The Emergence of ‘Celebrity’ in Real Estate!

The Emergence of ‘Celebrity’ in Real Estate as The Divide is growing … the cream of our Intelligentsia … University lecturers, Computer Scientists, Scientists, digital technology technicians … and many others have lost their careers … or remain screwed on very low wages

YET we have real estate agents cruising in their ‘Beamers’ wearing Italian-made suits, and sporting Saint Laurent pointed toe boots …

They are moving up to Hunters Hill … and investing in acreages … while buyers do all the work!

Buyers spend hours daily on the internet searching for ‘a home’ …

Buyers have to slot in as many inspections as they can … driving themselves … long gone are the days when the agent ‘looked after’ the buyer

Earlier in 2021 buyers were joined by hundreds of others at 30 minute ‘Open Homes’ X 2 per week … could this have been to create competition and price hikes? 

Now as COVID steps up its agenda … there are one-to-one private inspections for 10 minutes …  in a time slot from 1.00 to 3.30 p.m., one or two days a week.

Back at the shop, agents call the ‘interested buyers’ and suggest the property is now selling $300,000 … $500,000 more than the Guide! 

Is this the case?  It’s all by the agent’s suggestion, isn’t it?  How do we really know?

Commissions of $30,000 and more on each property sold each week!

As if this is not more than enough … with so much cash to splash some are now having their faces plastered on billboards … they are on Instagram …

The ‘winners’ among them are those that can make connection and feign emotional intelligence … afterall they are ‘wired’ to sell at the highest price!


‘Living Large:  The Rise of Celebrity Real Estate Agents