While we are preoccupied with the Pandemic Who is buying in Vaucluse?

Investor Ying Yu has added to her already hefty property portfolio, buying an $8 million house in Vaucluse on the quiet to create a family compound on a prime hillside holding with gun-barrel Harbour Bridge views at a total cost of more than $32 million.

Is Ying an onshore Proxy?  Her registered home remains the Mosman residence.

-in September 2019 she purchased a 9-storey building in North Sydney;  George Patterson House, for $115M.

-October 2019 Mosman trophy home for $20M from Wilson Xue, known as China’s ‘Shoe King’; and an advisor to Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China

-2020 a Vaucluse mansion with a tennis court and swimming pool for $17.5M, and the house next door for $7M

Yu’s $32.55M parcel of three houses in Vaucluse and her Mosman property were all purchased without any finance

Yu’s Vaucluse parcel of more than 2200 square metres


Little-known property investor quietly secures $32m housing parcel in Vaucluse


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According to Juwai, Monica Tu and Martin North they are still buying! What will slow them down will be the Delta strain.