Boarding Houses rebadged as Co Living boosting the allocation of ‘Affordable Housing’

NSW INC so far has been very generous with its allocation of 10 percent ‘affordable housing’ (sarcasm intended) so in order to meet this need, and enhance deve-loper and investor wealth …

… Under the cover of Covid … NSW INC, it appears, has been plotting with their deve-loper mates for more end-users for apartments.

With what is known now as ‘affordable housing’ in the form of ‘co-living’ rather than the lable of ‘boarding houses’ they are:

-to be constructed within apartment precincts

-seniors housed in ‘vertical villages’

This is amid a housing shortage and affordability crisis of their creation!

Reported that home ownership for those aged under 35 has halved since 1995!

AUSTRALIA used to have 70 percent home ownership!

WHAT has happened to the Australian Dream? This article seems to infer that co living (the modern day boarding house) is being sought after by Millennials!

That it is desirable … but who in their 30s aspires to a bedroom and sharing common living areas with others at $400 p.w.?

What will be next?  Like that perhaps in Hong Kong, a cage home?

Will you be voting for this at the next NSW and Federal Elections? 

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