Take a Look at Who Sold Oz out …

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CAAN Photo: In the leadup to the 2022 Federal Election CP is at it again with like unintelligible billboards and boasts he will exceed the $83M spend last election in 2019. What was in it for him last time?

FOR those including pensioners complaining about the rising cost of living

How did we get here?

What mob have predominantly ruled this Nation?

Looks like the state of the nation has deteriorated, hasn’t it?

Since 2013 especially …

-housing has become unaffordable for your grandkids

-low wages

-high unemployment, underemployment … those fortunate enough to be working at 3 jobs can’t even pay the bills

IT appears we have been conned ….

NOW Clive Palmer is back … he spent some $83M on unintelligible … incoherent billboards last election while he avoided paying his workers WHO will buy this crap this time?

Clive’s lineup of proposed Pollies include his business associates, ANTI-VAXXERS and conspiracy theorists etc etc …

That aside …. Clive has been an active member of the Liberal Coalition … so what really lies behind his political donations … billboards … etc etc?

EXTRACT from Wikipedia on Politics and more on “Subsequent Political Activities”

Palmer was active in the Liberal Movement headed by former Premier of South Australia Steele Hall in the 1970s.[87] He joined the Queensland division of the Nationals in 1974, having been influenced by the policies of Joh Bjelke-PetersenPremier of Queensland at the time.[88] 

From the early 1980s, he was involved in state politics, serving as the National Party’s campaign director during the 1983 state election and as media spokesman during its 1986 election campaign, both of which were successful.[89]

Palmer was a backer of the aborted “Joh for Canberra” campaign, which attempted to get Queensland Premier Bjelke-Petersen elected as Prime Minister of Australia at the 1987 federal election.[17] Palmer was elected to life membership of the party in 1992, which he retained after the state branches of the Nationals and Liberal Party merged to form the Liberal National Party of Queensland in 2008.[13]




From anti-vaxxers to business cronies: A look at Clive Palmer’s new Senate candidates