WHEN surveyed many Australians respond our population is now too Big!

WHEN surveyed 35 per cent of Australians respond our population is getting too big for the country to handle! Can this be solved by building dense cities better?

THIS Australia Talks National Survey report, 2021 opens ‘Australia is one of the least densely populated nations in the world’.

HOWEVER what is overlooked is the fact that most people in Australia live on the coastal fringes because this continent is the driest continent on Earth!  It is largely desert country.

AND there have been numerous media reports of Australians having now fled from SYDNEY and MELBOURNE because they no longer found these cities to be so ‘liveable’ …

Our population growth has not been natural but contrived through high immigration of temporary Visa Holders seeking work, or the opportunity to buy homes to gain ‘Permanent Residency.’

(visa workers have been sought after by many employers as they accept low wages. lesser working conditions and payment ‘cash in hand’ to retain their Visas!)

This competition for our housing has locked out a Whole Cohort of Australians as these wealthy overseas buyers outbid them at auctions, and prices escalated!

Our schools, hospitals, roads, trains and buses are ‘all full-up’!

THIS Ponzi Scheme has filled the coffers of developers, toll road makers, retailers …

WHY should we now have to pay more for less?

In every direction we now have higher density, and our urban bushlands, fauna and flora, our Heritage, and our amenity are disappearing …

WHY do we need double our population by 2066? 

Apart from making the Property Titans wealthier?  And enabling wealthy HNW to launder black money in our real estate and gain ‘Permanent Residency’

Perhaps if we returned to a sustainable permanent migration of 70,000 p.a. that may ease the situation and allow for Prof Giles-corti’s recommendation that rather than apartments, a mix of concentrated well-designed housing to create ‘delightful, liveable density’?


Australians think our population is getting too big but can we build better dense cities