WHY is the Housing Market Insane and Out of Reach for Young Australians?

The exclusive survey, conducted for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age by research company RESOLVE Strategic,* heard from voters who had attended housing auctions this year, and came away saying “people were in shock” from the surge in prices.

*RESOLVE is a company with strong links to the Liberal Party founded by Mr Reed, a director of CT Group formerly CROSBY TEXTOR

IS the Liberal Party now worried with …

-69% of those surveyed now realize the high house prices cannot be good for Australia

60% of voters saying young people in their area will never be able to buy their own homes

… are they now realizing that the government grants and low interest rates have in fact benefited the banks, developers, home sellers, real estate agents … not buyers hit with escalating house prices?

KEY POINTS WE GLEAN FROM THE COMMENTATORS … have a think about these BECAUSE they make more sense!

-AUSTRALIA is badly exposed to winds of international interest rate moves; interest rates are picking up in the U.S. now clouds on the horizon for mortgagees

your home rises in value; to buy back into the same market even if downsizing the gains are meaningless; in fact likely they disappear!

-it is just MONOPOLY MONEY

‘retirement villages’ don’t just cost a motza to buy into; they cost a fortune in ongoing fees so what you gained from the sale of your home will be eaten up

-this Government are positioning us to make sure that the average person exhausts their ‘wealth’ while still alive through reverse mortgages etc.

-serious action is needed to shift ownership back to owners; not investors

.how about allowing owner-occupiers to make 50% of their mortgage payments out of pre-tax income?

Torrens Title housing and apartments are unaffordable in the eastern suburbs, north and lower north shore suburbs, inner west suburbs due to close proximity to Sydney CBD

-Torrens Title housing in south-west Sydney also has become unaffordable; land releases here have led to loss of our peri urban farmlands (our Sydney Foodbowl), flora and fauna and koala habitat

.with inadequate infrastructure esp. sewerage

-north west Sydney land and house prices also surging despite much of this land being flood prone

-the Liberal Party played to the greed of negative gearing beneficiaries, capital gains discounts and the free from tax retirees (dividend imputation – aka franking credits – free money)

-PM Howard started this with the “first home owner’s grant” of $14,000 that saw house prices rise three times

-the system is rigged by the wealthy who avoid tax and acquire property after property paid for by their tenants; thus making the young and poor subsidise them

-one personal Super Fund (one individual) has more than $560M in Super; no tax!

-regional Australians are also experiencing high housing costs along with costly and scarce rental homes

-the RBA is wilfully pursuing monetary policy which destroys future growth, at little or no benefit to the economy now

we need a new paradigm for home “ownership”. Why should young people looking for shelter and security have to compete with the already rich wanting an investment?

-something is desperately wrong in our economy when non productive assets (housing) attract so much attention and productive assets (a business e.g. in hospitality) are allowed to fail

too many incentives for investors incl. foreign investors with too many decision makers benefiting

-our young people need ‘a Fair Go’; they are the future!

WILL Voters make the connection?

… Imagine if Labor had won the last Federal Election in 2019, and implemented the whole suite of its policies around Housing Affordability?

How different would it be now?

Sadly Labor is not likely to repeat this, and we now have what we have!

A return to the pre-War inequity of Home Ownership

VIEW THE GRAPH; we were not able to copy it!!