Image may contain: sky, tree, house and outdoor
CAAN Photo: even fugly like this in one of Sydney’s exclusive Harbourside areas … however only 150 dwellings for this LGA. Too bad for the neighbours at the rear could this be too close for comfort?

DESPITE the strong objections from Councils and Constituents …

It’s happened across Sydney wherever higher density has been deemed … this is the second stage … their appetite whet for more …

TO demolish our streets for crap like this …

Image may contain: sky, tree, house, cloud, plant and outdoor
CAAN Photo 10 Townhouses 10 X water and sewer where there was one home
Image may contain: sky, plant, tree and outdoor

CAAN Photo oversized duplex showing signs of poor workmanship

IN the lead up what it will mean …

THE MOB moves will be underhand … our properties undervalued …

NEXT … wholesale demolitions … asbestos clouds … excavations … jackhammers … tradies trucks pack out our streets … chainsaws too … mud … cement dust … visa workers not trained through our TAFE … latrines on the streets …. footpaths turned into rubble … hazards for pedestrians … conga lines of trucks … cement mixer trucks … concrete pores even as late as 8 p.m. 

THIS is planned for across NSW … no escape …

As ‘Our Families‘ are priced out … note this Report …

‘Major proposed changes to Australia’s Foreign Investment regime announced by the federal government’



‘There are no significant changes proposed to the rules regarding residential real estate’ *

Read more!

As China is alleged to be easing off … enter Millions of buyers … Billions of ‘em from Hong Kong … Malaysia,  Singapore, India … and obviously more Black Money awash in our Real Estate … remember the Real Estate Gatekeepers are exempt from the Anti-Money Laundering Laws (Morrison Govt October 2018) …

BUT … what the Property Sector may find that due to the Pandemic … that international travel will not happen until there is a vaccine … so despite no laws to prevent foreign acquisition … the market may not just be there!

WHEN some believer says ‘Come on … Liberals are good economic managers’ … OR ‘lay off these guys’ … just remind them how good they are …

-and what it has been costing us …

Mr Pants-on-Fire from the Shire was anointed by the Federal developer lobby, Property Council of Australia for the top jobso that the PCA holds the reins of Australia …

He wrote the policy for the PCA before entering politics …

AND in NSW the Mob rule from Macquarie Street … read more:

VIEW CAAN’s earlier report … can’t say we didn’t warn you!

IVANHOE ESTATE DEMOLISHED … to Make Way for new O/S Residents …

Image may contain: plant and outdoor
CAAN Photo: That’s how Ivanhoe Estate was before the wrecking ball came in to finish it off!

IN early April 2020 the NDT for the Daily Telegraph did a sympathetic story for the remaining tenants of Ivanhoe Public Housing Estate …

IVANHOE ESTATE was an architect designed Public Housing Estate of apartment blocks and townhouses set in amongst Australian bushland.

Demolition was to begin that week of 6 April even though some residents were still waiting for a replacement home!

The main road that cuts through the estate formed a community for these people over a mere 25 years before they learnt of their fate. It was a happy community conveniently located to the University, the Macquarie Park Shopping Centre, the Business and IT Park, with bus connections across Sydney! And modern housing!

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature
CAAN Photo: June long weekend the Ivanhoe Estate apartment blocks gone! Parkview 2 is rising in the background. That too had a nasty story behind it with tenants given little notice to get out! Who for? Cough … cough … Were some tenants left homeless? Why the haste when this development took years to eventuate?

The Liberal Coalition seems bent on demolishing any development aged more than 20 years … no matter that it was built to last as with the Bicentennial Projects of the stadiums and soon the Powerhouse Museum!

Ivanhoe demolished for two thirds private redevelopment … to dovetail with the Federal Government policy enabling developers to market housing projects 100% overseas particularly in China.

CHINA is now discouraging its people from returning to Australia … however the private redevelopment here would have already been purchased … will they onsell?

Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, shoes, bridge and outdoor
CAAN Photo: The top end of the Estate facing onto Herring Road

Perhaps it has now dawned upon Australians that they are being moved along … to get out of the way … whether it be for Public Housing demolitions … or suburban communities rezoned for higher density for new ‘Permanent Residents’ to launder their ‘hot money’ …

IT would seem that since the NSW Liberal Coalition has largely – if not entirely – demolished our Public Housing that on this occasion the Social Housing Sector have managed to get a sizeable share of the 3000 dwellings … with 950 Social Housing! And 128 affordable rental homes allocated … said to all blend with the private development …

… admittedly this is a big stride for this government that normally only provides 5% affordable and/or social housing … because now it really has to do something about homelessness …

Some residents were still on site in 45 homes because they had not been provided with a suitable alternative.  The estate had only celebrated its 25th birthday when the tenants learnt of the Government’s plans …

Now after 28 years living in a home, and in a happy community it would be very distressing to be flung off in another direction, and to lose your community!


