EMBARGO to Avert Foreign Raiders of Australia’s National Estate during CoronaVirus Pandemic

In this report by Stephanie Dalzell and Andrew Green:

‘Clampdown on foreign investments to prevent international raids on Australian assets amid coronavirus pandemic’


The new rules about ‘FOREIGN OWNERSHIP’ seem to have one major flaw …

Those sitting around the table at the FIRB are still those that have

.rejected only FIVE (5) applications for the purchase of Australian assets by foreigners

.have allowed so many national assets to be bought by foreign entities that may, or have Proxy arrangements with their government

And so on …

AS we keep sayin’  the Foreign Investment Review Board (the FIRB) is the ‘Australian Sell Out Agency’ and ought be disbanded … extinguished!!

READ more about the Daley model of how to do things!


Did we hear SCOMO allude to some sort of egalitarianism?

Did he use the words ‘fairness, equal treatment, employees are businesses most valuable asset and so on…’?

JOSH, did he say ‘every Australian knows we (governments) have your back’?

We shouldn’t forget any of it!

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FINALLY … from this Sunday 5 April 2020 all applications are said to now be examined by the FIRB to stop Chinese (CCP) takeovers of distressed Australian assets … yet despite this the move is not an investment freeze!  WT *%#**

Photo: From Wikipedia.org: Black Vulture: By Einar Fredriksen – Mongolia 2010 314, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19362436

Are they so rusted on … ?

‘At the moment, foreign investors need to apply for approval before purchasing land or assets in Australia if the value is over a certain threshold.

For private investors from free-trading agreement partner countries, that limit ranges from $50 million to $1.1 billion, for land and non-land proposals.’

HOW come Government members believe such a change will stop China taking advantage of our declining financial position to grab more critical assets?

When the Chair, David Irvine remains in this role …

… this FIRB Apparatchik believes it doesn’t matter who owns Australia – just about anything here in Australia – so long as it meets some simple rules and rather limited circumstances!

It is simply amazing to read he even is prepared to admit to such a World view!

-Irvine has been a member of the FIRB since 2015 and Chair since 2017

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SOURCE: Address by Mr David Irvine AO, FIRB Chair, to the Sino-Australian Investment and Financing Forum 2019, Sydney NSW

DESPITE Australia’s weakened position created by the WUHAN VIRUS the Scomo Guvmnt is not PREVENTING the CHINESE acquiring even more of Our National Estate!  WT ^&%  … that Australia ‘recognised investment during the coronavirus outbreak was still beneficial … ‘

HOW can temporary measures safeguard Australia’s national interest?

WT ^*&^%@***

HOW does Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security believe that these temporary measures will protect Australian companies from such rapacious moves?

“Aussie businesses have taken some big hits through the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

“We need to protect our most vulnerable from authoritarian states angling for bargains through their business fronts.

VIDEO: Scott Morrison announces moves to reduce public gatherings to no more than two people (ABC News)

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A close-up of green $100 notes
PHOTO: The Government says the move is to protect Australian companies from predatory behaviour. (AAP: Dan Peled)

SOURCE: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-29/foreign-investment-restrictions-australian-assets-coronavirus/12101332





Pauline Hanson has Warned of an increased Chinese Buying Spree as our Economy crashes!

Tita Smith wrote in The Daily Mail Australia, ‘Pauline Hanson warns mass Chinese buy Australia amid CoronaVirus Recession’

Good … but seriously has Pauline Hanson gone far enough?

Despite the fact Pauline may have said what is right on this occasion … it’s not too deep!

Sadly once again it is nothing more than Rhetoric … because Pauline either votes, gives her preferences or does deals with the Liberal Coalition

SO what she says goes nowhere because of the Coalition’s pooor policies!

There have been 23,000 shares of this report.  Are Australians questioning why was Ms Hanson so respectful of the FIRB Chair, David Irvine? 

WHAT is more shocking it appears this FIRB Apparatchik believes it doesn’t matter who owns Australia – just about anything here in Australia – so long as it meets some simple rules and rather limited circumstances!

It is simply amazing to read he even is prepared to admit to such a World view!

-Irvine has been a member of the FIRB since 2015 and Chair since 2017

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As we read the article, ‘FIRB Watchdog Says Australia should Chill Out about Chinese Cash!’ it failed to challenge some of the statements being attributed to Irvine.

Whilst not wanting to appear ageist, it is a concern a person of his skill and background is chair of the FIRB at this point in his life.

-Is he in a position where the past represents more in his thinking than what is happening right now?

-Has the CIC been set up to ‘assist’ him overcoming some difficulties in understanding what a lot of Australians are concerned about?

How well equipped is the FIRB to deal with the complexities of foreign organisations?

-Is the devil in the detail? Bloomberg’s Michael Heath says we ‘(Australia) should be more relaxed about Chinese cash’ .

Well, perhaps that is the very reason why we should be concerned:

.how do we know where this cash came from?
.how was it gained
.is it supposedly privately sourced, or is it derived from State involvement?

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WHY wasn’t the FIRB called into question at least halfway between 2007 and 2017?  So that the sell out did not reach some 12,000 approved applications!

We believe the foreign sell-off is likely to be higher than that figure with access to an onshore Proxy, and through Visa manipulation allowing foreign buyers to gain a Permanent Resident Visa following purchase!

