‘ONE SYDNEY PARK’ by Hailiang Property Group to proceed …

PREVIOUSLY CAAN shared this with you that: 

Hailiang Property Group (HPG Australia) controlled by billionaire Chinese industrialist Feng Hailiang entered the Australian market in 2014 and acquired the site at SYDNEY PARK Euston Road from the Goodman Group in early 2015.

In the midst of Australia’s Chinese Real Estate buying spree

A win/win for HPG creating a “new neighbourhood” for their buyers to live within a 44 hectare Park, 6Kms from the Sydney CBD, down the road from Newtown and a five-minute drive to the airport.

A loss of what could have been retained as parkland for the inner West community and beyond!

NEWTOWN where our Millennial sons and daughters rent share houses … or flats …

THE first limited release of apartments at One Sydney Park was launched to the market in March 2018 prior to approval.  WHY?

…  would these apartments be 100% foreign owned? 

FIRB Ruling allows developers to sell 100% ‘new homes’ to foreigners

HPG has shaved its development from 389 to 356 apartments with the building mass pushed back from the park.  That population will impact access to transport, and rob the local community of their amenity …

What does ‘the perceived overall height of the building has been decreased’ mean?


‘Green light: $700m One Sydney Park development set to proceed’