MERITON sets itself apart from ‘The Rest’ with its ‘Viciniti’

IS Old Harry seeking to set his apartment developments apart from ‘the rest’?

With ‘Viciniti’ in Cottonwood Crescent, Macquarie Park?

THERE have been so many negative headline print and television media reports across the country and overseas about Australia’s defective residential apartment developments could Meriton now be seeking to capitalize, and exploit such an opportunity?

AND it will cost less in not having to deal with the Building Commissioner … having to redress the Mess … and the unfavourable PRESS!

AS with this sample lot here!

Toplace Group (incl. Parramatta Rise, Riviera Apartments, Skyview Apartments Castle Hill, Vicinity in Canterbury) … Ecove (Opal Tower) … Ganellan … 82-84 Belmore Street Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Holdmark GroupMerhis Group …  Four of the five developer companies were deregistered … BBC Developments (Station Road; by former Clr. Ronney Oueik; with fire safety issues and the roof blew off!)

JB Elias Pty Ltd owned by Hanna and Susie Elias continue with Sydney projects (Mascot Towers) … Brookfield Multiplex (Chelsea tower) 16-30 Bunn Street, Pyrmont  (original builder: BJ Metro Pty Ltd, was deregistered in 2008) … Palermo, Baywater and Savona Drive, Hill Road and Nuvolari Place, Wentworth Point, Sydney …

Payce Consolidated (Palermo) …  Raad Groupalso known as Lansari (Centenary Park) …  Meriton* (World Tower; Regis Towers in Castlereagh Street, the Summit in George Street and the Mirage in Bunn Street, Pyrmont) … DeiCorp (Star Printery)

In its Promo with ‘Viciniti’ Meriton has the pick of locations in Cottonwood Crescent beside Wilga Park, the Cottonwood Reserve and Shrimptons Creek.  Two 12 storey luxury suites, and a state of the art childcare centre!  Unlike Meriton’s ‘Destination’ with its view of the M2!

‘Viciniti’ is close to Macquarie Shopping Centre, the Metro, University and a private hospital! In the midst of a business and commercial park, and traffic too!

How many walk-ups have MERITON now eyed-off, and bought-up in and around Cottonwood Crescent?

For those not in the know … MERITON can advertise it won the Property Council of Australia’s  (the PCA) Best Mixed-use Development for 2020!  That is the Federal Property Developer Lobby Group where they’re all Mates, and Sc.mmo wrote their policy before he entered politics …

WHAT has prompted MERITON to push its 100% Australian owned?  Could it be a ‘pang of conscience’? Throughout this deve-loper Building Boom in residential apartments thousands of home buyers have been left bereft indebted far beyond their mortgage, and unable to on-sell their homes due to not only structural issues but defective materials …

THERE maybe a cost saving here for Meriton to build with ‘Australian Made’ with shipping delays due to the Pandemic, the likelihood of more of them, and Scomo’s War with China … and with Australia having imported for decades now … inferior and defective overseas made inflammable cladding, fixtures, fittings, electricals, plumbing that do not meet Australian Standards or the Building Code.  Has this finally proven to be a false economy?

WHAT $$ does it come down to for ‘The Buyer’?

For a one bedroom apartment a range from $670,000 to $755,000 … Off the Plan one bedroom one bathroom, air conditioning, gym, indoor spa and more!

one bed with parking from $875,000 to $910,000 with a study, secure parking, air conditioning and more

Two bedroom apartment from $990,000 to $1,220,000 with two ensuite bathrooms and more

Three bedroom apartment from $1,340,000 to $1,670,000

Four bedroom apartment from $2,150,000 to $2,205,000

Where will the Buyers come from? Will HT bring in more migrants from Hong Kong … Singapore and …