WAIT! There’s more …!!

DEMAND from wealthy Hong Kong business people for Australian property is at the highest level for five years … (August 2019)

obtain their visa before purchase to avoid the foreign buyer tax

IT appears they have the game sewn up as they continue to rely on greater China and South-East Asia as the sources of their income while enjoying the benefits of Permanent Residency in Australia … incl. Medicare …

Real Estate expert, Doug Driscoll said in ‘Fears one Million Aussie Homes could soon be owned by Foreign Buyers’:

Australia is selling off natural resources, farmland and property to China at a “crazy” rate — putting us at risk of becoming the “24th province” of the East Asian behemoth.

Doug warned of the urgent need to start a national conversation about foreign ownership of residential property in particular.

Interest from overseas buyers waned in recent years but the overall rate of foreign ownership was still high and then towards the latter half of 2019 until the past week or so the interest was again very high!

And he said a report released last month by Chinese international property portal Juwai.com showed there was now an “insatiable appetite” for Australian property among Chinese buyers, with our softening housing market boosting interest. *

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IS it not obvious that the role of the FIRB is contrary to Australia’s interests?

In allowing all but five sales to foreign buyers particularly CCP representatives and organisations

WHENEVER before has this Nation sold off so much of its Property, its Title Deeds … its National Estate?


The CCP, their members, the Diaspora will continue to take the opportunity esp. with house prices to plunge 20% … with higher unemployment … before the CoronaVirus it was 19.7% … not the fudged 5.1% … what is the real percentage now??

Pauline Hanson warns of mass Chinese buy up of Australia amid coronavirus recession sparked by soaring unemployment, plunging stocks and tumbling house prices

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has penned a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has penned a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has penned a letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison

She issued the warning in a letter to  Prime Minister Scott Morrison amid growing concerns about the coronavirus panedmic.

Pauline wrote to the PM …

‘Our unemployment numbers are surging, our stocks have been knee-capped, housing prices are set to fall, and our dollar is weakened which places Australia in the most vulnerable position we have seen for a very long time,’ she said.

‘I won’t tolerate China or any other country coming in here and buying Australia up for a song, leaving our people without a say.’

‘What’s happening right now in this country and right across the globe should be a wakeup call to all politicians, stop allowing the sell-off of our industries and manufacturing and start investing in ourselves. Water, manufacturing, industry, agriculture, and jobs for Australians.

ISN’T it time Pauline Hanson, and opposition parties pressed with more serious questions?

HOW come in 2018 the FIRB allowed critical infrastructure transactions totalling more than $40Bn approved in 3 years?

Pauline is correct approvals have been granted too freely, and how can that be in Australia and its constituents best interests?

We put it to Ms Hanson that this matter goes beyond the tenure of David Irvine and a handful of part-time members because how can 12,000 applications with a rejection of a mere five be justified?

WHY doesn’t Ms Hanson ask the questions of the Prime Minister and the Liberal Coalition:

How can the existence of the FIRB be justified?

Why have a “Foreign Sales Agency’ of our National Estate? What other nation does this?

‘’Between 2007/08 and 2017/18, the Foreign Investment Review Board reviewed almost 12,000 applications and rejected just five,’ she said.

‘How can the FIRB, which has one permanent employee and a handful of part-time members, give proper consideration to the sale of so many Australian assets?

WHY isn’t the FOREIGN INVESTMENT REVIEW BOARD disbanded?  It is acting  contrary to the interests of Australia with the sell-off of Our National Estate.

And our leading export industry appears to be the export of Our Title Deeds!  Especially to Communist China of:


‘The country is at risk of becoming the “24th province of China” as we fail to “stem the tide” of foreign investors, an expert has warned.’

November 2019 it was reported that more than a third of the most expensive homes in Australia were bought by super rich Chinese entrepreneurs:



.Ports, Airports, Power, Mines, Healthcare including chains of private hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages, pharmaceuticals, transport, commercial towers, warehouses  …. Etc, etc


.vast cattle stations, cotton growing e.g. Cubby, sheep stations, vineyards, water, grain crops, vegetables and fruit crops, dairy (most of Australia’s dairy industry!!~)

Ms Hanson said:

‘It can’t and therefore they aren’t looking out for the best interest of all Australians and need to be stopped.’

THE SOLUTION … would appear obvious to us … before there is nothing left … Disband the FIRB!

She added that Australia’s reliance on other countries for goods while selling its own, was responsible for crushing the economy amid the crisis

‘The faith the Liberal and Labor parties have placed in globalisation has been shown up as a failure off the back of this pandemic,‘ Ms Hanson said. 

‘What’s happening right now in this country and right across the globe should be a wakeup call to all politicians, stop allowing the sell-off of our industries and manufacturing and start investing in ourselves. Water, manufacturing, industry, agriculture, and jobs for Australians.’ …

Senator Hanson has predicted foreign investors will snatch up Australian properties if house prices drop during an economy slump induced by the coronavirus pandemic. …

‘Earlier this week, Australian Council of Trade Unions secretary Sally McManus warned Mr Morrison that two million jobs could be lost in two weeks under the current restrictions.’ 

‘The severe downturn already occurring in those sectors is sufficient to cause a major recession (destroying 1-2 million jobs in coming weeks),‘ she said in a letter to the Prime Minister on Wednesday. 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the Prime Minister’s Office for comment. 