Image may contain: outdoor
CAAN Photo: Praps it has been so heartless that some former tenants felt the need to express their feelings … ‘RIP FIENDS’ …

Read more!  Ivanhoe public housing estate at Macquarie Park set to be demolished

WILL the Outcome from the CV Pandemic be a Return to a Sustainable Multi-Cultural Migrant Intake from across the Globe?

WILL the Outcome from the CV Pandemic be a Return to a Sustainable Multi-Cultural Migrant Intake from across the Globe?

Because these ABC journalists, Bang Xiao, Christina Zhou and Iris Zhao wrote this report, ‘How the coronavirus pandemic could shift the multicultural make-up of our society’.

WITH Australia having the highest concentration of international students  … did anyone … including foreign students ponder how long this could continue with a majority of overseas students occupying places in Australian Universities?

DUE to the Pandemic it has come to a head perhaps sooner … whereby the PM has had no alternative but to suggest they ‘go home’!

Was there not a similar unpleasant response across the globe? With a World-wide Recession underway? Resembling that of the Great Depression of the 1930s ….

Were these students unaware that in their large numbers they have replaced Australians by paying full enrolment fees? 

That these students have been ‘cash cows‘ to fund our Universities due to Government withdrawal of funding?

Numerous reports have been issued concerning the impact of a large cohort of International Students with:

-disruption to lectures due to some students having poor English language skills

-cheating; lowering of standards

-less places for Australian students

-high Australian youth unemployment and underemployment with increased competition from student/visa workers

Prior to the pandemic unemployment and underemployment was at 19.7%, and for years, the Labor opposition, unions, economists and others have been urging the government to increase ‘Newstart’ which was below the poverty line. With it being rebadged as ‘JobSeeker’ the payment was increased but it is due to return to below the poverty line rate in September!

Many Australians have lost their jobs, and many more may lose the security of their homes due to the Pandemic … so the Government does need to look after its citizens first!

Due to trade, tourism and the Australian property market largely targeting China, Australia no longer appears to be so ‘multicultural’ … this concentration has intensified since 2013 …

Perhaps it would be good to diversify esp. with the threats coming from China, and those with vested interests?

It would seem that Australian Universities need to demand government funding to ensure security of intelligence and R & D esp. since the cyber attacks on data at the ANU!  And the interference from Confuscious Institutes … an example being the UQ and its suspension of Philosophy Student, Drew Pavlou. 

View this report: ‘ UQ management “tip of the iceberg of a totally corrupted system” ‘

and Search CAAN Website for more about Drew Pavlou and the University of Queensland.

ONCE again it is put that in Australia not rendering financial support to international students that this may discourage future enrolments, and a loss of the alleged fourth largest export sector.

HOWEVER, Macro Business questioned the veracity of a $37.6B contribution to our economy supporting 240,000 jobs following a media release by Education Minister Dan Tehan in November 2019 that education exports had grown by $5B in 2018-19. Further, that the ABS found the sector had grown by 15%.

BUT what is not mentioned are tuition fees and expenses while studying in Australia and their goods and services of $20B that they pay for from working in Australia as they study outweigh enrolment fees of $15B in 2018.


International students work here to pay for their living expenses just as Australian students do!

IT has been the lure of ‘Permanent Residency’ that has enticed the majority of these international students. 

Now the Pandemic has been a cruel blow! But not only for International Students but Australians with many unable to gain a place at University …

Prof. Salvatore Babones’ research (August 2018) reveals that Australia has the highest concentration of international students; with the UK and Canada following

Total overseas student enrolments increased to 918,000 including 435,000 enrolled in Universities.

Overseas students accounted for more than 80% of some of Queensland’s most popular university courses

-foreign students filled some 75% of places in key university courses

-occupy 82.4% of places in IT courses at University of the Sunshine Coast; 2 thirds of places at James Cook and University of Southern Queensland

-at UQ in exchange for selling places to Chinese students it gains $250M a year

-overseas students outnumber Australian students in IT, management and commerce courses

CIS Emeritus Professor Steven Schwartz, a former vice-chancellor of Macquarie University in Sydney and Murdoch University in Perth, said foreign students flock to courses likely to lead to jobs and permanent residency, such as IT and management.

“Permanent residency is one of the main motivations to study in Australia,’’ he said.

“If suddenly permanent residency was given to people who study poetry, it’s likely they’d all be doing poetry.”

SO next time you hear of an Australian politician extolling the benefits of an alleged $37.6 B International Student Export Industry update them on what is really happening!

Read more:  ‘The uni courses being taken over by foreign students’

Cash-hungry universities are offering more places to fee-paying foreigners than to local students in 64 courses nationally, data obtained exclusively by The Courier-Mail reveals.


FOR years … decades … Australians have been subject to callous treatment by politicians and Liberal Coalition Governments with WorkChoices by Stealth;  the casualisation of the workforce; competition from Visa workers for jobs (introduced by Howard Govt)

Come September those Australians in receipt of JobSeeker (previously known as Newstart) will have this payment cut to return to below the Poverty Line!

