Chinese Buying Spree in Australia falls to $2.5 Billion …

Chinese Buying Spree in Australia falls to $2.5 Billion …

Plummeting 47% between 2018 and 2019

In 2016 Chinese spent $15.8Bn in Australia

Prof. Peter Drysdale who heads up a Chinese investment database at the ANU has found that the Chinese have spent 47% less in Australia; the bulk of their $50 Bn investment was before 2017

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2013 …

From 2012 to 2013 inclusive the Chinese buying spree grew by almost 60% targeting Sydney and inner-city Melbourne

Chinese buyers and Chinese-backed developers focused on Sydney with more than $600M development sites for 5000 apartments to be marketed in China

With 10 Million Millionaires in China … was this why we have a social and economic imbalance in Australia … prior to the Pandemic?

With precincts 100% owned by Chinese and/or rented by Chinese, built by Chinese developers thus not available to the Australian market …

IT is alleged that Australia needs ‘foreign investment’ despite our Title Deeds becoming perhaps our biggest export!   When foreigners buy our property it means less for the Australian HNW and UHNW to invest … less opportunities for our Super Funds … it would seem we have many home grown investors to ensure the Title Deeds remain onshore!

Begs the question how much of Australia does the CCP own?

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From Juwai some 20% new Victorian homes sold to Foreign Buyers

Melbourne montage 2019.jpg
By Montage by HappyWaldo – Own work by uploader created from licence-free images from Commons., CC BY-SA 4.0,

The NAB Survey findings reveal foreign buyers are buying up new homes across Australia

19.3% of Victorian new homes sold to foreign buyers

-with demand from China, India, and other parts of Asia

Juwai IQI Executive Chairman, Georg Chmiel submits overseas buyers are as little as some 5 per cent to 7 per cent of existing sales and 10 per cent to 13 per cent of new sales.

IS Chmiel serious?

WHAT about the real percentages that we suggest are concealed through the onshore Proxy who is already a citizen …

THE following may explain why Chmiel refers to the Chinese market as ‘a lifeline for developers’ …

In 2019 China had over 300 billionaires which put the country second in the world, after the United States

In China, there are 4.4 million millionaires, an increase of 158,000 on 2018, according to the report, and 10% of the global total. There are an estimated 1.1 billion adults in China.Oct 21, 2019

Back In 2019 this was reported in The Daily Mail

‘How more than A THIRD of the most expensive homes in Australia are bought by super rich Chinese entrepreneurs’

  • Australia’s most expensive property was sold to a Chinese investor for $140m
  • Other apartments in the building also sold for about $40m to foreign buyers
  • One quarter of Chinese tourists visiting Australia are looking to buy property


This report in 2018 …

Credit Suisse was able to obtain the breakdown of one in four Chinese buying Australian residential property from the three state governments that charge higher stamp duties on overseas buyers.

Credit Suisse said the data from January to June 2017 showed that 87 per cent of foreign property buyers in NSW were Chinese, with New Zealanders at 1.6 per cent the next biggest nationality.

The data shows the mainland China crackdown on money leaving the country has not dented demand. Nor will extra taxes deter the foreign buyers …

With the Australian housing market skewed to be supported by foreign buying, and Chinese wealth creation, how likely is it to stop any time soon?


Chmiel, of course, …. has overlooked wage stagnation, high unemployment and underemployment in Australia with one Million Australians for whom there is no job!

Unemployment was at 19.7 per cent prior to the Pandemic! A consequence of the competition for jobs from Visa workers across all industries …

SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE for more information …

Add to the mix high immigration and visa manipulation, the syndication of the PROXY Buying

Thus aspiring incumbent home owners were locked out of the housing market long before Covid-19!

The HNW and UHNW Foreign buyers are able to concentrate on the inner city and affluent areas because, it seems, policies have been rewritten to allow them!