LINKS concerning the consequences of the closing of Australian car manufacturing industry

A nurse speaks with patients at a coronavirus clinic in Adelaide

 A nurse at a coronavirus clinic in Adelaide. The federal government is talking with the carmaker Ford about whether it can help in boosting the number of ventilators available for treating patients with Covid-19. Photograph: Reuters


Decimation of Australia’s car industry could literally cost lives

The federal government’s short-sighted decision to allow Australia’s automotive manufacturing industry to close has left the nation desperately short of ventilators, placing lives at risk:

THE GUARDIAN: Coronavirus ventilators australian government asks carmaker Ford for help in boosting production



During times of war – be it with other nations or a virus – a nation needs to have its own manufacturing capability.

However, by letting the car industry fold, the government has left Australia highly reliant on imports at a time of global shortage.

LOOKS like Australia’s For Sale Agency … is it prepping for more Grabs?

Image may contain: shoes, sky and outdoor
Trojan Horse; royalty-free stock photo ID: 1037667796

IT appears the only member of the Government who can see ‘the bloody obvious’, and remains without some vested interest is Andrew Hastie! It now appears his concerns have finally impacted the Treasurer

“More than ever, we need to protect ourselves from geo-strategic moves masquerading as legitimate business,” Mr Hastie said.

From the article Foreign Investment Board braces for Chinese takeovers of distressed Australian assets’

‘There is growing concern within the Morrison government about how to handle foreign takeovers of Australian businesses which have ended up in financial strife as a result of the outbreak of the coronavirus.’

AFTER the horse has bolted … isn’t it past the time whereby the FIRB ought be extinguished so it is not there ‘to handle’ the CHINESE GRABS?

That would put an end to ‘attempts by foreign companies, particularly from China, to take over distressed Australian businesses and assets.’

THIS is CAAN’s assessment of this report

‘Foreign Investment Board braces for Chinese takeovers of distressed Australian assets’


-these foreign corporations have probably already done their research on which sectors, and what companies are vulnerable
-they are aware of the weaknesses of our systems; particularly the limitations of the FIRB
-they have well-placed ‘influencers’ within commerce, government and diaspora community


– it’s ok for foreign corporations, numerous entities actually state-controlled to own the means of production and assets in Australia?
-it’s ok for these corporations to export their profits and the title deeds of assets from our shores?
-it’s ok the control of these corporations is in reality not in Australia but off-shore?
-it’s ok to be so dismissive about foreign ownership by merely referring to shopfronts?
-the interests of these foreign corporations coincide with that of Australia?
– it’s ok for these foreign corporations to buy more than 160 tonnes of medical supplies including PPE stocks and export it to their country leaving us with shortages?
-does Daley or any of his ilk have any knowledge of ancient history? Have they heard about the ‘Trojan horse’?
-have any of those charged with protecting our national interest read Sun tzu’s the ‘art of war’?

DOES DALEY and his ilk choose to recognise it’s not about ‘investment’? Do they ignore the evidence that it’s about:

.vertical integration

.market dominance
.strategic positioning

Shouldn’t all Australians be appalled that 2 construction giants operating in AUSTRALIA set aside their purposes here to allow staff to buy up supplies here to be exported to their place of origin?

Where do their interests lie?
Where’s the evidence to show its Australia?

CHINA has totally decimated the world economies with its homegrown CORONAVIRUS, and is now planning to plunder the World’s assets

Photo: From Wikipedia.org: Black Vulture: By Einar Fredriksen – Mongolia 2010 314, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=19362436

.IS it any wonder there are conspiracy theories as to whether CORONAVIRUS was planned by China?

From the ‘consensus of opinion’ expressed in the comments here, Australians OBJECT to the buy-up of all that is Australian by the Chinese!

We summarise the actions that the commentators want from the Morrison Government:

-the government should nationalise the company or assets

-use Australia’s Future Fund to buy up key distressed companies; then either retain ownership and/or sell the companies to AUSTRALIANS!

-turn our backs on CHINA; bring manufacturing back onshore

stop and wind back China’s investments and influence by introducing the legislation; make it national policy

-send CHINA a bill for every cent of stimulus money spent plus the cost of social upheaval

stop selling off Australian companies to the Chinese government

this shortage of medical supplies, baby food, and other panic buying recently has been instigated by the Chinese government

.the toilet paper panic started in China; as witnessed by us here

.masks being sold in carparks out of car boots

.some Asian grocery shops bursting with toilet paper, rice and flour at the expense of the local stores

-Stop it now! Stop selling our houses to foreign buyers; cutting a whole Cohort of Australians out of the market

SOURCE: https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/foreign-investment-board-braces-for-chinese-takeovers-of-distressed-australian-assets-20200326-p54e3z.html#comments



CAAN WEBSITE: For more information about the sell-out to Communist China!


AN EPA Accredited Auditor has been Outraged by the Plan to dig up Sydney Harbour’s toxic sludge


WESTERN HARBOUR TUNNEL: Source: Environmental Impact Statement

From local commentators

-mirrors community concerns in St Peters when Westconnex trashed the joint there

-The State Govt has also ignored the old coal mines under the sludge. The proposed pipes may well be placed over unstable “ground” and crack.

