call for the maintenance of border closure those with vested interests label this as ‘racist’ … will they go further to label Australians as ‘far-right, anti-immigration’ or worse? 

DESPITE what has happened to Australian Youth?

-locked out of secure work (on contract); lowest wages growth

-competing in the jobs market with Visa workers

-locked out of housing market by competition from ‘hot money’

-high unemployment and underemployment at 19.7% prior to the Pandemic

READ MORE in this Report which comes closer to the truth but has overlooked what CAAN has talked about here, and why they were robbed of ‘The Australian Dream’ that led them to seek joy travelling …

‘What has coronavirus done to the millennial version of the great Australian dream?’


Australian Rina Laino next to a building in Japan.
For Rina Laino, a mortgage is something that will hopefully come later in life.(Supplied: Rina Laino)