THE LIST of Mirages, Rorts, Grant Rorting, Land Deals, Pork Barrelling and Scandals

THE LIST … of ‘financial mirages, sports rorts, car park rorts, grants rorts, land deal scandals and pork barrelling bushfire recovery funds … all part and parcel of the current Federal political landscape’

ADD to the Mix the Scandals of NSW:

$40Bn rail corporation described as a RORT by former NSW Auditor-General Tony Harris

-the workers’ compensation scheme ICARE; Dominic Perrottet will continue to be dogged by the scheme; that failed to serve injured workers

-a land deal near Parramatta under an ICAC investigation

-Gladys Berejiklian in the ICAC witness box due to her former lover Daryl Maguire

shredding of documents relating to Berejiklian’s approval of grants from the Stronger Communities Fund

-NSW INC planned to borrow more than $10Bn to inject into its NSW Generations (Debt Retirement) Fund to play the financial markets

-the creation of a $40Bn rail entity in 2015 to hide the costs of the NSW rail system by shoving assets into a shell company; to dupe the public the budget was better than it was

-in 2018 NSW Treasury was able to use TAHE to mask the government slipping into a deficit

.when the accounting rules changed the government was under pressure to turn TAHE into a legit independent commercial entity through hiring PwC to achieve that

.the government was considering commercialising the entire public transport and road networks

.the government, it appears, were willing to breach procurement rules or hire consultants without going to tender; paid $big bucks to do this

.KPMG prepared separate reports for Treasury and for Transport of NSW

.TAHE created a deep rift between Treasury Secretary Mike Pratt and then head of Transport, Rodd Staples about safety issues yet Staples was sacked without cause

‘With a parliamentary inquiry in the wings and shadow Treasurer Daniel Mookhey on top of his brief, as well as the Auditor General scoping a performance audit into TAHE, it is only a matter of time before the truth dribbles out.’


Federally and in NSW, political naked bodies are piling up