FROM Carrie Fellner’s report in the SMH about the expansion of the privately owned Hong Kong Consortium MTR Metro … and its twin tunnels linking Rozelle with the Warringah Freeway in North Sydney



It looks like more of the same from NSW INC with this project running roughshod over communities in their path … this time dredging toxic sludge, and tunnelling …

‘Thousands of tonnes of toxic sludge containing cancer-causing chemicals is set to be dug up from the bed of Sydney Harbour, under plans for the Western Harbour Tunnel that one of the state’s leading contamination experts fears do not protect the public, including fishermen and families who swim in harbour pools.

It comes amid revelations the exact concentrations of the chemicals in the sludge will remain secret after the NSW government ruled that a report containing the information was “commercial in confidence” and should not be released to the public.

Dr Bill Ryall, a leading environmental consultant, has raised the alarm bells over a plan to dredge up part of Sydney Harbour to put in place a new Western Harbour tunnel.
Dr Bill Ryall, a leading environmental consultant, has raised the alarm bells over a plan to dredge up part of Sydney Harbour to put in place a new Western Harbour tunnel. CREDIT:DEAN SEWELL

Dr Bill Ryall, who worked as an EPA accredited auditor and has been involved in some of the city’s most significant contamination clean up efforts at Homebush and Barangaroo, has now decided to speak out, slamming the decision to withhold the “critical” report.

BECAUSE Dr Ryall is unable to assess the risk to human health or the marine environment with dangerous toxins from industrial activity and storm water built up over 150 years on the harbour floor

-past studies have shown the tracts of sediment are worse than Tokyo Bay or New York Harbour

chemicals include dioxins, hydrocarbons, tributylin, polychlorinated biphenyls, pesticides, heavy metals and PFAS

-under an EIS the sludge will be dredged for tunnels to be laid along the bed of the harbour

-workers would have to dig up a heavily polluted layer of sediment 1.5 metres deep

.using two pre-fabricated tube tunnels lowered onto the sea floor between Birchgrove and Waverton

SINCE the report remains ‘commercial in confidence’ how can the community be assured that some 760,000 cubic metres of sediment would not be affected by contamination?

DESPITE a risk assessment finding that buried contaminants posed a high risk. What management actions would render them low risk?

HOW is it acceptable that up to 1300 cubic metres of contaminated sediment particles would be lost to the harbour waters … to be ingested by fish, crustaceans and oysters?

WHY is the NSW Government not ensuring adherence to its legislation requiring developers to report contamination to the EPA?

-carry out a detailed investigation

-have remediation action plans signed off before releasing an EIS to the public

IS the secrecy about eliminating the costs in excess of $100M for treating sediments and disposing of the contaminated wastewater?

AND … inevitable odours of ‘rotten egg gas’ from wet acid sulfate soils during removal of the sludge!

Dr Bill Ryall has concerns over contamination.
Dr Bill Ryall has concerns over contamination.CREDIT:DEAN SEWELL

Well-known Graziers poised to retrieve Chinese Billionaire’s Australian cattle stations

‘Well known graziers the McMillan family are poised to scoop up the Wollogorang and Wentworth cattle stations in the Northern Territory and Queensland, owned since 2015 by Chinese ball bearings billionaire Ma Xingfa.’

-Mr Ma, who owns the Tianma Bearing Group – a massive ball bearing producer

AND as reported in July 2015 in the NT News ‘Chinese billionaire communist Xingfa Ma pays $47 Million for NT cattle station’Mr Ma is listed by Bloomberg as a member of the Chinese Communist Party and a former member of the Zhejiang Committee of the National People’s Congress.

THIS is a turn-up ‘for the Books’!! With Australian Graziers poised to scoop up these Australian cattle stations

  • McMillans Poised To Scoop Up Chinese Billionaire’s Cattle Stations
McMillans poised to scoop up Chinese billionaire

Wollogorang cattle station on the shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Photo: Supplied

‘Senior industry sources confirmed the McMillan Pastoral Company, which owns Corella Park Station and Inorunie Station in Cloncurry in north-west Queensland and Calvert Hills Station in the Northern Territory was the contracted party.’


-the sale is highly conditional on the outcome of the cattle muster

-both the McMillan Family and selling agent Bruce Douglas from Ray White have not made a comment

‘Mr Ma bought the two cattle stations and 40,000 head of cattle for $47 million in 2015 from the Zlotkowski family. He spent a further $7 million upgrading the property, which produces good quality Brahman cattle.

He told the Financial Review in 2015 that he had acquired the two stations as an “experiment”. This was at a time when offshore capital was pouring into Australian farmland to gain a foothold in the production of beef, lamb and other proteins sought after in China.’

-amid the tougher farming conditions Chinese-owned Rifa Salutary also put up its entire portfolio of cattle stations up for sale last year

Mr Ma also has other significant agricultural land holdings including Balfour Downs, Wananya and Emu Downs stations in Western Australia.

-and the Ferngrove Vineyards on the Frankland River, in WA’s Great Southern wine region.

Wollogorang Station – about 500 kilometres north-west of Cloncurry – covers 576,198 hectares

Wentworth Station 129,000 hectares, with the properties enjoying 80 kilometres of coastline and high reliable annual rainfall

Contrary to Mr Ma’s suggestion (as a member of the Chinese Communist Party) he would say that Australian agriculture needs foreign investment …

AUSTRALIA had previously bought back ‘The Farm’ … until the inundation of China’s ‘hot money’, and a compliant Foreign Investment Review Board … from which Australia’s biggest export would appear to be Australian Property Title Deeds!