PRIOR to the Pandemic Unemployment had reached 19.7 %

Read more!–wjQDTnwmC0674BIEE-jgBUxZDhMCoNw

HOW long before banks foreclose on homes? 

No doubt there is even more hardship to be experienced across Our Society … unbeknowns no doubt to many … with the Morrison Government only announcing in 2019 of its cut to migration to 160,000 as it overlooked the 2.3 Million Temp. Visa holders in the country …

Yet the 2019 Budget estimates reveal high levels of net overseas migration (NOM) to rise to 263,000 in 2022. 

Will the Morrison Government put Australian workers and jobs first and desist with the high temporary migrant visas of some 2.2 , or 2.3 Million p.a.??

Hence even more competition for jobs, housing, and lowering of living standards … for the incumbents …

ASK why demographers like Liz Allen deliver this message that Australia would be:

“economically and culturally poorer” as a result of near-zero international migration due to border lockdowns.

WHEN our Unemployment is at 20% (or more), and with largely people from China  targeted for migrant intake where is the cultural diversity?  Australians are now enjoying a reprieve from traffic gridlock, the crush in schools, buses and trains, and would prefer the lockdown to remain!

LIZ Allen perhaps ought contemplate … Liz ought to get around … and see for herself the demographic change across Sydney in Chatswood, Macquarie Park, Epping, Ryde to name a few and contemplate how this may impact Australians when they are now in a minority?  What of job opportunities for Australians within this demographic change?

To find that all shopping malls, shopping strips, restaurants, cafes, the businesses, and shopping centre seating are taken over by new ‘Permanent Residents’, and some even speak to Australians in an authoritarian manner!  As where we live is rezoned for higher density, ‘new homes’ sold by developers to these overseas buyers … and so on!

During this Pandemic despite the ‘Social Distancing’ signage many of these people disregard the guidelines and walk up behind in groups too close to Australians in their midst!

HOW discriminatory is that?  Some Australians may be annoyed by this …

LET alone the facts of very poor even KRUPT Government policy allowing such overseas Visa holders to buy our Real Estate with ‘hot money’ … as many as six ‘new homes’ on a Guardian Visa … etc, etc … 

The Real Estate Gatekeepers having been made exempt from Anti-money Laundering Laws in October 2018 by the Morrison Government.

WHY does Liz Allen say that ‘Australia desperately needed migrants to stay and contribute to maintaining the economy, and, in time, rebuilding after the pandemic passes’ ?  WHEN Australia already has 20% plus Unemployment? 

WHOSE interests does Liz Allen represent?

FOLLOWING the devastation of the Pandemic what country if any, is likely to offer better options?

Liz Allen continued to beat up Australians with her emphasis on ‘White Australia policy sentiments’ which bears no resemblance to the multi-cultural society that we have had until the past seven years

IN regard to the matters we have referred to it would appear that in fact contrary to Ms Allen that Australians have borne the brunt of very poooor government policies.

That since the advent (some would say the onset) of the Liberal Coalition, living standards, quality of life, lowest wages growth for 60 years, and insecure work, unaffordable housing etc, etc … that let’s hope the Australian Government does focus on keeping Australians in work and business now and beyond the CoronaVirus!

Read more from this article: ‘How the coronavirus pandemic could shift the multicultural make-up of our society’.

A brightly coloured dragon puppet on sticks weaves above the heads of a crwod.
Photo: (ABC News: Tegan Osborne)

10 Property Developers getting Richer on the AFR Rich List

MEANWHILE unemployment rises … early May 2020 600,000 jobs lost and home sales fall … owners withdraw from the market …

SINCE 2013 developers have become RICHER … with the Foreign Investment Review Board ruling allowing them to sell 100% of ‘new homes’ to foreign buyers (Millions of ’em) … the second tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws shelved, and then in October 2018 the Morrison Government exempted the Real Estate Gatekeepers from the AML Laws!

A whole Cohort of Australians locked out of this market by the overseas competition laundering ‘black money’ in our real estate and the lowest wages growth for 60 years!

IN the political sphere following the arrival of the CoronaVirus Pandemic the Australian Parliament has been shut downnegotiations are said to be happening with business and the unions as the Labor Opposition has been excluded from the discussion about rejigging the economy!!!!

-that’s two (guvmnt and business) against one (the ACTU) ….

Due to casualisation of the workplace many have lost their jobs, and many have not been able to access Centrelink payments!

Harry Triguboff remains Number One richest property developer … still Australia’s third richest behind Number One Anthony Pratt packaging and recycling business, and iron ore magnate Gina Rinehart.

For more about Harry:

Harry has grown his wealth by 6 per cent over the year to $13.54B with some 4000 Meriton apartments underway, and another 11,000 in the pipeline!

2. Hong Kong-based Hui Wing Mau, the Chair of Shimao Property has increased his wealth by 14.2 per cent to $10.39B through residential, commercial and hotel projects across China and commercial assets in Sydney’s CBD. He has a majority stake in Bindaree Beef Group.