The FIRB Data reveals over the last 10 years:

buyers from Asia have spent some $211Bn in our real estate

-of which $125 Bn from Chinese buyers; they made 40.1% more inquiries in the second quarter than in the first quarter despite the pandemic, travel bans and lockdowns

-at 14.9% below that of a year earlier

local buyer activity dived by 40% *

CHINA … with its Wuhan capital in the Hubei Province … the source of the World-wide pandemic … is now appearing to prosper with the Chinese buying real estate both in China and in Australia enabled by online marketing!

WHY not ask your local MPs why the Morrison Government is not addressing this serious imbalance for its Constituents?

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‘Almost 20% of new Victorian homes are sold to overseas buyers’ (if this link does not work here; copy it and search for the article)

FACTS on Foreign Buyers from the ‘Real Estate Inst.’ …

DOES it appear that the role of the Foreign Investment Review Board (the FIRB) is to look after the wealth portfolio of their client base, largely the Property Sector … ?

CAAN has a look at a document alleged to be ‘The Facts about Foreign Buyers’ … of Australian Real Estate from the Real Estate Institute of Australia …

WITH the development of Fiefdoms across Sydney … known as High-rise Precincts, does this Sector seriously believe that Australians cannot see what is going on? 

OBVIOUSLY these ‘Fiefdoms’ evolved due to the high cost of tiny lots in the Sydney CBD and the inner circle suburbs

PERHAPS this has something to do with the evolution of so many HIGH-RISE PRECINCTS across Sydney … where developers could buy large lots at a fraction of the cost … to sell to a huge overseas market!

CAAN Photo: Liverpool July 2020; view from Memorial Drive Liverpool

Image may contain: sky, skyscraper, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Castle Hill June 2020 … where there were cottages!
Image may contain: skyscraper, sky, tree and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Chatswood May 2020: Chatswood is being built by CCP MONEY! Re Audio from Geopolitical Strategist David Lee
Image may contain: sky, plant, tree, skyscraper and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Prime by JQZ Waterloo Road Macquarie Park; May 2020

THE HIGH-RISE PRECINCTS across Sydney that look like Fiefdoms … were proposed dating back to 2012! Facilitated by high immigration and Visa manipulation.

When their suburbs are being inundated with people from overseas particularly since 2015 from Mainland China … that as at 2015 many Australians were outbid at house auctions – largely attended by these Visa holders or their onshore Proxy, and that this experience continued … until there was a change with Realtors cancelling auctions to conduct sales inhouse …

In this frenzied environment prices of homes escalated … perhaps unbeknowns to many at that time (2015) investment of $1.5M in a home correlated with an Investment Stream Visa … which no doubt also contributed to the price hike!

YES, why do we need ‘foreign investment’ which are in fact foreign acquisitions’? 

The answer to this perhaps goes back to lobbying by this sector in 2008/09 when they were able to convince the government with ‘the Sting’ that they needed to increase their overseas marketing sales from 50% to 100% of ‘new homes’!  They then got an FIRB ruling!

AND Australia not only has had high immigration but a backdoor to migration through Visa Manipulation with Temporary Visa holders able to gain ‘Permanent Residency’ when they bought our real estate

As reported, the FIRB to date in November 2018 had not carried out a single prosecution against foreign buyers who had failed to comply with our laws on buying our real estate!

WHY is it that temporary Visa holders can purchase our land, an established home and a number of ‘new homes’? … How can that be of any benefit to Australians?  With so much competition in the market? 

Amanda Lynch, the former CEO of the REIA suggests that without foreign money many new developments would not be possible …  of course not because they would bloody well not be needed! 

Constituents especially Our Youth do not need them either because they are priced out, or because we resent this ugly inundation of High-Rise Precinct Fiefdoms across Sydney  …

Rentals are only now coming down due to the Pandemic with so many having lost their jobs and/or business owners have had to break their leases … forcing landlords to reduce the rents to gain new tenants

Previously it was said that Chinese buyers were targeting homes valued at less than $1M which is the market normally for Australian First Home Buyers.  However, Ms Lynch puts that these foreign buyers are acquiring properties valued at more than $1M

That could possibly be the case with reports that some ‘buy a whole floor of an apartment development’ … CAAN was notified of this happening in Asquith!

AND there are no limits on the number of ‘new homes’ they can buy!

