How the Big 4 Consultants hold Sway over Voters through our Governments!

An excellent report from Crispin Hull! 

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Key Points …

-Josh Frydenberg was considering increasing immigration; the ACCI called for skilled migrant intake to 200,000

-business wants this for a pool of cheap labour; weakens workers bargaining power

-Australia does not have a skills shortage but a training shortage

-most jobs on the skilled shortage list are jobs like ‘chef’ not ‘rocket scientist’

The Furphy …

  1. it would take a crush load of migrants under 40 to impact the age profile
  2. those immigrants age too
  3. appalling insult that people aged over 65 are a drain

-a lot of alarmist drivel about lower population and therefore lower GDP

-with lower GDP shared among fewer people everyone will be better off

-better to be richer in a small economy than poorer in a larger one!

-why do pollies listen to business? Because the public service has been eroded; replaced with policy advice from big consultants

-the Greens promise to build a million ‘affordable’ homes despite the environmental cost

-a housing crisis in Australia due to a tax policy which favours investment in homes; squeezing out home buyers


‘Back to rotten politics as usual’