-the McMillans last reported acquisition was in 2013 with the 481,000 hectare Calvert Hills for $15 million walk-in, walk-out, with 15,000 head of cattle

LET’s hope the McMillans retrieve what was ‘Ours’!


McMillans poised to scoop up Chinese billionaire’s cattle stations


READ MORE: https://www.commercialrealestate.com.au/news/mcmillans-poised-to-scoop-up-chinese-billionaires-cattle-stations-940417/

Chinese billionaire Xingfa Ma has snapped up Wollogorang and Wentworth cattle stations on the shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory for $47 million. Picture: Supplied

Photo: NT News: Chinese billionaire Xingfa Ma has snapped up Wollogorang and Wentworth cattle stations on the shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria in the Northern Territory for $47 million. Picture: Supplied

ABOUT the Golden Triangle … Meth problem for Australia with profits warehoused in Australian Property

CONCLUDING THIS 60 MINUTES REPORT ‘DIRTY DEALING’ PARTS 1 AND 2 … it is a business model with millions in drug profits that are being warehoused in Australian property.

They still move large quantities of cash they use to procure property in Australia, and sell this property downstream so therefore that money is laundered.

In one year alone, 2016 Chinese washed $1Billion in suspicious transactions through the Australian property market.


There are real estate agents, lawyers and accountants in Australia who are helping these criminals.

It is not beyond this syndicate of real estate agents, and accountancy businesses that look legitimate but if they own it, it is business as usual.

The only winners are the billionaire drug lords.

It is a blood trade therefore any part you play in it is directly contributing to the harm!


Read more:  ‘October 2018 … Real Estate Agents, Lawyers and Accountants to Avoid Money Laundering Laws’


*The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) estimates organised crime costs the Australian community $36 billion each year and “the most common professions exploited by organised crime include lawyers, accountants, financial and tax advisers, registered migration agents, stockbrokers, real estate agents and customs brokers,” their report said.

View: ‘Money Laundering Laws Chris Bowen Dirty Money’




The Kings Romans Casino in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Laos.

The Kings Romans Casino in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Laos.CREDIT:NINE

Read more:



No photo description available.


AGAIN another piece talking up the concept …

BUT the fact this is a Totalitarian Regime is forgotten!  With only one set of Rules … their own!

LOOKS like this is more or less a perpetuation of this Public PR collective amnesia mentality

‘where would we be without them’


.‘owe it them for our prosperity’

AND … yes the old worn-out guilt trip is trotted out yet again

.’that it up to us to continue to prosper

THE KEY making sure we look after the political relations … that’s CODE for …

.not being so aligned with the U.S. … you must be kidding, we made our move in 1941/42 and we ought to make sure we never forget it!

AND this is trotted out in the midst of the CoronaVirus which is having huge ramifications for the health,  and well-being of Societies across the Globe …

-due to factory closures in China businesses here in Australia are unable to get their supplies to either assemble goods and/or provide/sell commodities

restaurants are forced to throw out their supplies

RATHER than again ‘putting all our eggs in the one basket-case’ of an alternative to China of say India … why not seek a World-wide Market and …

WHAT IF the Australian Government in order to retrieve the Australian Economy gave an economic BOOST to restart Australian Manufacturing … to again become self-reliant and an EXPORTER!!!

‘Five years on from the Australia-China free-trade agreement, dealing with the world’s biggest nation remains a challenge, writes Madeleine Stuchbery in ‘CHINA SYNDROME’ …

Step into any Chinese supermarket

It is a stark reminder that five years after Australia signed a free-trade deal that was meant to put us in the box seat with China, we are one of many players in the country. … And indeed, grabbing the limelight in the “show” appears to be getting harder, not easier.

Image may contain: 1 person

Photo: AgJournal China Syndrome

Australian farmers have been sold the narrative that China is an exporter’s utopia; a bountiful land where, if you can get a foot in the door, countless riches abound.

But it isn’t. Since 2015, Australian businesses have discovered the heavy hand of Chinese bureaucracy, political power plays and disease outbreaks are more challenging than any import-duty cuts.’

MEANWHILE rather than Australian farmers selling their produce to China … China has been encouraged, it appears, by the Foreign Investment Review Board to fly in and buy large tracts of agricultural lands, Agricultural Property including beef cattle stations, cropping, wool, dairy, vineyards, etc, etc

China is Australia’s largest trading partner by far, buying a staggering $116 billion of Australian exports in 2017. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade figures show China bought about $13 billion of our agricultural produce in 2017.’

One must wonder how much of that $116 Billion now belongs to Australia?

Read more: ‘Who Owns Australia’s Land and Water?’


THIS is aside from China’s investment in commercial property and Australian domestic housing!


WHY are there so many real estate tours … particularly from China if there is not another agenda? As a whole Cohort of Australians are locked out of the Housing Market …

-Chinese buy up high-rise Precincts where there were previously Business Parks, businesses and jobs

-whole house and land packages where there were farmlands, bushlands and native habitat

-next will it be the Medium-Density of rows of terraces, townhouses, Manor Houses, villas, triplex and duplex for which our Australian Heritage and Mid-Century Homes are to be demolished?

Doug Driscoll also revealed in February 2019:

‘Fears one million Aussie homes could soon be owned by foreign buyers’


Australia is selling off natural resources, farmland and property to China at a “crazy” rate — putting us at risk of becoming the “24th province” of the East Asian behemoth.

That’s according to real estate expert Doug Driscollwho warned of the urgent need to start a national conversation about foreign ownership of residential property in particular.

VIDEO:  https://www.news.com.au/national/fears-one-million-aussie-homes-could-soon-be-owned-by-foreign-buyers/news-story/c50a4112bab4f3ed8fae27277f313f54

Why is it that China limits access to Australian producers of blueberries, apples, avocados and potatoes?

Is it because they are still largely Australian-owned?

The author raises ‘ … political relations between Australia and China have been strained in recent times. The 2018 decision to ban Chinese telco company Huawei from supplying 5G internet infrastructure in Australia amid intelligence security concerns, for example, soured relations between the two nations.’

However, many Australians were alarmed about this and many other issues involving China long before this! As revealed in the ABC/Fairfax series known as ‘CHINA POWER’

Alarmed by the loss of our security with the sell-off of Our Ports, including the Darwin Port … the gateway to Australia, Power … engineering construction and defence projects company John Holland now owned by Chinese State-owned CCCC … mines, healthcare including chains of private hospitals, airports, fuel … etc, etc …

The loss of our Sovereignty with the sell-off of commercial, agricultural and residential property … our biggest export being our Title Deeds!

AND the Anti-Money Laundering Legislation for the Real Estate Sector was again shelved in 2018 …

Read more:




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CAAN Photo: Taken outside Lindfield Station

Macro Business: The rich feast while Aussie households famine

CAAN: Where have Australia’s ultra-high-net-worth- and high-net-worth-individuals come from?

Are they all home-grown? Or have their numbers grown substantially due to the high influx of ‘Permanent Residents’ seeking a bolt hole from mainland China with a UHNWI Visa specially for investment in Australian housing, commercial property and business, and agricultural property?

IS this in addition to Australian property developers rising up the AFR and Forbes Rich Lists? Cough … cough …

Image may contain: 2 people

The rich feast while Aussie households famine

Leith van Onselen

By Leith van Onselen in Australian Economy

March 11, 2020 | 16 comments

While ordinary Australian households tread water financially, experiencing zero growth in household disposable income over more than seven years:

Image result for liberal coalition

Australia’s ultra-wealthy population is projected to balloon further over the next five years, according to the Knight Frank Wealth Report:

The data shows Australia’s ultra-high-net-worth-individual (UHNWI) population will rise to 4,881 by 2024, up from 3,796 in 2019, with more than 200 new ultra-wealthy people being created in Australia each year.

Australia’s ultra-wealthy population grew by 5% in 2019 and by 35% over the past five years.

At the same time, Australia’s high-net-worth-individuals (HNWI) are expected to grow by 34% over the next five years to reach close to 2.1 million. Currently, 50 million people globally are considered millionaires, with wealth of US$1 million or more.

According to Knight Frank’s Head of Residential Research, Australia Michelle Ciesielski, Australia is forecast to have one of the highest rates of growth in UHNWI populations globally over the next five years…

Knight Frank’s Joint National Head of Private Office Sarah Harding said: “On average 80% of Australian UHNWIs saw an increase in wealth in 2019, well above the global average response of 63% in the Knight Frank Attitudes Survey.

“Looking ahead to 2020, 63% of Australian UHNWIs believe their wealth portfolios will continue to grow, which is optimistic when compared to the global average of 55%.

Major growth in high net worth individuals at the same time zero real income growth for households sounds like a country running off the rails.

Leith Van OnselenLeith van Onselen is Chief Economist at the MB Fund and MB Super. Leith has previously worked at the Australian Treasury, Victorian Treasury and Goldman Sachs.


Read more: https://www.thesmithfamily.com.au/poverty-in-australia/what-is

SOURCE: https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2020/03/the-rich-feast-while-aussie-households-famine/

Alan Jones: We’re infected with the virus of increasing Chinese ownership of everything Australian

Alan Jones, MACRO BUSINESS has been warning Australians for years … and CAAN also took up these issues in late 2014 focusing on residential property and a Whole Cohort of Australians locked out of home ownership by ‘hot money‘!

We take a look at Alan Jones Opinion Piece on the impact of the increasing Chinese ownership of Australia!

CAAN enquires could Australian Superannuation and companies have been blocked from investing in large agricultural properties, commercial properties, infrastructure, services etc. …. by the FIRB?

CAAN notes the vertical integration by Chinese companies and developers!

AND how perhaps China – could put an embargo onto all fuel coming into Australia



Alan Jones: We’re infected with the virus of increasing Chinese ownership of everything Australian

What happens when all our productive assets are owned by Chinese interests?

We wind up exposed and unable to look after ourselves, as the coronavirus crisis shows, writes Alan Jones.

Alan Jones, The Daily Telegraph

March 10, 2020

‘With women fighting in shopping aisles over toilet paper, it is surely obvious that the hysteria around the coronavirus may be more damaging than the virus itself.

It is not only in relation to climate change that we seem to be capable of alarmism.’

‘Of course, it is disturbing, damaging and threatening to health, especially among the elderly.

