The original NSW Bank Wire Promoting the Housing Boom on Twitter

NOW known as … W.stP.c … its Wire promoting the Housing Boooom on Twitter .. well it sucks!

THINK about the following …

WHEN the Real Estate Agent asks you to price the property either repeat back the lowest guide price, or lower it!

WHY play into their hands and destroy your future?

Currently a $1000 price rise daily!

VERY limited stock, and much of what is there is what sellers want to offload

WHY? Because they are …. on or near main roads including Pacific Highway, Princes Highway, the M1, President Avenue, Epping Road, Ryde Road, Victoria Road, New Line Road …

-built on cliffsides, hillsides with water issues and or water courses flowing through sandstone underneath

-massive POWER STANCHIONS in the front corner of the lot or beside the house

-termite damage … risky … are they still there?

-subdivided lots with narrow shared driveways; reverse access only!

-dilapidated; not even a coat of paint!

-damp; mould

-5, 6, 7, 8 bedrooms

MEANWHILE home owners who are NOT BUDGING … can gloat … that their ‘Home’ is now worth $2 MILLION or more …

BUT what does it really mean other than much misery for those seeking SHELTER … isn’t that what HOUSING is really about?

WHAT a nasty corrupt little nation AUSTRAYA has become …

Westpac Wire@WestpacWire from ‘red hot’ to ‘hot’, @WestpacMacro’s @Matthew_Hassan_explains that Australia’s booming property market shows little signs of slowing as strong price gains continue.


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