WHAT is the Premier’s ‘next Plan’ for NSW?

From Daily Telegraph 1 July 2022

WHAT does NSW INC and their deve-loper Partners in Crime have on the Agenda for us?

Found this article in the Daily Terror 1 July 2022, ‘Putting the Plan in place’!

Yep, the Property Council of Australia – the National developer lobby – mob hosted Dominic Perrottet for his first address following the NSW Budget at the PCA Breakfast the previous Friday.

It appears Perrottet now recognises that HOUSING AFFORDABILITY is a crunch issue, and has announced the need for lasting reform.

STOCKLAND’s speaker has called for partnership between government and industry with three major budget platforms:

-An infrastructure government

-That is faced with a ‘perfect storm’ of labour shortages, congested supply chains, and weather interferences

Yes, labour shortages – too few Tradies – some we know have made six attempts to engage a plumber! This has been brought about by the demise of Our TAFE! With employers bringing in Visa Workers to exploit …

-To press forward with Stage 2 of the Parramatta Light Rail and fast rail for Sydney to Hunter and the Central Coast

What would that be about …. ? No doubt about the current need!

Allegedly to create thousands of jobs with more cranes in the sky as NSW has more than double anywhere in the World …

To play catch up with another 160 schools and hospitals, and $77Bn for roads and transport projects


A Six City Strategy for a Mega Region spanning The Hunter, the Central Coast, and Illawarra alongside Greater Sydney!

Requiring investment and regulatory certainty to enable the private sector capital to flow quickly! And this continuing GROWTH required a productivity agenda with up to $5Bn over 10 years … for affordable Childcare across NSW

NSW now has more than 8 Million population with RENTAL VACANCIES dipping to less than 1%!

DESPITE this apparently there is a pressing need to catch up after the loss of population growth due to the Pandemic!

BUT with a mere $2.8Bn Housing Package!!

Note that the measures to deliver this reform of approvals, red tape, REZONING and further investment into social, regional and Aboriginal Housing must continue …


Perrottet put ‘Imagine if the proposal was to introduce a new UPFRONT TAX rather than phase out Stamp Duty for first owner buyers,’ he hypothesized.

It appears the Perrottet Government and the PCA are united in that Stamp Duty is a volatile tax, but it would seem that what they want to replace it with – LAND TAX – will only boost State Coffers even more with Land Tax being a ‘forever tax’!

Currently we have not been able to find a copy of ‘Putting the Plan in Place’ on line however this late June media release from the Property Council makes some references: