Find out how they Spin that $1.5Bn Foreign Home Purchasing was Cut!

IT is not only the SMH DOMAIN that is attempting to Pull the
Wool over our Eyes about foreign buyers of Australian Real Estate but more is being spun by …

Pandemic stifled foreign home purchasing – report

Foreign spending on Australian property plummeted with the arrival of COVID-19, new figures show

AND in ‘The Australian’ where this appears to have emerged …

Pandemic cut foreign home purchasing $1.5bn

The emergence of Covid-19 quickly dampened the appetite of foreign buyers for Australian residential property, as spending fell $1.5bn in the 2019-20 financial year to $6bn.

AND CAAN has taken a look at the like Report in the SMH

WHY would the property sector be trying to Pull the Wool over our Eyes?

MEANWHILE all over Sydney and beyond there is much excavation and construction now underway

WHO are these ‘new homes’ being built for? Cough … cough … as the media talks about the return of International Students … Visa Workers … and Migrants ….

AS our Families remain locked out … they still have not got a Pay Rise … there is talk of a 3% pay increase … three fifths of nothing … as the cost of housing continues to escalate … to be met by competing money launderers