From Sydney Criminal Lawyers … Gladys grilled over Gun Club Grant

Much revealed from the recordings of 2018 … leading to Gladys saying …

“I’ll throw money at Wagga, lots of it, don’t you worry about that … you just have to do what’s right on your end, otherwise you’ll kill me,” Berejiklian says.

And in yet another call from 2018, Mr Maguire admits that he has been summoned by ICAC for an investigation into his business dealings.

From the taped conversations investigators are yet to determine whether Berejiklian breached her duty under the ministerial code of conduct by failing to declare her relationship with Maguire as $Multi million grants were approved for Maguire’s electorate of Wagga Wagga.

A more serious issue whether this relationship led to favourable treatment of him, and how much did she know about his dodgy business dealings?

Failing to report them could amount to misconduct in a public office – a criminal offence!