India-Australia Free Trade talks set to reopen following Tony Abbott’s visit to New Delhi

UNDER the cover of Covid Tony Abbott has visited New Delhi, and India-Australia Free Trade talks are to resume!

Discussions began back in 2011.

How is this in the interests of Australian manufacturing and business? Picking up from where we left off with China as Scomo makes much noise about his stand off with the PRC …

It is anticipated by Trade Minister Dan Tehan that an agreement might be struck in the not too distant future.

Despite India’s policies to promote their own industries against those of other nations.  Protectionist! They are not stupid …  

And this, it would seem, explains partly why negotiations broke down.  India turned down Australia’s demands for improved market access as Australia during 2011 refused to loosen restrictions on Visas for Indians who wanted to work in Australia. As they had already rorted Australia’s ‘skilled’ visa and student visa systems.  As reported by the ABC 7.30:

‘Corruption and widespread rorting ‘undermining Australia’s immigration programs’ … with people smuggling …

Nick McKenzie when interviewing Jasvinder Sidhu uncovered that many Indians had paid large cash sums (as large as $45,000) to illegally obtain skilled or student visas to gain permanent residency.

These people paid a large wad of cash to fabricate a job which did not exist to gain ‘permanent residency’.

Thousands of fake Indians are being sponsored through this corruption!

Just as we see … it is alleged our unemployment is falling due to our borders being closed to Visa workers … why would we adjust our sovereign borders to India (or any other Nation) because what it means weakening our Australian wages and conditions for increased market access to what are inferior products to our own.

Abbott alleges these trade deals ‘… would be an important sign of the democratic world’s tilt away from China, as well as boosting long-term prosperity of both our countries.’

As it makes India’s wealthy, and Indian-Australian ‘Permanent Residents richer too!

Why not produce Australian owned, grown or manufactured goods here to improve our economy?

Read and watch!

Corruption and widespread rorting ‘undermining Australia’s immigration programs’ – 7.30 (