What the Removal of ‘Willow Grove’ tells us about those Pseudos in Macquarie Street

WHAT ‘pseudo Australians’ we have allegedly representing our interests in the Big House in Macquarie Street … they live here … they have achieved ‘high office’ … but are they really ‘of us’?

… When they have seen to the destruction of:

-our Australian Heritage Windsor Bridge and Thompson Square

The unknown builders hired to demolish ‘our Willow Grove’, a non unionised Haus Building Services, awarded $1.9M contract by ‘limited tender’!

Who, among the construction consortia, will be contracted for the new museum?  Will it be Chinese state-owned John Holland, LendLease, Richard Crookes or Multiplex?

How clever of the ‘pseudo” to have restored 50% capacity for construction workers as they bar public pickets and protests to defeat the ‘Green Ban’  … ?