Australia’s over-reliance on Chinese investment in production industries has ensured a blind sport in times of national crisis such as pandemics. Artwork: Terry Pontikos
Australia’s over-reliance on Chinese investment in production industries has ensured a blind sport in times of national crisis such as pandemics. Artwork: Terry Pontikos

Nonetheless, as we face economic difficulties here because of our “dependence” on China, there is another virus that is taking charge, and it is the virus of increasing Chinese ownership of everything Australian that is worthwhile.

When we find, with businesses we often do not think about, like lobster and abalone fishing, that those businesses have ground to a halt because 90 per cent of their trade involves exports to China, it gives cause to think.

Anticipating the weight of this concern about our dependence on China, I wrote on Friday and posted on my Facebook page the following:

“Can I just make one more point on this coronavirus. We’ve seen unnecessary panic-buying — people bunkering down like they’re preparing for a hurricane or an atomic bomb.

“Suddenly supermarket shelves are bare.

“There’s a shortage of supply.

“I’m told 40 per cent of our toilet paper comes from China.

Our retailers and manufacturers are struggling because much of their stock and equipment is Chinese-made.

Women fighting over toilet paper rolls in Woolworths Chullora as the coronavirus craziness hits new levels. Picture: Twitter
Women fighting over toilet paper rolls in Woolworths Chullora as the coronavirus craziness hits new levels. Picture: Twitter

“No one has any stock — it’s all quarantined in China.

“So let me just say this.

“Has there has ever been a stronger argument for why Australia shouldn’t continue allowing foreign ownership?

“What happens when all our farms and assets are foreign-owned?

“And all of our canned foods?

“And our toiletries?

“All our fuel and gas?

“Our water supplies?

“What happens when a real crisis unfolds and we can’t access food and supplies because they are all locked up in China?

“We’re going to be in big, big trouble.

“And this is exactly why this Foreign Investment Review Board should be under the microscope.

-2018 11,000 applications before the FIRB worth more than $168B; approved all but five

“If that trend continues, we’ll end up owning nothing. That isn’t alarmist. That is reality.”

‘The response demonstrates the emergence of this new “virus”.

Shoppers at Woolworths Chullora had a meltdown over toilet paper. Picture Twitter
Shoppers at Woolworths Chullora had a meltdown over toilet paper. Picture Twitter

Australians are waking up to what all this means.

Bill wrote: “Is this what we have to show for seven years of Conservative governments? Our best dairy and beef farms sold to the Chinese?”

Melissa: “Is it the Foreign Investment Review Board, or the Foreign Investment Approval Board?”

Roy: “The only politician that has been talking about this in Canberra is Pauline Hanson.

And every time she brings it up she’s accused of being a racist.”

Matthew: “This is happening everywhere, the milk industry, the wine industry, our juices and avocados, our electricity networks, our telecommunications! Will we end up owning anything?”

AJ’s Facebook entry seen by 1.8 million people

-with more than 4000 comments

‘The reaction demonstrates that a real problem for government lies behind this coronavirus issue.

Carlton Hill Cattle Station on the lower Ord River near Kununurra was sold to Chinese owned Shanghai Zhongfu.
Carlton Hill Cattle Station on the lower Ord River near Kununurra was sold to Chinese owned Shanghai Zhongfu.

Our dependence on China is sending business to the wall.’


-progressive cherrypicking by China of the best of Australia

-Canberra does not seem to understand the difference between ownership and investment

AJ asks why not invest $3 Trillion super funds in Australian assets?

He lists …

3 Kimberley cattle stations comprising 1.4 million hectares and running 45,000 cattle; sold to a Chinese billionaire for $70 million

The Consolidated Pastoral Company land and cattle giant sold its flagship Carlton Hills station to the Chinese owned Shanghai Zhongfu.
The Consolidated Pastoral Company land and cattle giant sold its flagship Carlton Hills station to the Chinese owned Shanghai Zhongfu.

five out of six Tasmanian cherry orchards were sold to Chinese buyers back in 2016

Van Diemen’s Land Company, Australia’s oldest and largest dairy farming outfit — 25 dairy farms, 19,000 hectares, 29,000 dairy cattle — sold to a Chinese buyer

-Two Qantas planes every week ship dairy products out of Tasmania to China

‘It used to be from our paddock to their plate and we made the money from the value-added.

Now China own the paddock.

They get the product cheaply and, with a burgeoning middle-class in China, they whack up the price on the Chinese domestic market and the profit that should be ours goes to Chinese interests.

Further … including these former Australian properties:

-476,000 hectare cattle station Carlton Hill in the Kimberly region in WA

-the nearby 2000 hectare Ivanhoe Station; both former historic Durack properties; now Chinese-owned; approved by the FIRB

Burra Foods is now owned by Chinese interests.
Burra Foods is now owned by Chinese interests.

