NSW INC falling into Line with 7600 New Homes in Macquarie Park

Planning Minister, Rob Stokes said ‘future development would help Macquarie Park transition from a successful suburban business park to a vibrant commercial and residential centre’.

Have we missed somethin’? Already there is extensive high density, high-rise residential development there that has replaced much of what was a well-planned Business Park …


‘……and of course the 7600 apartments marked for Macquarie Park Precinct in the midst of a PANDEMIC these fools are counting on the INTERNATIONAL borders opening up to a FLOOD of STUDENTS who then pave the way for their parents coming as RETIREES .. …of course … buying up everything from not only APARTMENTS at the behest of old mate HARRY’s instructions but all our Prime properties in established GREEN suburbs as well…..near the best HOSPITALS to boot. …oh it’s as crook as it gets.’

CAAN: The Macquarie Park apartment precincts were predominantly sold off to foreign buyers particularly to Chinese buyers.

Now Macquarie Park is congested; its roads clogged. With a huge demographic change having taken place within Macquarie Park, who will be in the running for job opportunities?

The CCP expansion is underway from state-owned Chatswood, and the Berejiklian Government, it appears, is enabling this!

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David Lee talks of our finance industry siding with Beijing, China contrary to our interests!

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