3. Frank Lowy at $8.56.B Managing director, Lowy Family Group

Sold off their Westfield interests and Frank went to Israel.

4.  John Gandel, Principal, Gandel Group at $6.6B

5.  Lang Walker,  Executive chairman, Walker Corporation at $4.67B has   increased his wealth by 34.6 per cent!  With 10 commercial precincts underway incl 4 towers at Parramatta Square, and development in the Wollondilly!

Following stiff resistance from local WILTON residents, court action and negotiations with the local council the focus now appears to be on commercial rental property development in Sydney and Melbourne …

SADLY despite the resistance from the Wollondilly community the new Walker Corporation estate comprising 696 lots in a housing corridor near Sydney’s second planned airport at Badgerys Creek will be proceeding … along with those of Chinese developers, Country Garden, and Dahua …

  • With the consequent loss of Koala habitat, flora, fauna and farmlands


6.  Betty Klimenko and Monica Weinberg-Saunders, Family of Westfield co-founder John Saunders at $2.37 B

7.  Michael Hodgson, Perth’s biggest industrial landholder at $2.34 B

8.  Marc Besen & family, Chairman, TarraWarra at $2.34 B

9. Maurice Alter & family, Founder, Pacific Group at $2.33 B

10.  Tony Perich & family, Chairman, Leppington Pastoral Company with a 16.5 per cent spike at $2.05 B.   Tony Perich has held the Narellan Town Centre since 1989.  With a string of diversified investments and a majority stake in Freedom Foods.


Photo: The Urban Developer

PART 2 on Mega Rich Foreign Buyers Scooping Up North Shore Mansions Online!


Image may contain: tree, plant, house, sky, outdoor and nature
CAAN Photo: The Killara Mansion sold weeks ago

THIS Killara property sold prior to the beautiful Lindfield home to a Taiwan buyer for $6.3M … it comes as no surprise, does it, with much overseas interest targeted through WeChat and Ray White’s Chinese Home Link connection?

IT would seem that the CCP expansion from Chatswood is well underway … with these North Shore home sellers keen to maintain their local ‘home values’ …

While across Sydney house prices continue to fall

HAVE the wealthy Upper North Shore community contemplated that as they maintain the Shore’s ‘home values’ by selling to this overseas market … and move onto Byron Bay … that with more foreign buyers particularly from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan that these exclusive locations are being acquired?

THAT as the new ‘Permanent Residents’ move in they are also buying and setting up business …

WHAT opportunities will there be in turn for the established North Shore Families to live and work in the ‘North Shore’ as more and more of these new overseas buyers move in? As their Familes are priced out by overseas UHNW and HNW?

Image may contain: plant, tree, bridge, sky, shoes and outdoor
CAAN Photo of the tennis court on expansive grounds of yet another Lindfield property that went on the market last weekend! Will it go the same way?

Image may contain: plant, tree, sky and outdoor
CAAN Photo: This local Lindfield resident has raised the Australian Flag … is that in recognition and concern for what is going on?
Image may contain: tree, sky, plant, cloud, outdoor and nature
CAAN Photo: Beautiful Lindfield with its tree-lined streets, hillsides and sweeping views … how long before its ownership belongs to the CCP as they expand out from Chatswood?

VIEW PART 1: ‘Foreign Buyers from Hong Kong Taiwan are buying Prestige Aussie Property Online!’


Image may contain: table and indoor
CAAN Photo: See that little symbol for WeChat on the right hand corner … look for this symbol on all ‘For Sale/Auction’ signs …


AND SEARCH CAAN WEBSITE … for more reports on …

-the Foreign Investment Review Board, (FIRB), David Irvine and Phil Gaetjens

-the second tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws shelved; the real estate gatekeepers made exempt in October 2018 by the Morrison Government

IS it WorkChoices by Stealth alone that is at the core of the loss of Home Ownership? Or is there more to it?

… FINALLY a little truth is revealed in this article but what is at the core of the rotten apple is again overlooked!

‘How Australia’s casual workers and investors are behind the decline in home ownership

IT is not only the inflated price of housing but new research reveals that the casualisation of the workforce and the growth of property investors together have led to the decline in home ownership ….

HOWEVER what is not revealed here is that it is not only homegrown property investors but a World-wide market particularly from China with a resource of some 1.4 BILLION People including millions of High Net Worth! 

That is perhaps where ‘the growth in property investors’ stemmed from … a consequence of the ‘FIRB’ ruling allowing developers to sell 100% of ‘new homes’ overseas

Image may contain: sky, plant, tree, skyscraper and outdoor
CAAN Photo Chinese Developer JQZ Prime Precinct in Waterloo Road Macquarie Park

The report, Australian home ownership: past reflections, future directions


-by 2040 those aged 25 to 55 will have only a 51 per cent chance of owning their own home

down from 60 per cent in 1981

home ownership will fall to 63 per cent; down from 67 per cent in 2016

QUESTION:  How many of that 67% in 2016 are Australian born compared to new ‘Permanent Residents’ from overseas?

