7600 ‘New Homes’ Reserved for Macquarie Park

Ryde’s Labor Mayor, Jerome Laxale, acknowledged the considerable work in the draft strategy but said he was wary of assurances about new infrastructure, accusing successive governments of failing to live up to promises for new schools and transport.

“If we are going to cram another 7600 homes in, they need to put the infrastructure spending into the budget,” he said. “It is time for the minister to put the money where the mouth is.”


‘It also proposes making Macquarie Park more suitable for people to walk by providing a large network of pedestrian routes and reducing private parking availability. At present, about 70 per cent of people who work in Macquarie Park travel there by car.

Planning and Public Spaces Minister Rob Stokes said discussions with the local community and businesses had shaped the proposal to make the area an “economic and employment powerhouse”.

CAAN:  How realistic is this reduction of private parking?  Where is the public transport now, it cannot meet the current needs so that the 70 per cent majority drive to Macquarie Park.

Who were selected from the ‘local community and businesses’?

READ MORE including the comments from locals who have experienced the loss of what was a fantastic business park to be converted into a high-rise precinct developed for foreign buyers.

This commentator sums it up:

‘Road traffic in the area is already horrendous, not to mention under funded and undelivered schooling, water, power, health, mental health and green spaces for existing populations.

Significant infrastructure work in these areas needs to be undertaken and it’s clear from this that’s not happening.

More money for the developers…’


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