House Price Hike of 10 Years done and dusted over a Few Weeks!

High Temporary Migration by Visa Manipulation to buy Australia’s real estate to gain a Permanent Residency Visa … was the means by which the Property Titans ensured their coffers overflowed!

However, despite the closure of Australia’s International Border with the Pandemic this was again sorted by online purchase through or an onshore Proxy allowing foreign buyers to lay-by their homes …

And now the Property Sector, it appears, has again manipulated through an inadequate housing supply … the return of Expats, low interest rates and First Home Buyer Grants to generate a ten year price hike in a matter of weeks from December 2020 to January 2021 of as much as $200,000 or $300,000!


THIS will never be solved unless we put in place the right policy tools.

HOUSING is a matter of paying the average Australian enough money to afford a ‘HOME’ without bankrupting all the rest of a family’s needs.

In other words, either you bring down the cost of HOUSING, lower rents and/or lower mortgage payments … more importantly lower HOUSING prices, or you raise the wages and salaries so that they can afford them.

One basic test of the CAPITALIST system we live in is, has it solved that problem????

…. Does the system of CAPITALISM … tool for the ability to produce GREED …. for example, give on the one hand enough wages and salaries, and on the other hand enough units of housing at affordable prices to allow people who need housing to buy their HOMES?

AND (NOT INVESTMENTS) HOMES without spending more than 20% – 30% of their income, and the answer is a RESOUNDING NO!!!!

… CAPITALISM has not done that for millions and millions, and it hasn’t done it for years and years

…. and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be doing it anytime soon.

That’s not a failure of a particular housing industry or the salary worker here or there, it is a FAILURE of the system not to have solved the obvious problem, either bring down the cost and price of housing, or raise the incomes of the people who need them otherwise you will see this CRISIS worsen, and the image of the ‘Homeless’ and down and outs become a part of what defines us here in Australia.

There are a few factors at play not just wages …..

….. NEGATIVE GEARING …. is the other BIG thing that has impacted us … the other great CAPITALIST TOOL that needs to be URGENTLY addressed …. BIG TOPIC … for another day!