Swinburne University of Technology undertook the research on behalf of the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute. (AHURI)

-in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s the majority had stable incomes in full time work

-a change occurred in the 70s;  now more than 24% have casual work

-casual work locks out these workers from gaining a mortgage

No refererence to where ‘the demand’ for Australian housing came from?

Which caused the price hike …

Professor Burke came close with this comment:

“The financialisation of housing is an international factor and is best understood as the process where housing is treated as a commodity to be invested in rather than a home, meaning more and more money flows into housing but without any necessary improvement in housing supply or quality,” he said.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor
CAAN Photo: Chinese Real Estate Agency ‘Sunny Group’ for JQZ PRIME Macquarie Park

Professor Burke conceded that:

-renters needed greater security and quality housing

-policies to enable them to build wealth

-more social housing was needed

BUT THEN rather than laying the blame at the feet of very pooor government policies written to benefit developers and their overseas buyers particularly from China the Professor laid the blame at the feet of ‘older home owners’ having acquired wealth … often over 40 years or more to buy the ‘family home’ … it is alleged wealth through home ownership … aside from the cost of maintenance, rates, taxes

Forgetting that if one sells, it is at a loss with the cost of real estate sale, legal expenses, stamp duty, moving etc etc

-that the inflated price is due to the foreign demand particularly from China

the Morrison Government exempted the Real Estate Gatekeepers from the second tranche of the anti-money laundering laws in October 2018

IT would seem these are the reasons that we will have long-term social problems until AUSTRALIANS jack up and demand a stop to these policies!

AND a thorough investigation of the FIRB! Disband the FIRB!


READ more from Melissa Heagney, ‘How Australia’s casual workers and investors are behind the decline in home ownership’

ABOUT the Golden Triangle … Meth problem for Australia with profits warehoused in Australian Property

CONCLUDING THIS 60 MINUTES REPORT ‘DIRTY DEALING’ PARTS 1 AND 2 … it is a business model with millions in drug profits that are being warehoused in Australian property.

They still move large quantities of cash they use to procure property in Australia, and sell this property downstream so therefore that money is laundered.

In one year alone, 2016 Chinese washed $1Billion in suspicious transactions through the Australian property market.


There are real estate agents, lawyers and accountants in Australia who are helping these criminals.

It is not beyond this syndicate of real estate agents, and accountancy businesses that look legitimate but if they own it, it is business as usual.

The only winners are the billionaire drug lords.

It is a blood trade therefore any part you play in it is directly contributing to the harm!


Read more:  ‘October 2018 … Real Estate Agents, Lawyers and Accountants to Avoid Money Laundering Laws’

*The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) estimates organised crime costs the Australian community $36 billion each year and “the most common professions exploited by organised crime include lawyers, accountants, financial and tax advisers, registered migration agents, stockbrokers, real estate agents and customs brokers,” their report said.

View: ‘Money Laundering Laws Chris Bowen Dirty Money’


The Kings Romans Casino in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Laos.

The Kings Romans Casino in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone in Laos.CREDIT:NINE

Read more:

Ban on $10,000 cash purchases set to become law despite concerns

WHY does the Morrison Coalition Government not root out and stop all property money laundering instead? Cough … cough …

WHEN only as recently as October 2018 the Morrison Coalition Government exempted the Real Estate Gatekeepers from the Second Tranche of the AML Laws … disgraceful!

-hence the resurge of buyers from China and Hong Kong …locking out our FHBs

(Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Accountants and Conveyancers = Gatekeepers)

AND the other issue of hidden political cash donations … ?

NOW not only the Real Estate Gatekeepers have been flourishing in money laundering but it emerges Funeral Directors too … apart from Tradies, and some notorious ‘ethnic’ communities who launder in our Real Estate …

WHY pick on ‘Pensioners’? ... What are they doing with wads of $10,000 in cash anyway?

ON another level, is the Government moving ahead with negative rates, and making customers pay the banks to hold their money?

Ban on $10,000 cash purchases set to become law despite concerns

Rob Harris
By Rob Harris

February 28, 2020

View all comments

A controversial bill to ban cash payments over $10,000 and impose two-year jail sentences on those caught using cash above that limit is poised to pass Federal Parliament despite bitter divisions within both major parties.

The Morrison government is set to win support from Labor to legislate the controversial crackdown, which is likely to be opposed by the entire Senate crossbench from the Greens to One Nation.

A controversial ban on cash purchases over $10,000 is set to pass Parliament despite unrest among government MPs.
A controversial ban on cash purchases over $10,000 is set to pass Parliament despite unrest among government MPs.CREDIT:LOUISE KENNERLEY

*The proposal has been criticised by tradespeople, pensioners and some ethnic communities, with government MPs reporting a fierce backlash from within their own branches over the laws.

*Some Labor MPs have also expressed reservations over the laws, aimed at cracking down on crime syndicates that launder money through the black-market economy.

But the opposition will likely vote in favour of the laws when a Senate committee inquiry hands down a recommendation that the bill be supported on Friday.

Assistant Minister Michael Sukkar has moved to quell unrest among the Coalition party room over the bill in the face of a torrent of criticism from backbench MPs as well as party members who believe the crackdown on cash is a breach of the government’s stated belief in the free market.


Businesses are pushing back on the government's plan to ban cash transactions of more than $10,000.

*Funeral directors say cash ban could hit people ‘at their lowest point’

Mr Sukkar said the laws were a recommendation from the government’s Black Economy Taskforce as a way to stop criminal gangs using large cash purchases of cars, houses and jewellery to launder their gains from illegal activities.

“The key focus of the bill is reducing the ease with which organised crime gangs can operate throughout the country,” Mr Sukkar said.

Government sources told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald they were prepared to call the bluff of Coalition senators and the “tin foil hat brigade” who might cross the floor on the issue.

A video recording of Mr Frydenberg being asked about the cash ban at a Liberal Party function in Brisbane last week shows the Treasurer pressed on what the government hoped to achieve from the move.

He said the government was acting on recommendations of its own black economy task force.

“This was really to go to the heart of the issue of ensuring there’s less of a black economy and more of an economy sticking to the right rules,” he said.

The Greens have told supporters it is also opposed to the ban, drawing on some of the internal criticisms made by rank-and-file members of the Liberal Party.

“The bill is a case of the cure being worse than the disease,” the Greens have told supporters in emails seen by The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

“The bill would criminalise the use of legal tender. In doing so, the bill challenges the freedoms that hard currency provides and lays a path towards further restrictions on the use of cash and even negative interest rates.”


Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar, has privately criticised the plan to his Liberal colleagues out of frustration that he inherited the proposal from the last term of Parliament.

‘Antithetical to our Liberal principles’: MPs move to prevent $10,000 cash ban

While the Australian Tax Office wants to stamp out the “black economy” by curbing large cash payments, critics said the cost would be far greater than the benefits if Australians were banned from using more than $10,000 in cash.

Rank-and-file Liberal Party members have expressed privacy concerns over the new laws while those also against the change include the Housing Industry Association, NSW Farmers, the Australian Dental Association and big retail groups that say customers like to save cash to make big payments.

Rob Harris

Rob Harris is the National Affairs Editor for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, based at Parliament House in Canberra




Mystery surrounds the $60 million Chinese owned vacant estates of Toorak

The Mansion on St George’s Road TOORAK was flattened 4 years ago DESPITE its Heritage Listing …

The last time the property was up for sale was in 2013; a couple paid $18M for it and then demolished it in 2015.

That caused much controversy in this community as many considered this Mansion to be the centrepiece of this very lavish street.

-the site is up for grabs with an asking price of $40M

-the local community action group have expressed the desire for a single dwelling of two storeys

‘the sale is happening off the market’

WHAT does this mean?

-is it selling or has it already been sold without public advertising?

-what is the urgency for an immediate sale?

-are the vendors in trouble with the CCP?

HOW likely is it that they would be in trouble with the Australian authorities when the Real Estate Sector is exempt from Anti-Money Laundering Laws?


Mystery surrounds the $60 million Chinese-owned vacant estates of Toorak

Tom Cowie
By Tom Cowie

View all comments

Nearly $60 million worth of real estate in one of Toorak’s most-exclusive streets has been reduced to a patch of dirt, with mystery surrounding what’s going to happen to it.

On well-heeled St Georges Road, where two grand mansions once stood side by side, sits a couple of Melbourne’s priciest vacant blocks after bulldozers razed both properties.

Melbourne real estate records were smashed a few years ago when a Chinese buyer paid just under $40 million for the 1920s Mowbray mansion at 18 St Georges Road.

The gates of Mowbray remain after a 1930s mansion was knocked down in Toorak.
The gates of Mowbray remain after a 1930s mansion was knocked down in Toorak.CREDIT:LUIS ENRIQUE ASCUI

The palatial six-bedder, sitting on 5000sqm with a swimming pool and tennis court, succumbed to the dozer blade in recent months after it was damaged by fire and vandals started getting inside the vacant property.

The gates bearing the Mowbray name are still standing.


Palatial spreads kept empty? That’s rich

Title documents show the property belongs to a buyer by the name of Qi Yang. The Australian Financial Review reported at the time that Mr Qi won Foreign Investment Review Board approval to buy the land, which came with a hefty $5 million stamp duty bill.

The City of Stonnington said no plans had been lodged for the property after a demolition permit was granted in May last year.

The vacant block at 16 St Georges Road in Toorak.
The vacant block at 16 St Georges Road in Toorak.CREDIT:TOM COWIE

Under the council’s planning scheme, a building permit is only required for two or more dwellings or a subdivision.

There is no sign of tradies next door either, since the Idylwilde mansion was controversially torn down in 2015, prompting an outcry in the community over lost heritage.