WHY wouldn’t the REIA believe that this huge foreign market was good for this Sector?  As the supply was built for these foreign buyers … a possible 1.4 Billion of ‘em! 

The suggestion that this increased the supply of rental properties is readily disputed due to the numerous reports of ‘foreign buyer’ dwellings left vacant and pristine. 

Have you noticed in your area such empty dwellings?  We know of a ‘block of flats’ that has remained empty for more than 12 months; recently it has been lit up of a late afternoon with blinds half open; some move up and down a little periodically (on a timer), and the lights on one balcony remain on all day and all night.  No-one is ever seen to enter, or leave … mail and flyers ooze out of the letterbox …

From a record $72B foreign buying spree in our real estate in 2015/16 it is alleged to have dropped to $30B despite the increased housing development in that period

Could that be explained by the presence of the onshore Proxy, and/or the foreign buyer having gained a PR Visa through online purchase?  

What the Institute omits to refer to are the vast number of UHNW and HNW acquiring our real estate who were not discouraged by increased stamp duties, nor banks tightening lending because it would seem that they deal in shadow banking … and Black Money … what did make a difference in or about 2018 was China’s capital controls!  Since lifted …  

WITH the FIRB role of ensuring this foreign buyer market in Australian ‘new homes’ …

DOES it seem that this is the very reason for the existence of the FIRB?

The fees of $5000 or $10000 are nothing to those of High Net Worth ….  Temp. Visa holders who buy our real estate can fast-track to gain a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’

AND there are no limits on the number of ‘new homes’ that foreign non-residents can buy; they only have to seek FIRB approval … for whatever that means!

FURTHER … they can buy an established home for redevelopment … hence many beautiful Heritage and Mid Century Homes demolished allegedly to increase housing stock …

Possibly for even more ‘foreign buyers’?


About the Facts on Foreign Buyers of our Real Estate from the Real Estate Institute

Is Australia set to offer Hongkongers Visas?

IS Australia set to offer HongKongers Visas? Will the Protesters get a look-in?

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How many, or would that be ‘how few Hong Kong Protesters’ would be offered these Tiananmen Visas … as they are bundled off to gaol ??


From MB

“Coalition hard right arch conservative backbencher, Kevin Andrews was on the ABC spruiking this thought bubble and I was gobsmacked at the logistical and economic consequences of his delusions.

He quoted a figure of 100,000 to 200,000 young Hong Kongers coming to Australia where they would be able to ‘go to university’ and enjoy the warmth of Australian compassion for refugees of all ethnicities and religions.

Fanciful stuff during a pandemic travel embargo, and where foreign students are expected to pay upfront and be able to support themselves and where there is an unemployment explosion amongst young people here in Australia.

The rich older folk with British passports could go to England, and if you read the Chinese Global Times, this move will be another nail in the coffin on any Australian economic recovery.


Why do they keep shooting themselves in the foot when they haven’t shown any compassion for refugees from other parts of the world in much greater need and when Andrews as Immigration Minister cut the intake of refugees from African countries because ‘some groups don’t seem to be settling in and adjusting to the Australian way of life.’

“AND … this is what CAAN wrote about this outrageous proposal!

VIEW today’s report in the SMH:

Why Should the Morrison Govt lure HNW from Hong Kong on the Say-So of a Wealth Manager?

Haven’t we had enough of this Hedley and Eslake ‘lot’ who never seem to give up on calling for ever more immigration?  Why?  What is in it for them?

What are the sources of these Hong Kong ‘Millions of dollars in investment’?  How much of which are in fact ‘Black Money’?  Where is the proof of their sources?  How restrictive are Australia’s Visa laws?  It would seem they are anything but! 

Prior to the Pandemic ‘Permanent Residency’ appeared to be a Growth Industry with a large range of Visas facilitating this not only for the Entrepreneurs but for Visa workers which has led to the lowest wages growth for 60 years, high unemployment and underemployment at 19.7% prior to the Pandemic! 

At the same time there were 2.4 Million Visa holders in Australia … many of whom were here on Real Estate tours … and looking to gain permanent residency … so it would appear the cut to permanent migration to 160,000 was of little consequence?

