WHY are some Sydney Suburbs more liveable than others? 

WHY have some Sydney suburbs become less liveable and others more so?

PERHAPS why some in Western Sydney rate where they live with a liveability score of 64 … 4 points below the national average of 68 …

… because this stems back to the fact that much of Western Sydney was developed much later than the Eastern and North Shore suburbs?

WHY was the infrastructure not developed prior or simultaneously with the new subdivisions?  Did the deve-lopers get off Scot-free?

PERHAPS through political donations deve-lopers have gotten away with so much?

THE established burbs have public transport, ready access to health facilities, schools,

shopping centres, parks, gardens, kerb and guttering …

Lane Cove Council and not specifically Lane Cove scored 76 for sustainable urban design? Lane Cove itself has streets of high density with problems of waste collection; with cars parking out those streets. Cars are damaged with tight parking and falling branches! The housing market is expensive as are rents!  It has the amenity of a shopping centre, a library, schools, sewerage, a motorway, a bus service

A commentator wrote that he grew up in Balmoral Beach in the 60s and compared it with that of today with its ‘Super rich’ residents; choked with traffic and people; parking police collecting revenue, and the loss of its community!

SOME COUNCILS like RYDE have a ‘Street Tree Planting Program’!  And invite residents to participate! 

PERHAPS other Councils are also involved … and your Burb can look leafy like Hunters Hill … Wahroonga … Pymble … Turramurra … too?

DESPITE the efforts of ‘progressive Mayors’ to tackle the heat sinks, and urban crush …

the learner Premier Major Dom proposes 400,000 more immigrants per annum for five years ffs!

WHERE is it proposed that they live? The Planning Department ‘Central City’ of Parramatta, The Hills, Cumberland and Blacktown Council Areas to deliver 40% extra housing over the next five years!  60 Kms from the coast and the CBD with more apartment blocks and urban heat islands!


WESTERN SYDNEYSIDERS need protect what they have … the Nurrangingy Reserve and the Wianamatta Regional Park (the last of the Cumberland Plain bushland) and the nearby Blue Mountains

PARRAMATTA has its theatres, parks, University, and nightlife.

PENRITH/Jamisontown with family activities incl kayaking, skating rink, bowling, sports, the river, nature and the Joan Theatre …

The Eastern Suburbs beaches have their issues of storm/sewage runoff, traffic, parking, parking fines, gridlock.  The Inner West with air traffic noise …

IT’s time to vote the donor recipients out!  Because Sydney was nice back in the 80s until the late 1990s before ‘the vandals and their crush took over’!

Opportunities now arising for change with imminent Local Government elections, and in 2022 for State and Federal Governments!