Bought for $18.5 million in 2013, the former landmark 1913 estate at 16 St Georges Road is now chock full of weeds and surrounded by security fencing.

*The lack of action has prompted speculation about landbanking.

The former house at 16 St Georges Road, Toorak.
The former house at 16 St Georges Road, Toorak.

*Owner Xiaoyan “Kylie” Bao put the property on the market last year with a $40 million plus price guide after plans to build a grand $18 million home were shelved.

However, one buyers’ advocate who deals with high-end property said the owner would be lucky to get anywhere near that.

The Idylewilde mansion was destroyed in 2015.
The Idylewilde mansion was destroyed in 2015.CREDIT:EDDIE JIM

“They paid way over the top,” the property watcher said.

Those two vacant blocks could soon be joined by another, if a third mansion is demolished further down the street.

A 7200sqm block at 29-31 St Georges Road is quietly up for sale after sitting dormant for nearly three decades.

*The rumoured asking price is as much as $75 million, after the property was bought by the Yu family for $5 million in 1991.

A chunk of change like that would obliterate the property record established by Mowbray and later eclipsed when Australia’s former government house, Stonington in Malvern, sold for $52.5 million in 2018.

The former Mowbray mansion at 18 St Georges Road in Toorak.
The former Mowbray mansion at 18 St Georges Road in Toorak.

Several planning applications have been knocked back over the years to build units on the land, however there might finally be a change of ownership around the corner.

A half-built French Renaissance-style house on the land would probably be knocked over, according to selling agent Andrew Baines.

“It’s purely land,” he said.

The tennis court, pool and mansion are no more at 18 St Georges Road.
The tennis court, pool and mansion are no more at 18 St Georges Road.CREDIT:LUIS ENRIQUE ASCUI

Toorak Village Residents Action Group president Eddie Young said the neighbours were waiting to see what would happen with the properties.

He said he had been told that a single dwelling would be built at 18 St Georges Road, which locals were pleased with.

Next door, however, was another story.

“It’s a mystery,” he said. “And it looks dreadful.”Play Video

Coronavirus evacuees describe relief

Play video1:30Vacant Toorak block on the market for $40 million


A controversial block in Melbourne’s blue ribbon suburb of Toorak is up for sale with an eye-watering price tag of $40 million.

Tom Cowie

Tom Cowie is a journalist at The Age covering general news.




HOW did the REAL ESTATE GATEKEEPERS weasel their way out of the Second Tranche of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws?

A Paris-based financial group has warned Asian criminals are laundering money through the Australian property market.

Photo: Daily Telegraph: May 2018; A Paris-based financial group has warned Asian criminals are laundering money through the Australian property market.

COMMUNITY ACTION ALLIANCE FOR NSW (CAAN) provides a a recent Chronology of how this took place!

IN July 2018 … The Law Council of Australia opposed the extension of the Anti-Money Laundering Laws, the second tranche of the Legislation.

Executive board member Konrad de Kerloy said lawyers were already heavily regulated and the implementation of new AML laws would fall on professionals in rural and regional Australia.

“Whilst no lawyers want to be involved in wittingly or unwittingly in money laundering, the question is really, does the cost justify the imposition of an extra layer of regulation on lawyers?” Mr Konrad said.

The Real Estate Institute of Australia is also concerned about the cost of new legislation.

President Malcolm Gunning said the institute supports changes to AML laws but said real estate agents will need training to bring them up to speed.

“The Real Estate Institutes are not opposed to it, but the concern is the responsibility that goes with it and the education that is required to be able to enact that,” he told the Business in an interview.

Real estate agents aren’t lawyers, they don’t study the law in depth, so if we are to be gatekeepers as with the conveyancers and say, necessarily the accountants and the advisers, then we need to be better educated.”

CAAN:  This begs the question if ‘Real Estate Agents’ are not lawyers … and it is submitted that they will need training to bring them up to speed on the AML … how come they can command such excessive commissions?

Is their very large commission solely based on the inflated cost of housing?  Cough … cough …

Their job is not up there with the complex work of a Solicitor, a Doctor, a Structural Engineer, or an Architect …

The real estate agent has access behind the Great Firewall to an exclusive audience of Chinese buyers on

Chinese Australian Dwelling Investment Tracker with title


There are numerous Chinese newspapers circulated esp. in Sydney largely advertising Australian Real Estate including ‘The Chinese Vision Times’ and the ‘Epoch Times’ … and there are Chinese Property Papers … FFS!

After the Second World War, millions of people moved to Australia and built homes inspired by their European backgrounds. (Image: wikimedia /  CC0 1.0)

Photo: From ‘The Chinese Vision Times‘; Good Ol’ Post-War Australian Homes Face the Bulldozer. ‘ … almost 4.2 million people moved to Australia between 1945 and 1985. These people built homes inspired by their European backgrounds and contributed heavily to the aesthetic and architectural culture of Australia. Today, these post-war homes are increasingly being demolished.’

