What was the Guvmnt’s Plan all along for us?

BECAUSE prior to the 2020 Pandemic for 8 years they told us incessantly that ‘Budget Repair’ was their centre piece …

-much talk of ‘surpluses’ rather than ‘deficits’

-which meant taking more money out of the economy than it puts into it …

-despite lower taxes to grow the economy

-the only way to record a budget surplus is when taxes are higher than government spending

-the tax take dropped from 2007-08 until 2013 when with the Liables return taxation was higher

-prior to the Pandemic lockdowns there were almost 1.9 Million unemployed or underemployed

-despite the Abbott government ‘jobs creation’ most of which went to imported labour

-wages growth at a 20 year low at 2.1 per cent


Stagnant wages, a higher tax burden, and labour market ‘slack’. Was this the federal government’s plan all along?