Wootton Farm near Scone 3500 hectares with 1100 head Wagyu cattle sold in 2016 to Chinese interests

-Chinese dairy giant received ACCC approval for brands including: Dairy Farmers, Big M Milk, Farmers Union Iced Coffee, Pura, Pura Classic flavoured milk, Vitasoy, Vitasoy Soy and Coconut milk, Daily Juice, the Juice Brothers, Berri, Yoplait yoghurt

-in 2016 Mengniu bought Victoria’s infant formula milk manufacturer Burra Foods

-China now owns 77% of our dairy processing

-currently Japanese Lion own this dairy processing seeking to sell to Mengniu

Lion buy some billion litres of milk from more than 550 dairy farmers every year; and crush 75,000 tonnes of fruit from Australian orchards

-Mengniu were involved in 2008 in a tainted milk powder scandal that poisoned 300,000 children in China

A worker at the Mengniu dairy factory in Beijing. Picture: AP
A worker at the Mengniu dairy factory in Beijing. Picture: AP

-in 2019 Mengniu bought Bellamy’s Organi;, an Australian organic infant formula and baby food producer

-Bellamy’s were formally Tasmanian Pure Foods

-acquired by Mengniu Dairy of China

AJ asks: Why is it that we have foreign interests who want our assets, but Australian superannuation funds don’t?

CAAN: Could Australian Superannuation Funds have been blocked? Because as revealed in Adele Ferguson’s report, ‘A black box that needs an overhaul: how has FIRB escaped scrutiny?’

It would appear a precedent has been set, and perhaps there have been many more with a series of businesses, lawyers and corporate advisers who have dealt with the FIRB  believe it needs to be overhauled.

‘Rich lister and energy baron Trevor St Baker has experienced firsthand FIRB’s processes and lack of transparency.

A business he was involved in, Delta Electricity, lost out on a bid for Loy Yang B to CTF in late 2017.

St Baker told The Age and Herald he was still unsure why his bid failed.

He said Delta Electricity was told that a condition of FIRB approval was that Loy Yang couldn’t be more than 47 per cent foreign-owned. Delta’s consortium was 67 per cent Australian-owned and the rest was owned by US investors.

Then FIRB announced that CTF had been granted approval to buy Loy Yang B, which is 100 per cent Chinese owned.

St Baker said he was never given an explanation for the decision or why the rules changed for CTF.

Read more: https://caanhousinginequalitywithaussieslockedout.com/2020/03/08/how-has-the-firb-escaped-scrutiny-about-alinta-and-a-black-box-that-needs-an-overhaul/?fbclid=IwAR2hNopYvEVbVTt-GHNv0YuGxdRxxPjsRaKwXr_KIV93hJcqOUWlESMfaAs

In July 2017, the Chinese developer Country Garden purchased 353 hectares on the outskirts of Melbourne where it plans to build more than 4000 project homes.

-Country Garden is China’s third-largest developer.

CAAN: This is about ‘Vertical integration’, Mr Jones! China owns what was formerly Australian land

-markets house and land packages to China

-imports Chinese building materials on Chinese-owned planes and ships

-imports Chinese Visa workers: professionals, trades and labour

OCTOBER 2015 Chinese energy and infrastructure group Landbridge secured its 99 year lease on the Darwin Port; the gateway to Australia for $506M

Bellamy’s Organic infant formula is no longer Australian owned. Picture: Peter Hemphill
Bellamy’s Organic infant formula is no longer Australian owned. Picture: Peter Hemphill
An aerial view of Darwin Port and Darwin Harbour, leased to the Chinese for a song.
An aerial view of Darwin Port and Darwin Harbour, leased to the Chinese for a song.

-in 2013, Cubbie Station was sold to a consortium that was majority owned by the Chinese textile company Shandong Ruyi.

-foreign interests, including Chinese, own most of the sugar mills in north Queensland

CAAN: And Australian business closed down its manufacturing and went offshore to China; cutting jobs for Australians; for cheaper products and we now have a landfill problem! Apart from the current inability to now import goods from China!

An aerial view of Cubbie Station.
An aerial view of Cubbie Station.

At CAAN we question the need for ‘foreign investment’ when this was a Nation that used to make ‘everything’ … to a high standard, and we were self-sufficient. Why not export our quality goods to foreign buyers?

AND this from a CAAN Contributor:

‘One day we are going to wake up to find that a foreign power, perhaps China – has put an embargo onto all fuel coming into Australia.

And then in the midst of THIS CRISIS, all our power will be turned off because China owns all the power lines –  there will be an invasion, as all our subs will be taken out of action with drones controlled from both the Airports and Port facilities owned by China, the drones could have been shipped into the Port of Darwin at this moment!!

And we will find out the so-called Chinese students, Visa holders, Chinese workers on all the Chinese owned properties including Cattle Stations, Dairy Farms, Rice Farms and Vineyards throughout Australia, are actually part of the incoming Chinese forces ….. and which other Country will think it’s worth their while to save us? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha – not a hope in hell.

Why is it that WE can see this play out – see our own weaknesses – but our Liberal Government who is actually PAID to do this – doesn’t?’

AJ: ‘No wonder they call it the Foreign Investment Approval Board.

Chinese textile giant Shandong Ruyi has an 80 per cent stake in Australia's largest irrigated cotton property, Cubbie Station.
Chinese textile giant Shandong Ruyi has an 80 per cent stake in Australia’s largest irrigated cotton property, Cubbie Station.

None of this is alarmist or racist.

It is reality.

And I suspect that the Australian voter is very uncomfortable with this reality.

Listen to the Alan Jones Breakfast Program on 2GB weekdays from 5.30am-9am

SOURCE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE: https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/opinion/alan-jones-were-infected-with-the-virus-of-increasing-chinese-ownership-of-everything-australian/news-story/3a955767a44b63ff2e2637195b10a920