Surely there is another way to Overhaul Stamp Duty …

AT the risk of drawing the IRE from Property Portfolio Investors …

WHY not have those with property portfolios meet the expense of STAMP DUTY instead … ?

AFTERALL they have avenues to back them  … as acknowledged by the Chair of retailer Paddy Pallin:

“It’s totally unfair that just because someone’s well off they can afford a good accountant and a good lawyer and adjust things and not pay their fair share of tax,” he said.

“There are so many ways: you invest in certain shares, for instance, you get franking credits. There’s capital gains, a whole lot of things.”

THUS the system is rigged denying a whole Cohort especially those aged under 40 from owning a home

And how many who have scraped together a deposit and gained a loan approval find they are again locked out not only with escalating house prices but STAMP DUTY!  FFS!

NSW INC having made $9 BILLION in the past year from Stamp Duty …. FFS!

A good government would remove this Tax for the Family Home … or at least give it a shave?

LAND TAX is also insidious – a Tax for Life  … in perpetuity… on top of Council Rates

Will the new Treasurer be able to make headway?

When unfortunately he has to deal with some Members who have not experienced the struggles of a large share of Australian workers … nor do they appear to be able to empathize … it would seem they are inept …

Perhaps blinded by the pedlars of ‘supply’ side solutions to home affordability?

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NSW Treasurer walks back from Perrottet’s push to overhaul stamp duty