AND it appears this has led to another growth industry for those on the AFR Rich List becoming Richer!

There are more than 200 of them so why do we need to import more?  Why can’t they develop more start-ups? And create jobs for Australians with incomes that generate spending power to boost our economy?

Why not bring back the inter-active digital media development blocked by the Abbott Government?  It has proved to be very profitable overseas … why not here? Invest in R & D … manufacturing … renewables?

Is Hedley ignoring that in Melbourne there is a second wave of Covid?  That the Andrews government proposes to lock down more! 

World-wide the Pandemic has not been deterred!  So how can opening the migration and visa manipulation floodgates be warranted?

Hedley concedes there is a humanitarian aspect … that they should be provided with a safety net, and in the next breath talks about targeting entrepreneurs  … despite COVID-19 … and often the 14 day quarantine has proven inadequate …

Eslake is quoted saying ‘about three quarters of our growth in the last five years has come from population growth’

BUT what Eslake has overlooked is at the cost to State and local governments and the Australian people as revealed in this report from Macro Business!

Search for:

‘A Big Australia means more expensive everything’!

This report reveals that the Federal Government collects some 80% of the tax revenue’.

However, the ancillary costs of the growth in population are shifted to the state and local governments, and households!

With …

-the escalation of house prices

-the increased cost of infrastructure and services

-the balance of trade with the revenue from exports of minerals and agricultural products v. growth of importation of construction materials and consumer goods

-the cost to households of desal plants, toll road tunnels

-state governments sell off public assets to private monopolies to raise the $ for more infrastructure

-increased costs for the incumbents with tolls, user-pays charges etc

.It appears the mineral bonanza comes as a poor second!

Is the high immigration and visa manipulation another verse in the ‘Trickle Down Economy Song Sheet’?

Are the statements from Hedley and Eslake perhaps rooted in a desire to embrace a wider agenda validating a pedagogy of growth … no matter what it costs?

DO they ever consider


-the finite nature of the earth’s resources?

That life for them is really only about trade … is this all we ought to look forward to, and that we will fall into poverty should it not prevail unhindered?

With Hedley it seems we get the same old Mantra that there is always another pot of gold to be had … though how true it is when the numbers are actually small. 

Interestingly, the age-old tactic of alerting us to the possibility we may miss out … be left behind … how could we let this happen? …

Are what they appear to be – crude calls from the sidelines.

What about asking how legitimate is this wealth? 

Are there measures in place to validate it has been sourced from real endeavours in no way associated with the ‘darker sides of life’ in foreign locations?

These bursts of wisdom need to be put to the test.  It is as if we all need to be convinced it is okay to have people knocking at our door because they have fat wallets and deep pockets … that somehow it is all legitimate … no harm … no costs are generated by boundless population growth while at the same time anyone who dares to critique these so-called truisms are quickly labelled as xenophobic or racist. 

Is this designed to shut down debate smartly?  Read more!

Gov should entice HK Investors to move to Australia says Wealth Manager

CAAN Photo: 188C Significant Investor Visa

Sellergate of the Housing Commission ‘Sirius’ to an Overseas Enigma … the Billionaires and Mark Carnegie

Sellergate of the ‘Sirius’ …

Through research the Herald can expose that the ‘new owner’ of the Sirius is a Mr Huynh who has links to Vietnamese billionaires and …  Mark Carnegie …

… 12 months have elapsed and still no answers to questions about government probity checks on the sale of what was Our Public Housing ….

DUE DILIGENCE carried out by the NSW Government consisted of:

Google searches for media reports or ICAC inquiries … buying a credit risk report and asking Fair Trading if it had complaints about Mr Huynh

MEANWHILE Mr Huynh has come from a middle class upbringing to a mansion on the Vaucluse waterfront!

The Sirius was marketed as Sydney’s ‘most valuable land’!

Aoyuan International and Danny Avidan competed with Huynh who won out!

The Government referred questions to JDH Capital who declined to comment …

Little has been uncovered about either Huynh or JDH Capital, and it is not known who will finance redevelopment of the Sirius

WHY have government documents released under FOI been redacted?