NOTE … all too numerous attractive mid-Century and Heritage homes have been demolished to make way for redevelopment and a ‘Permanent Resident Visa’

A historic mansion at 16 St Georges Street in Toorak, south-east Melbourne, has been suddenly demolished on Wednesday morning
Angry neighbours awoke on Wednesday morning to find the stately home with heritage significance partially demolished

Photos: The Daily Mail before and after demolition:

AUSTRALIA … What does that tell you? Cough … cough … as the ‘Race Card’ is pulled …

(Image via pixabay / CC0 1.0)

Photo: The Chinese Vision Times; Australian’s today have no use for such big homes so they are being bulldozed. (Image: via pixabay CC0 1.0)

AUSTRALIAN HOMES are being ‘banked‘, demolished for redevelopment of more medium-density to house foreign buyers particularly from China and Hong Kong

Image may contain: sky, house, plant, tree, cloud and outdoor

CAAN Photo: 10 Townhouse development by Chinese developer where there was a home and a market garden.

With access to the Australian press, social media including WeChat, agency websites, and videos promoting sales … Real Estate is not rocket science … nor is it difficult with open house sessions.

We did a search and came up with this information …

IN NSW the average commission is 2.46 per cent of e.g. a property priced at $775,000 would cost $16,275 in Agent’s commission. Agents can charge a flat fee or a tiered commission (based on a percentage of the sale price)

Some agents include advertising and marketing costs in their commission, while for others this is an additional fee.

Search for: typical real estate agent fees

View: ‘Australia a place of choice for Money Laundering due to lack of Regulation: ANZ’

Malcolm Gunning from the Real Estate Institute of Australia smiles at the camera.

Malcolm Gunning; ABC News: Sue Lannin

This is the same Malcolm Gunning ... who proposed in September 2018 ‘Get two jobs’ and the Propertygandist’s advice for people struggling to pay rent

Was he gunning for Aussies? … Not only does he propose Millennials work two jobs … where the bloody hell are the jobs? Yet he implies “migrants” are more industrious.

IT would seem the “generation selfish” Gunning is talking about are Millennial RE AGENTS cruising around in their BEAMERS & AUDIS … in their designer suits splashing out on international holidays and smashed Avo … or is that passe?

*In October 2018 … unbeknowns to most …

‘The Scomo Govt exempted (excluded) the Real Estate Gatekeepers from the Anti-Money Laundering Laws in October 2018’ *

-real estate agents, lawyers and accountants

Enabling the Real Estate Gatekeepers to continue to market and seal deals with foreign buyers particularly in China and Hong Kong, and allowing the foreign buyers to splash their cash, their ‘hot money’ in our domestic housing to gain a Permanent Residency Visa along with Medicare benefits!

Following in February 2019 it was reported in the Australian Financial Review that REAL ESTATE AGENTS with the backing of the Law Council of Australia pulled off this Sting …

They were able to weasel their way out of this legislation allegedly on the basis that ‘imposing the full AML/CTF (the second tranche of the AML Laws) may create conflicts with the lawyer’s duty of confidentiality and the principle of client professional privilege!

President of the Law Council of Australia Arthur Moses, SC, said their profession was already extensively regulated by the states and territories under a comprehensive and robust regulatory system.

“The Law Council is concerned that imposing the full AML/CTF regulatory regime may create conflicts with the lawyer’s duty of confidentiality and the principle of client professional privilege, as well as increasing the cost of legal services to the community,” he said.

CAAN asked these questions

WHY is it with the purchase of real estate there should be some difference compared to buying or selling a vehicle, why is it different?

Why is it difficult to apply laws to the purchase of real estate?

Why is that compromising a lawyer?  Why should real estate be any different to any other matter?

If there are laws governing real estate so be it.  It should not make any difference to a lawyer. If lawyers have a matter before them that involves a crime they have two choices:

-do it for their client knowing their risk

-not do it

View:  ‘Labor to Target Lawyers, Accountants, Real Estate Agents’

In June 2019 the new President of the Real Estate Institute of Australia, Adrian Kelly said that others should also bear the regulatory burden.

“We are working with government on an approach that minimises the impact on agents because much of the information can be sought from others involved in the transaction process, including the banks and their conveying process.”

Further, Mr Kelly said they had been working with governments on any changes and that “in essence, we don’t have a problem” with Tranche 2 of the legislation.

“But what we do need to remember is that most estate agencies across Australia are very small businesses … we need to be mindful of the costs and red tape which might come about from whatever changes government decides,” he said.

Image may contain: sky, tree, basketball court, bridge and outdoor

CAAN Photo: Mid Century home demolished to be replaced by fugly medium-density redevelopment

WHERE is the mindfulness concerning the inflated cost of housing beyond the means of very many Australians? ... A Whole Cohort of Australians … pushed aside by foreign ‘black money’ laundering in our domestic housing market … with buyers particularly from China and Hong Kong and their Proxies taking over our suburbs, communities, neighbourhoods, and shopping centres … and the jobs?

WHAT NEXT AUSTRALIA? Before we are finished …