LANDCOM Plans 1200 Apartments in Campbelltown

Photo shared from “Help Save Appin and Its Surrounds”

AT January 2022 a mere 9% of the CUMBERLAND PLAIN WOODLAND still exists! Consisting of remnants scattered widely across the plain! Devoured by overdevelopment?

State of the Cumberland Plain Report 2017-2018only 12% remained…/GSLN-CCN-State-of…

With the loss of Koala habitat, bushlands, peri urban farmlands, scenic rolling hills …

MINE SUBSIDENCE is also an issue particularly in the Wollondilly including Appin, Tahmoor and Glen Alpine near Campbelltown!

Some development sites are also in FLOOD PRONE areas …

LANDCOM is pushing ahead lodging plans for 16 apartment blocks across 18.3 ha site at Goldsmith Avenue Campbelltown … located next to the new Macarthur METRO station

Consisting of 1, 2, 3 bedroom apartments and terraces … how much AFFORDABLE RENTAL HOUSING for Australian KEY WORKERS will be included?

WHICH raises the question how much of this development will be flogged off to overseas buyers perhaps from India, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia?

IT is alleged that a token of more than 13ha of open space, preserving Cumberland Plain Woodland, River Flat Eucalypt Forest and Bow Bowing Reserve

DID you envisage that with a succession of Liberal Coalition Governments that our families would be faced with the meagre prospect of rental FLATS 60 – 80 Kms from Sydney?

With migration for developers, and ‘black money’ laundered in our property market because in October 2018 the Morrison Government made the Gatekeepers exempt from anti-money laundering laws!

Increasing demand, and pushing up prices …

WHEN one searches for information on the Macarthur Region and Wollondilly Shire there is little if any description about Koalas, rolling hills, farmlands and bushlands … it is all about housing development!


Landcom files plans for 1200 apartments in South-West Sydney…/landcom-files-plans…

Photo: Shared from ‘Help Save Appin and its Surrounds’