However, the government has arranged a delayed settlement for money to change hands …

It would appear convenient that with no requirement from Vietnam to disclose private company interests that it is difficult to find out about the business dealings of Mr Huynh’s extended family …

WHY has the Government withheld key documents?  It alleges that release of information could ‘prejudice’ the finalisation of the sale.  Why?

WHY IS Huynh unable to reveal the ‘investors’ in the Sirius redevelopment?

Why are there strict confidentiality obligations with the ‘seller’ of what was a publicly owned building?


Second REDFERN Bite by Singaporean Group WEE HUR … Acquisition for Student Accommodation

On 28 June CAAN shared this story about Wee Hur

WEE HUR’s first acquisition was made by the Trust Company (Australia) in Regent Street Redfern for $A36 M., and entered into a contract for the sale and purchase with the City of Sydney for a property at 90 Regent Street Redfern for $10M

NOW this student accommodation developer has scooped up a row of shops and residential units between 90 and 102 Regent Street … close to both the University of Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney

Taking advantage of the growth of infrastructure of both Redfern Railway Station and the Metro station at Waterloo

THIS is apart from Wee Hur’s acquisitions in Melbourne in 2018 in Gibbons Street with plans for 515 bed accommodation, and the Melbourne CBD.

LONG TERM PLANNERS … this Singaporean group acquired two sites in the Buranda transport precinct in Brisbane;  with plans for 5,000 beds across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide!




‘DESTINATION’ Meriton Precinct in Talavera Road is Rising

Image may contain: skyscraper, sky and outdoor

CAAN Photo: First Tower of ‘Destination’ Talavera Road Macquarie Park

THERE is more to this than meets the eye!

The first Meriton Tower for ‘Destination’ in Talavera Road Macquarie Park at 28 June 2020 is now some 22 storeys … and it is expected to be completed with 27 storeys early 2021!

IMAGINE how the 63 Storey Tower will dominate!

This Meriton development is for 1270 units in Macquarie Park.

Wondering how many of the 1270 apartments are sold? And to who? HT has previously said:

“The problem with Australians is they are very slow. They ask their lawyer, they ask their financial adviser, they ask their family, they ask everybody. The Chinese don’t ask anybody, they come off the plane, buy their unit and go.”


“China has more than 1 billion people,” he said. “And they love Australia. I think they love Australia as much as we love Australia. So there will always be enough of them that will buy.”

What will happen now? With further outbreaks of CV-19?

Will these CCP members have already gained ‘Permanent Residency’ when they purchased? What then?

Will AUSTRALIA be safe? How can a ‘PR VISA’ ensure they will be COVID-19 free?

Recent report (shared on CAAN) there are no changes to foreign investment in real estate …

-the changes leave existing gateways for investment largely untouched

-little has changed for key investment sectors such as mining, residential, industrial and commercial real estate and agribusiness land and enterprises

• There are no significant changes proposed to the rules regarding residential real estate

Another aspect to this is that in Macquarie Park there has been a complete demograhic change … it has visibly been underway since about 2015 …

Macquarie Park was originally a Business and Information Technology Park which created local employment …

But what now? With largely foreign buyers of these apartments particularly from China it would appear they are in the “box seat” for employment …

MERITON is everywhere … in every direction across Sydney … in the Sydney CBD … Chatswood … Epping … Sydney Olympic Park … Rhodes …
Meadowbank … Pagewood … Parramatta … Abbotsford … Hurstville … Burwood … here in Macquarie Park with a couple of precinct developments …

MERITON is up on the Gold Coast and down in Melbourne

MERITON has apartments for sale … for rent … serviced apartments for tourists and hotels!

Now the community of ‘Little Bay’ are opposing a monstrous precinct. It began with the Little Bay Masterplan

-it was approved in 2009 allowing for 450 dwellings to be built in buildings up to five-storeys (18m)

–Meriton then sought consent to build 1900 dwellings in multiple mid and high-rise with maximum height of 22 storeys (73m)

It has now been rejected by the Council … however … HT has its own legal counsel …

Remember the interview with Jane Hutcheon on ‘One Plus One’

JANE HUTCHEON: Do you feel you have had a hand in the way the Sydney landscape has changed?

HARRY TRIGUBOFF: Well, since I am not a modest person I say I had the biggest hand in it because I devoted myself to Sydney. I did a little bit in Queensland, but absolutely I am Sydney! …. .

IT would seem that the Planning Law changes were long in the making … remember HT said when he arrived in Sydney:

“I looked at Bondi Beach. Bronze bodies. Unbelievable. I looked at the red roofs. No flats, [just] cottages everywhere.’ So is this why Harry set about changing the built environment … ?

Image may contain: outdoor
CAAN Photo: Two gum trees and a few shrubs in this ‘zone’
Image may contain: sky and outdoor
CAAN Photo: The Meriton on site sales office ‘Awake in Tranquility’ of the whir of the M2, the protection of the two gum tree protected zone and Talavera Road a route to the M2 and high-rise neighbourhood.
Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud and outdoor
CAAN Photo: the ‘Destination’ site with preparation underway for more towers. The M2 is in the background.



THIS Time it’s a Singapore Developer Growing its Student Accommodation ‘Investment’ in Australia …

FOREIGN ‘Investment’ Companies like these are operating in a space that seeks to gain ownership dressed up as ‘investing’… the customers for these purpose built student accommodation are with little doubt from the same origins … so profits are designed to leave our shores along with the Title Deeds!

HOW do they do this? By setting up a business trust in Australia to acquire property …

These developers are long term planners … they are looking for ownership over a long period of time in Australia.

An opportunity to accommodate their students in a closed environment where they control it!

Our universities had a proposal to begin flying in small groups of international students from July … 300 were set to fly to Canberra to be quarantined in hotels.  The ACT along with South Australia planned to get this off the ground with other states to follow ….

HOWEVER with the current outbreaks of COVID-19, it would seem that those pushing this are those that have the most to lose in their business model based on fee paying foreign students 

It is a worry, just goes to show what depths these Edu-entrepreneurs will go to … to have tax payers subsidise foreign students even though they say the student pays, every other cent spent by the University is ultimately sourced from the public purse.

Read more!

And this from the Urban Developer in 2018!


Singapore-listed developer Wee Hur Holdings has moved one step closer to realising its Australian student accommodation ambitions, appointing Intergen Property Group to manage a $700 million Purpose Built Student Accommodation fund.

WHY are MILLENNIALS Moving to Australia’s Regions … and Big Towns?

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ORANGE and the surrounding villages and towns. Canowindra hot air ballooning

WHY are MILLENNIALS Moving to Australia’s Regions … and Big Towns?

Of course, many Millennials are now moving to the regional cities … big towns that have the infrastructure …

SYDNEY for one has lost its appeal to many … the fuglification … the congestion …

IS it just real estate prices, or is it because Australians have had to compete with foreign ownership?

… over this period from 2011 to 2016, and up to the CoronaVirus Pandemic … during the terms of the Liberal Coalition in NSW …

KEY POINTS … from a Report determining population growth and movements …

-between 2011 and 2016 regional millennials are moving to other regions; not to capital cities

-Sydney lost more to the regions

-they were more aware of the benefits of living in the regions

-with a move to Orange there was no longer a two hour commute to work but an 8 minute drive

-able to buy a home

-they are seeking mid-sized towns with a hospital, airport, university, jobs and lifestyle!

-the regions attracted 65,000 more than they lost to capital cities

THIS no doubt reflects the very pooor policies of the NSW Liberal Coalition …

Turning our SYDNEY Town into what the Foreign Buyers have fled …

LET alone the nasty consequences for our Australian Society with a whole Cohort locked out of Sydney by not only competition from foreign acquisition … but the loss of livebility … the long commutes … that many have sought an attractive lifestyle in the Regions!


Photo: Spring Hill;
Byng looking towards Springfielf
Overlooking Orange

Photos: CAAN was unable to locate our photos of Orange and district!