20 Year Rezoning Strategy for Frenchs Forest

Frenchs ForestAllambie Heights … forever changed by NSW INC Rezoning …

This project has been ongoing for some time now, and evidently revised further during COVID. Rezoning Frenchs Forest and releasing a draft place strategy. 

In the process sadly many lost their homes, and/or amenity and their community rights through the rezoning.

The government has released a draft place strategy that calls for a new town centre created around the relocated school, 1,000 new homes and 1.5 hectares of new public open space.

15 percent ‘affordable housing’ an improvement of 5 percent!


New homes in apartment blocks up to 12 storeys, townhouses and terraces.

Another 1000 homes for surrounding ‘transition areas’ …

Meanwhile through onshore proxies and Juwai, overseas buyers too can gain benefits and buy Australian real estate if they are an:

‘Australian permanent resident’, a ‘foreign citizen living in Australia or outside Australia’!

It would seem this is why where we have lived has forever changed!

Much higher density and smaller ‘homes’for heap$ more!

And back in October 2018 Scomo’s guvmnt exempted the real estate gatekeepers from the Anti-money Laundering Laws … so this folks – ‘hot money’ – is what we are up against … side deals too … and this perhaps explains why house prices continue to escalate!