Strong Chinese Property Transactions in Sydney undeterred by the Pandemic

So far this year, most Asian capital has flowed from Singapore, followed by China and Hong Kong, according to Real Capital Analytics.

Is leading property firm Colliers sourcing its buyer base from Asia?

Not only are these buyers lured by Australia’s management of the Pandemic compared to Europe and the US, but our inflated Sydney house prices of 24% to June

… Lured by a wide selection of asset types available for purchase, and the lovely weather and blue sky.

And with the added benefit of ‘Permanent Residency’ and Medicare following purchase, and ‘hot money’ can be laundered too! So they have a lot of cash to splash! Pushing up prices …

Are Australian property buyers locked out?  With these Asian buyers notified first in an ‘email blast’ … even before these properties hit the market! 

A case in point in Ashfield where an Asian deve-loper bought an 850 M2 vacant block for $4.6M!

And contracts were exchanged within a week regardless of the lockdown!

So what is ScOmO’s Sub deal all about?