New Condamine Street Manley Vale Apartment Development latest to be handed Orders by Building Commissioner

ATLAS CAPITAL & EQUITIES, the developer of the building on Condamine Street in Manly Vale, was handed orders on Monday to rectify defects in the complex’s waterproofing and car-stacking system.

issued a prohibition order that prevents it from settling with buyers of off-the-plan apartments

– Inspectors found that serious defects could arise from waterproofing of balconies and the installation of a system that stacks cars

-and determined that a lack of safety measures for the stacker could result in serious injuries

From a Commentator:

‘NEVER, no matter what the inducement, buy an apartment off the plan. Wait until construction is completed and an occupation certificate has been issued, and get a defect inspection done as well. It’s a small cost compared to the potential disaster if defects are cleverly concealed.’